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Captain Jack   (Germany)

EuroDance group
Added : 24/01/2000

The Mission
18 Soldier's Hits
Operation Dance
The Captain's Revenge
The Race EP
Top Secret
Top Secret
Captain's best
Party Warriors
Party Warriors
Cafe Cubar
Music Instructor
Greatest Hits
Captain Jack Is Back
Meine Besten
Best Of Acoustic 1
Back to the Dancefloor
90's Mega Party
20 Years
Dam, Dam, Dam
Captain Jack
Drill Instructor
Soldier Soldier
Little Boy
Another One Bites The Dust
Together And Forever
Secret Agent
Dream A Dream
Get Up
Only You
Hi Ho
Iko Iko
Say Captain Say Wot
Give It Up
Viva La Vida
Miss Ibiza
Samba Brazil
Turkish Bazar
She's Gonna Get You
Falling In Love With You
Deutschland schiess ein Tor
People like to Party
Hit Remixes 2010
Saturday Night
I Was A Fool
Born In The USA
We Will Rock You
Give It Up 2013
Say Captain Say Wot 2015
In The Army Now
Dream A Dream 2019
Sunny Side Of Life
Livin' On A Prayer
Long Long Time Ago
Children Need A Helping Hand
Don't Ha Ha
Ein Bisschen Spass Muss Sein
Dam Dam Dam (Is The Rhythm Of Magic)
AKK & Feel It
Drinks & Girls
Loco Loco
Hard Work
Show How Mad U Ar
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Latest Captain Jack news

19/02/2024 : To launch their 2024 European tour, Captain Jack released a new single entitled Long Long Time Ago

18/06/2023 : Discover the videoclip for Maduar's new collective single Show How Mad U Ar

21/04/2023 : Captain Jack's new single is a cover of Bon Jovi's Livin' on a Prayer (thanks to Udo Niebergall)

15/07/2022 : Discover the videoclip for Marnik, HiMate and Captain Jack's new single Hard Work

28/06/2022 : Captain Jack teamed with Marnik and Himate to record a new single entitled Hard Work

05/11/2021 : Captain Jack won a Youtube Award for reaching 100,000 subscribers on their channel. And you can even make the counter go higher...

31/05/2021 : Captain Jack revealed the cover art for their forthcoming collaboration with LayZee Summersun

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Captain Jack albums

The Mission The Mission 28th Feb 1996
18 Soldier's Hits 18 Soldier's Hits 1997
Operation Dance Operation Dance 26th Feb 1997
The Captain's Revenge The Captain's Revenge 19th Jul 1998
The Race EP The Race EP (Japan) 8th Oct 1999
Top Secret Top Secret (Japan edit) 12th Jul 2000
Top Secret Top Secret 2001
Captain's best Captain's best (Japan) 8th Aug 2001
Party Warriors Party Warriors Dec 2002
Party Warriors Party Warriors (European version) Feb 2003
Cafe Cubar Cafe Cubar Sep 2003
Music Instructor Music Instructor 1st Nov 2004
Greatest Hits Greatest Hits 2005
Captain Jack Is Back Captain Jack Is Back Nov 2008
Meine Besten Meine Besten 18th Jun 2010
Best Of Acoustic 1 Best Of Acoustic 1 6th Sep 2010
Back to the Dancefloor Back to the Dancefloor 22nd Apr 2011
90's Mega Party 90's Mega Party 3rd May 2013
20 Years 20 Years 2015


