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Past news history for year 2008

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YoungFire just released their new single, Lonely from their highly anticipated CD, Euro-Fire coming out later this month. Visit to listen (thanks to Young Fire staff).

The Italian compilation Dance Hit Mania is full of excellent original dance tracks by unknown projects available on Juno Download (thanks to Thomas Hromadka)

Alex's new single Put Your Hands Up was released on December 7th, available from their official website online shop. It will be released worldwide in January.

Aqua has now confirmed they are working on new material. No releasedates yet, but late in 2009 is most likely (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

KLM Music Ft. Whigfield just entered the danish dancechart as #14 with their updated version of Saturday Night (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Waldo's People song for Eurovision will be entitled Lose Control. You can hear a sample here

Sani's (Aikakone) song for Eurovision will be Doctor Doctor . You can hear a sample here. It's also a dance song.

You can read an interview of Tania Evans on her fan-Myspace (thanks to eurodance blog)

On Fun Factory's official Myspace, you can discover a new track : Fun Factory's Theme 2009 (thanks to Eva Sipkova)

Sandy Chambers was featured on Favretto's new track Get Out Of My Mind. Available as pre-release on junodownload (thanks to eurodance blog)

Blank & Jones released a third single from their album Logic of Pleasure, entitled Where Your Belong. Just in time for the big final show of the album world tour in L.A.

Morgana's new single is entitled Turn It Into Love (thanks to eurodance blog).

Helena Paparizou will be realeasing a repackaging version of the album Vrisko To Logo Na Zo with the title Vrisko To Logo Na Zo:Deluxe Edition in 22th December 2008. She should release a new English language album in Spring 2009 (thanks to eurodance blog)

Cascada is #12 in the US Top 50 Club Chart with Faded (thanks to eurodance blog)

Annagrace (former Ian van Dahl) is #7 in the US Top 50 Club Chart.

Rebeca's new single is entitled Se Me Olvidó (thanks to Abelito)

Maduar are back with a remake of one of their songs : Crying Rain '08

T-seven's (former Mr president vocalist) new song will be called Teardrops and can be listen on her profile from her Myspace (thanks to eurodance blog)

Engelina (DJ Encore's vocalist) recorded new solo songs. Discover them on her Myspace (thanks to eurodance blog).

Jean Shy's (former T-Spoon vocalist) CD The Blues Got Soul that she recorded with The Shy Guys, was nominated for the 2009 Blues Awards in the Category "Soul Blues Female Artist of the Year" (thanks to eurodance blog).

Anthem released a cover of La Bouche's hit single Be My Lover (thanks to eurodance blog).

Scooter, Kate Ryan, Kelly Llorenna, September, among others, toured in the UK during the Clubland Live tour 2. It could be broadcasted some day on the UK channel Clubland TV.


T-spoon are back ! Linda Estelle and Shamrock went back in studio, they will record some new songs together to be released next year (thanks to EurodanceBlog)

Cascada recently released in the UK a new version of her album Perfect Day. Entitled Perfect Day - Platinum Edition, it includes a DVD with her live at CLubland 2008. Another DVD is planned for release in 2009, it should contain a concert from the Perfect Day Tour 2008, shot in Manchester. On November 7th, the classical version of Perfect Day album was released in the Netherlands.

Kim Sanders is currently working on some new material with the help of Schiller, her album should be released next year (thanks to EurodanceBlog).

Kate Ryan has received an award for Best Selling Benelux Artist at the World Music Awards 2008 in Monaco on Sunday evening (mainly thanks to the success of Ella Elle L'a that became a hit in Europe, South America and Canada, and the album Free that was released in more than 40 countries). On 12th December Kate Ryan is nominated with Ella Elle L'a in the category Best Non-Spanish International Song at the Premios 40 Principales award show in Spain. Until 28th November you can help Kate winning the award.

Discover Sabrina's new video for her single Erase/Rewind, a cover of The Cardigans (thanks to )

Thomas Anders recorded a new single entitled Kisses For Christmas (thanks to EurodanceBlog)

Dieter Bohlen produced DJ Ötzi's last single Noch in 100.000 Jahren

Das Bo's single Dummer aber schlau covers the melody of Modern Talking's hit You're My Heart You're My Soul.

Regi Penxten's newest mix compilation will be out on December 6th (thanks to EurodanceBlog).

Milk Inc, Regi and Jessy will be on stage of the Sylvester Night, on the Knokke-Heist beach (Belgian coast). The DVD of the Forever concert was released.

Michelle Weeks was featured on Halo & Kemal's new single Come Together

The new single from DJ Project is called Hotel (thanks to EurodanceBlog)

The next Infernal single is entitled Electric Light. The videoclip was shot in Brooklyn, NY. The follow-up single is rumored to be called Redefinition (thanks to EurodanceBlog).




E-type's track True Believer was released in the Netherlands in October, along with The Tide.

Groove Coverage's next single will effectively be a cover... more precisely a recall of their 2000 hit Moonlight Shadow, already a cover of Mike Oldfield's song (thanks to Tavi Meran)

On November 14th, the Welcome to the Club Best of 2008 double CD compilation mixed by DJ Klubbingman (Tommy Schleh). The compilation was recorded live from Tommy's radio show on Sunshine Live and during the WTTC edition 12, 13 und 14.

Waldo's People will be among the candidates to represent Finland at the next Eurovision Song Contest. Selection will take place on January 16th 2009.

Sani, former Aikakone vocalist, will also compete to represent Finland. Songs will be revealed on YLE website from December 3rd.

According to rumors, among the 648 songs competing for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2009 (the Danish selection to choose the song which will represent Denmark at ESC), one could have been written by Me & My, who already competed to represent Denmark in 2007.

After more than 20 weeks in the top 10 on the danish dancechart September is now #12 this week with Cry For You (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Infernal are currently #2 on the danish airplay chart with Whenever You Need Me. Their album Electric Cabaret peaked as #2 on the danish album chart (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

After a long silence and many promises, the guys from N-trance finally launched a new single called Nothing lasts forever.


Daisy Dee recorded a new version of Playahitty's hit single The Summer Is Magic. The track is featured on the compilation Future Trance 44 (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Milk Inc's new single could be entitled Guilty (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Paul Oscar released his Silver Collection (Silfursafnið), a Greatest hits album to celebrate the 15-year anniversary of his first record (thanks to Abelito).

In September, Chipz released a new album entitled CDX (thanks to Abelito).

Simone Jay released an album this summer under the name SiJAY. Produced by Marco Carmassi, it was entitled The Way. Discover it here (thanks to Abelito).

