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Lawrence - Sunglasses At Night (single)

out on 01/09/2018


1. Sunglasses At Night

Lawrence is a project of SAIFAM Publishing Group featuring a solo male vocalist. According to his official biography, he was born in Rotterdam from a Dutch father and an Italian mother. He started singing in the school-choir, then in an Italian church choir where he soon got the first part for soprano. In the meantime he competed in various musical contests, where he was really successful. His 2 first singles She's A Devil and Tarzan Boy were produced by Mauro Farina and released under One Way records.
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Agua Sin Gas by Antoine Clamaran - Maghic (single)

out on 07/09/2018


1. Maghic

Antoine Clamaran

French DJ-producer Antoine Clamaran-Danzelle was born in 1964 in Villeurbanne or in Neuilly-sur-Seine (near Paris) according to various biographies. He started his DJ carreer in 1982 in the Whisky A Gogo. He played on radio stations, before becoming resident in the legendary Paris club "Palace" in 1991, where he played every Sunday with David Guetta and Laurent Garnier to run the "Gay Tea Dance". In 1992 he started producing together with Laurent Pautrat. They founded Clap production. Their first production was I've Got Music In Me by 400 Hz. Since then, he has had a huge number of releases and remixes. Among them, eurodance project O-Mega. Their singles went gold status in France (250,000 units) but didn't make any sales abroad. Some of their other productions were Les Surfers, Carol B and D-Plac. In 1995, he became DJ in the Queen, organizing the Absolutely Fabulous parties.
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Blank and Jones - Still The Same (single)

out on 07/09/2018


1. Still The Same

Blank and Jones

Piet Blank & Jaspa Jones are the best example of a young generation of DJs and producers, together with names like Mellow Trax, Paul van Dyk, ATB or Kai Tracid. The two attractive young men are spinning every weekend for at least 3000 partying people and it doesn't matter where if those people are in Miami or Münster, Buenos Aires or Berlin, Zürich or a very small town. The main theme is always : Party !! and all their guests know that that's why they always come together for their DJ gigs.
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Inna - No Help (single)

out on 08/09/2018


1. No Help


Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu aka Inna was born October 16th, 1986 in Neptun near Mangalia (Romania), on the Black Sea. Her love for music was first encouraged and supported by her family. Her grandmother and mother were both occasional singers at local parties or night clubs. She took bel canto lessons with master Traian Broască. As a student, she attended classes at the Mangalia Economical Lyceu then attempted a degree in Political Sciences at the Ovidius University of Constanţa. Before turning 18, she auditioned to join the nationwide famous pop group A.S.I.A. but she was rejected in favor of soloist Alina Diana Crișan. Discouraged, she started a career as a household retailer at a small boutique in Neptun. In late 2007, producer Marcel Botezan came across to Inna while singing in the market and, impressed by her vocal ability, he proposed her a contract with Roton. She took the stage name Alessandra and recorded 2 pop-rock ballads (Goodbye and Sorry) produced by Romanian dance music producers trio Play & Win (Radu Bolfea, Sebastian Barac and Marcel Botezan). The songs competed to represent Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, but none was selected. She then changed her stage name to Inna and her producers decided to opt for house/dance style.
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Caramella Girls - Ooh Aah Just a Little Bit (single)

out on 08/09/2018


1. Ooh Aah Just a Little Bit (Radio Mix)
2. Ooh Aah Just a Little Bit (Karaoke Mix)


Caramell was formed by singers Katia Löfgren and Malin Sundström and producers Jorge "Vasco" Vasconcelo and Juha "Millboy" Myllylä. They sing in Swedish.
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Dagoth - Children (single)

out on 09/09/2018


1. Children


Russian rapper Dagoth aka Ruslan Akhmetov is based in Tyumen. He contributed to eurodance projects Digital Base Project and Good Moov. Versatile rapper, he experiments in a wide range of styles, from Eurodance rap, Westcoast rap, Jazz-rap, to raggae. He is also a lyricist and released some solo works. He published his first solo album Four Days Agone in 2013. In 2014, he recorded eurodance song Light 4 My Soul.
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Dan Balan - Numa Numa 2 (single)

out on 12/09/2018


1. Numa Numa 2

Dan Balan

Composer, songwriter, producer and singer Dan Bălan was born on February 6th, 1979. He began to sing and compose rock music with band Pantheon. Then he founded rock band Inferial with Radu Buftea, Lupascu, Valentin "Vamp", Banaru and Petru Jelihovschi. They evolved to to pop-rock, but soon he realized that he needed to leave this type of music was not popular anymore.
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Niki Haris - Lift Thine Eyes (album)

out on 17/09/2018

Niki Haris

Daughter of Grammy nominated jazz pianist Gene Harris, Niki was born April 17, 1962. She grew up in Middle America, Benton Harbor, Michigan. She was college educated in Southern California. Niki then pursued her singing career in the usual amusement parks and clubs in the California area
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Simon Pagliari - I'm A Dead (single)