Captain Jack singles

Dam, Dam, Dam Dam, Dam, Dam Promo only 1995  
Captain Jack Captain Jack 7th Jul 1995  
Drill Instructor Drill Instructor 8th Mar 1996  
Soldier Soldier Soldier Soldier 31st May 1996  
Little Boy Little Boy 13th Sep 1996  
Another One Bites The Dust Another One Bites The Dust 11th Oct 1996  
Holiday Holiday 1997  
Together And Forever Together And Forever 3rd Mar 1997  
Secret Agent Secret Agent (Japan only) 16th Oct 1997  
Dream A Dream Dream A Dream 3rd May 1999  
Get Up Get Up (feat.The Gipsy Kings) 23rd Jul 1999  
Only You Only You 11th Nov 1999  
Hi Ho Hi Ho (Japan only) 9th Aug 2000  
Iko Iko Iko Iko 28th May 2001  
Say Captain Say Wot Say Captain Say Wot 3rd Sep 2001  
Centerfold Centerfold 2002  
Give It Up Give It Up 29th Jul 2002  
Viva La Vida Viva La Vida 28th Jul 2003  
Volare Volare 29th Sep 2003  
Miss Ibiza Miss Ibiza Mar 2004  
Samba Brazil Samba Brazil 1st Nov 2004  
Capitano Capitano 26th Jul 2005  
Turkish Bazar Turkish Bazar 10th Oct 2008  
She's Gonna Get You She's Gonna Get You 2009  
Kalinka Kalinka 2009  
Falling In Love With You Falling In Love With You (95 unreleased track) 12th Nov 2009  
Deutschland schiess ein Tor Deutschland schiess ein Tor 14th May 2010  
People like to Party People like to Party 1st Oct 2010  
Hit Remixes 2010 Hit Remixes 2010 22nd Nov 2010  
Saturday Night Saturday Night 23rd Nov 2011  
I Was A Fool I Was A Fool 9th Dec 2011  
Born In The USA Born In The USA 19th Dec 2011  
We Will Rock You We Will Rock You 20th Apr 2012  
Give It Up 2013 Give It Up 2013 1st Apr 2013  
Say Captain Say Wot 2015 Say Captain Say Wot 2015 6th Mar 2015  
In The Army Now In The Army Now 7th Jul 2017  
Dream A Dream 2019 Dream A Dream 2019 16th Nov 2018  
Change Change 1st Nov 2019  
Sunny Side Of Life Sunny Side Of Life (feat. Loona) 25th Sep 2020  
Summersun Summersun 11th Jun 2021  
Livin' On A Prayer Livin' On A Prayer 21st Apr 2023  
Long Long Time Ago Long Long Time Ago 16th Feb 2024  


Captain Jack remixes

Captain Jack Captain Jack 1995  
Drill Instructor Drill Instructor 1996  
Little Boy Little Boy 1996  
Soldier Soldier Soldier Soldier 1996  
In The Army Now In The Army Now 20th Apr 2018  
Change Change 15th Nov 2019  
Sunny Side of Life Sunny Side of Life 29th Jan 2021  
Summersun (Kenlo & Scaffa Remix) Summersun (Kenlo & Scaffa Remix) 10th Sep 2021  


Featurings and collaborations

Children Hand In Hand For Children - Children Apr 1996  
Children Need A Helping Hand Hand In Hand For Children - Children Need A Helping Hand 22nd May 1997  
Don't Ha Ha DJ Otzi - Don't Ha Ha 3rd Sep 2002  
Ein Bisschen Spass Muss Sein Roberto Blanco - Ein Bisschen Spass Muss Sein 6th Feb 2004  
Dam Dam Dam (Is The Rhythm Of Magic) 95 unreleased track - Dam Dam Dam (Is The Rhythm Of Magic) 8th Oct 2009  
AKK & Feel It 257ers - AKK & Feel It 18th Jan 2019  
Drinks & Girls The Mad Stuntman - Drinks & Girls 23rd Oct 2020  
Loco Loco MOTi - Loco Loco 2nd Jul 2021  
Hard Work Marnik x Himate - Hard Work 24th Jun 2022  
Show How Mad U Ar Maduar - Show How Mad U Ar 14th Jun 2023  


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Captain Jack biography

Liza, Franky and the two producers Udo Niebergall and Richard Witte knew each other from Frankfurt (Germany). Franky remembered from his earlier days during his time in the army that drill commands had something quite specific about it. He talked about it with Udo, and he produced a track with sharp dance beat. That's how everything started.

The concept of Captain Jack was quite original : Franky Gee (the rapper) and Liza Da Costa (the first female vocalist) were performing in army uniform. The idea of the hat Franky wore comes from a mix of the caps of the Russian and American armies. The design was inspired of the US-Marines, the color came from the Red Army.

In spite of attire, Captain Jack was far from being a militarist group. They sung about love and peace, with sound of army drill commands and a nice dance beat. They explained that they were soldiers of a dancefloor and their weapon was groove. They only joked about the real army. "When soldiers are doing drill, they move rhythmically and are very energetic. If you would place them in the dancefloor and start play the music, they would do quite good" they explain. In their opinion, "soldiers are good ravers but they do not know about it". Beside that, Liza simply liked uniforms.

