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Peter Wilson - Change Of Heart (album)

out on 00/09/2019

CD 1

1. Take Me To The Sun
2. Never Let A Good Love Die
3. Don't Break My Heart Again
4. Take A Little Time
5. Change Of Heart
6. The Touch
7. All I Want Is You
8. Don't Call Me Angel
9. Calling Out My Name
10. Grand Finale

CD 2 Change Of Heart

1. Another One To Love
2. Addicted To Your Heartbeat
3. In The Arms Of A Stranger
4. I Don't Wanna Dance
5. Something In Your Eyes
6. Emptiness Remains
7. Soli Nella Notte
8. All I Wanna Do
9. Just Can't Stop My Heart
10. Light In The Dark
11. Goodbye

Peter Wilson

Peter Wilson was born March 9th 1973 in Melbourne, Australia. When his 3 first singles were released in Australia, he was 21 years old. The first single was I Wanna Dance, produced by David Wilks which reached #40 in the charts in 1994.
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Ma.Bra - Es Un Desastre (single)

out on 01/09/2019


1. Es Un Desastre (Extended mix)
2. Es Un Desastre (Edit mix)

Maurizio Braccagni

Maurizio Braccagni (aka Ma.bra) was born in Milan on the 26th November 1968. He started his experience as a Dj in 1987 and produced his first single in 1989, under the name of Grandlazy. He teamed up with Roberto Gallo Salsotto to create the MBRG producers team.
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E-Type - Ride The Lightning (single)

out on 02/09/2019


1. Ride The Lightning


Location : Bromma, Sweden
The BendOver Band : E-Type, Dilnarin "Dee" Demirbag (dancer), Andreas Hörnsten (bass), Markus Alderbäck (keyboard)
Guest vocals : Nana Hedin, Birgitta Edoff, Anna Nordell.
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The Terri Green Project - What a Feeling (album)

out on 06/09/2019

1. What a Feeling
2. It's You
3. Dance Tonight
4. Never Gonna Let
5. Night to Remember
6. Yes or No
7. Fight No More
8. The Look of Love
9. Stairway to Nowhere
10. Giving It Up
11. Give Me One More Chance (Deluxe Version)
12. Should Have Seen You Coming (Disco Version)
13. The Look of Love (Bonus Track)

Terri B

Terri Bjerre aka Terri B! began her career as vocalist for project Elaine Terry on single You Got Me Turnin' Around in 1992. Then she contributed to project Future Breeze. As a studio vocalist for 2 Eivissa, she reached #1 on the Spanish Top 100 with hit Oh la la la in 1997. She contributed to the first album, along with Lian Ross, while the project was officially fronted by 2 dancers.
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Danky Cigale - Boom Boom (Let's go boom boom) (single)

out on 07/09/2019

1. Boom Boom (Single Version)
2. Boom Boom (Extended Version)

Danki Cigale

Along with Wolfgang Sommer, he produced many eurodance projects (Beat System, Beat The Beat, High Spirit, Passpar-2, Transylvania) under the team name Physical Motion.
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Da Tweekaz ft. Crystal Lake - Keep On Rockin' (single)

out on 09/09/2019


1. Keep On Rockin'

Crystal Lake

Hard dance Israelian DJs Alex Moerman & Paul Gorbulski are the creators of Crystal Lake. Combining Dance & Ambient elements with Hardstyle, their music is full of life, emotion and power - the perfect formula for their main genre, Happy Hardstyle.
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DJ Space'C - Gonna Make You Sweat (single)

out on 11/09/2019

1. Gonna Make You Sweat
2. One Thing Right (CP mix)
3. Beautiful People (RP mix)

Production : SAIFAM Publishing Group. Here is what his official biography says : DJ Space'C is a typical boy that you can meet on the Californian beaches. Long, blond hair, but it depends on the moment. He dresses himself like a Californian boy and we have not to forget that he had a very successful career as a DJ in many clubs in California and all over the world. He is very requested but when he has free time he likes surfing.
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Edward Maya - Be Free (single)

out on 11/09/2019

1. Be Free

Edward Maya

Romanian DJ, musician, producer, performer, and composer Edward Maya (real name Eduard Marian Ilie) was born on June 29th 1986. He graduated from George Enescu Music High School in Bucharest and is currently a final year student at the Bucharest Conservatory.
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Da Buzz - Love Like This (single)

out on 13/09/2019

1. Love Like This

Da Buzz

In 1998, while working on different projects, Pier Schmid and Per Lidénin met in a studio by coincidence. Despite totally opposite musical backgrounds and tastes (Pier is into Jazz, Soul and Funk, while Per worships Heavy Metal and Dance), the two musicians hit it off well and were very inspired by each other’s musical interests. Eager to learn from each other, Pier and Per collaborated by writing songs together. They wanted to create "songs and sounds" that were unique. In that creative process, they needed a female vocal. Annika was spotted while playing in a local band in Karlstad, Sweden. Pier and Per were so impressed by Annika's voice : "She is the vital missing part to our concoction, we are thrilled to have her on board !" Per exclaimed.
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Black Box - Ride On Time (30th Special Release) (remix)

