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AK Swift - by Tavi Meran (2010)
Rapper AK Swift, aka Burnell Herring Jr, was featured on Magic Affair's biggest hits

Aleph - by Zeljko Vujkovic (2004)
Aleph, aka Dave Rogers, is famous for hits such as Fly To Me, and Fire On The Moon. He created his label A Beat C in 1990. The legend of italo disco music has now become the God of Super Eurobeat.

Alex - by KDJ (2009)
Swedish producer and rapper Tony Alexander Entesarian has been trying to bring back eurodance for many years. He just released his thrid album Self Control

Alexia - by Zeljko Vujkovic (2000)
Alexia, one of the most beautiful voices in eurodance, was at first featured by projects such as Galactica, Digilove or Fourteen 14. Then she became Ice MC's vocalist, to finally start a solo carreer and release memorable eurodance hits such as Me And You, The Summer Is Crazy or Number One. After leaving DWA Records, she changed to a more pop-oriented style of music.

Alexia - by Tavi Meran (2010)
10 years after her interview by Zeljko, and just after releasing her new album Stars, Alexia answered all Tavi's questions, revealing that she still likes singing dance music.

Alice Edun - by Tavi Meran (2010)
Born in Russia, Alice moved to Italy, getting signed under Off-Limits label, and scoring her first solo hit with Put 'Em Up.

Ann Lee - by Tavi Meran (2009)
Ann Lee, also known as Annerley Gordon, scored a huge hit with her single 2 Times.

Anna Nordell - by Tavi Meran (2010)
Swedish vocalist Anna Nordell did backing vocals for many dance projects, including E-type and Da Buzz

Boney M - by Zeljko Vujkovic (2005)
No need to introduce the famous disco project Boney M...

C. Accatino - F. Rimonti - by Zeljko Vujkovic (2002)
Claudio Accatino and Federico Rimonti have been "in" music since the beginning of the 80's. They worked with the most important italo names such as Mauro Farina or Giacomo Maiolini. Nowadays, they put all their energy into Eurobeat and Para Para music

Clara Moroni - by Zeljko Vujkovic (2007)
Antares, Doki Doki, 24K, Black 4 White... Clara Moroni's contribution to Italo and eurodance are countless.

Claudia Cazacu - by Tavi Meran (2010)
Claudia Cazacu is a Romanian Trance and Tech house DJ, record producer, and remixer

DanceFronT - by KDJ (2022)
Eurodance project DanceFronT was created in 2022 by producer Denis Tereschenko, based in Israel, around Canadian rapper Aaronikk and Ukrainian singer Liliia K. Their first single Free Enough 2 Dance was released under label LoVE IT. Next single Follow Your Feelings was released in July of the same year...

Denis Curman - by Zeljko Vujkovic (2003)
Denis Curman is a Croatian producer well-known for producing Nina Badric and Roxy. He also stands behind songs like Hey Hey by Vanessa or Music by Sophie, which had a lot success, especially in Japan.
Nowadays, Denis is pretty still active with others projects.

Dhany - by Ally (2008)
Dhany's real name is Daniela Galli. She contributed to many dance acts, and released several solo singles, but her most well-known songs are probably her featurings on Benassi Bros' Every Single Day and Make Me Feel

Domino - by Zeljko Vujkovic (2005)
Domino is one of co-founder of A Beat C Records, together with his husband Dave Rodgers. She started her career with italo disco and now she has become a big name of Super Eurobeat in Japan.

Eddy Huntington - by Zeljko Vujkovic (2001)
Eddy Huntington's most well-knows song is with no doubt USSR in 1986. During the nineties, he had more success on the Japanese market. He paused his carreer to become a teacher, but recently went back to the musical world.

Evi Goffin - by Tavi Meran (2009)
Evi Goffin started her dance vocalist carreer as Medusa, doing guest performances for Fiocco and 2 Fabiola. She was Lasgo's frontlady and vocalist till year 2008. She is nowadays a member of the band Sad Suzy and TV presenter on Gunk TV.

Franca Morgano - by Tavi Meran (2010)
Franca Morgano took part to Magic Affair as vocalist, contributing to the hits Omen III, In The Middle Of The Night and Give Me All Your Love. She later went solo under the name Voice. She and AK Swift are now back with Magic Affair, working on some brand new tracks for a long-awaited new MA album...

Fred Ventura - by Zeljko Vujkovic (2000)
Fred Ventura started his Italo disco carreer in the beginning of the 80's. His first project was Flexx with the song Flexxyball (1983). He turned out to be a very talented and productive musician who wrote and composed a hundred of high quality songs for himself and for many other artists.

