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Past news history for year 2009

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If you want to know more about DJ Mikey, author of the superb Italo mix that was presented last week, you can check his Myspace or here.

Romy and Marion (former 2 Unlimited)'s future single will be entitled I Said Yes (Thanks to 2 Unlimited official fansite)

Loona took part to the ODLO-Biathlon. Her new single Life Is Just A Game 2010, a collaboration with top-model DJane La Mica, was released.

Lyv McQueen, Jinny's vocalist is back with the project. She has now her official Myspace and she performs in discotheques Jinny's biggest hits... Watch it here

Al Walser (former member of Fun Factory second team) posted a sample of his upcoming 2010 song All I Want Is You, which is inspired by David Guetta. A new album is also planned for next year. (Thanks to Eva Sipkova) Listen to it here

Filip Vandueren confirmed on his Twitter that there won't be any DVD of Milk Inc Blackout concerts. Guilty will finally be released as digital single on iTunes, in Canada only, unfortunately for European fans. Milk Inc also recorded a French version of Forever, available on iTunes Belgium only. And Forever could been soon played on french radio station NRJ !


Discover an amazing mix gathering productions and remixes by a talented DJ called Mikey. 78 min of pure Italo pleasure. Awesome ! Get it here : Sendspace download or
Zshare download

Phen-O-MENia completely changed their team. Franca Morgano does not seem to be a member of the project anymore. They are now a girls duo, featuring Jördis and Jenna. They sung their new single on the stage of We Love The 90s last November in Oberhausen. (Thanks to Eva Sipkova) Watch it here

Fun Factory Third Generation recorded a new single entitled Shut Up. It was actually written by Torsten Abrolat... and Toni Cottura ! They sang it at We Love The 90s concert last November. (Thanks to Eva Sipkova) Watch it here

Nana Abrokwa 's new album is ready. Entitled Stand Up, it contains 18 tracks.

Don't forget Jefferson Project's new single Inspiration presentation on Youtube tonight 23rd December (only between 7 and 9 PM CET) Watch it here


The sample of Jefferson Project's forthcoming single will finally be presented between 7 and 9 PM CET, still on Tuesday December 22nd (thanks to Jean-François himself)

Discover Bulgarian eurodance artist Ivan Dimov (Thanks to Dance Music News) Watch it here Listen to it here

DB Reloaded are currently working on a new single. More infos on their official fanclub.

Regi Penxten announced on his Twitter account that he was currently in Beverly Hills for a shooting. He does not mention what, but maybe it is the videoclip for the next Milk Inc single Storm ?

Some times ago, Abigail was featured by DJ Bennett on the song Forever Young. It is now available as single, with 4 remixes. Abigail is currently working with Jonny Rodgers on an acoustic album which will be released under her full name, Abigail Zsiga.


A double compilation entitled Eurodance universe vol 2 is about to be released. It gathers all the best from Italian eurodance and europop : Da Blitz, Nevada, WASP, Digilove, Aladino, Mephisto and many more... Listen to it here

Jefferson Project will present a sample of their forthcoming single on Youtube on tuesday December 22nd between 7 and 9 pm (Montréal time), or December 23rd between 1AM and 3 AM CET (thanks to Jean-François himself). Watch it here

New from Molella, the single Love With Me.

Maurizio Braccagni released under the name Ma.bra an EP entitled Low Frequency EP. I contains 5 tracks : Insomnia, Allow, Ta Tu, Hallucination and Clap.

Blank and Jones released on Beatport a compilation called Le Voyage Abstrait Deluxe made with Raphael Marionneau.The LP contain 7 tracks (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Another series of 90s concerts will take place in Belgium. Into The 90s will take place in 3 different cities (Antwerp, Liège and Waregem). More infos on their website. (Thanks to Klems)

The next We Love The 90s concert will take place on April 29th 2010. The city will probably be Krefeld (Germany). No lineup yet, but Brooklyn Bounce are among the options...


Päivi from Movetron and Waldo were featured by the radio NRJ project Aamupojat, and they recorded a single entitled Eurodance. It was only released as promo during last summer (Thanks to Klems) Watch it here Listen to it here

After the release of the brand new single Party i Provinsen, Hej matematik (featuring Søren Rasted, one of Aqua's members) will release a new album in January (called Alt Går Op I 6, meaning "Everything Goes Up in 6" in Danish). They also plan a 14 days tour for this spring.

Sash! will feature eurotrance diva Jessy on his new single All Is Love. The long-awaited single will be out at the beginning of 2010.

2 Fabiola's new single is entitled Release Your Soul. It's been digitally available since December 6th. Listen to it here

Milk Inc are nominated twice to the MIA Awards : Best Dance/Elektronica and "Beste Hit" (for their single Blackout). You can vote for them here.

Lasgo is also nominated in the category Dance/Electronica, and in the category "Hit van het jaar" with Lost at the MIA Awards. You can vote for them here.

Rednex's single Devil's On The Loose will be out on 7th of January. The forthcoming album would be entitled Saturday Night Beaver. Paying members of the official website will be allowed to download the single for free.

Alexia will be a guest artist on Luca Jurman album Live in blue note Milano. She is featured on the song Signed sealed delivered I’m yours. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)


Alex just released his brand new album Self Control.

Whigfield is back with a brand new single entitled No Doubt, a slow song for Christmas. She is working on her new album (thanks to Ivan).

Savage's single Don't Cry Tonight was remixed, and it peaked #2 on radio 1 Greece. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

Discover Noize Fantasy, a new Italian dance project, which recently released Walking On The Silence, a very nice dance track, under label Sunshine Records. The Alternative mix really sounds eurodance !

Reset are back ! Their new song Just Say Yeah is produced by John Tonks, with vocal production by Stig E Antonsen. The official video was planned to premiere on December 4th at Club Cayenne in Oslo, along with a full Reset concert (thanks to Hickermann). Watch it here


Youngfire has released their new single, Losing my way from their successful cd, Euro-Fire. Young Fire's official website has been updated!

William Naraine (well-known for fronting Double You) co-wrote a nice dance song with Roberto Zanetti. The result was released under the name Electrique - You Could Be Mine.

Engelina (former DJ Encore vocalist) formed a band with 2 other artists. She annonced on her Myspace that she was currently working on new material with them. She is not providing any more info concerning the style or any release date yet. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

Lasgo's video for their new single Over You is ready. It was shot in Los Angeles. You can discover it on their Netlog page . Watch it here

Discover Aqua's video for their new song Spin Me A Christmas, a very nice dance song. The video was directed by Peter Stenbæk. Watch it here




A new dance webradio station will be launched on December 1st. Called RX-My mood, it will promote dance from the 90s to nowadays. You can tune in through and
(Thanks to Eurodance blog)

Discover a Russian eurodance DJ called EuroDacer. Since many years, he's been releasing awesome remixes of eurodance classics (Nevada, Shannon, X-Pression...) or more recent dance tracks (let's mention a superb remix of Inna Hot, among others). But Eurodacer also makes his own songs, which are also excellent pure euro tracks, the most recent being Gimme All Your Love... (Thanks to Klems) Watch it here

This week, Aqua's Back to the 80 entered the French singles sales chart at position #20.

We are less than 1 week ahead from Alex's new album release... You can already pre-order it from his official webshop to be among the first to receive it !

Ann Lee's new single 2 People is available. She was also featured on Favretto's new single I Get The Feeling, which should be out on December 11th as digital release (Thanks to Dance Music News)

Regi Penxten announced on Twitter that he finished his new compilation Regi In The Mix vol. 8, release date is set for December 8th. A CD+2DVD package of his concert in Hasselt of last February has just been released. His next single should be entitled Loaded gun, featuring Tyler Connolly from Theory of a Deadman.

The craziest rumors run about Milk Inc's forthcoming Blackout concert DVD. According to some, there should not be any DVD this year because of the lights. According to others, there could be a DVD, maybe only a limited edition, but of course without the 90s medley and the 2 Unlimited appearance... and even without Sylvi's performance.

An electro-house remix of Maxx's hit No More, called "Omen mix", is currently spreading on the web. It is not known who did it, and wether it's official or not. Listen to it here

With these new dates, Belgium confirms that it's really the land of 90s concerts and parties ! On friday 4th December, Back to the 90s - We're going back will feature Pat Krimson and Wout in disco Illusion (Lier). On saturday December 19th, RGR 90s party (Aarschot) will feature Pat Krimson, Wout and Alana Dante among others.

Acting Lovers's new single is entitled Kingdom Of Love and it's a pure eurodance track ! Listen to it here

First pics of DJ Bobo's world premiere of Fantasy Tour in EuropaPark are available on his official website.


ATB's new compilation The DJ 5 in the mix will be released on January 1st 2010, and not December as announced by Amazon (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

Captain Jack has a new vocalist, Laura Pozo Martin. She used to take part to the 4th season of reality-show Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar... and their official website is under reconstruction. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

Loona's forthcoming single will be a 2009 version of her hit with DJ Sammy Life Is Just a Game. It will be released under the name La Mica feat Loona.

Aqua will release Back To The 80s in France. They just published photos of a shooting on their Facebook that could make believe that they shot a video clip for their new song Spin me a Christmas, but nothing has been officially confirmed.

Gigi d'Agostino released 2 best of albums this month : The Very Best Of at the beginning of the month and The Essential Gigi on 20 November. (Thanks to Dance Music News)

Prezioso feat Marvin covered the classic anthem The Riddle, already covered a few years ago by Gigi d'Agostino.


During her appearance on the stage of Italo party 2009, Taleesa announced that a new single was on its way...

Anita Dels confirmed during an interview that her and her former 2 Unlimited partner Ray are working on a new single (Thanks to 2 Unlimited official fansite) Watch it here

The release of the new DJ Bobo album Fantasy was posponed to February 26th 2010. It will include 13 brand new songs as well as a Greatest Hits Megamix on a special double CD. You can already pre-order it and receive it signed by DJ BoBo on the date of release. A "Making Of"-DVD of the forthcoming Fantasy-Show is also on its way (Thanks to DJ Bobo France)

Zippora's new single What about our future was released (Thanks to Dancevibes) Watch it here

Kirsty Hawkshaw (former Opus III vocalist) released 2 new tracks. The first one is an Independant ambient compilation entitled Ice Elation, and the second one is called Out Full album (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Aqua just released a new version of their Greatest Hits album, including a coming Christmas-single Spin Me Your Christmas and a DVD with recording of last summer concert in Tivoli Gardens (Copenhagen, Denmark) (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)


Alex Twister did a remix for Le Click's hit Tonight Is The Night

Sex Appeal's new single Gimme (Safer Sex) is now available on 3H Records Shop.