They recorded a song called Dam Dam Dam (which was finally released under project name Fatima), but their first single officially released in 1995 was Captain Jack. The idea came as Udo Niebergall was snowboarding with some friends in Austria. Back in the studio, a first version was recorded with Udo's snowboarding friends, but the result sounded terrible. So he hired professional artists to record a new version. At that time, Franky was not performing for the project, only writing lyrics. One of his friends, Durban, was credited for performing the raps and he was also on stage. With the group were three sexy dancers : Yvonne, Sandra and Sabine.

In December of 1995 Durban left, and Franky decided to start performing. He did the raps on Drill Instructor which was released in March 1996. This song as well as Captain Jack were in their first album The Mission, out one month earlier. Captain Jack did an extensive tournee in Germany in the Summer of 1996, in which they promoted their third single Soldier, Soldier. Captain Jack and Drill Instructor were covered by SAIFAM project The General.

In the beginning of 1997 they released the new single Together And Forever that appeared on their second album released in March 1997, entitled Operation Dance. Followed the Madonna cover-song Holiday then the track Another One Bites The Dust, another cover-song (featured on Queen Dance Traxx compilation). Album track Secret Agent was also released as a single, but only in Japan.

1999 : Captain Jack came back with a new single Dream A Dream and a new female singer : Maria Lucia 'Maloy' Lozanes (22 years old). Among other musical experiences, Maria had previously done some backing vocals for the project Le Click. Eric Sneo joined the producers team. Dream A Dream did not have the success expected, anyway they released a second single featuring the Gypsy Kings : Get Up, second pre-release from the forthcoming new album The Captain's Revenge. The only performance together worldwide, took place on the the 17th July 1999 on the biggest German TV-show "Wetten, dass..." in the bullfight arena in Mallorca. Only You was the next single to be released.

2000 : Maloy left the group and was replaced by a new singer called Illi Love (aka Ilka-Anna-Antonia Traue). Meanwhile Captain Jack's carreer kept on in Japan, an album entitled Top Secret was released, with a single entitled Hi-Ho (coming with another track of the album Oh La La La). It was later revealed that Illi was only a lipsyncer, real vocals belonged to Dunja Koppenhofer who was credited as a background singer.

2001 : after over 5 millions CDs sold and 19 gold and platinum in whole Europe, Captain Jack were back once again ! Iko Iko was the first single to be released from the forthcoming album Top Secret, which was at first planned for June. The song was a cover from a song originally released in 1954 under the title Jock-A-Mo by Sugar Boy Crawford, then re-recorded as Iko Iko by the Dixie Cups. The videoclip of the new single was shot in Mallorca. The second single from the forthcoming album was another cover : Say Captain Say Wot. The album Top Secret was finally released, but did not have that much success, it even failed enetering the Top 100. Meanwhile, during the summer, a Best Of album was released in Japan.

2002 : Captain Jack released a single duo with DJ Ötzi. They could be seen at the Apres-Ski Hits broadcast on RTL 2. The single did well in the charts. According to the official website, Captain Jack was already working on a new album called Party-Warriors. In July another single was released, called Give It Up. During the summer 2002 Franky escaped from a car accident and during his recovery wrote a book : RATTS (an action thriller about an anti-terrorism organisation).

2003 : a new single was release in February it was called Centerfold. The next album Party Warriors was first released in Japan in December 2002. It contained 11 tracks plus 6 bonus tracks. Then it was released in Europe in March 2003.

In Summer 2003 Captain Jack released their new single Viva La Vida, as well as Franky's book. In October, Franky recorded a song with another Cuban artist : Roberto Blanco. The song was entitled Ein Bisschen Spass Muss Sein (We wanna have some fun). It was featured on some DanceDanceRevolution compilation.

2004 : Franky and Roberto appeared live on the RTL-II broadcast Apres-Ski Hits 2004. In March, they released their new single, called Miss Ibiza. It contained a B-side which is a cover of the old hit Blame It On The Boogie.

A new single entitled Samba Brazil and a new album called Music Instructor were released in October.

2005 : Illi Love was replaced by Sunny/Sabrina (real name : Sabine Repas). In June, after a 6 months tour, Captain Jack presented his new single Capitano during the TV show ZDF Fernsehgarten. Franky was working on a new album, and also busy writing a second roman. The title would be Silent Death.