Basic Element's new album will be entitled The Truth (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Maloy (former Captain Jack vocalist) released a new single, a Xmas ballad entitled Could You, Would You, Should You. It was produced by Shaun Baker (thanks to Tavi Meran)

On 17th October 2008, Thinkpozit (Rebeat Music) released brand new compilation of Bad Boys Blue titled The Single Hits (Greatest Hits) (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Tania Evans is said to be recording some new music stuff in various styles (soul, blues but also dance music). She is planning a tour across Europe and Russia for 2009 to perform the Culture Beat classics and of course some newer songs (thanks to Cesar and Tavi Meran)

Kate Ryan will perform at the World Music Awards 2008 in Monaco on November 9th

Yumm Yumm's new single is entitled Super Duper Christmas and it's an amazing euro/bubble gum track (thanks to Abelito and Fred). Discover and buy it here !

Djumbo's new album is entitled Magic (thanks to Abelito)


Aikakone released a best of album (thanks to Abelito)

Guenta K released a cover of U96 hit Das Boot

Mr Pink Ft Raina June released a cover of Haddaway's What Is Love

After the current single I Kardia Sou Petra, Helena Paparizou's next single is entitled Pirotehnimata. It will be a more upbeat and dance version, to be released in clubs along with a video shot last September.

Vivian, former Bingo boys vocalist, wrote and produced a song entitled Things You Do for jazz artist Khani Cole. It will appear on the soundtrack of a movie called Moonlight Serenade (thanks to Tavi Meran)

ATB, along with about 20 other artists, donated a track for the Dance4Life compilation, which supports the battle against the spread of HIV and AIDS. Buy it here.

Ice MC will be back in the studio shortly working on some new and exciting material (thanks to Tavi Meran)

X-perience are still searching for a new vocalist. The recording of a new song is planned for early 2009.

Zeitia Massiah is now known as Zeeteah ans has her official website (thanks to Klems)

The new single from Alex C feat Yass is entitled Liebe Zu Dritt, from the forthcoming album Tabu. An English version of Doktorspiele was also recorded, planned for release in Europe.




Basic Element's new single should be entitled Touch You Right Now (thanks to Klems).

Dieter Bohlen is one of the jury members for RTL real-TV show Das super talent (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Danieli Aminati (ex Bed and Breakfast) is a moderator on Prosieben TV show Galileo, from Monday to Friday at 19:10 (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Alexandra Prince's (DJs @ Work, Sqeezer) new single is called Show Me What You Got with Plastik Funk.

DJ Aligator (former Zoom member) did a remix for upcoming Pop R&B queen Medina entitled Kun For Mig (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Jazmine has her official website (thanks to Klems).

Dave Darell did a cover of Robert Miles Children. It peaked on the danish dancechart as #12 (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Magic Affair are back with a brand new single entitled Stigmata (Of Love), featuring AK Swift (thanks to Klems).

Sash vs Stunt new single Raindrops will be out on market in the UK and in Germany on November 14th (thanks to WebDJs).

Amber just signed off on 4 licenses in Germany with Dancestreet Records for her last single to be featured on 4 compilations : Disco Celebration Vol. 4, Vocal House Explosion, Gay Happening Vol. 19, and Divas of Dance VIDEO DVD compilation (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Blank & Jones are nominated at Trance awards. Vote for them here : (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Alexia was selected to represent Italy at Globalone Music, worldwide music project uniting the talents of platinum selling artists covering 20 countries over 5 continents. She will record a song specially written for the event, and contribute to a collective song entitled Lately. Both will be included on a double CD compilation to be released in March 2009.


Nadia has gone back to her original job of fitness trainer. Discover her official website (thanks to Klems).

Blank and Jones put their touch on the compilation Chiltronic - A Definition #1, out on 24th October (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Newly released, KLM Music feat. Whigfield Saturday Night 2008 with Whigfield herself singing the new vocals (thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Another All 90s concert will take place in Fredericia on October 27th. The concert will feature Cut'n'Move, Culture Beat, Snap, Dr Alban and Right Said Fred More infos here.

Lasgo's new website is online. Check it on Out of my mind was most voted and Dancesmash on Radio 538, also they signed a contract with ministry of sound and the song will be released in UK next year.

Anita Davis, former Magic Affair vocalist, recorded a cover of CC Peniston's hit Finally, in collaboration with Ajay (thanks to Tavi Meran)

ATB's new single is called Wrong Medication and was made with Jades (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Gala released a new single entitled Tough Love. An album with the same name (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Milk Inc's single Race is #1 in Top 5 at RadioSeven. Last week end, they won 3 awards at TMF awards (best dance, best live & best album forever) (thanks to Tavi Meran).

AnneGrace (former Ian van Dahl) single You Make Me Feel is #1 in NewYork music pool.

Kelly Llorenna will be on Tour in November at Clubland Live 2 tour (thanks to Tavi Meran).

2 Max's did a cover of Robert Miles' Fable.

Captain Hollywood has teamed up with DJ Base from Dubai and has just finished his new video to the 2009 More And More recall. The video was shot in his home town Nürnberg Germany. They will be performing live on national Television in Dubai late october 2008. Captain Hollywood has finally decided to go back into the studio and record an original track entitled Love Dot Sex (thanks to Captain Hollywood himself).

Swing now makes music under the name Swingfly and is currently having a big hit in Sweden with the song Singing That Melody. Discover the clip here (thanks to Niklas Adolfsson from Dance Artist Info).


The new Sylver single will be entitled Rise Again and not I Hate You Now as rumored earlier. I will be released in Belgium on October 10th

2 Helena Paparizou songs in Swedish, Alla Jag Vill and Genom Krig Och Kärlek were included on the Swedish movie soundtrack "Arn 2 - Alla Himlens Änglar".

A new season of Regi's World, the real-TV show following Regi Penxten's steps, started on Jim TV.

A new Amber interview is available on Gay Calgary website (thanks to Tavi Meran)

New Groove Coverage single was postponed to winter 2008. The new album should follow in 2009.

According to rumors, and while the title of Infernal's forthcoming single (Electric Light) has still not been officially confirmed, the next single could be called Redefinition.


Tony Dyer collaborated again with Rio on their new single When the sun comes down (thanks to Tavi Meran)

BPM's No End No Limit was featured on the compilation The Best Of Eurodance

The Eurodance Club concert of November 29th will also feature Eloy De Jong & Benjamin Boyce (ex Caught In The Act). Get your tickets here ! In November, Eurodance Club Compilation Vol 1 will also be released in stores.

New from Bart Claessen (Barthezz) & Dave Schiemann : the single Madness.

A track called Mente Que Sospecha Remixes ws released under the name Baffa, it is not know wether it is related to Max Baffa or not.

Fragma's new single is called Memory. Discover it here. It is already available as digitial released, in stores in a couple of weeks (thanks to Tavi Meran).