Scooter's new videoclip is ready ! Discover it here... (Thanks to Denis ''DJ Hooligan'' Zhabkin) Watch it here

Double You recorded a new song entitled If I Could Fall. It exists in 2 versions, no release date is available yet (Thanks to Dance Music News)

Infernal are working hard on their forthcoming album. Lina is pregnant and should give birth to her baby around March 2010.

Tony Dyer was planned to performed with his current project RIO at the World Music Awards 2009 in Monte Carlo one week ago... but the event was postponed to May 18th 2010.

Aqua released their new single My Mamma Said; along with a videoclip. (Thanks to Anders Bøgh) Watch it here


Alex Christensen will finally release his last and long-awaited collaboration with Yass, Dancing Is Like Heaven, on Novembr 27th (Thanks to Dance Music News) Listen to it here

Santamaria's most recent album Xplosion was awarded platinum, just like most of their past albums.

According to rumors, Lasgo's next single could be Over You.

Fragma's new single will be entitled Forever And A Day. It is planned for digital release on November 27th under Tiger records

Dr Alban is currently working on a single with Cisko Disco (aka Max Farenthide). No info about the title or the release date yet.

Discover the trailer for DJ Bobo's Fantasy tour making of... and a foretaste of the future album since the background music is made of instrumental versions of the new songs. (Thanks to DJ Bobo France) Watch it here

A new Rednex single is coming up, it is entitled Devil's On The Loose. The video was recorded in a barn in Sweden.


You can discover Sylver's videoclip for their new single Music. The video features John Miles, the original artist, as well as his son John Miles Jr, who has been collaborating for so many years with Milk Inc and Sylver. Watch it here

Remember the German real-TV show Comeback Die Gross Chance that was broadcasted on Pro7 in 2004 ? Haddaway and CC Catch, as well as the other competitors, recorded a collective single entitled Survivor and a double best of album, both released under the name Comeback United (Thanks to Dance Music News) Watch it here

CC Catch recorded a brand new single entitled I Believe, described as a modern electro house track. She performed it during the show Forbes Club 2009 (Thanks to Dance Music News) Watch it here

One more unreleased Captain Jack track was released digitally on Juno Records : Dam Dam Dam (Is The Rhythm Of Magic) (Thanks to Dance Music News)

Scooter's new single will be a re-recorded version of The Sound Above My Hair. The video was shot in and around the Wernigerode castle in Germany. Premiere will take place on November 13th. The single itself will be out on November 27th (Thanks to Denis ''DJ Hooligan'' Zhabkin)


Daddy DJ are back ! Their new single Everyday was released as promo. You can discover it on their Myspace.

Maduar released a new single entitled Saturday Party Time. You can get it for free here (thanks to Vasas Viktor).

Klubbingman (Schleh Tommy) released his new compilation Welcome to the Club 17

Cascada is nominated to the 1Live Krone 2009 awards, in the category Best single. You can vote for her here till December 3rd.

AK Swift, with other rappers who contributed to eurodance, such as Eric Singleton, Layzee or MC Fixx it, contributed to a collective project, EuroRap revival. An album is on its way... More infos here.




Alex is back a with new pure eurodance single, to be digitally released on October 31st (day of Halloween). Moonlight is inspired from the Twilight saga film and New moon film... The new album is ready. Entitled Self Control, it should be out on December 4th (thanks to Alex himself). Watch it here

September is currently in studio, recording some new tracks for a new album which should be released next year. Some pics of the recording session ca be seen on her official website (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

Keep on voting on all MTV websites to support Elena Paparizou and help her getting the Best European artist award ! Go on these pages : UK, Spain, Germany , France, Russia, Portugal, Ukraine, Poland, Norway, Belgium, Romania, Turkey, Israel, Hungary and submit your vote.

Captain Hollywood Project's singles were re-released digitally by Yes music under Juno download. As well as an exclusive album entitled Special Edition with special remixes and instrumental versions. (Thanks to Denis ''DJ Hooligan'' Zhabkin)

Thomas Anders's last concert The Gentleman Of Music - 20th Anniversary was recorded on a DVD and should be released in limited edition, on his official online shop. He recorded a new song called Mandy 2009 Remix (Thanks to Dance Music News)

Naan (aka Sannie Carlsson from Whigfield) was featured on a track by Monofono entitled U Wanna Have It.

Jelle Van Dael (Lasgo) will take part to the Rally of Condroz-Huy, a car race in Belgium, as JP Vandevauwer's co-pilot in Fiat 500. The race will take place in 7-8 November.

Regi and Linda (Milk Inc) did a photoshoot for a press campaign of the French sportswear brand Le Coq Sportif. Their contract includes 3 seasons (thanks to Pim) Watch it here


Sylver's new single will be a cover of Music (Thanks to Dancevibes)

Snap just released a new remix album in the UK under label Hard2beat. You can win a copy by telling about your favorite Snap track. More infos here. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

LayZee (former Mr President rapper) is launching a remix contest for his second single Catch me. For more informations, you can contact him at info[at]diezel-​​​records.​​​com. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

On Saturday 28th of November, DJ Bobo will shoot the videoclip of his forthcoming new single Superstar at Europa Park Rust (Germany). The new single won't be released before next year. DJ BoBo searchs for 1000 dancers for new video clip. More information on ADTV website

Keep on voting on all MTV websites to support Elena Paparizou and help her getting the Best European artist award ! Go on these pages : UK, Spain, Germany , France, Greece, Russia, Portugal, Ukraine, Poland, Norway, Belgium, Romania, Turkey, Israel, Hungary and submit your vote.

Evi Goffin and Gerd Hofman created a new band called Sad Suzy.

After 2 years of silence, Experience Of Music are back with a new voice, Kitty, and new dance tracks. You can listen to a sample of Summer of Freedom on their MySpace-site (thanks to Frank Winkelmann).


Alexia presented her new single E Non Sai on Italian channel Canale 5 last weekend. Watch it here

In 1998, Swedish channel SVT did a report about Leila K. The report is now available internationally on DVD, with English subtitles and 4 bonus videos. You can watch a part of it here

Discover a new eurodance radio, Radio EuroPhoria

Pandora's current single Kitchy Kitchy, collaboration with Bloom 06 (former Eiffel 65) is #10 in Sweden this week.

Kate Ryan's new single is entitled Evidemment, another France Gall's cover, from her album French Connection. (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Watch it here

Alex is currently working on some new tracks. More infos to follow soon.


Amber took part to the German welfare project Children Cancer Charity Song. Check the clip here (thanks to eurodance blog)

Naan (Whigfield) recorded a new single with Oral Tunez called Till you drop, released this month under Off Limits label (thanks to eurodance blog).

Elena Paparizou competes against 20 other artists for the award of Best European Act for MTV European Music Awards 2009 (to take place in Berlin, November 5th). Please vote for Helena on as many MTV sites around Europe and as often as you can : UK ("vote"), Spain ("votar"), Germany ("abstimmen"), France ("votez"), Greece ("ΨHΦΙΣΕ"), Russia ("ГОЛОСУЙТЕ"), Portugal ("Vota"), Ukraine ("ГОЛОСУВАННЯ"), Poland ("Głosuj"), Norway ("Stem"), Belgium ("stem"), Romania ("Votează"), Turkey ("Oy Verin"), Israel, Hungary.

Ray & Anita (former 2 Unlimited) announced a world tour. No date or place was mentioned yet... (thanks to the 2 Unlimited official French fansite).

Romy and Marion (former 2 Unlimited) confirmed that they are planning not only a single (for January) but also an album (thanks to the 2 Unlimited official French fansite).

End of October, BMG plans to release a new Bad Boys Blue compilation, tribute to the 2 former members Trevor Oliver Taylor and Andrew Thomas who recently died. It will be entitled Unforgettable (thanks to Chris Gipsmen).

Santamaria released their new album Xplosion last July. Their tenth album hit the Portuguese charts, reaching #8 this summer. You can watch the videoclip of their song Eu sem ti... (Alma perdida), a very nice dance track. The second song to be taken from the album will be Na alma do amor. The album is available here (thanks to Gonçalves )

Klaas Meets Haddaway What Is Love 2K9 peaked as #12 on the danish dancechart (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Eiffel 65 A Decade In Blue (Da Ba Dee) 2009 is #9 this week on the danish dancechart (thanks to Anders Bøgh)


Jocelyn Brown put her vocals on a new track by Camboso called Love Alibi and remixed by the old-school classics K-Klass. The videoclip reminds of Eric Prydz... You can watch the videoclip here (thanks to Dance Music News).

Aqua's album Greatest Hits peaked as #1 on the official danish album list. It has sold platinum in Denmark. Their current single Back To The 80's peaked as #1 on the official Danish track list. It has also sold platinum in Denmark. Remady P&R's single "No Superstar" has sold gold in Denmark (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Romy and Marion, who fronted 2 Unlimited after Ray & Anita's departure, are back too ! Watch a report about them here (thanks to 2 Unlimited official fansite)

Milk inc won the TMF award for best dance national and for best live national. They closed the show with a medley including their future new single Storm.

Sylver got a TMF Award for best album national for their album Sacrifice.

2 additional remixes were released for T-spoon new single No Time 2 Waste 2009. You can listen to all the remixes and buy the digital release here.

Discover Alko Pro, a Serbian eurodance project founded this year. You can listen to some of their songs on their Myspace profile.

Kim Sanders' new album A Closer Look will be released on November 6th. You can preview it here (thanks to eurodance blog and Cesar).


Awesome news for all 2 Unlimited fans ! 14 years after they quitted the project, Ray and Anita from are working on some new songs, along with one of their former producers Phil Wilde. The album could be released in April of next year. The project name is unknown for the moment (thanks to 2 Unlimited official fansite).

Don't miss the TMF Awards 2009 next saturday, you can watch them online from TMF website. And don't forget to vote for your favorites. Milk inc are nominated in 3 categories (best video, best dance, best live), Lasgo in 1 category (best dance), Sylver in 2 categories (best dance, best album), Annagrace (former Ian van Dahl) in 1 category (best dance), Kate Ryan in 1 category (best pop) and Cascada in 1 category (best dance international)

When 2 eurodance legends join, the result can't be else than excellent. Discover SEX Appeal feat LayZee's new single Gimme (Safer Sex) here (thanks to eurodance blog).