out on 13/09/2019

1. Ride On Time (79 Special Disco Theme)
2. Ride On Time (79 Disco Mix)
3. Ride On Time (79 Special Theme Instrumental)

Black Box

Black Box is made up of three Italian studio musicians : Daniele Davoli, Mirko Limoni and Valerio Simplici, collectively known as Groove Groove Melody, based in the Regio D'Emillia area of Northern Italy. Simplici was a clarinet teacher and played in the La Scala Classical Music Orchestra in Milan. Davoli was a well known Italian club DJ (known as DJ Lelewel), largely at the Marabu Starlight Club, while Limoni was the computer and keyboard whizz-kid of the trio and had previously engineered for Italian pop stars such as Spagna. The Groove Groove Melody team were established as one of the top two production outfits in Italian dance music, knocking out more than a dozen singles a year in their native country.
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Super Rogue ft. Tony T - Heat (single)

out on 13/09/2019

1. Heat (radio edit)
2. Heat

Tony Dyer

Tony Dyer (aka AD Neal, Neal Anthony Dyer or Tony Tee) was born in London in 16.07.1970. He grew up in New York, then followed his mother to Germany in 1986. He is not only a rapper, but also singer, vocalist, producer and all style dancer.
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Movetron - Nousee (single)

out on 13/09/2019

1. Nousee


Movetron was founded in 1994 by the Finnish producers Timo Löyvä and Jukka Tanttari and the female singer Päivi Lepistö. They took the controversial decision of writing their songs in Finnish which naturally prevented them to suceed abroad, but at the same time made them very big in their homecountry Finland. Their second and third album sold over 50.000 copies.
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Lawrence - Someone You Loved (single)

out on 17/09/2019

1. Someone You Loved

Lawrence is a project of SAIFAM Publishing Group featuring a solo male vocalist. According to his official biography, he was born in Rotterdam from a Dutch father and an Italian mother. He started singing in the school-choir, then in an Italian church choir where he soon got the first part for soprano. In the meantime he competed in various musical contests, where he was really successful. His 2 first singles She's A Devil and Tarzan Boy were produced by Mauro Farina and released under One Way records.
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Lita Brown - Me (single)

out on 18/09/2019

1. Me

Label : Interdance Records.
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Kangaroo - Freaking Me Out (single)

out on 18/09/2019

1. Freaking Me Out

The production team is composed of Matahari, Selenia (from Texture project) and Rockwell. Annerly Gordon was featured on the single Somebody Watching Me (which could be found on the Danish compilation Turn Up The Bass 5). Their last single Promises is a cover of a song originally from the Cranberries.
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DJ Hush - Blame It On Your Love (single)

out on 18/09/2019

1. Blame It On Your Love

DJ Hush is a SAIFAM Publishing group project. Most of their songs were released on compilations. Party is very nice eurodance track. The vinyl of Never Mind included a B-side called Let The Rhythm. Never Mind contained a sample from Don't You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds
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Heartclub - Love Wins (single)

out on 18/09/2019

1. Love Wins

Production : SAIFAM Publishing Group. The project was presented as the collaboration of one American boy and Spanish vocalist Anna Carena, who both began singing when they were children, and haven't stopped yet. Their talent had taken they to venues in the UK, and in a lot of other countries. Classically trained vocalists who started out in opera, then went into pop music and from there they branched into dance-music. This choice perhaps because they thought that dance-music just stuck with them. All the 90s singles were released in Italy as vinyls.
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Damae - Outta Here (single)

out on 20/09/2019


Damae Klein is a German born model, tv presenter and singer-songwriter who debuted as a vocalist on the Fragma track You Are Alive. At the age of 14, Damae was discovered by a photographer from the teen magazine BRAVO in Germany and began modeling. Soon after, she started receiving offers from music and film producers which she declined, preferring to sing and write in a punk band, and to do freelance and studio gigs. She later met Ramon Zenker, who she admired from Hardfloor. He invited her to his studio to see if they could work together. Damae describes the musical chemistry between them as "amazing" and Damae soon found herself with a record deal as the singer for FRAGMA. Following the success of FRAGMA, Damae became the presenter for Dance:District on Onyx TV in Germany and got to interview Paul Van Dyk, Tiësto, WestBam, Jean Jaques Smoothie, Junior Jack, Boogie Pimps, Milk & Sugar, Mousse T. and many more.
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DJ Miky Bionic ft. Majuri - Everywhere (single)

out on 20/09/2019

1. Everywhere


Majuri's real name is Loredana Maiuri. She was born in Tivoli, near Roma. She currently sings in the Italian TV program Sarabanda.
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Gezuriya ft. Kate Lesing - Lights (single)

out on 20/09/2019

1. Lights

Kate Lesing

Polish eurodance singer Katarzyna "Kasia" Lesing aka Kate Lesing was born in 1972. Her musical carreer started in the mid-90s as a member of one of famous Polish disco projects : Top One. She collaborated to albums Coraz Wyżej, Rock'n Dance and Wstań I Walcz.
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Kate Ryan - Wild Eyes (single)

out on 27/09/2019

Kate Ryan

Kate Ryan was born Katrien Verbeeck on the 22nd July 1980 in a small village named Tessenderlo in Belgium to Dutch parents. Kate developed interests such as horse-riding and water-skiing, which she both practises at quite a good level up to this very day. As virtually her whole family played either the guitar or the piano, gifted Kate developed an equally large soft spot for both instruments. In art school, Kate impassioned her teachers with her intangible feel for drawing and painting.
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Mylene Farmer

album Live 2019
out on 18/10/2019

Alex Christensen

album Classical 90s Dance 3
out on 01/11/2019

Eifel One ft. Kate Lesing

single Neverland 2011
out on 15/11/2019


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