DJ Encore's new single is called Falling (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Ice MC just launched his new official website (thanks to Manny)

Copenhagen Bass is a Danish duo started in 2007, consisting of DJs Michael Hornung Andersen and Anders Bøgh. Their first release in entitled So Sexy. Discover it here (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

On September 5th Nana Abrokwa, former Darkness rapper and famous for his solo euro-rap single I'm Lonely, released his new album 12Y.O., including the new single My Get Away (thanks to Tavi Meran).



2008's album Party Around the World was once again postponed, due to a problem with the CD manufacturer. As an apology for the delay, the Smile team would like to give its fans a small, but satisfying treat, a free download of the album's first track, Doki Doki, on their official website.

Snap's new single is entitled Jumping, performed by Sarah Martin and Loc. Discover it here (thanks to Dato Oliver).

On October 3rd, there will be the release of an extended version of Scooter's last album, renamed Jumping All Over The World - Whatever You Want. The standard version includes all tracks from the album, plus 7 "Hands On Scooter" bonus tracks (Scooter songs performed by well known artists such as the Bloodhound Gang). There will also be a second CD with the new single, the greatest Scooter tracks of all time, and another bonus track.

A new 2 Fabiola single is planned for mid-October.

Sabrina will release a new album entitled Erase Rewind Official Mix on October 3rd under Edel Music Italia It will contain 26 songs, half will be remixed songs, the oter half will be unreleased songs (thanks to ARG)

The teaser of a new Gunther and the Sunshine Girls song called Pussycat, a very nice dance song, can be heard on his official website. The future forthcoming single ?


Last week, Good Shape performed live at the Belgian show Tien Om Te Zien.

ATB's next album (the 8th from his carreer) won't be launched before Spring 2009, because is very busy with the concerts in the USA au Australia. The album will contain new style and sounds (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Infernal have been nominated for an MTV European Music Award in the category Best Danish Act. Vote for them here ! Their album Electric Cabaret have achieved Gold status in Denmark

Scooter are also nominated, this time in the category Best Act ever. Vote for them here ! Results in Liverpool (UK) on November 6th.

In November too, the TMF Awards will take place in Antwerpen (Belgium). Like almost every year, Milk Inc and Kate Ryan are among the nominees. Vote for them !

In October, LayZee (former Mr President) will be releasing Your Love as digital release in Russia, and in CD format in Germany and the rest of the world. Therefore, his other song Catch Me will be postponed until November of this year. T-Seven was at first planned to be featured on Catch Me, but she won't, because of her current records company. LayZee is also also working on another project called Keylago (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Eurodance has taken over the Danish dancechart again ! Infernal are #4 with Whenever You Need Me (peak #3), September is #5 with Cry For You (peak #1 and more than 10 weeks in top 10), Kate Ryan is #24 with Ella Elle L'a (peak #17), Dr Alban Vs Haddaway are #25 with I Love The 90's (peak #23), Playahitty are new at #26 with The Summer Is Magic and Culture Beat are new at #34 with Your Love (thanks to Anders Bøgh).


Alexia's new single will be Guardarti Dentro from new album Ale’. Right now the team is preparing the scenario for the video.

Bad boys blue just released their new video Still in love, it can be seen on BBB website (thanks to Tavi Meran)

In August at Fashion Week from Copenhagen Lene (Aqua vocalist) attend at World Premiere of this show (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Infernal ‘s new album Electric Cabaret went last week on #2 place. The guys are very busy with the shows at Tv’s & radios (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Discover new Amber video here (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Favretto featured once again Sannie (Whigfield frontlady) under her scene name Naan for the single Follow Your Heart (thanks to Tavi Meran)




A new version of Corona's hit single The Rhythm Of The Night was recorded and will be released under UK label AATW as Frisco vs Corona. It will feature the original Jenny B vocals. A video was shot, featuring Olga. Discover it here (thanks to Augusto)

Niki Harris will release her new dance club single with The Perry Twins this fall (thanks to Tavi Meran)

A single entitled Burning Train was released under the name Channel X, but it does not seem to be the same project.

Smile-DK's new album Party Around the World release was postponed to September 9th.

A new remix for DJ Roby Pinna feat TJ Fastor Slave To Space is available from August 25, 2008.

A new edition of 90 Festival will take place in disco Smile in Benevento, Italy on September 20th. With Corona, Ice MC, Black Box, Fishbone Beat and more. All infos here (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Don't miss Groove Enforcer's A Little Closer 2008, with 14 brand new mixes from some of clublands biggest names like The Klubjumpers, Rimini Project, Massive Tunes, DJ Analyzer and many more! Buy it here.


The Soundlovers are back with a new single entitled My Body And My Soul.

MLA feat Gala - A Friend Of Joshua samples Gala's Everyone Has Inside

Lasgo's new vocalist is called Jelle van Daele, she was chose among more than 200 candidates. Discover a sample of the new single here. It will be released in approximately 1 week.

Kandystand's song Everybody was remixed by American DJ Alex Twister. The new single Everybody - The Electro Remixes will be out on September 29th (thanks to Klems).

Sash! combined his hit Encore Une Fois to Stunt's Raindrops. THe result was released as Sash! feat Stunt Raindrops (Encore Une Fois Pt. II), avaiable since August 8th as digital release only (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Brooklyn Bounce's Get Ready to Bounce recall '08 is currently doing well in Germany's, Schweiz's and Austria's DJ and dance charts (for instance #5 in German Dance Charts, #21 in 0DC, #35 in World Dance Chart)

Scooter's next single will be Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want), a cover of Status Quo, recorded in collaboration with them... Already a part of te UK version of Jumping All Over The World, it will also be featured on the next album Hands On Scooter (gathering Scooter's songs remixed by other artists)

Milk Inc's album Forever is #1 for the 8th week in Belgian ultratop.

According to rumors, Sylver should be releasing their new single I Hate You Now on September 18, 2008. The new album, which is expected to be called Resurrection, was postponed until January 2009.

Kate Ryan's new single will be called I Surrender. She is currently working on the video. Ella Elle l'a sold double platinum in Spain (thanks to Tavi Meran).


A new Groove Coverage single in planned in Autumn, the new album should follow in winter.

Infernal's new album Electric Cabaret went #1 on Danish iTunes after only 19 hours after its release.

September's Cry For You went #1 on the Danish dancechart and peaked as #12 on the saleschart (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Kate Ryan's Ella Elle L'a peaked on the Danish dancechart as #20 and as #29 on the saleschart (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Scooter's jumpstyle dancers now have their own project : Sheffield Jumpers. Their first single is entitled Jump With Me.

Whigfield should be releasing a new version of Saturday Night in September with KLM Music. You can discover it here (thanks to Stephen)

There are some changes in the Eurodance Club Tour concert of November 29h. The lineup is now SEX Appeal, Lay Zee (Mr. President), Sqeezer, Trixi Delgado (Masterboy), Air One, Isoris, Eloy De Jong and Das Emo.