Engelina, former DJ Encore vocalist, recorded a single called Do you feel, a collaboration with Funkstar Deluxe. It will be soon released on iTunes (thanks to eurodance blog)

Discover a new dance project called Lu-Lu. Their album My Name Is Lu-Lu was released in August of this year under the label G-records, and behind this somehow silly name one can find many excellent eurodance tracks. You can buy it from Juno, Amazon or iTunes (thanks to Tomáš).

Scooter's new album comes in three versions : standard (1 CD or digital). The limited edition contains one bonus CD + a DVD featuring all the darker songs Scooter had produced till now like Am Fenster, Marian, She's the sun (thanks to Christian Ohrens).

Hungarian DJ Harmath did a 2009 remix of Dr Iggy's Nikad (thanks to Christian Ohrens).

The tracklisting for the Bad Boys Blue's new double album 25 was revealed on their official website (thanks to Chris).

RIO feat Tony T presented a new track entitled Serenade. It will be featured on their forthcoming album Shine On.

The next Cascada single to be released in France will be Dangerous.


Pandora featured Bloom 06 (former Eiffel 65) on the single Kitchy Kitchy. Discover the song here.

Discover the video of Savage's new single Twothousandnine (thanks to eurodance blog). Watch it here

Sash! released on September 4th Mysterious Times 2009 (The UK Remixes EP). The remix packages includes 8 mixes and can be downloaded on Amazon (thanks to Dance Music News).

Mark' Oh's next single will be once again a cover of a 90s hit : Scatman John's Scatman. It will be out on 30th October (thanks to Dance Music News).

Roby Pinna's single See Your Face is on rotation on the musical channels MTV Italy, QOOB, VIVA and MUSIC BOX.

Annagrace (former Ian van Dahl) performed a song entitled Love keeps calling on Lasgo's new album release party. Will it be her next single ? (thanks to Dancevibes)

Discover DJ Crayfish's TWC 76 mix, the best of year 1995 ! Download it here.




Snap will release a new version of their hit Rhythm Is A Dancer in the UK under the label Hard2Beat Records (thanks to Dance Music News)

Vinylshakerz (Mike Griesheimer & Thomas Detert, also known for being Activate's and 666's producer) released a new maxi single called Slave (Turn Up The Music) (thanks to Dance Music News).

Discover DJ Milanek's mixes on his official website. His latest editions include all the greatest hits of the 90s, one mix per year. Enjoy his most recent mix TWC 75 - 29th megamix here !

Cascada will release a Deluxe Edition in 2CDs of the album Evacuate The Dancefloor. The first CD contains the album plus Faded as a bonus track. The second CD contains all club remixes of Faded and Evacuate The Dancefloor (thanks to Dance Music News).

Ray and Anita from 2 Unlimited were invited by Milk Inc to perform 3 of their hits (Twilight Zone, Jump For Joy, and No Limit) on the stage of their Blackout concerts.

During their Blackout concert, Milk Inc presented their next single Storm. The Sportpaleis concerts of 2010 are already planned... Like every year, they are nominated to the TMF Awards 2009 as Best Dance, Best Album and Best Live.


N-trance announced on their Facebook profile that they had a new demo-song entitled Stronger (thanks to eurodance blog)

Melodie MC is going to re-release one of his first singles Dum Da Dum with a new version and remixes. (thanks to Dance Music News)

2 former members of Sqeezer, Alexandra Prince and Jim Reeves, are going to collaborate together on a track (thanks to eurodance blog)

Ex Bass Bumpers producer CJ Stone recorded a new song called Summerday (thanks to Dance Music News)

Clock re-released their hit Everybody in a 2009 version under Big In Ibiza Records. It is available as digital release only. Buy it here (thanks to Dance Music News).


LayZee will team up with SEX Appeal for a single entitled Gimme (Safer sex). It should be out during the second week of October (thanks to eurodance blog).

Simone Angel's hit Let This Feeling was covered by Almighty records project Belle Lawrence (thanks to eurodance blog).

Lasgo's long-awaited new album Smile is out ! You can get the digital version from iTunes or the CD exclusively from FreeRecordShop Belgium.

Youngfire's official website has been updated with videos, and more! (thanks to Young Fire staff)

Only 1 month and a half after the previous single J'Adore Hardcore, Scooter presented the videoclip for the new one : Ti Sento. It will be out on October 2nd.

Cascada's new single Dangerous hasn't hit the stores in the UK yet, but the videoclip for her forthcoming new German single Fever is already on rotation on Viva.


Kate Ryan's next album will be called French Connection. This best of her french covers will be released in Belgium on the 23th of October (thanks to Dancevibes).

Lasgo's Gone, Rimini Project's No More Goodbye and Eliza G - Summer Lie are nominated to the Eurodance Awards. Vote here !

Lasgo's vocalist Jelle posed for the Belgian men magazine P-Magazine. Watch the photo shoot here (thanks to eurodance blog).

A new club remix for Cascada's forthcoming single Fever was made by Ian Carey, a DJ who had also remixed many US pop stars (thanks to Dance Music News).

Snap released a new club remix to the song Exterminate. Made by DJ Tom Novy, this remix was not included on the last 5-tracks Remix EP.

During an interview at Go' Aften in the end of August, Aqua announced that they would start working on a new album in 2010.

Milk Inc added a 6th concert to the Blackout series in Antwerpen. It will take place on October 9th. The dress code of this year's concerts is black (thanks to Dancevibes)


X-Perience's new vocalist is called Manja Wagner and she is red-haired too. They are currently back in studio working at the new single, maybe Strong (Since You're Gone), that should be out this Autumn. You can listen to a preview of Strong (Since You're Gone) on their official website (thanks to eurodance blog).

Apart from his own tourdates, DJ Bobo will be on tour with Holiday On Ice German show Energia. He will sing the title-song of the show, and also contribute with one of his choreographies. First show in Stuttgart on December 9th of this year (thanks to DJ Bobo France).

DJ Hush covered Crystal Waters' hit Gypsy Woman. Discover it here

In less than one month, Scooter's new album Under The Radar Over The Top will be out. There will be a fan version including 2 CDs and a DVD. preorder it here

Rachel Wallace (Garfield vocalist) released a new single entitled Que Pasa. The single is a collaboration with DJ Cuto and DJ Melo (thanks to eurodance blog)


Tania Evans performed at Nightingale Club in the UK a few monthes ago. Here is a video showing her singing Mr Vain along with a rapper called Dondeman (thanks to Klems).

Cascada launched an unplugged version of her single Evacuate the Dancefloor. The maxi cd was released official on 4th September and can be found here. The single still claiming on world charts, being the most requested tune on radios (thanks to eurodance blog).

YoungFire's new video, Ojos Del Amor, (Eyes of love) has just been released. Discover it here... For more information, please visit (thanks to Young Fire staff)

Alexia will release E Non Sai, a duet with Madame SiSi, as new single. The videoclip will be shot on September 14th, directed by Marco Carlucci. The single should be out in October (thanks to eurodance blog).

Groove Empire ceased their activity. This is a great loss for eurodance world. Their one and one single Music Will Never Die is still available in shops.

Bloom 06 (former Eiffel 65 without Gabry Ponte) released a new single called Beats & Sweat on August 10th 2009. You can discover the videoclip here. The single includes as B-side a new version of Eiffel 65's Move Your Body (thanks to Dance Music News).

Crazy Frog (a project of former Bass Bumpers)'s new album contains covers of eurodance hits such as 2 Unlimited's No Limit and Daddy DJ's Daddy DJ (thanks to Dance Music News)

Nosie Katzmann produced Right Said Fred's last single Sexy Bum (thanks to Dance Music News).

Sabrina and Samantha Fox are featured in the Italian version of this month's Vanity Fair magazine.

2 Fabiola should release a new album in October this year (thanks to eurodance blog)


Regi Penxten is back for a 5th season of Regi's World since September 2nd. his last album and Regi in the Mix 6 were both awarded platinum (thanks to eurodance blog).

Infernal performed Steady as She Goes (a cover of a song by The Raconteurs) for the Danish TV show Backstage. The show will be broadcasted in September.

Rumours state that Technotronic could be working on a new album, to be released on September 9th of this year on Universal Records. It would be featuring Ya Kid K. and Eric "MC Eric" Martin. This year, they had started a successful World Tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Technotronic, performing full-length concerts featuring some new remixes of the well-known hit singles and introduce some new tunes. All tourdates are on their Myspace. (Charly "Forti" Romanowski and eurodance blog)

Dj Aligator (Zoom) just released his new single and video Shine. The song is a collaboration with Heidi Degn (who already sung Close to you on Dj Aligator's last album and participated in 2008 at ESC preselection to represent Danemark). Shine is included on Dj Aligator newest album Kiss my bass currently in stores. It includes a lot of collaborations (thanks to eurodance blog)

E-type performed on stage of Stockholm Pride 2009 concert on July 31st with a new dancer who imitates Dee's style (actually it was the Swedish artist Richard Engfors who dressed like her)... The concert also gathered many other eurodance stars such as Haddaway, Dr Alban, Basic Element and Pandora Watch the video here (thanks to Klems).

Discover 2 amazing unreleased La Bouche tracks : In My Position and Rhythm Of Love (thanks to Jiri and Klems)

Natural Born Grooves feat Thea Austin are #1 in the Belgium ultratop (thanks to eurodance blog)


Lasgo's new video was shot in Blackpool, in the UK. Discover it here. The single is already climbing the Belgian charts.

Jefferson Project's new single will be entitled Inspiration. No release date is announced yet. They just opened their Myspace account (thanks to Klems)

DJ Bobo now has his official Youtube channel (thanks to DJ Bobo France)

Acting Lovers' new single is entitled Kingdom Of Love will feature their new singer Kathryn. It should be digitally released at the end of September.

If your iPhone hasn't exploded yet, you can download the free Peter Luts app from iTunes.

Helena Paparizou has been nominated by the Greek MTV Europe Music Award for Best Greek Act. You can vote for her here.

YoungFire's video for their single Ojos del amor (Eyes of love) from their successful CD Euro-fire is ready. It will be released worldwide this Saturday September, 5th 2009 (thanks to Young Fire staff).

Silvy (Sylver) and Linda (Milk Inc.) appear in a sexy photoshoot and an interviews for P-magazine (thanks to Dancevibes).




Very sad news for all fans of her wonderful voice : Nana Hedin was diagnosed with a malignant cancer of the tongue (thanks to Christian and Klems).

