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Blank and Jones

Blank and Jones   (Germany)

Chill-Out Trance group
Added : 11/05/2002
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In Da Mix
DJ Culture
DJ Culture  (Bonus CD)
Nightclubbing (Bonus CD)
Blank & Jones The Mix Volume 3
Relax Edition Two
The Singles
Relax Edition Three
The Logic Of Pleasure
Relax edition 4
Relax edition 5
Relax edition 6
Relax Edition 7
Relax - A Decade 2003-2013 Remixed & Mixed
Relax Edition 8
Relax Edition 9
Silent Piano (Songs for Sleeping)
Relax Edition 10
Flying To The Moon
After Love
Beyond Time
Sound Of Machines
The Nightfly
DJ Culture
DJs, Fans & Freaks (D.F.F.)
Watching The Waves
The Hardest Heart
A Forest
Mind Of The Wonderful
Perfect Silence
Sound Of Machines
Miracle Cure
California Sunset
Relax edition 4 - Beach House EP part 1
Relax (Your Mind)
Lazy Life
Miracle Man
Pura Vida
So Eivissa
Give It to Me
10.000 Emerald Pools
Morning of the Earth
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Latest Blank and Jones news

02/03/2018 : Blank & Jones will release the 10th volume of their compilation series Milchbar Seaside on April 6th.

09/02/2018 : Blank and Jones's new record is an EP gathering mixes of songs Morning of the Earth and My Island.

12/12/2017 : Blank & Jones will release their 11th So80s compilation on January 5th 2018.

23/10/2017 : Blank & Jones gathered 15 songs by various artists for the winter on a compilation entitled Chilltronica No.6. Most tracks were composed specially for this CD.

12/09/2017 : Blank & Jones's next single will be entitled 10.000 Emerald Pools and features Zoe Dee.

11/08/2017 : New from Blank & Jones, a Cassara remixes package for their current single Give It To Me featuring Emma Brammer.

23/06/2017 : Blank and Jones just shot the videoclip for a new song in Mallorca, maybe Shadow. Their new album Relax Edition 10 will be out in about 2 weeks.

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Blank and Jones albums

In Da Mix In Da Mix 1999
DJ Culture DJ Culture 2000
DJ Culture  (Bonus CD) DJ Culture (Bonus CD) 2000
Nightclubbing Nightclubbing 2001
Nightclubbing (Bonus CD) Nightclubbing (Bonus CD) 2001
Substance Substance 2 CDs 2002
Relax Relax 2003
Blank & Jones The Mix Volume 3 Blank & Jones The Mix Volume 3 2 CDs 2004
Monument Monument 2 CDs 22nd Mar 2004
Relax Edition Two Relax Edition Two 2 CDs 23rd Sep 2005
The Singles The Singles 2 CDs 12th May 2006
Relax Edition Three Relax Edition Three 2 CDs 30th Mar 2007
The Logic Of Pleasure The Logic Of Pleasure 2 CDs 6th Jun 2008
Relax edition 4 Relax edition 4 17th Apr 2009
Relax edition 5 Relax edition 5 2 CDs 24th Jun 2010
Relax edition 6 Relax edition 6 2 CDs 17th Jun 2011
Relax Edition 7 Relax Edition 7 2 CDs 20th Jul 2012
Relax-Jazzed Relax-Jazzed 23rd Nov 2012
Relax - A Decade 2003-2013 Remixed & Mixed Relax - A Decade 2003-2013 Remixed & Mixed 7th Jun 2013
Relax Edition 8 Relax Edition 8 29th Aug 2014
Relax Edition 9 Relax Edition 9 2 CDs 17th Jul 2015
Dom Dom 19th Aug 2016
Silent Piano (Songs for Sleeping) Silent Piano (Songs for Sleeping) 2nd Dec 2016
#WhatWeDoAtNight #WhatWeDoAtNight 10th Feb 2017
Relax Edition 10 Relax Edition 10 7th Jul 2017


Blank and Jones singles

Sunrise Sunrise 1998  
Heartbeat Heartbeat 1998  
Flying To The Moon Flying To The Moon 16th Nov 1998  
Cream Cream 1999  
After Love After Love 16th Aug 1999  
Beyond Time Beyond Time 2000  
Sound Of Machines Sound Of Machines 2000  
The Nightfly The Nightfly 25th Apr 2000  
DJ Culture DJ Culture 4th Sep 2000  
DJs, Fans & Freaks (D.F.F.) DJs, Fans & Freaks (D.F.F.) 2001  
Desire Desire 2002  
Watching The Waves Watching The Waves 2002  
The Hardest Heart The Hardest Heart 2002  
A Forest A Forest (feat Robert Smith) 15th Sep 2003  
Mind Of The Wonderful Mind Of The Wonderful 26th Feb 2004  
Perfect Silence Perfect Silence 17th Jul 2004  
Revealed Revealed 7th Oct 2005  
Catch Catch 21st Apr 2006  
Sound Of Machines Sound Of Machines 20th Oct 2006  
Miracle Cure Miracle Cure 30th May 2008  
California Sunset California Sunset 5th Sep 2008  
Relax edition 4 - Beach House EP part 1 Relax edition 4 - Beach House EP part 1 (Digital release only) 3rd Apr 2009  
Relax (Your Mind) Relax (Your Mind) (feat. Jason Caesar) 10th Apr 2009  
Lazy Life Lazy Life 24th Jul 2009  
Miracle Man Miracle Man (feat Cathy Batistessa) 11th Jun 2010  
Pura Vida Pura Vida (feat. Jason Caesar) 10th Jun 2011  
So Eivissa So Eivissa 13th Apr 2012  
Happiness Happiness (feat. Cathy Batistessa) 13th Jul 2012  
April April 1st Apr 2016  
#WhatWeDoAtNight #WhatWeDoAtNight 30th Dec 2016  
Snappiness Snappiness 5th May 2017  
Give It to Me Give It to Me (with Emma Brammer) 7th Jul 2017  
10.000 Emerald Pools 10.000 Emerald Pools 15th Sep 2017  
Morning of the Earth Morning of the Earth 9th Feb 2018  