For the third year, the "666 The number of the beats" eurodance party is back ! Still taking place in Nice (France), at the Snake Pit, 10 rue Bonaparte. Entrance is free. Starting around 20:00 on wednesday August 20th. More infos here.


You can discover Infernal's new single Whenever You Need Me and its videoclip. (thanks to Tavi Meran). The clip was shot in New York, as usual directed by Loïc Maes. According to rumors, it should be released internationaly and the next single should be entitled Electric Light.

Gold, Diaz & Young Rebels just did a cover of Leila K's Open Sesame (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Manian feat. Aila released a cover of Sylver's Turn The Tide (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Dance Nation, aka Double Nation, released their new album Around The World in Japan under the name Sean & Kim.

Cascada's Because The Night was released in the UK on the 4th of August under the label AATW. The single contains not less than 7 versions . Her second US single will entitled Faded. Including remixes from Dave Ramone, the Wideboys, Giuseppe D. and Lior Magal, it is already available as digital release, and CD Maxi will be available in stores, August 26th (thanks to Tavi Meran).

The All 90s concerts will continue in Denmark and maybe the rest of Scandinavia. Next concert with a big (partly new) lineup will be in Herning, Denmark later this year (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

A eurodance club tour will be organized in Germany's main cities in 2009... This first date of the tour is on November 29th 2008 in Ulm (Nersingen Funland Arena) and will feature SEX Appeal, LayZee (Mr President), Magic Affair, Squeezer, Air One, Isoris and Eloy De Jong and tickets can already be preordered (thanks to Azo and Alex).

Franca Morgano is currently working on a new project called Phen-O-MENia, together with 2 other performers (one of them being a member of the new Fun Factoy). The forthcoming single is entitled Phenomenon, discover it on their Myspace (thanks to Eva Sipkova).

Fun Factory's new single won't be Fiesta De Samba as originally planned, but Be Good To Me (thanks to Eva Sipkova).


Basic Element's next single is a great track called Feelings. A video is also on its way (thanks to Tavi Meran, Klems and the Basic Element team themselves)

Gigi D'Agostino released a new album called Suono Libero 2 weeks

ago (thanks to Christian).

A track by Rimini Project vs Fortezza entitled Why Don't You Play Louder was released under Toco International (thanks to Tavi Meran)

The Let's Go Lasgo castings for a new Lasgo vocalist are going on on Jim TV during the whole summer. DJ Geremy remixed their hit single Alone (thanks to Tavi Meran)

After their collaboration in To the beat, Favretto and Jenny B worked together in this new track, called First floor. Available only on the digital stores (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Space Master re-released World Of Confusion with a B-side entitled Iberican. The mixes were done Marchesini & Farina, they are house.

According to STV facility an Aqua Live DVD is planned to be released. They followed the group and had filmed the full Aqua concerts in Odense and Valby Park in Copenhagen including back stage impressions of the band (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Sylver shot the video for their new single One World One Dream. Discover it here. The single was released in Belgium only, but it is also available as digital release on Beatport and DanceTunes.

JLM's new single is entitled Heaven Away. You can discover the videoclip here (thanks to Klems).

Lori Glori would like the German transexuel artist Lory Glory to choose another pseudonym. She will go to court since she owns the rights on the name. (thanks to Tavi Meran).




Starstylers are back with a new single entitled Won't You, a collaboration with NG (thanks to Klems).

EMI, Kate Ryan's former record company, released a best of album entitled Essential, gathering all the hits she had released by the time she was an EMI artist.

September's next single could be entitled Because I Love You (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Amber and Zelma Davis (formerly of C&C Music Factory) recorded a dance cover of No More Tears (Enough is enough), it will be out 12th August internationally on most donwload portals. A video was shot, and a very limited amount of dedicated physical releases will be out (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Captain Hollywood now has his official website (thanks to Cyberdance)

Caramell are currently very busy in the studio working on their new album (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Anita and Ray, former 2 Unlimited members, are currently negociating for a possible 2 Unlimited reunion, for live gigs. Among other demands, they would like to be authorized to use legally under the band name. Both will also release their solo album at the same time, in September (thanks to 2

FPI Project are working on a double CD collection of all the old tracks and will include a brand new original release called So Everybody. So Everybody was released on vinyl in July.

Trixi Delgado did vocals on a track by Store n Forward, no info wether it will be released or not as single (thanks to Joseph)

Bad Boys Blue Still In Love is # 1 on European DJ Charts Top 30 & # 18 on Ballermann Charts Juli 2008 (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Captain Jack finally completed their new single Turkish Bazar, the video can be watched on their official website. The single will be out in August and the album on September 19th (thanks to Tavi Meran and DJ Eugene aka aZo).

Kate Ryan Ella Elle L'a is # 4 in the official Swedish Chart 'Hitlistan'. The track has been in the top 10 for more than 10 weeks now, reached the #1 position in the Itunes chart in Spain (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Milk Inc will perform their next live performance at Suikerrock at Tienen. After this performance Regi will also do a Dj set to close the Friday program of Suikerrock 2008.

Dennis replaced Joel in the new Fun Factory performers team. The forthcoming Fun Factory album title (previously known as In The Heat Of The Night) has been changed, it will be called Storm In My Brain (thanks to Eva Sipkova)

In December 2008, a QFX greatest hits album should be released, including all the QFX hits plus all their remixes.


Like Neja and Klubbingman, Gabry Ponte (former Eiffel 65) has his radio show. He also released a compilation called Gabry 20 who was #9 on sales chart in Italy (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Nina Gerhard recorded a CD entitled Muse, featuring various covers of famous blues and jazz songs of Hildegard Knef, Marlene Dietrich und Marianne Faithfull, among others (thanks to Tavi Meran).

The project RIO featured Tony Dyer on their last single. Shine On went #1 in many German dance charts and #2 in the European Dance Traxx (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Jens O did another cover of Sash! hit single Move Mania (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Dr Alban and DJ Aligator will do a concert at Kroegers House in Copenhagen on september 26th (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Infernal's Downtown Boys just sold platinum in Denmark (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Naan (aka Sannie Carlson, Whigfield frontlady) was featured by LeFavre on the single Bombero.


After the major success of the current album, The Logic of Pleasure, Blank & Jones album Monument is available again after 3 years, as a limited edition double CD with a lot of rare and unreleased mixes (thanks to Tavi Meran).

The new single from Maria Rubia (former Fragma) is called Say It (thanks to Tavi Meran)

September is #2 on the official Danish dancechart with Cry For You (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Infernal are now #1 on the Danish airplay-chart and #2 on the Danish sales-chart with Downtown Boys, which have so far sold Gold in Denmark. They have shot videos for Whenever You Need Me and Electric Night so both can be expected as future singles. They will release a live DVD in the fall (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

A remix of Motiv8 feat Kym Mazelle' Searchng For The Golden Eye by Julian The Angel & Pedro Del Moral was released in June on vinyl

The new Groove Coverage single is still in progress. Meanwhile, DJ Novus did remixes for DJ Goldfinger Love Journey Deluxe, Arnie B Another Story and for Arsenium Rumadai.