Gazebo - by Zeljko Vujkovic (2004)
Gazebo, a great name of Italo disco, stands behind the very famous I Like Chopin

Heidi Degn - by Tavi Meran (2009)
Danish singer Heidi Degn used to be member of the pop bans BeePop. She collaborated with DJ Aligator on the single Close To You and more recently on Shine

Iris Trevisan - by Klems (2010)
Iris Trevisan was the female vocalist of The Free project. She was the voice on the hits Lover On The Line, Born Crazy, Dream, and Dance The Night Away.

Jenny B - by Tavi Meran (2009)
Tavi Meran interviewed Jenny Bersola, the real voice of Corona The Rhythm Of The Night, Playahitty and JK

Jes - by Tavi Meran (2010)
Born in New York, Jes has been the voice behind many hit songs released with Tiësto, Armin Van Buuren, BT, Gabriel & Dresden among many others. Her first solo album Disconnect, released in 2006, produced 3 hit singles Ghost, Heaven and the Imagination. She comes back with a new album entitled High Glow.

Joy Peters - by Zeljko Vujkovic (2001)
Joy Peters is a German Italo Disco star from the mid 80's. His incredible voice combined with the fantastic sounds of Axel Breitung made him a great star. Joy released only two songs, One Night In Love and Don't Lose Your Heart, but these songs are so great that there is no italo fan on the world who doesn't have both songs in his collection.

Kelly O - by Klems (2022)
With Rodney Bishop, Kelly O fronted Cappella during the years when the project released their biggest hits, with which she is inextricably bound up. Her amazing dance skills and her incredible presence on stage led her to become the most iconic frontlady of Cappella. Almost 30 years after, she finally breaks the silence...

Kim Leoni - by Tavi Meran (2010)
Former model Kim Leoni scored a huge hit Europewide with her second single Medicine. She is currently working on her debut album.

Koto - by Zeljko Vujkovic (2001)
Koto (Anfrando Maiola) released italo synth dance hits such as Visitors or Jabdah during the 80s. After a fight to regain rights on his scene name, he is doing a comeback as Koto Still Alive.

Kyra - by Tavi Meran (2010)
Kyra was the unforgettable singer of Pharao, contributing to the project's 2 albums. She was later featured on Seven's Spaceman Came Travelling and is currently working on a new single.

Layzee - by Tavi Meran (2008)
Layzee, aka Lazy Dee, was Mr President rapper. He recently released his first solo single.

Letizia Pignagnoli - by Tavi Meran (2011)
Letizia Pignagnoli work as a manager for Italian records company Off Limits artists (Whigfield, Ann Lee, Sandy Chambers, Dhany, Jenny B, In-Grid...)

Linda Rocco - by Tavi Meran (2010)
Linda Rocco is famous for being the voice of Dance 2 Trance's biggest hit Power Of American Natives. She also became Masterboy's second vocalist. And she contributed to many eurodance studio projects...

Linn - by Tavi Meran (2010)
Nowadays known as Linn Maria, Linn Engström fronted the project Sonic Dream Collective.

Liza da Costa - by Tavi Meran (2010)
Liza da Costa was Captain Jack's first female vocalist, contributing to the projects's 2 first album.

Luciana - by Tavi Meran (2009)
Luciana Caporaso was featured by the biggest names in nowadays electro house. She scored a huge hit with Bodyrox and their single Yeah Yeah in 2006. More recently Luciana she teamed up with producer Richard Vission and Static Revenger to release the single I Like That.

Lydia - by Tavi Meran (2017)
Lydia contributed as solo vocalist to E-rotic after Lyane Leigh's departure. She is now releasing her first solo single as LayDee

Marianne Festraets (AB Logic) - by Klems (2009)
Marianne was AB Logic's female vocalist

Melody Castellari - by Tavi Meran (2009)
Italian vocalist Melody Castellari won Sanremo Famosi festival in 1993 and contributed to many dance project, being for instance the real voice on Lady Violet Inside to Outside.

Nexx - by Tavi Meran (2009)
Swedish project Nexx took Eastern Europe by storm with their single Synchronize Lips. Nexx are Johanna, Sebi and Robert.

P. Lion - by Zeljko Vujkovic (2001)
P. Lion (Paolo Pelandi) is famous for the success of his first single Happy Children, followed by the very succesful Dream. He keeps on composing music nowadays.

Pamela Knight - by Cesar (2009)
Former Spike vocalist, Pamela Knight contributed to 2 albums and many music videos, scoring chart hits such as Respect or It Take Two. She is nowadays CEO of Pammygirl music publishing. Her new single entitled Deejays is coming in 2010.

Pandora - by Tavi Meran (2010)
Pandora aka Anneli Magnusson is one of the biggest eurodance stars of Sweden. Trust Me, Tell The World, Don't You Know are only a few of her hits.