out on 17/09/2018

1. I'm A Dead

Simone Pagliari

Simon Pagliari was born in Brescia. He started deejaying at the early age of 17. He made his debut at the disco Paradiso in his home city, then played his DJ set in over 150 clubs. In Paradiso, he met artistic director Pierre Feroldi who brought him to records company Media Records, where he remixed during 5 years the biggest artists of the moment : Cappella, Mauro Picotto, Club House, 49ers, Patric Osborne, Anticappella, Mig29, Ricky Le Roy, Joy Kiticonti... He was a member of projects Fits Of Gloom and fronted Plus Staples...
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Crystal Lake - Invaders (single)

out on 19/09/2018

1. Invaders

Crystal Lake

Hard dance Israelian DJs Alex Moerman & Paul Gorbulski are the creators of Crystal Lake. Combining Dance & Ambient elements with Hardstyle, their music is full of life, emotion and power - the perfect formula for their main genre, Happy Hardstyle.
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DJ Bobo - KaleidoLuna (album)

out on 21/09/2018

1. Colors of the World
2. 1000 Dreams
3. Can't Beat the Feeling
4. Save You
5. Senorita
6. Take Me Higher
7. Like a River
8. KaleidoLuna
9. Yaa Yee
10. Un Ultimo Baile
11. Fireflies
12. This is My Day
13. Hits in the Mix

DJ Bobo

Dancers : Curtis J. Vincent (Kurt Burger), Dani Burkart
Vocals : Lori Glori, Emel, Natascha Wright, Lisa Abbott, Christiane Eiben, Theresa Kaestle, Nancy Baumann, Jocelyn Brown...
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AK Swift - Player Code (single)

out on 21/09/2018

AK Swift

Burnell Keith Herring JR was born on 15th of July 1969 in Chicago. His father Burnell Keith Herring Sr was working in the army so they travelled a lot. His mother is called Cornelia. She spent the second half of his childhood in Arkansas, then, as AK was 13 years old, his family moved to Frankfurt. At the age of 15, he began to dance. He also learned viola, violin, cello, and contra bass, and also got involved in his school's Concert Orchestra. Then he was promoted to the Symphony Orchestra within six months, which got him 1st and 2nd chair honors, and participated in three state competition's.
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Mylene Farmer - Désobéissance (album)

out on 27/09/2018

1. Rolling Stone
2. Sentimentale
3. Désobéissance
4. N'oublie Pas
5. Histoire De Fesses
6. Get Up Girl
7. Prière
8. Au Lecteur
9. Des Larmes
10. Parler D'avenir
11. On A Besoin D'y Croire
12. Retenir L'eau

Mylene Farmer

French singer, songwriter and author Mylène Farmer was born Mylène Jeanne Gautier in Pierrefonds (near Montreal), Quebec, Canada. Her family returned to France when she was 8, settling in the Parisian suburb of Ville-d'Avray. In her teenage years, she was passionate about horse-riding, qualifying as a riding instructor at the equestrian centre in Saumur. At the age of 17, she took a 3-year course at drama school Cours Florent in Paris. As an homage to her idol, 1930s Hollywood actress Frances Farmer, she changed her last name to Farmer, and she began to earn a living as a model acting in TV ads (Fiskars, Caisse d'Epargne...)
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Experience Of Music - Get On The Floor (A Woman Like You) - Remix Edition (remix)

out on 28/09/2018

1. Get on the Floor (Quickmix Future House Edit)
2. Get on the Floor (Angleman's Deep Dirty Dub Remix)
3. Get on the Floor (Bmonde Club Remix)
4. Get on the Floor (Greg's Club Remix)
5. Get on the Floor (Quickmix Future House Club Remix)
6. Get on the Floor (a Woman like you) (Instrumental Dream)
7. Hardhouse (Original Non-Vocal Club Mix)

Experience Of Music

Cologne based and experienced Dance Music producer team is made of Frank Winkelmann & Gregor G. Schydlo. Frank is producer and songwriter. Gregor cares about composing, arrangements and mixing.
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Jeffrey Jey - Settembre (single)

out on 28/09/2018

Jeffrey Jey

Singer, musician and producer born in Sicily in 1970, he moved to the States with his parents at the age of 1 ½. Jeffrey gets his musical talent from a long family tradition. His father introduced him to the music world at the age of 8 months old bringing him on stage where Baby Jeffrey met the love of his life for the first time : the stage.
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Coming soon...

BG the Prince of Rap

single Once You Have Me
out on 05/10/2018

Real System

single There Is No More Love 2018
out on 12/10/2018

Thomas Anders

album Ewig Mit Dir
out on 19/10/2018

Alex Christensen

album Classical 90s Dance 2
out on 19/10/2018

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