Chipz new album is currently being prepared.

A new DVD+CD audio pack entitled Greatest Remix Hits was released by the 2 Unlimited in Asia in April 2008 with a new picture cover (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Cascada is on tour in Canada promoting his new album. Faded could be the title of hr next single in the US. The Perfect Day album should be re-released with 3 tracks unreleased in Europe(thanks to Tavi Meran)

Annagrace (Ian van Dahl)'s new single is #1 in Belgium dance chart this week (thanks to Tavi Meran)


Santamaria will probably release a live DVD in October, which should be shot during their 2008 summer tour

Elena Paparizou earned a Platinum record for her new album Vrisko To Logo Na Zo. At the MAD video awards, she was awarded for best pop video clip (for To Fili Tis Zois) and elected Artist of the year.

Playahitty released The Summer Is Magic 2008.

Infernal's upcoming single will be entitled Whenever You Need Me

The UK-based Boys Town Studio remixed Young Fire's track The Power of Love from first album Burning Thru. The new single will come with 3 versions (thanks to Young Fire staff)

A new Bad Boys Blue album, a double CD entitled 25 will be released in September/October 2009 for the group's 25th anniversary. It will include 25 new versions of the greatest hits and songs. Another new studio album containing totally new tracks will be released in Spring 2010. The video for the single Still In Love will be shot the next week in Poland (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Thomas Anders will take part to a special event on 14th February 2009 on Rhein Mosel Halle in Koblenz (Germany). A show called Thomas Anders Fanparty, during which he will sing all the Modern Talking hits (thanks to Tavi Meran). He released a new song entitled Ibiza Baba Baya, for once a dance song !

N-trance team are the resident DJ for Clubland Ibiza this summer, so there will be Kelly Llorenna singing in there quite regularly (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Loona released a new single entitled Por La Noche.

Milk inc's new album climbed to position #1 in the Belgian album charts (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Gunther and the Sunshine Girls will be touring in US in the Fall 2008. At the moment they are on a European tour.

A 2008 version of Brooklyn Bounce's Get Ready To Bounce is about to be released. It will contain remixes by Discotronic, Dream Dance Alliance, Danny Wild, Primax and others

David Tavare released a single featuring a sample taken from 2 Eivissa's Oh La La (thanks to Klems).




2 Fabiola shot a videoclip for the single We Love The 90s that they had initially composed for the Hasselt concert. Discover it here. The next single was just released, it is entitled Blow Me Away. Check the video here (thanks to Klems).

Captain Hollywood is back with the single More And More Recall 2008 (thanks to DanceArtistInfo).

New from Kirsty Hawkshaw (former Opus III vocalist) : the single Invisible, a collaboration with Tenishia (thanks to DanceArtistInfo).

Amber will shoot a video for a song whose title was not revealed yet. All that she told, is that it will be a cover song (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Al Walser (former Fun Factory member) new album should be released in September (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Dr Alban recorded a new song entitled Music In Me in April, with Sasi The Don, the Indian king of dancehall music. The song appeared on the Dutch version of the album Back To Basics (thanks to aZo).

Alexia gave an interview. Translating available on Eurodance Blog (thanks to Tavi Meran).

You can discover unreleased Aqua tracks and more from the goodies section of the site (thanks to Tavi Meran).

DJ Sammy's new single is a REM cover (thanks to Tavi Meran).

From June 23rd and during all Summer, Neja will be co-presenting a new radio show called Estatissima (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Pandora will be featured by Deejay Jay on a new single entitled Call Me, a cover of the Spagna hit (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Santamaria released their brand new album Virtual (thanks to Tavi Meran).


Sylver's official website was at last updated. There you can discover their new single One World One Dream. The album is currently getting recorded, it should be released in Belgium in October. During March and April, they toured through China to promote their album Crossroads (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Helena Paparizou's new album is entitled Vrisko to Logo na Zo (which means "you give me reason to live"). Available as digital download from Sony BMG. Nothing really dance in it, unfortunately. I Kardia Sou Petra could be the second single from the new album.

New video from DJ Aligator (Factual Beat, Zoom) will be called I'll coming home and will be launched on 18th june on his official Myspace ... (thanks to Tavi Meran)

The new Alexia album will be called Ale' and will be released on 27 June (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Dr Alban was featured on a track released by Al Azif entitled My Cool. You can discover it here (thanks to aZo)

After having success in the UK, September's Cry For You have just entered the danish dancechart as #6. It has also slowly climbed the Danish saleschart the last couples of weeks with a #23 as the highest position (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Bad Boys Blue's new album Heart & Soul is now available in Germany, Austria & Switzerland, and it will be out in Poland on June 30th (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Toni Cottura is contributing to Corina's new album (known for her single Quires una aventura) (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Annerly released her new single There In Your Arms last month.


New single released from Regi Penxten will be Night & Day, featuring Tom Helsen (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Waldo's People single Back Again is #1 in Finland

Corona's hit Rhythm Of The Night was covered by Verano.

Anna Grace (solo name of Annemie of Ian van Dahl) new single will be called You Make Me Feel. The Ian van Dahl official website was redesigned and is now only around Anna Grace.

DJ Bobo's DVD of his Vampires Alive tour will be available on 29th August (thanks to DJ Bobo France).

Milk Inc will probably have to change their logo since the old one is a property of their former records company. The tracklisting of the new album Forever was revealed, only the track 7 is kept secret, it will be a cover of a 80s hits.

Acting Lovers is a German project inspired from E-rotic and SEX Appeal. Discover them here. More infos on their official website (thanks to Klems)

2008's new album will be entitled Party Around The World. It will include over 10 brand new original tracks and special bonuses. Premiering on sale in August 2008 at San-Japan in San Antonio Texas, USA.

Coco Star (who did vocals on Fragma's Toca's Miracle) released her single Get Over You as digital release with 8 different mixes (thanks to Tavi Meran).

After Evi, David Vervoort aka Dave McCullen is leaving Lasgo too. Peter Luts is gonna produce the new Lasgo tracks together with other producers... He explained he had no inspiration anymore to write more Lasgo-styled tracks.

Snap's 2008 version of Rhythm is a Dancer has re-entered the UK Top 40 at #36.

Code 64 is a Swedish project, their single Leaving Earth is a very nice eurodance track with trance influences. Discover it on their Myspace (thanks to WebDJs).


The girls trio Vogue did a cover of Real McCoy's Another Night (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Keep on voting everyday on DRS Radio website for DJ Bobo's song to be chosen as official Euro 2008 anthem !