Milk Inc added a 5th date for their Blackout concert.

Here you can vote for the best Danish artist at EMA 2010. Aqua or Infernal ? The choice is yours...

Dr Alban recording a new single called Carolina with Charlie Boy. It is not a eurodance track. You can preview it on his official website. Th shooting of a video is planned for this single (thanks to eurodance blog).

After a successful Danish tour, Aqua were invited to perform at German show The Dome in Köln. It will be broadcasted on RTL II in 2 weeks (see TV dates) (thanks to eurodance blog).

The videoclip for Zippora's new single was shot in Antwerp on August 22nd.

Romanian singer Alexandra Ungureanu recorded a cover of Da Buzz Wonder Where Your Are with her project Undercover (thanks to eurodance blog).

Gala's new album Tough love will soon be out.

Niels Van Gogh made a cover after Livin' Joy's hit Dreamer, the song was released on August 14th (thanks to eurodance blog).

On October 3rd in Leuven, the concert Return to the 90s will feature Dr Alban, 2 Fabiola, Culture Beat and Jessy (thanks to Klems).

Maria Lisa is nowadays a member of the band Soul Addiction. You can listen to a cover of Gnarls Barkley they recorded (thanks to Klems).


Boris from BPM is involved in a new dance-rock project called United Passion feat B.P.. It's a collaboration with the 2 members of Groove Empire. The first single Rock the Night will be out soon, you can preview it on their official website.

Miki (former K-pital) took part to a real-TV show called "Serviti va rog" on Romanian channel Pro-TV (thanks to eurodance blog).

Captain Jack released She's Gonna Get You, a previously unreleased track from 1995. Get it here. It is inspired from the original soundtrack of the German movie Miss Marple. Some other unreleased tracks are coming soon. (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine).

Former Fun Factory member Al Walser released his new single : it is called Living Your Dream. Fun Factory thrid generation perfomed in Callatis festival 2009, the team included former Etno vocalist (thanks to eurodance blog).

Lasgo's new single Lost reached #1 of Belgian top dance for its first week ! (thanks to eurodance blog)

Layzee (former Mr President rapper) opened with Mousse T a radio station called Peppermint FM. The station can be listened to through satellite (Astra1 19,2°) and on the web

Aqua's single Back To The 80's as well as their album Greatest Hits sold gold in Denmark (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Infernal's album Electric Cabaret has sold platinum in Denmark (thanks to Anders Bøgh)


Jefferson Project are back ! After many years of silence, they are ready to gather again, and working on a new single. The style will be eurodance, with modern influences (thanks to Klems)...

Get Ready! presented their new single Diep 2009 last week during the show Hit The Road. You can listen to it on their official website.

Bloom06 (former Eiffel 65) released a new single called Being Not Like You in June. It includes 4 tracks and a remix of their hit Blue (Da Ba Dee) (thanks to eurodance blog).

The Belgian TMF Music Awards will take place on October 10th. Nominees were not revealed yet. You can suggest your favourite artist here (thanks to eurodance blog).

Infernal will take part to DR2's music show Backstage, along with another band called Magtens Korridorer. Each band will play 2 of their own tracks and then team up to do a track together. The show should be broadcasted in September.

DCX (former DC-10)'s vocalist Katri is going solo. The project will officially introduce their new vocalist next saturday, after a farewell show with Katri on the upcoming Friday at Club Fever in Helsinki Finland.

New Lasgo album will be entitled Smile. It will contain 15 tracks and should be out on September 7th (thanks to Dancevibes)


Tina Safrany (First Base, Masterjam, Space Mission, JAP Davis, Stereotype...) is back with a new project called First B. Their first single is a very nice dance track entitled Free Way. Discover it here. (thanks to Klems)

Lasgo's next single will be entitled Lost. The vinyl will be released on August 10th, while the CD Single will be released on August 24th. The new album is planned for the 2nd week in September (thanks to Dancevibes).

Silvy from Sylver will release a solo single entitled Love Don't Come Easy on the 17th of August (thanks to Dancevibes)

Eliza G Summer Lie is now available on iTunes and Juno.

Indra is back ! After 3 years of silence, she released a new single called Upper Hand (Sexy Mama). For the moment, it's a radio release, because Indra is still busy with her theater play, and which has so much success that some more dates were added... The song will be included on Indra's future 12-tracks album called One Woman Show recorded in Copenhagen and to be released this year (thanks to eurodance blog).

They had competed at Eurovision Song Contest in 2008 with Dj, Take Me Away. Re-discover the Bulgarian dance project Deep Zone and their latest releases The Summer Is Here and Liatoto Doide on their official website (thanks to eurodance blog).

Neja was featured by Gianluca Argante (aka WAG001) on his single Loving You Listen to it here (thanks to eurodance blog).

They were considered as the disco rivals of the 80s : Sabrina Salerno and Samantha Fox will record a song together, a cover after Blondie hit Call Me (thanks to eurodance blog).

For the first time since many years, BG the Prince of Rap performed in Mainz, Germany. Watch the video here (thanks to eurodance blog).

The world premiere of DJ Bobo's new tour Fantasy is already sold out. Due to huge demand, there will be an additional concert on November 28th 2009


SEX Appeal's new single is entitled Sex On The Phone. It is planned for release in August. Buy it here (thanks to eurodance blog).

Paraisko's remix of Captain Hollywood's Only With You 2009 will be out on August 1st, 2009 (thanks to Paraisko himself)

Alexia's Ale will be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It will include 12 tracks, plus her Sanremo 2009 duet Biancaneve with Mario Lavezzi. Buy it here (thanks to eurodance blog)

Real McCoy performed their brand new single Two Hearts at DJ Bobo & Friends concert in Engelberg. It should be released during next Autumn (thanks to O'jay himself).

The lineup for We Love The 90s II was revealed : Right Said Fred, the Vengaboys, Fun Factory and Aquagen will be on stage. The concert will take place on 14th November in Oberhausen.

Kim Sanders got a new deal with german record company C.A.R.E. music group. She also recorded a new track called Closer look feat. Roberto Di Gioia (aka Marsmobil) and Christian Prommer. Her new album (mostly jazz-oriented) should be released during fall 2009 and there will be a tour in 2009. You can preview some of the new songs on Kim's Myspace (thanks to eurodance blog)

Groove Empire are currently working on some new songs. A new single should be released during this Autumn.

Like every year, Milk Inc are adding 2 new dates to their Blackout mega concert in Antwerpen : 2nd and 3rd October.

Turbo B did a collaboration with rappers duo Rumanetsa & Enchev and the Holland singer Miss Romagna from the band R.O.O.M. The result is entitled Don't Cha Know. The single already entered the Bulgarian radio charts last week and will be released later as a maxi in America, Holland, Turkey and Romania (thanks to eurodance blog and Krassik).

Haddaway's hit single What Is Love was remixed by German DJ Klass. The remixes were released on 27th July (thanks to eurodance blog)

Sylver will celebrate their 10 years of carreer during a special concert on 27th March 2010 in Antwerpen.




DJ Rebel (who recently collaborated with Robert Abigail) did a remix of 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor hit single Never Alone. The single was released on 16th July and also included a remix of Cappella's U Got 2 Know (thanks to eurodance blog).

Andrew Thomas, one of the original Bad Boys Blue members, passed away at Weyertal hospital in Cologne (Germany) in the evening of July 21st 2009 at the age of 63 (thanks to Chris).

Culture beat released a Mr. Vain recall, available on digital megastores only. The single includes a radio version, an extended version and a short version of the song Obssesion. The single was released on 24 July. Get it from Juno. (thanks to eurodance blog and Culture Beat Fan Base)

Mr President's Unreleased album is out. It includes 10 tracks, and only one really new track, a cover of Abba's Thank You For The Music Buy it here.

Discover Icelanding project Suzy Thunder and their first single BIG, a very nice dance track, already very popular in their home country. More infos on their Myspace. Get it from iTunes (thanks to eurodance blog).

O'jay from the Real McCoy published some more teasers for the fans on his Myspace : a partial tracklisting for the future album, and some videos of Debbie (the new vocalist ?)

A few monthes ago, Caramell recorded a German version of their hit Caramelldansen. The title is Caramelltanzen. Discover it here.

Milk Inc are #1 of the Belgian Ultratop with their current single Blackout (thanks to eurodance blog).

Waldo's People's new single is entitled New Vibration. It is #4 in the Finnish charts this week. Discover it here. They are currenty on their summer tour in Finland.


New Scooter single release date was moved to 14th August (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine)

The Eurodance Encyclopaedia is now affiliated to Juno Records, the online store specialized into dance music.

Thea Austin teamed with Natural Born Grooves and the result is a song called Bad Bad Baby (thanks to eurodance blog).

T-spoon are about to release a new version of their hit No Time 2 Waste. You can discover it here (thanks to eurodance blog).

DJ Aligator (former Factual Beat) will release his new album Kiss my Bass, including the tracks I'm Coming Home and Calling You on 26th August 2009 (thanks to eurodance blog)

Norma Ray 's project Angelux just released a new album entitled Come Into My Life. The sound is mostly house. You can preview and buy it here.

Captain Jack released Hi Ho on all major download portals, such as Juno Records. While they are still announicing a Captain Jack 2009 on the official website (thanks to Jeroen, Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine and eurodance blog).


Scooter's new single will be entitled J'adore Hardcore, and it will be released on September 4th 2009. The new album, called Under The Radar Over The Top will follow on october 2nd 2009. In 2010, Scooter will start a new big tour through Germany : the "Under The Radar Over The Top Tour 2010" will start in Cologne on March 11th. Scooter will make their version of song Troy by Die Fantastischen Vier for their 20th year tribute album. And their hit Nessaja was used as main theme on the movie "Brüno" (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine).

Shanie, former Alex Party vocalist, released a new remix of Read My lips under her own name. It entered in UK Dance Chart # 29 (thanks to eurodance blog)

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor took part to Ekonomika Rewind 09 concert in Leuven, Belgium in March. Captain Jack and Get Ready were there too... For all of you who missed it, here are the videos (thanks to Jiri).

Annagrace (former Ian Van Dahl)'s single Let The Feelings Go is #1 in the USA Billboard Dance Airplay Chart.

Marianne Festraets, former AB Logic vocalist, has now her official Myspace (thanks to Klems).


Regi Penxten released his new Regi In The Mix compilation, a double CD including all the hottest dance tracks of the moment (and of course the new Milk Inc and Sylver tracks).