2006 : On the 17th of October, Franky collapsed on monday at a party in Palma de Mallorca. He was taken to the hospital with the suspicion of stroke. He already had one 3 years before. In the night to friday 21st October, he fell into eternal sleep without ever regaining his consciousness, according to his ex-wife Daniela Schaefer.

Franky Gee's son took the alias "CJ Jr." to start his musical carreer. He released June 23, 2006 his first title called I Love Reggaeton (a cover of Joan Jett's I Love Rock'n'Roll), from his upcoming album Mama Ines. The future album will include songs in the reggaeton style (which was the style his dad had chosen for his first releases), as well as the song I Miss You, a slow rap in which Junior describes his feelings about losing his father.

2007 : Captain Jack were back with 2 new members called Bruce Lacy (born 20th April 1963 in Albuquerque, from a father who was a Jazz musician) and Jamie Lee (real name : Nadja Biereth). Bruce was casted during a singer contest organized by Udo Niebergall. They started a tour in Germany. Some new songs were revealed in September : I Got You Rock and U Push It Up. The new album would be entitled Mission Completed, the style is now closer to RnB...

2008 : the new single is entitled Turkish Bazar, and it's not eurodance.

2009 : a new album called Back to the 90's was released. With the cooperation of Seat cars, they performed a following promotion tour throughout Germany on the ship "Ibiza Island". The first single to be taken from this album was announced to be Captain Jack 2009. Some unreleased Captain Jack tracks were digitally released on Juno Records in August and November, such as Falling In Love With You. Franky Gee's Wolly Bully was also re-released as Captain Jack. The new Captain Jack vocalist ws called Laura Pozo Martin (she took part to the 4th season of the reality show DSDS).

2010 : Captain Jack released on May 14th a very nice dance track for World Soccer Championship entitled Deutschland schiess ein Tor. The same month, they shot the videoclip in Mallorca. The title of their next single will be People Like To Party, from the forthcoming album Back to the Dancefloor. The album will feature remixes of their biggest hits, as well as new tracks in the style of the 90s. Both were planned for September but they were postponed.

2011 : In April, they released their new album Back To The Dancefloor. In December Laura Martin was among the candidates on real-TV show The Voice Of Germany. The same month they released a new single entitled Saturday Night, an amazing eurodance track reminding of La Bouche and Culture Beat. Another single followed just for Christmas, a ballad entitled I Was A Fool.

2012 : they released their new single We Will Rock You on April 20th. The single included a B-side entitled Free. In December, Laura Martin left Captain Jack, and was replaced by a new vocalist called Michelle Stanley.

2013 : In May, Captain Jack released a new album entitled 90's Mega Party. They also released a 2013 of their hit Give it Up along with a videoclip shot in Berlin in Club Goya.

2015 : a new version of Say Captain Say Wot was out

2017 : in July, they released a cover of song Bolland & Bolland's In The Army Now.

2018 : Captain Jack released a Cheeky Radiomix 2019 of their song Dream A Dream specially for their shuffle- and jumpstyle fans in The Netherlands.

2019 : Captain Jack's new single was a collaboration with Fun Factory entitled Change.

2020 : Captain Jack teamed with Loona to release single Sunny Side Of Life.

2021 : it was time for another collaboration with a another eurodance star : Layzee from Mr President on the single Summersun.

2022 : Captain Jack was featured by with Marnik and Himate on the single Hard Work

Eurodance Times (Next Dance Generation)
Eurodance N'Other Stuff
Captain Jack Official Homepage
Captain Jack Peace Camp
Udo interview by Juha Soininen in bookMove Your Body (2 The 90's): Unlimited Eurodance
Thanks to Ivan Canals Arranz, Ketty Nielsen, Denix Zakharov, and Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin for the latest information

Captain Jack biography was last updated Fri, July 29th 2022

Charts (singles)

Austria Belgium Finland Netherlands Norway Sweden Switzerland
Captain Jack #6 #2 #1 #5 #50 #6
Drill Instructor #6 #2 #7 #1 #59 #13
Soldier Soldier #13 #21 #6 #3 #12
Little Boy #31 #46 #16 #10 #50
Another One Bites The Dust #33 #41 #5 #14
Together And Forever #30 #48 #9 #30
Get Up #27 #68
Iko Iko #16 #62
Don't Ha Ha #15




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