Sunchasers recently released a cover of Tony Di Bart's The Real Thing (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Double You's Please Don't Go was covered by Basshunter (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Haddaway's new album should be released very soon (thanks to Eric-X).

Alexia's new single Grande coragio was released today

The All 90s story continues ! After the 31st May concert, a special event dedicated to Culture Beat will take place on June 23rd 2008 in Docken, Copenhagen (Denmark)

Milk Inc's new single and album Forever will be out on June 9th. Preview the new single here. The video was shot in Germany at the end of May (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Neja's new album Acousticlub was released on 30th May. It includes 8 covers chosen among the songs that she used to like when she was a teenager, plus The game and Destiny. All rearranged in a jazzy style, which should not really please all dance fans... The first single is Sweet dreams, cover of the famous Eurythmics hit (thanks to Tavi Meran)

The Vengaboys did a series of gigs in the UK last March. More infos here here. there are unconfirmed rumors about a new single entitled Partylife (thanks to Tavi Meran).




The single resulting from the collaboration between Dr Alban and Haddaway will be entitled I love the 90's. I will be released on May 31st (thanks to Klems)

Infernal just announced they have finished their new album, so the release in August won't be delayed (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Euroband, Iceland's competitor to ESC 2008 and their song This Is My Life (written by Paul Oskar), were selected for the final.

Scooter's Jumping All Over The World album sold gold. There are three more dates for the "Jumping All Over The World" tour in Germany this summer.

You can vote here for your favourite stadium song for Euro 2008 soccer championship. The winner will be the opening song for every game. Among the songs, there is of course DJ Bobo's Ole Ole, but strangely not Rednex'snew single.

There will be a remix contest for SEX Appeal's Peeping Tom on VIPZone samples website(thanks to Tavi Meran)

DJ Sammy is currently on tour in the USA & Canada. Some new material is planned for next year (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Lasgo are searching for their new vocalist, and the search will be the theme of a real-TV show called Let's Go Lasgo, on Jim TV.

Tatjana Simic is back with a new single released in the Netherland last January, and entitled Ik Laat Je Gaan


May 5th saw the release of Jumping All Over The World - the first Scooter album in the UK since 2002, massively supported by Clubland TV, which jumped directly to #2, and is #1 this week (thanks to Denis DJ Hooligan Zhabkine)

Rednex composed an anthem or the Euro 2008 soccer championship entitled Football Is Our Religion. The clip was shot in April at Georgiew studio

Kindervater Feat. Nadja did a cover of Fragma's Everytime You Need Me it went top 30 on the Danish dancechart last week. Also last year KLM Music feat. Coco Star did a remake of Fragma's Toca's Miracle entitled I Need A Miracle (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Jens O. did a cover of Ian Van Dahl's Reason it went top 30 on the Danish dancechart last week (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Rimini Project are back with a new single entitled The Plan (thanks to Klems)

The new Fun Factory team has been revealed, the new album should be called In The Heat Of The Night and the new single will be Fiesta De Samba (thanks to Klems)

Some rumors said Mr President would gather again and go in studio in 2009 to record new material. The info is completely false and was refuted by Layzee himself (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Bad Boys Blue's physical single Still In Love will be released on 20th May and physical album Heart & Soul on the 13th June. Its digital release will take place on the 15th May (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Lene, Aqua's frontlady, became the new model face jewelry creators Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. Aqua's summer was presented as a goodbye tour (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Helena Paparizou is nominated 6 times at the MAD Music Video Awards (including best videoclip, best duet and best female singer).

Whigfield's new single will be out next week. It's a cover of Jam & Spoon's Right In The Night (thanks to Anders Bøgh and Tavi Meran)


New from Double You vs DJ Ross, the single Change, released under the label Bang Records.

Mo-Do's Eins Zwei Polizei was re-released. It includes the original Gendarmerie mix, plus a remix by the Blutonium Boys and a remix by Floorfilla. Another vinyl, containing just one track, was released as Mo-Do Feat. Bangbros in March.

René Dif from Aqua released a second single under his alias Mista Dif, the follow up of Jamaica Ska, which is called All up to you and a really catchy dance track. The song is produced by Lucas Secon from the United Kingdom (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Sylver is in the running to deliver the theme song for the Olympic Games in Peking. It will be called One World, One Dream. And despite the busy schedule Wout has found some time to work on a new solo single. This is called I Can't Stop and will be on sale from 10th may (thanks to Tavi Meran).

According to DJ Novus himself, a new Groove Coverage single is coming soon.

Alex Megane will release the first official cover of Lasgo's hit Something.

NEW ! The Euro-reggae Encyclopaedia is a collaboration between Tavi Meran (updating contents and news) and I (graphics and development). If you always regretted not to see artists such as Ace Of Base or Pandera entering the Eurodance Encyclopaedia, you'll find them in this site...

Young Fire has a new contest for all Young Fire fans. Pick your favorite Young Fire song and record yourself performing (dancing, singing...). More infos on their official website (thanks to Evaldo himself)

Djumbo's new single is entitled Abracadabra.

Jonny Jakobsen released a best of album gathering all his hits released under his aliases Dr Bombay and Dr Macdoo.


Smile are back with a brand new single called Doki Doki. Discover it on their official website (thanks to Klems)

Waldo's People are back too ! Their new single is entitled Back Again and they also have an official website on which you can preview it (thanks to Klems)

Daze could also make a comeback, with the same team (thanks to Klems)

According to some rumors, E-rotic could release a new track. It would be a cover of Vanilla Ninja's track Liar.

E-type is busy with his new house and with his new project with The Poodles (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Cascada's next single should be Because The Night, already covered by Co.Ro. Her third album is already planned for 2009.

Scooter's single I'm Lonely entererd the German charts directly at #9

Kate Ryan's new album will be entitled Free.




Infernal' new single Downtown Boys, went straight in as #3 on the saleslist for his first release week. And it is currently #4 this in the dance charts, and #15 on the airplay chart in Denmark (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Snap are currently preparing a 2008 version of Rhythm Is A Dancer and are searching for dancers to appear in their future videoclip. You can submit your demo there (thanks to Tavi Meran).

DJ Bobo just released his DVD Vampires Alive - Making The Show


September released her first US album at the end of February. It is simply entited September, just like her first European album, but the tracklisting is completely different (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Tickets for the I Love The 90s party 2009 (still in Ethias Arena in Hasselt, Belgium) are already for pre-sale for the price of 27 euro (+3 euros reservation fees). The party will take place on 11th April 2009, the artists names are not known yet. The 2008 concert will be broadcasted on Jim TV this week (thanks to Klems)

Kate Ryan's video for her new single Ella Elle L'a was shot on April 21st in Berlin (thanks to Tavi Meran and Klems)

Because of the success of Supersized show, Milk Inc decided to play their live show at some Belgian festivals. The first show will take place on the occasion of the Novarock 2008 festival at the XPO at Kortrijk on April 26th, 2008.