Kelly Llorenna's Dress You Up had reached number one in the upfront club chart and she will soon be releasing a new single with Love to Infinity project.

There are rumors telling that Cascada's next single from the new album could be entitled Dangerous, as the album advert featured a small clip of the video for Dangerous, though nothing has been confirmed, as there have been several videos produced for future singles.

Infernal's album Electric Cabaret reached platinum status. They went back to studio to start working on the following album. Concerning the style of the future album, all they know is that "we want it to be a little less feathers & sequins and a bit more jeans & T-shirt’ish", as they announced on their official website.

Prezioso feat Marvin's new single is entitled Happy Flight (The Never Ending Story). It was included on the new compilation Prezioso In Action, released in May.

Da Buzz just announced on their official site that would take a long break (thanks to eurodance blog)

Evi Goffin (former Lasgo vocalist) has now her own TV show on Gunk TV, the Flemish gamers channel, entitled Wango Tango (thanks to eurodance blog).


The Bad Boys Blue need your help to choose the best tracks for their anniversary album 25. You can vote here once per a day till the 14th of July. (thanks to eurodance blog)

Neja's new single is entitled Loving You. The album has been produced in cooperation with two DJs from Turin (Peter Damir and Gianluca Argante - production) and it is currently being promoted in England

Pandora is working on some new tracks for her future album which should be out at the end of 2009 (thanks to eurodance blog)

Producer Roberto Zanetti aka Robyx finally decided to bring out this year his project Savage. Last month a video was shot in Los Angeles for the newest single Twothousandnine, to be released this month (thanks to eurodance blog).

You can discover the videoclip for Milk Inc's new single Blackout here (thanks to eurodance blog).

Axel Coon (former Scooter member) created a new project entitled Plaxx. The single is entitled Dance With Me (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine).

Culture Beat's hit Mr Vain was covered by the project Omega (Pool E Music / Update Records).

Mark'Oh released a cover of Prince Ital Joe feat Marky Mark's hit single United. He performed it this Sunday at ZDF Fernsehgarten.


Greenpower has just released a cover of La Bouche's Sweet Dreams available through many download stores. More infos on his Myspace (thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Every Saturday night on Querfunk, you can listen to a new German radio show called EURODANCE NACHT (Eurodance Night). It will air live from midnight till 6AM (local time), featuring about 60 eurodance classics from the 90s (thanks to Kostantin).

Discover the project Funny Face & Baby Shine and their new single Runaway, a very nice dance track on their Myspace

Daisy Dee is back on German TV station Viva. She presents a show about fashion entitled Fashion Trix (thanks to eurodance blog).

E-type's Ding Ding Song will be digitally released in the Netherlands.

ATB just finished shooting the video of his new single Behind. The video was made in Paris (thanks to eurodance blog).

Alexia's video for We Is The Power is ready. It was recorded during her concert in Chiasso. Discover it here.


Romy (former 2 Unlimited vocalist) has her official website. She is now a moderator in short promotional programs for TV (thanks to eurodance blog).

At MAD video awards, Helena Paparizou won in the categories best pop video, best female and best video of the year.

The new September single for Europe will be entitled Because I Love You. It was already released as digital download in Scandinavia 6 monthes ago (thanks to eurodance blog)

Amber's new single is called I don't believe in hate, it was composed by Kelly Mueller and remixed by Pathos V2. The single will be available on all digital megastores from 21th July 2009. It can be previewed here (thanks to eurodance blog)

Sylver released the video to their fourth future single Foreign Affair from the latest album. The song is one of their rare cover versions (of a song of Mike Oldfield and Maggie Reilly). Watch the clip here.

Paraisko's new remix for Captain Hollywood Project Only With You 2009 is available for free download. Full single will be out in July. More info on Paraisko's Myspace (thanks to Paraisko himself).

Nana Abrokwa's first single Stand up! is in the mixing process but the release date is unknown yet (thanks to eurodance blog)

Ann Lee was interviewed by UK site Digital Spy. Read the interview here. (thanks to eurodance blog)

Sandy Chambers appears on Pocho's latest single Brighter. Pocho aka Marco Soncini used to contribute to tracks such as Ann Lee 2 Times and In-Grid's Tu es foutu.

Milk Inc performed live their new single Blackout for the first time at MNM Big Party. The single will be out on July 3rd.

On July 3rd, Kate Ryan will kick off her summer tour in Poland. Afterwards, she’ll be visiting Spain, Germany, Belgium, Poland again, Latvia, Sweden, Denmark...

Pat Krimson (2 Fabiola producer) featured vocalist Sue Price on the single The Rush of My Life. Discover it here... Recently, 2 Fabiola performed inside an attraction of the Bobbejaanland, for the leisure park's 20th birthday, and a new single is planned for the end of the summer.

Zippora could be back. She teamed up with Sir-G, Laurent Wery and Carlos Meire and announced that they were working on "a totally new sound and feel".




Djumbo's new single is entitled Summertime In Dubai.

Mr President will release previously unreleased tracks gathered on a digital album simply entitled Unreleased. Release date is set to June 28th. More infos here. (thanks to Eurodance blog)

You can discover Kandystand's new single Open Your Heart here

Corona will be in France again, for the Gay Pride in Paris, on 27th June (thanks to augusto Vilar).

Milk Inc's videoclip for their new single Blackout was shot in Gent (Belgium) last week.

September's new UK album will be called Cry for you the album and will be released on 3rd August (thanks to eurodance blog)

A big eurodance concert is announced in Latvia on 21st and 22nd August. I will feature Cascada, Snap, Aqua, Groove Coverage, Culture Beat, DJ BoBo, Brooklyn Bounce, Captain Jack, C-Bool et Future Trance United. No info about the precise place or where to buy tickets is available yet (thanks to Klems).


DJ Bobo's new tour will be entitled Fantasy, and it will be more spectacular then ever... The upcoming album will be released on January 29, 2010.

Tania Evans (former Culture Beat vocalist) finally opened her official Myspace (thanks to eurodance blog).

Aqua's new album is actually a best of entitled Greatest Hits, released in Denmark and Sweden this week. It includes digitally remastered versions of 16 old songs and three new songs: Back to the 80's, My Mamma Said, and Live Fast - Die Young (thanks to eurodance blog).

Eiffel 65's hit single Blue (Da Ba Dee) was used as inspiration source by Flo rida in his new single Sugar (thanks to eurodance blog)

A new compilation called Sessions Germany Mixed By DJ Sammy 2009 was released under Ministry Of Sound. DJ Sammy's new single Feel The Love is of course included.

New from Tha Groove Junkeez feat. Al Walser (former Fun factory member), the single Naked (2009 RMX)

According to Alexandra Prince, who did vocals for him some years ago, Nana Abrokwa is preparing an album, still with the Booya family (thanks to eurodance blog).

Vitamin T did a remake of Snap! hit Rhythm Is A Dancer, released under Lab records. Discover it here (thanks to eurodance blog)

Tribe of Two (another Lab records production) released a cover of Robert Miles' hit Children.

The Vengaboys' hit single Up & Down was covered by a project called the Bengatoys (once again from Lab records).

Alex Christensen will be member of the German Popstars jury.

On 7th July, 100 persons from across the Europe will compete a 24 hours of dance off. The winner will get 10000 euros to take September out for dinner. More infos here.


Captain Hollywood Project's hit Only with you was covered by Paraisko (thanks to KarlZ)

AnnaGrace (former Ian van Dahl) performed 9th of june Nightlife Awards 2009 at Bunnik Holland (thanks to eurodance blog)

The new Dj Sammy single will be called Feel The Love (thanks to eurodance blog)

Aqua's video for their new single Back To The 80s is ready. Discover it here (thanks to eurodance blog)

Klubbingman released his 16th edition of his Welcome To The Club compilation. It of course includes his own new single Another Day Another Night.

ATB's new single will be called Behind. It will feature the Italian project Flanders. The video will be shot very soon. (thanks to eurodance blog)

Wanda Fisher released a cover of September's hit Until I Die (thanks to eurodance blog).

Alexia just finished the shooting of the video for her forthcoming single We Is The Power, which has been on rotation on radios since last friday (thanks to eurodance blog)


Haddaway will be among the 5 artists performing at Q-music Foute Party on June 26th in Hasselt (Belgium) (thanks to eurodance blog)

Kate Ryan's new single Babacar (another France Gall cover) will be internationally released on the 15th of June.

Cascada's forthcoming alum will have the same title as her new single Evacuate the Dancefloor, and will be released 6th of July (thanks to eurodance blog)

Smile are releasing a remixed version of their hit Butterfly. The song is a complete reworking of the original classic... You can buy the digital release from here.

The new Real McCoy single is on its way. O-jay gives us a preview in a quite original way...

Daniel Aminati (former Bed and Breakfast member) released a solo single in German entitled Wie Keiner Dieser Herrn (As Nobody Else). Available here (thanks to eurodance blog)

Italien DJ Gabry Ponte (Eiffel 65) presents his new album Gabry 2o Vol II. This album contains his latest single Ocean Whispers (with the popular sax melody reminding of Guru Josh's Infinity), a remix of Blue Da Ba Dee and his version of 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor's hit Dreams... as well as a bonus DVD (thanks to eurodance blog).

The video for the new Kandystand single will be shot next week. They are currently arranging remixes for the release package. There are still opportunities for remixers to submit their showreels for a chance to remix the track, applications should be made to our management at

Loona's new single is a cover of the hit Parapapapa (and not the unreleased song Et Me Voilà that she performed last month during ZDF Frühlingshow)

Like almost every year, Helena Paparizou is nominated at the MAD Video awards. She appears in 5 categories : Best Pop Video, Best Video by a Female Artist, Artist Of The Year, Video of the Year and Most Sexy Appearance in a Video. Vote for her here... She's been performing at club Thalassa since April 30th, and this during the whole summer. (thanks to eurodance blog)


T seven (former Mr President vocalist) is working in studio on new tracks (thanks to eurodance blog)

Klubbingman's new single Another Day Another Night feat Trixi Delgado reached #72 in the Media Control German charts.

Infernal started their summer tour, 30 dates through Denmark. They opened their own shop, where you can find all kind of Infernal goodies...

After two successful singles, now the first album of Acting Lovers is available

O'jay (Real McCoy) announced on his Myspace that he completed the recordings and the final mixing for the new album on friday last week. "We're taking a break for the rest of this week and going to start fresh next monday with the preparations for our live set-up" he explains.

Kandystand announced the title of their next single on Twitter : Open Your Heart, a Madonna cover with an electro touch.