Pernille Georgi (Me & My) - by Tavi Meran (2009)
Sisters Pernille and Susan Georgi scored a huge hit with their first single Dub I Dub

Plavka - by Tavi Meran (2016)
Plavka is known as the vocalist of Jam & Spoon, with them she released the 90s anthem Right In The Night, but also another hits like Kaleidoscope Skies, Don't Call It love

Raquel Gomez - by Tavi Meran (2018)
Raquel Gomez “is the voice” of many eurodance projects starting with Public Art, Two Heads, Intermission, Candy, Hysterie and closing with the biggest ones Garcia and C-Block. For sure can be called one of the legend of eurodance

René Behrens aka Diablo - by Tavi Meran (2010)
Former frontman of 666 project, he's been now fronting Brooklyn Bounce since 9 years.

Sandy Chambers - by Tavi Meran (2009)
For every eurodance fan, Sandy Chambers needs no introducing. She contributed to innumerable eurodance projects, from Double You to Netzwerk, to Chambre to Jhava... and more recently the Benassi Bros.

Savage (first interview) - by Zeljko Vujkovic (2000)
Known as Robyx as a producer, and as Savage as an artist, Roberto Zanetti is the chairman of DWA Productions. Under this label were published the greatest names of Italian eurodance : Ice MC, Alexia, Double You, Netzwerk and many more...

Savage (second interview) - by Zeljko Vujkovic (2001)
Savage back again for a second interview, one year later.

Sheila Fernandez - by Tavi Meran (2019)
Sheila Fernandez was Unique II's female vocalist and frontlady from 1998 to 2003

Simone Angel - by Tavi Meran (2009)
Simone's most well-known single is with no doubt Let This Feeling. She worked as a VJ on MTV Europe, hosting during 9 years the show Partyzone. She was also on the jury on the German TV show Popstars, the year when No Angels was founded.

Smile - by Tavi Meran (2010)
Formerly known as Smile, Smile-dk features nowadays Veronica Larsson and Hanna Stockzell. They scored many hits, most of them being featured on Dance Dance Revolution series.

Spagna - by Tavi Meran (2009)
Disco diva Ivana Spagna is also a lyricist, composer and producer who sold more than 10 millions records worldwide.

Sylvia Tosun - by Tavi Meran (2009)
Singer/Songwriter Sylvia Tosun is famous for her work with Deadmau5. She scored club music hits in North America and Europe, with singles such as Underlying Feeling in 2008 and 5 Reasons (with Loverush UK) in 2009. She is also the foundator of the independant label Sea To Sun Recordings.

T-seven - by Tavi Meran (2008)
T-seven, former Mr President vocalist between 1993 and 2000. She nowadays has a solo carreer and works as a DJ on radio NRJ Bremen.

Terri B - by Tavi Meran (2009)
Terri B used to be 2 Eivissa vocalist. She afterwards worked with the biggest DJs and composers : Future Breeze, D:ONS, Roger Sanchez, and many more.

The Twins - by Zeljko Vujkovic (2005)
Sven Dohrow and Ronny Schreinzer created The Twins in 1980. Their first single The Desert Place turned out to be a real dancefloor-smasher in Germany. Among their hits, Ballet Dancer, which was recently covered by Master Blaster feat Turbo B.

Thea Austin - by Tavi Meran (2017)
Thea Austin is the singer who invented that Rhythm is a dancer, and also one of the best euro dance singers. She contributed to eurodance projects Snap!, Cymurai, Cutoff, Heart Attack, and many more.

Tom Hooker - by Zeljko Vujkovic (2004)
Tom Hooker had his first success in 1985 with Looking for Love. He also gave his voice for the first Den Harrow hits (such as Future Brain), co-wrote many of his songs. In the mid 90s Tom Hooker disappeared from the music scene and changed his name so after that period no one really knows anything about him.

Verona - by Tavi Meran (2010)
Verona is a project of Peter Fider featuring the vocalist Markéta Jakšlová. They scored hits in Eastern Europa with Do You Really Wanna Know and You Gotta Move On. Their most recent single is entitled Up to the Stars.

Viviana - by Tavi Meran (2009)
Vocalist for Da Blitz, Vandana, Ellektronica and many other Italian projects, Viviana Presutti needs no introduction...

Whigfield - by Tavi Meran (2009)
Danish-born Sannie Carlsson, alias Whigfield scored her biggest hit with the chartbreaker Saturday Night in 1994.

Ysa Ferrer - by Tavi Meran (2010)

ZoOom - by KDJ (2022)
US-based eurodance rapper, songwriter and professional stage dancer Michael Priestas aka ZoOom contributed to projects Eurotronic and Double Pulse




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