On April 18th, Magic Affair released The New Mixes of Omen III, 14 years before their hit. It contains remixes by the Nightshifterz, Pussylickerz, Dirty Boyz and Blackzone (thanks to WebDJs).

Ostkurve released a new version of Shut Up (And Sleep With Me) vs Sin With Sebastian (thanks to WebDJs).

Infernal's new album will be released on august 11th. It will be titled Electric Cabaret (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Paul Oscar co-wrote the lyrics for Eurobandid's This Is My Life, which will represent Iceland at Eurovision song contest(thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Anders Bøgh created a eurodance news blog


Swedish project Alex just released their new single, downloadable for free during one week from their official website (thanks to Klems)

Infernal are New York to shoot the video for their new single Downtown Boys. The world premiere on the single will be on April 12th on DR1 @ 20.00 and the release will be on 14th (thanks to Tavi Meran, Anders Bøgh and Klems).

Culture Beat's Your love will be released in May, under the label Superstar Recordings (thanks to Klems). It will feature Jackie, who also contributed to the songwriting (thanks to Frank Fenslau himself)

The new single from Søren (Aqua member) will be called Hoj 5 and will included on the album Vi burde ses noget mere (thanks to Tavi Meran).

The new single from Bad boys blue will be called my Dreams Come True from the album Heart & Soul (thanks to Tavi Meran)

The new single from Alexia will be called Grande Coraggio, you can preview it here. It's a rock song. (thanks to Tavi Meran)

The Helena Paparizou new single is called Porta Ston Ourano (means "Door to the Sky"). It's also a rock song. The music video, directed by Alexandros Grammatopoulos, was shot on April 8th, 2008 in Athens. The album release was postponed to May.

There is now a brand new videoclip for Fragma's Toca's Miracle 2008.




The new single featuring Kim Sanders will be the soft ballad Let Me Love You, from Schiller's last album (thanks to Tavi Meran).

While the 2008 version of Toca's Miracle is scoring a success in Germany, Coco tries to get credit for her contribution to Fragma's Toca's Miracle because she considers that it is not mentioned clearly enough on the single (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Ex Fun Factory member Al recorded a single called Naked (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Youngfire's new single is entitled This Time and has just been released (thanks to Evaldo)

New Culture Beat single is entitled Your Love (thanks to Klems)

Kate Ryan recorded a cover of Ella Elle l'a (thanks to Klems)

Scooter's next single will be entitled I'm Lonely and it will be out on April 18th


Dhany has a radio show on Tam Tam Network radio every Saturday at 18:10 and sunday at 15:10 (Thanks to Ally and Tavi Meran)

Mollela new album will be called Today and will be released on second half of April (thanks to Tavi Meran).

The new single from Peter Luts (Lasgo) is called On my own and it's in collaboration with Basto (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Kate Ryan's new album will be released on may 19th (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Whigfield is currently working on a new video coming out in May. No news on if it is for Think Of You 2007 or a new song (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Basic Element are currently on a holiday, but they will soon go back to studio to work on a new album (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Voodoo Queen could be the title of SEX Appeal's forthcoming single, and it's an awesome eurodance track ! It will be included on the remixed version of the album Sensuality. Order it here... (thanks to Tavi Meran).


Odyssey's Talk To Me was covered by a project called Triple Bounce, in a hands-up style, with a rapper !

2 dance songs will be competing this year for Eurovision Song Contest 2008 : Dustin the Turkey for Ireland, and Eurobandið with This Is My Life for Iceland (thanks to Klems).

A documentary was done about Youngfire by RTPi. Magazine Eua Contacto will be broadcasted on March 24th, 2008 at 9:00, 21:15 and 01:00 (thanks to Evaldo)

Candy have done a cover of the Black Box classic Ride On Time. It's currently Top 20 on the danish dancechart (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Once again a 90s concert, this time in Forum, Copenhagen (Denmark), featuring Dr Alban, Corona, Haddaway, Snap and more. "All 90's" will take place on May 31st. More infos (thanks to Anders Bøgh)

ATB is currently on tour in Ukraine to promote his remix album (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Jean Shy (former T-spoon vocalist) will be featured on the American Satellite Radio XM Radio 831 on their program "Radar Report" on Thursday 20th March at 10:00PM. The featured song is from the upcoming CD release The Blues Got Soul.


DJ Bobo will release his summer album Olé Olé - Party on april 11th 2008. It will include 5 brand new songs (among them, the long-awaited The Last Vampire and of course the 2 songs composed for Euro 2008 soccer championship) and 9 of his greatest hits.

Youngfire's website was updated with new videos for Here We Go Again and Ja Nao Posso Mais.

On April 12th, a concert called 90 Festival will take place in Italy, at the club Smile based in Benevento, gathering artists such as Kim Lukas, Da Blitz, Double You, Taeesa, the Soundlovers... More infos here. But why do they all chose the same date for their events ? (thanks to Klems)

The No Angels song Disappear selected to represent Germany at Eurovision 2008 was co-written by Remee from Sound Of Seduction (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Alex Christensen's next single will be entitled Du Bist So Porno planned for March 25th (thanks to Tavi Meran)

During the summer 2008 Aqua will be the headliners of the Green Concert festival tour in Denmark. Rumours have it that the concerts could be followed by a world tour and/or Best of-album if the concerts have enough success (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

René Dif of Aqua released a song last summer Jamaica Ska under the name Mista Dif. By the end of March he will release a second single under the same name All Up To You (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Søren Rasted of Aqua have recently teamed up with his nephew Nikolaj in a pop duo called Hej Matematik. The first album and singles have done quite well (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

The new Blank and Jones album is on the way. It will be called The Logic Of Pleasure and the release is set to June 6th 2008 (June 9th in the UK). The name of the new single will be "Miracle Cure" and is a cooperation with Bernad Sumner from the band New Order (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Sqeezer's new single High Heels was released as vinyl and is available on Juno Records (thanks to Denis DJ Hooligan Zhabkine)

ATB received 2 platinums CD's for his albums Trilogy and 7 years in Romania this week (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Nina has a new official website (thanks to JRC)


Dr Alban and Haddaway are working on a new single together. Releasedate during the spring 2008 ! More at (thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Sandy Chambers and Dhany recorded a duet produced by Benassi Bros called Break the wall. The single is available on with remixes by Mobbing and F&A Factor.

Cascada is nominated in 2 categories (Best HiNRG/Euro and Best Dance Artist solo) at the International Dance Music Awards which will take place on March 27th 2008.

4 Strings feat Tina Cousins were also nominated at the International Dance Music Awards Best hiNRG/Euro with the song Curious. Tina Cousins' new single is called Everlong and will be available in April, along with the album Greatest Hits (thanks to Tavi Meran)

LayZee, former Mr President rapper) single Your Love is now available. It's a very nice dance song with obvious eurodance inspirations, a good surprise for all euro fans.