Kirsty Hawkshaw (former Opus III vocalist) completed recording her new single Face 2 Face. It will be released on July (thanks to eurodance blog)

The Bad Boys Blue will release their new compilation Rarities Remixed on 19 June 2009 under Coconut Records Germany. The album will contain 10 old remixed hits, such as Jungle In My Heart, House Of Silence and Follow The Light (thanks to eurodance blog).

Rozalla is the new Patron for All Star Kids, a charity organization which supports and offers hope and an education to street children in Africa (thanks to eurodance blog).

Tony Dyer recorded another single for DJ Yanou's project R.I.O., called After The Love. Discover it on their Myspace. (thanks to eurodance blog).

Last year, Kelly Llorenna was featured on Lift Me Up, a song which included on DJ Shah's last album Songbook (thanks to eurodance blog).




Aqua will release a new single Back To The 80's on May 25th. The single is taken from a new album comming out later this summer. The new album will have 3 new tracks and all their old hits in new updated versions (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Martina Edoff (former Dr Alban and E-type vocalist) will digitally release her next single Tear Apart on June 5th. It is a rock track. (thanks to eurodance blog)

Al Walser (former Fun Factory) is going to pre-release his next album. It will include 17 tracks and a personal interview with Al. You can order it by emailing (thanks to eurodance blog)

La Bouche is still touring, even without Melanie. They will be in concert in Chile in June (thanks to Klems)

Paradisio released Bailando me dices adios which is a remake of the original Bailando, featuring a new female vocalist (thanks to Ivan).

Robert Miles is back with a new DJ set of mixes that you can listen and download from here (thanks to eurodance blog).

Alexia's next single could be her duet with Bloom 06 We Is The Power, as she explained in this interview (thanks to Mickey)...

Discover Eurodance Jam, another online shop dedicated to eurodance !

In August 2010, a Eurodanceclub Festival is planned in Mayence (Germany). About 25 names of the eurodance scene should be on stage. Among them, Captain Hollywood, B.G Prince of Rap, Magic Affair, S.e.x.appeal, Layzee (Mr.President), Captain Jack, Snap, Culture Beat, Black Box, Whighfield and DJ Bobo... More infos on


Discover the new DJ Bobo song Take Me To The Top, titlesong for the new german TV-Show Germany's Next Showstars on Pro7 on his official website. On June 18th, the name of his 2010 tour and the tourdates will be revealed.

In spite of an amazing performance, unfortunately Waldo's People ended last at Eurovision song Contest 2009.

Alex Christensen and Oscar Loya did not win ESC either, though they did a great performance too, with special guest appearance of Dita von Teese... Alex C feat Yass new single is ready, you can discover it on his Myspace. Dancin in like heaven (der Club ist die Macht) is the last single featuring Yasmin Knock, who will start a solo carreer, still produced by Alex. So, Alex C is searching for a new vocalist to feature...

Just released on the Kandystand YouTube channel, exclusive footage of Kandystand in rehearsal performing their latest chart busting hit 'Love Invasion'. Visit the Kandystand YouTube channel

Samira gave an interview to German WDR radio station FunkhausEuropa. Listen to it here. (thanks to eurodance blog)

Cascada's new single Evacuate The Dancefloor can be discovered here, and effectively it's quite a change from the usual change... (thanks to eurodance blog)

Alexia's summer tour will be starting on May 29th. The first concert will contribute financing the campaign "Dico no alla droga, Dico si alla vita" (No to drugs, yes to life".

Copenhagen Bass' current single Rock The Beat are one of the most downloaded tracks on TDC, the biggest Danish online store.

Eliza G is a 25 years old Italian singer. Her first single Summer Lie is an excellent dance track that will be soon released under DWA Records. Discover it on Myspace.


YoungFire's new single, Ojos Del Amor (Eyes of love) has been released and their website has been updated. (thanks to Young Fire staff)

Mike Staab, producer of Mysterious Art and Magic Affair, died on 11th May (thanks to Anders Lennartson).

Discover excellent mixes by Emilio DJ

Sandy Chambers comes back with her new single This is me, produced by Alle Benassi (studio partner and producer of Benny Benassi and of all the tracks with the Benassi’s signature). The complete release contains four versions.

Together with with other German artists Jeanette Biedermann, Tobias Künzel (from Die Prinzen), Guildo Horn and Sylvia Kollek, H.P. Baxxter from Scooter is a member of the German national jury of Eurovision Song contest in Moscow (thanks to Denis DJ Hooligan Zhabkine).


Waldo's people made it to the Eurovision Song Contest final ! Vote for them next saturday !

Captain Jack is coming with a new album called Rewind to the 90s. It seems that it will be a collection of reworked versions of their old hits. The first single will be Captain Jack 2009 (thanks to Ivan)

Klubbingman's (Tommy Schleh) new single will be entitled Another Day Another Night. As previously announced, it will feature Trix Delgado and it will be out on May 15th. It will be the hymn of 600th Welcome to the Club show.

DJ Bobo's hit Freedom was covered by the DJ team Beatbreaker. The style is trance and electro, and the vocals are original (thanks to eurodance blog and Music Express).

Inka Auhaben (former Sash! vocalist) did vocals on Queens Club's single Super Dancer (thanks to eurodance blog and Music Express).

Lil Suzy is back ! Her new single is entitled Dance Tonight, digital release is set on June 18th 2009.

Alexia's next single will be a duet with Andrea Dianetti entitled Come nessuno. The single will be officially released on June 11 2009, discover the official video here (thanks to eurodance blog).

DDMJ (stands for Dual Deejays for the Music Jump) is a French dance project. Discover their music here !


Cascada's concert in France will be broadcasted online on this page on Saturday May 9th 21:00 (Paris time).

Copenhagen Bass just released worldwide their second single Rock The Beat. You can discover it here. It comes with 7 remixes and is available through Juno Download.

Lenny B. (Audio Cult) new single, Turn Up the Radio, is now available on iTunes and

Until I Die is the next September single in the UK, as announced by her UK label Label Hard2Beat, set for release on July 20th. The UK album will be called Cry For You - The Album and it will be hitting stores July 27th. It will feature all the hits Cry For You, Can't Get Over and Until I Die, plus a brand new song entitled Leave It All Behind (thanks to eurodance blog).

The German entry in the Eurovision Song Contest, Oscar Loya (produced by Alex Christensen), will perform this Friday at the successful American TV show hosted by Oprah Winfrey. The show will also broadcast several historic moments of the Eurovision Song Contest (thanks to Oikotimes).

In an interview given to ESCToday, Waldo's People told they were very impressed with the stage and that they planned to use every centimetre of it, since they have, as they call it, "fire choreography". They also want to show to the audience that rock and ballads are not the only things Finland can offer to Europe. They expect a huge support from the fans and see the ESC as a perfect place for launching a successful international career. Eurodance fans, you know what you have to do...

According to rumors, their leader Waldo had a fever at 39°C on May 5th and only heavy medication kept him going. They will be rehearsing next time on Friday and, according to the Finnish delegation, there is a lot to do, as they were not at all happy with the TV direction of their entry, and were having also big sound problems (watch the first reheral)...


During his show on radio MNM, Regi played a new track by Sylver entitled Foreign Affair (a Mike Oldfield cover). A future single ? The final title for the new album was revealed. Though Resurrection was the workingtitle, Sylver team decided in the end to name the album Sacrifice. It will contain 16 tracks, 4 of them can already be previewed on their official website.

Tina Cousins recorded a cover of King of Leon's Sex On Fire. It should be released during the summer.

Discover Infernal's videoclip for their new single Redefinition (thanks to eurodance blog)

DWA Records re-recorded and released a megamix of the classic eurodance hits, Saturday Night, The Rhythm Of The Night, Please Don't Go, Me And You, Think About The Way. The project Mad 90s is produced by Robyx. Discover their videoclip (thanks to Augusto Vilar)

Cascada's new single will be entitled Evacuate The Dancefloor. It should be released on 29th June (along with a videoclip shot in Los Angeles), with the album to follow 6th July. More infos here (thanks to eurodance blog).

Blackout will be the official name of the mega Milk Inc concerts at the Sportpaleis for September 2009. According to rumors, it could also be the title of a forthcoming single. Does it mean that Guilty won't be released as single ? (thanks to eurodance blog).

Penny Ford will join Snap! again, but not on a new single, only for concerts (thanks to eurodance blog).

Thea Austin published a new track on her Myspace. It is entitled Put My Feet On The Rock and it's a slow rock track... (thanks to eurodance blog)

Brand new single from Shaun Baker feat. Maloy (former Captain Jack vocalist) : the single Give, a very nice dance track.

Hermes House Band which is releasing an album called "Rhythm of the 90s", featuring covers of 90s dance hits such as Whigfield's Saturday Night. Complete tracklisting is here...




Discover the French Groove Empire support site ! Click here...

DJ Ross did a remix of Double You's old hit Please Dont Go. The track DJ Ross vs Double You – Please don't go 2009 (Dj Ross Club Mix) was released in DJ Ross' last CD Compilation - The Bomb (from the name of his Italian radio show) (thanks to eurodance blog).

Da Blitz, Kim Lukas, Einstein Dr DJ, Black Box and Natalie from the Soundlovers will perform at 90 Is Magic on May 9th at the Palasport in Cividale di Friuli, Italy, near the Slovenian border.

Alexia's new single will be called Come Nessuno (Like no others). Out on May 18th, it will feature Andrea Dianetti. It is her contribution to the Global One Music project (thanks to eurodance blog).

Thomas Anders presented his new single Good Karma at die Frühlingsshow on ZDF. The same-titled album should be released late summer 2009. It will also include the duet with Sandra, The Night Is Still Young.

Roby Pinna's new Single See your Face wile be out on 11 may 2009

NEW ! Discover the eurodance music shop. All eurodance classics selected for you...


Groove Empire's single will be presented on Swiss radio RaBe on April 25th. Listen to it here.

AnnaGrace's (Ian Van Dahl) first single You Make Me Feel will be licensed in the UK under Hard2Beat, the same records company which is already promoting September and Basshunter (thanks to eurodance blog). The video of her second single Let The Feelings Go was released, you can preview it here.

Lasgo's Out Of My Mind will also be released in the UK under the records company Hard2Beat (thanks to eurodance blog).

Eurodance Club concert's new date is 29th August, still in Mayence. Artists on stage will be SEX Appeal and Lazee (Mr President).

Bad Boys Blue's single Queen Of My Dreams release date will be soon revealed. Samples of all versions can already be heard on their Myspace (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine).

Kate Ryan's new single in entitled Your Eyes.

Naan (Sannie Carlsson, more well-known for being Whigfield's frontlady) was featured on D-bag's new single Up To The Boy.

The Store'n'Forward single featuring Trixi Delgado that she recorded a few monthes ago is entitled Hello World and it was released on April 15th (thanks to eurodance blog)

AK Swift and Franca Morgano (Magic Affair) are said to be working again together on a new single. Release date unknown for the moment... (thanks to eurodance blog)


Groove Empire released their long-awaited first single Music Will Never Die yesterday. It's a pure eurodance track. Discover it here.

Cappella's U Got 2 Know was covered by the project Dubguru.

Relax (Your Mind) is the new summer tune from Blank & Jones. It is the first single from the forthcoming album Relax Edition Four (release date april 17). Watch the video here (thanks to eurodance blog)

Basic Element's last single Touch You Right Now was featured on Dutch compilation 538 Dance Smash vol 2, along with many other euro artists. Complete tracklisting here (thanks to eurodance blog)

Acting Lovers' new single is entitled Tonight, release date is not known yet.

Prezioso feat Marvin released a new single in February 2009, entitled I Believe (a cover of Marcella Detroit hit). Discover it here (thanks to Thomas Spiegel).

After many years of silence, Ken Laszlo released a new single called Dancing Together in March. Even if it was written and produced in 2009, it sounds like an 80s track (thanks to Thomas Spiegel)

Molella is back with a new single entitled Atmosphere. Available as digital release since January, it is planned for physical release this month. Discover it here (thanks to Thomas Spiegel).

Sandy Chambers' future single will be entitled This Is Me (thanks to eurodance blog).

Ice Mc's new single will be entitled Don't Do Dat. Discover it on his Myspace. Ice performed it Saturday 11 during the I love the 90’s – The Party concert (thanks to eurodance blog and DanceExpress)

Layzee (former Mr President) did vocals on Zefier's new single Spread the love (thanks to eurodance blog).

Resource feat. Tina Cousins - Hymn was just released in Germany. The project Resource is formed by the ex-Bass Bumpers Henning Reith and Reinhard Raith. Another new Tina track entitled Can't Hold Back was released on March in the USA. Tina announced that she has recorded a cover of Sex On Fire by the Kings Of Leon but it is postponed for a summer release (thanks to eurodance blog).

Helena Paparizou's new single is entitled Tha 'Mai Allios, released on Greek radios. It is a rock track. Discover it on her Myspace.

ATB's next single will be entitled What About Us (thanks to eurodance blog)

Kandystand are currently in the studio recording their next single, an electro dance cover of a song originally sung by Madonna. The title has not been revealed yet. American radio KNHC Seattle are currently running a 'Kandystand Giveaway' for Love Invasion, where you can win copies of the single. More infos on their website


Infernal's next single will be entitled Redefinition. The video was shot in New York. They will perform their new single at the Danish DeeJay Awards 09 where they are nominated in 2 categories.

The new Klubbingman (Tommy Schleh) single will be out on May 15th in Germany, and as digital release worldwide. Discover it on Once again, Trixi sings the vocals (thanks to Joseph).

On November 14th 2009, Berlin will host a big Italo Party in Berlin. With names such as Taleesa, Playahitty, the Soundlovers, Len Laszlo, Roby Pinna, and many more... All infos here (thanks to eurodance blog)

Ann Lee is working on new material with her producer Benny Benassi. The first single will be released in the summer (thanks to eurodance blog)

Sandy Chambers is currently in studio working on a new single, name is unknown yet. According to what she revealed, it could be a big surprise for dance lovers. Release date is around the begining of the summer (thanks to eurodance blog).

Acting Lovers are planning to release their re-worked album Hot in april 2009 (thanks to Energizer)

CC Catch is planning a tour in Romania (thanks to eurodance blog)

Sabrina Salerno is preparing a big event on 13th April 2009 for the benefit of victims of the earthquake in Italy (thanks to eurodance blog).

The Eurodance Club concert of 18th April in Mainz was cancelled. There is no known date yet for a replacement concert...


Milk Inc's officiel website was redesigned. To all the people who purchased tickets for the cancelled concert of March 20th (Brabanthal at Leuven), the concert is postponed to December 19th, 2009 and all sold tickets for the show on March will of course still be valid.

Susanne Georgi (Me & My) will represent Andorra with her song La Teva Decision (Get A Life).

Thomas Anders is featured on The Night Is Still Young, one of the tracks on Sandra's new album Back To Life.

DJ Bobo will organize a real-TV casting on German TV channel Pro7. Entitled "Germany's next Showstars", it will allow him to select who will take part to his 2010 tour.

Maria Rubia (Fragma) recorded some new dance tracks. You can discover them on her Myspace (thanks to eurodance blog)

The Melanie Thornton Youth Arts Foundation, Inc. was named to honor the memory of Melanie Thornton, one of the most beautiful voices of eurodance. Using arts as a vehicle, they strives to ensure opportunities for youth from all backgrounds to do something creative and positive with their talents and their time (thanks to eurodance blog).

Tina Cousins recorded a new track, and shot a new videoclip for Can't Hold Back for its release in the US.

Alana Dante released a brand new album entitled As Time Goes By, under the simple name Alana, at the end of 2008.

Natascha Wright goes on Tour with Udo Jürgens and the Pepe Lienhardt Orchestra. The Tour started on 16th January in Heilbronn. She also started recording a duet album with Alfred McCrary.

Rozalla released an album entitled Brand New Version on February 2nd. She is currently supporting the legendary Billy Ocean on his 41 date

UK 2009 Tour.

2 Fabiola released a 2009 version of their hit Lift U Up. It was chosen as official anthem for the Belgian Bobbejaanland park's new attraction King Kong 2009.


YoungFire's new cd, Euro-Fire is #1 on world wide and their official website has been updated.

Kandystand are busy recording their next single, title is no known yet...

Waldo's People's single Lose Control is #1 in the national sales chart this week, after 15 weeks of presence. The band is touring all over Finland and getting ready for the Eurovision Song Contest.

DJ Bobo not only contributed to the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua by releasing a new version of his hit Chihuahua, but his also among the voices on the movie's German version (thanks to eurodance blog).

Lasgo's last single Gone went #5 in the Belgian Ultratop, the official singles chart. It was also chosen as their dance smash by Radio 538, the biggest Dutch radiostation.

Infernal's single Downtown boys was nominated at DDJA 2009 awards. They will do a big concert in May 6th, the show will be recorded and released on a forthcoming DVD named after the show : Live DVD Electric Deluxe Edition. The DVD will be released at the end of 2009, the concert will include a little acoustic part at the begining of the show (thanks to eurodance blog).

Karma's new single is called When I Stop, it was released in Croatia in January 2009 (thanks to eurodance blog).

Kate Ryan participated to the event "The Staying Alive Foundation's" (Worldwide ambassador of the foundation is Kelly Rowland) last Wednesday 25th of March, in The Body Shop Meir in Antwerp (Belgium) (thanks to eurodance blog).

Miki (K-pital former vocalist) will appear Friday April 3rd on Romanian TV channel Pro TV, in a show called "Dancing for you" on 19:30 CET (thanks to eurodance blog).

Niki Harris (former Snap vocalist) released a duet with Perry Twins entitled Bad, Bad Boys, on 24th March (thanks to eurodance blog).

Zippora will be in the show "I love the 90's" on 11th & 12th April in Belgium. She will perform with "Pat Krimson & Friends" at the Ethias Arena in Hasselt (thanks to eurodance blog)

Ice MC will release a brand new track called Could you be loved. The track features singer Katherine Ellis, known for contributed to Freemasons When you touch me (thanks to eurodance blog).

N-Trance producers present the new performers team who will front the project : the new vocalist Lynsey-Jane Barrow joins the former members T-1K (who did raps on the hits Set You Free and Turn Up The Power) and Lee Limer, the original dancer and showman from the infamous stage performances back in the early 90’s (thanks to eurodance blog).

Abigail Zsiga was featured on a club track produced by DJ Bill Bennett, Forever Young (Alphaville cover), available the album Big Muscle Of The Rhythm, then planned for release as a single. Abigail will be touring in early 2009 with a new line-up, new songs and a very new sound (thanks to eurodance blog).

Thea Austin (former Snap vocalist) was also featured on this DJ Bill Bennett album.




SEX Appeal will release their new single Love2Love on 28th March 2009.

Aqua will be touring all of Scandinavia this summer. Also their manager has just announced that they are back in the studio to record new material (thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Blumchen will be among the members in the jury of the contest das Song on German channel KiKa. She is working on a new album. She is also playing in the serie Schwarze Schafe on the channel ZDF. (thanks to eurodance blog)

Dea Li, former U96 vocalist, recorded a new track call Hungry as a hunter. The song is a ballad with some chill-out influence... Discover it on her official Myspace (thanks to eurodance blog)

Petra Marklund from September was interviewed on Hard2Beat. You can watch the documentary here : 1st part - 2nd part (thanks to eurodance blog).

666 was recently in Finland on tour and new material is planned (thanks to Thomas Detert himself)

Peter Luts is working on new track for the new Lasgo album. The date release of the material is unknown yet (thanks to eurodance blog)

Brooklyn Bounce's next single is a remix of their hit Loud & Proud by the Sample Rippers. The result is entitled Louder & Prouder and it was digitally released on March 20th. (thanks to eurodance blog)

Bad Boys Blue's forthcoming single will be entitled Queen Of My Dreams, taken from the album Heart & Soul. You can discover the remixes on their official website. The BBB are also working hard on their anniversary album. (thanks to eurodance blog)


Linda Rocco with Dance 2 trance are back with the 2009 version of Power of American Natives. The maxi single includes 5 remixes (thanks to Jonathan)

New song from Alexandra Prince is called I Am Here for and it's made in collaboration with DJ Sign. Listen to it here (thanks to eurodance blog)

Samira's voice was featured on Markus Engel's new single Definition Of Life, available as a digital release. Discover it on her Myspace (thanks to eurodance blog).

Syndicate of Law featured Ya kid K, former Technotronic rapper, on their new single Citizen Of The Planet. Discover it here. (thanks to eurodance blog)

The videoclip for Sylver's last single I Hate You Now was shot on 26th February in Hotel Bloom in the heart of Brussels (Belgium). Discover the video here.