Movetron were unfortunately not selected to represent Finland at Eurovision song contest 2008.

Kim Sanders, Damae (former Fragma vocalist) and Petra Marklund (September's current vocalist) appear on Schiller's new album Sehnsucht (thanks to Moratto)

CJ Stone (former member of the Bass Bumpers team) recorded a single in collaboration with called Exciting (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Last sunday, Lori Glori took part to the Swiss Gospel Contest 2008 final, and finally got #3. More infos here (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Pandora's new single will be entitled Celebration (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Sylver will appear upcoming Friday in the Dutch music TV program "Zo is er maar één", about Eurosong. Silvy and Wout will be performing a cover of the the ballad Door De Wind, originally sung by Ingeborg, who competed at ESC in 1989 (thanks to Tavi Meran). They had already performed the previous year, this time with Milk Inc, the song Je Hoeft Niet Naar Huis Vannacht (thanks to Tavi Meran).

A new member called Mirage joined the Sqeezer project (thanks to Tavi Meran).




Rednex and their song Railraod Raiload were not selected to represent Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest.

After Blog27, Crapman has made a cover of Alexia's hit Uh La La La (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Regi Penxten's new single will be entitled Punish, a collaboration with Koen Buyse (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Milk Inc's new album could be entitled Forever. This will be also the new name of the Supersized III concert (thanks to Tavi Meran).

DJ Bobo's new album release, initially planned for the end of March, will be postponed, because he would like to deliver a perfect album and the tour's preparation currently takes him too much time (thanks to DJ Bobo France).

Infernal are approximately half way into the making of their next album. They are now aiming for a release late 2008, and not summer as previously announced (thanks to Tavi Meran).

New Scooter single is ready. It will be entitled I'm Lonely, remixed in a new trance version. All mixes and trance B-side are ready (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine).

Annerly's first album With Love will be out in March. You can already pre-order it here.

Discover a new eurodance website, which could become the eurodance Youtube...


E-type and The Poodles did not make it to the Swedish Melodifestivalen final. But they will compete in Swedish Melody Challenge's Second Chance on March 8th in Kiruna.

DJ Encore and Charlie were unfortunately not selected either to represent Denmark at Eurovision Sound Contest 2008 (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Movetron qualified to the Finnish final with their song Cupido

Youngfire's Hello reached #3 on Euro-HiNRG Top 50 dance in its 5th week, and Back 2 Back reached # 3 on Euro-HiNRG TOP ALBUMS CHART in it's first week

Elena Paparizou's new Greek album will be released in March or April, the title is still not known. She will work with Bloodshy & Avant (a music production and songwriting team from Sweden) on two songs of her forthcoming international album, which should be released at the end of 2008.

The Bad Boys Blue's new single Still In Love is now ready for release (thanks to Tavi Meran).

DJ Bobo will release his first Earbook (a photo-book with 2 CDs and DVDs) on April 25th (thanks to DJ Bobo France).


Lyane Leigh is currently producing a new project called Wüste Wüstensöhne. On their first album, she did all female vocals (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Dhany's new single U & I will be released on 15th February (thanks to Alessio Primavesi).

DJ Bobo will release a DVD entitled Vampires Aline - Making The Show. Ole Ole, one of the 2 songs that DJ Bobo had recorded for Euro 2008, will probably be releaed in April. It could include Let The Games Begin as bonus track.

The release of Cascada's album in France was postponed to the end of February

SEX Appeal will release a remixes album in Spring, which will include 2 new tracks (thanks to Klems)

Kirsty Hawkshaw, former Opus III vocalist, will release a new album entitled Ice Castle. The style is ambient and will be available on Magnatune (thanks to Tavi Meran).




Alexia's new album should be released in April (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Sqeezer renamed their project as Squeezer, and they are back with brand new songs : Anybody and High Heels, from their forthcoming album Squeezer Reloaded. Listen to them here (thanks to Pim and Tavi Meran)

Alex C (Alex Christensen)'s album is ready. Entitled Euphorie, it features Yasmin and will be out on 8th February

Cascada will appear in the French TV show Hit Machine. The show will be recorded on 30th January. Boadcasting date is unknown for the moment.

The DJ Encore written song Den Jeg Er went on to the final in the Danish Eurovision Song Contest. It's a 80's inspired rock song with DJ Encore on keyboard and guitar. The final can be seen on danish station DR1 on February 2nd at 20:00 (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Movetron will be competing in the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest. See them in the semifinal on finnish station YLE TV2 on February 8th around 21:00 (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Infernal is nominated for best danish hit with I Won't Be Crying in the Danish Music Awards (the danish Grammy) and for the same song also nominated for a Danish DJ Awards as danish discotheque hit of the year (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Coco Star, ex Fragma vocalist, released a single called Get Over You. Discover it here (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Culture Beat, 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor, Dr Alban and Sash will take part to a concert in Hasselt (Belgium) called I Love The 90s

E-type's True Believer should be out in Benelux beginning of February, with a different sleeve from the original (thanks to Klems)


After being disqualified in 2007, Rednex will try again to qualify for Eurovision Song Contest for Romania this year, with a new song entitled Railroad Railroad, once again a collaboration with Ro-mania.

In Kiev, Haddaway, Rednex and Culture Beat appeared at the Hit-FM DiscoAward concert on 12th January (thanks to Klems).

Amber will release This Is Your Night 2008 on February 12th. A new video was shot for the remixed version of Amber's first hit (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Recover Project released a 2008 version of La Bouche's Sweet Dreams, with a videoclip.

Bad Boys Blue member Trevor Oliver Taylor died January 19th, 2008 on a heart attack (thanks to Tavi Meran)


Hermes House Band released a cover of Corona's hitsingle The Rhythm Of The Night (thanks to Augusto Vilar)

New frontwoman of La Bouche is called Dana Rayne (thanks to Tavi Meran)

According to rumors, E-type's last album and singles could be licensed under a Benelux records company (thanks to Klems)

Judith Pronk, former Alice Deejay frontlady, nowadays works as an announcer at the Dutch Nickeledeon channel (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Le Click's unreleased tracks were released under a digital EP entiteld Let's Click! (90's Dance Classics) (thanks to BroderTuck)

Cascada is among the nominees of the European Border Breaker Awards at Cannes Midem on 27th January 2008. Her new album will be available in France from February 11th. The video for the next single What Do You Want From Me is ready. Watch it here !


Movetron are back with a brand new single entitled Ei Kenenkään Maa (thanks to EurodanceRage). On 8th February they will take part to the semifinals for the finnish Eurovision Song Contest in Tohloppi. There should be a new album out in spring 2008 and a new tour as well.

DJ Encore's new single is entitled Out There (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Youngfire's website and online shop was updated (thanks to Evaldo)




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