Daniel Aminati (former Bed & Breakfast) is now at Taff show on the German channel pro 7 (thanks to eurodance blog)

This year Scooter are again nominated for the VIVA Comet awards : for Best Live Act and for Best Song (for the song Beweg Dein Arsch by Sido's "Hands On Scooter").

According to rumors, Cascada's third album could be planned for April. A new single, written by musician Alistair Griffin, could be out the same month. They also plan a European tour with 17 dates including France, Sweden and of course Germany...


N-Trance's new single is entitled Nothing lasts forever. It features Kelly LLorenna (thanks to Pim).

Klubbingman (Tommy Schleh) released a new compilation entitled Welcome To The Club 15 on February 27th. Buy it here

On February and March, 2 Blue System best of compilations will be out : Das beste aus 40 Jahren Hitparade was released on February 20th. Buy it here The Very Best Of (3 CDs) will be out on March 13th, Preorder it here

A video was shot for E-type's song Rain, from Loud Pipes Save Lives album, for AATW label. His forthcoming single in the UK ?

The new DJ Sammy album entitled Clubroom should be released later this year (thanks to Dance Artist Info)

Naan (Sannie Carlson, Whigfield frontlady) was featured on Oral Tunerz single Till You Drop

Snap's "I got the power" sample was used by Big Ali feat. Dollarman on their single Hit The Floor.

Susanne Georgi from Me & My recorded a song entitled La Teva Decision (Get A Life) and competed to be selected to represent Andorra at Eurovision Song Contest




Youngfire updated their official website with pictures, blogs, and major news (thanks to Youngfire team)

After the success of Out Of My Mind (23 weeks in the Flemish Ultratop) Lasgo's new single is entitled Gone. Singer Jelle went all the way to LA to shoot the video. Watch the teaser.

Annagrace's (former Ian van Dahl) new single is entitled Let The Feelings Go (thanks to eurodance blog)

Milk Inc won for the second time the MIA-Award of best dance group. The new single, a remix of Guilty, should be available on February 15th

Alexia re-recorded her last album with other Italian artists, such as Madame Sisi and Bloom 06 (former Eiffel 65, with an English electro-pop remake of Il Branco entitled We is the power). The new album will be entitled Ale & C.

Alex Christensen will represent Germany at Eurovision 2009 with Miss Kiss Kiss Bang, a mix of swing and dance music (thanks to Pim).

Soundworks, the leading dance DJ and Promo service report Kandystand's latest single Love Invasion as a 'Hot Pick' this week on their top 50 Dance Chart

Scooter are currently recording their new album. They postponed their forthcoming Scooter Ireland Tour, initially scheduled for February 2009, to Autumn 2009

Sylver's new single I Hate You Now could be released on March 1st. New album could be out in April.

Thomas Anders released a live DVD containing his concert from 14th february (thanks to eurodance blog)

Dieter Bohlen released a new book at the end of last year : Der Bohlenweg: Planieren statt Sanieren.


Waldo's People won the preselections : they will be representing Finland at ESC 2009 with their song Lose control (thanks to Konstantin)

Maria Rubia (former Fragma) recorded a new song entitled Hey Boy. Listen to it here (thanks to eurodance blog)

ATB's new album will be called Future Memories and it's a double CD, planned for release on May 1st 2009

Alex Christensen won the 2008 Eurodanceweb contest (thanks to eurodance blog)

DJ Bobo's official website allows you to vote for the name of DJ Bobo's next tour. You have the choice between The Secret, Energy, The Giant, The Secret Energy and The Secret of the Giant. Vote here...

N-trance finally decided to digitally release their 1997 album The Mind Of The Machine'. It will include 2 new tracks, Free Running and The Earth Is Dying, in a similar style that they used back in 1997 (thanks to eurodance blog).


Cascada's single "Perfect Day" will be out in the US and Canada on February 24th. It entered the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay directly at #23. Cascada is nominated to the International Dance Music Awards in the category Best Artist (Group).

Kandystand's new single is entitled Love Invasion. Discover all the mixes as well as the new video on their official website

September's next single for the UK Can't Get Over You can be heard on her official Myspace (thanks to eurodance blog)

Blank & Jones's album Miracle Cure is the best selling album also was nominated officially as "best trance track of 2008" by Beatport (thanks to eurodance blog).

Aqua will perform on 3th July 2009 on Nibe Festival in Denmark (thanks to eurodance blog)

Scooter come to Ireland in February playing three special dates, with some other Clubland artists as support such as Kelly Llorenna (thanks to eurodance blog)

Apart from their album track Koko Soko, another Smile-DK track will be included on Konami's game Dance Dance Revolution X. It's a collaboration between Smile-DK and NAOKI titled A Geisha's Dream.

Kelly Llorenna should be releasing a new solo single in 2009 (no precise release date yet), a cover of the Madonna classic Dress You Up. This track along with many others was sung at the Clubland Live tour at the end of 2008.

Brooklyn Bounce DJ (Denis Bohn aka DJ Bonebreaker, one of the BB producers) released his third Bounce compilation. Buy it here

(thanks to eurodance blog)

Plavka will release this year an album called Plavkalicious on an independent label based in Los Angeles called Wheat Recording (thanks to eurodance blog)

Neja said in a little interview on RMC that she was back to her origins : jazz music (thanks to eurodance blog)




Balja (former Fun Factory) paired up with Romanian artist Vali Craciunescu to make the nice song Surrender which unfortunately failed to qualify to represent Romania for Eurovision 2009 contest. Listen to it here (thanks to Eva Sipkova).

Former Fun Factory could be back... Even if he lost rights on the name Fun Factory (which now belongs to German producer Rekardo Heilig), Toni Cottura announced on his official website that he was currently in studio with Balja working on some new tracks (thanks to Eva Sipkova).

A special concert gathering Dr Alban, Haddaway and the Vengaboys will take place in Antwerpen. Back To The 90s will take place on April 4th at the Sportpaleis (thanks to Klems).

No new album planned this year for Milk Inc (their current album Forever is still in the Belgian ultratop). At least 2 singles are planned, release dates could be June and September according to rumors.

Lori Glori recorded a new single entitled Love Not War, and a collaboration with DJ and producer Ronnie Maze entitled Run For The Victory. (thanks to eurodance blog) She also recorded a song entitled Do Your Duty, a tribute to president Obama

Liza Da Costa recorded a new album with her band Hotel Bossa Nova entitled Supresa. Release date: Feb 27th 2009

Tavi Meran interviewed Simone Angel. Listen to the interview here...


BeFour released a cover of 2 Unlimited's No Limit (thanks to eurodance blog)

Kandystand are releasing a new single in February, its called Love Invasion, and it has 6 mixes (thanks to Kandystand team)

Jade Davies, first Unique II vocalist released in 2003 an album entitled The Eye with Yello (thanks to eurodance blog).

Russian remixer Go She Style did a remix of Maxx Get-A-Way. Discover it here.

In a Belgium magazine Evi Goffin, former Lasgo singer, talks about the real reasons for her leaving the group (thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Smile-DK's album track Koko Soko was featured in Konami's famous game Dance Dance Revolution X.

Gala's single Faraway was covered by Greek artist Tamta under the title Ftais.

Nicki French is trying her success in the play Sleeping Beauty at The Theatre, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire (thanks to eurodance blog)

E-type is in studio working on some new material which should be released at the end of 2009 (thanks to eurodance blog)

Kate Ryan is nominated in 3 categories at the MIA : Best Female Solo Artist, Best Song (Ella Elle L'a) and Best Video (Ella Elle L'a). You can vote until the 26th of January on Results on 6th of February 2009.

Milk Inc are also nominated, in the category Dance / Electronic.

September released a best of album entitled Gold last 14 november. It included hits such as Cry For You, Looking For Love plus 4 acoustic songs. More infos (thanks to eurodance blog)

Abigail's next album should be entitled Hush.

Groove Coverage are planning a tour in China in March

New from Peter Luts (Lasgo) the single Burning

Acting Lovers first single In Light And Darkness is out and it's a great eurodance track. From their forthcoming re-release of their first album HOT. Discover it on their Myspace (thanks to Tomás Hromádka)

BPM were interviewed on


Scarlet is back with Rednex. The new team are now Scarlet with other former members Dagger, Joe Cagg and Ace Ratclaw. A new album is currently being written and a European tour is planned. More infos on their official website (thanks to Rednex team themselves)

Real McCoy are said to have signed a new deal with Sony Music for 2 more albums. The first single and the following album are planned for Spring 2009 (thanks to DanceArtistInfo).

Vito V feat. Anna Berardi covered First Base's Love Is Paradise (thanks to Klems).

Joe T Vannelli (formerly known as JT Company) released a new single entitled A Night In Budapest, featuring Csilla.

Dance Nation's hit single Sunshine was remixed and re-released as Dance Nation Vs Shaun Baker - Sunshine 2009

YoungFire's new CD Euro-Fire is out now! It contains 12 tracks, including their current single release Lonely.

Alexia will take part to San Remo festival in 2009 with Mario Lavezzi. The title of the song is Biancaneve.

Captain Hollywood's new single It Hurts With You will be out on January 9th (thanks to eurodance blog)

Copenhagen Bass will release a tech-house remix of So Sexy during January. They also did a remix of F.U.D.G.E. If You Believe In Love which will be released by the Italian label Oryx in january as well. And they have their second single finished... (thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Lady Danii (formerly from Mr President) is now married to former world super middleweight champion, German boxer Markus Beyer (thanks to eurodance blog).

Regi Penxten's next single will be What Is Life with Danzel (thanks to eurodance blog)

Favretto released a single with Jenny Bersola called First floor (thanks to eurodance blog)

Indra will be acting in the theater play "Ma femme est folle" from January 10th to March 30th at the Théâtre des Nouveautés. She will have the female leading role... (thanks to IndraOfficial)

Bad Boys Blue's new single will be Queen Of My Dreams from the album Heart & Soul. Due to hard working on the anniversary album, the single will be probably released in March 2009 (thanks to eurodance blog).

Brooklyn Bounce are planning a new album for February (thanks to eurodance blog)

A new song can be heard on Dj Sammy's official website (thanks to eurodance blog)

Jens Neumann, Mr President producer, could be preparing a comeback for his project... but without the old team (thanks to eurodance blog)

Discover the Finnish eurotrance project G-powered (thanks to Janne)

Tina Cousins in collaboration with Resource released the single Hymn, already covered some years ago by Cabballero (thanks to eurodance blog).




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