Blank and Jones remixes

Desire Desire 2002  
So Eivissa So Eivissa 11th Nov 2016  


Productions, co-production, executive production

Maybe Tonight Sandra - Maybe Tonight 11th May 2012  


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Blank and Jones biography

Piet Blank & Jaspa Jones are the best example of a young generation of DJs and producers, together with names like Mellow Trax, Paul van Dyk, ATB or Kai Tracid. The two attractive young men are spinning every weekend for at least 3000 partying people and it doesn't matter where if those people are in Miami or Münster, Buenos Aires or Berlin, Zürich or a very small town. The main theme is always : Party !! and all their guests know that that's why they always come together for their DJ gigs.

The two nice Germans hit the charts with their trance songs After Love, Flying To The Moon and of course Cream, which not only got the number 1 position in the UK-Dance-Charts, but also brought a lot of joy throughout Europe. Their new single The Nightfly got the number 1 position in the German Dance Charts within 2 weeks !

The fact that DJ Culture is the second album of Blank & Jones within 12 months, is something new in the 12' business and a note for the special thought of those two to put new ideas into Trance Tunes. How much people from other countries respect Blank & Jones, is shown by the intro of the album DJ Culture, which is spoken by the Electric Legend Dieter Meier of the Swiss Cult Project YELLO.

Blank & Jones not only love the music, but they also have a pretty good life besides that. This year they were again on their truck on the world's biggest party, the Love Parade in Berlin and they also spinned for the fourth time at world's biggest indoor techno party Mayday. Names like Westbam and Marusha once started at this party.

2002 : their new single was entitled Watching The Waves. In September they took part to the Dance United project, created to help the victims of the floodings in Germany. They released a single called Reach Out on the 30th of September.

2003 : Piet Blank presented Viva's broadcast club rotation on the 1st of March. They released their new album called Relax on the 7th of April. The style was ambient/chill out. Thier next single was called A Forest.

2004 : Blank & Jones album Monument will be released on the 22nd of March. The next single features Elles and it's called Mind Of The Wonderful. It was out as vinyl on the 26th on February, then available as CD maxi in April. The follow-up Perfect Silence was out in the 12th of July. It features the voice of a female vocalist called Bobo. It reached #4 in the German DJ playlist. At the end of July, they appeared live at Nature One 2004.

In August they released a special single DVD of Perfect Silence (with both video versions and many extra features), then a few days later Blank & Jones The Mix Volume 3, a double CD compilation mixed by themselves, including many of their own tracks among tracks from other artists.

2008 : The new Blank & Jones album is on the way. Called The Logic Of Pleasure, it was released on June 6th 2008 and 3 days later in the UK. The name of the new single was Miracle Cure, and it was a cooperation with Bristish artist Bernard Sumner from the band New Order.

2009 : Relax (Your Mind) is the new chill-out summer tune from Blank & Jones. Featuring Jason Cesar, it is the first single from the forthcoming album Relax Edition Four (release date April 17th).

2010 : Blank and Jones released a new double album entitled Relax edition 5. Their new single was entitled Miracle Man and it featured vocals by Cathy Batistessa.

2011 : After the 4th volume of So80s (pronounce "So Eighties") compilation they released the previous month, Blank and Jones extended the concept with the artists editions dedicated to OMD, Ultravox, Heaven 17 and Kajagoogoo. In June, their new single was released. It was entitled Pura Vida, featuring vocals by Jason Caesar. This is their first single from the just released Relax Edition Six album.

2012 : in March Blank & Jones released a new compilation entitled So90s [so nineties]. They produced Sandra's new single Maybe Tonight. In July, new double CD album Relax Edition 7 was out, along with new single Happiness. Album Relax-Jazzed was released in October, then came a new So80s (So Eighties) compilation in December.

2013 : in February, a new, remastered version of their album DJ Culture was out. In June, they released a best of album entitled Relax - A Decade 2003-2013 Remixed & Mixed

2014 : after a new So80s compilation in April and Milchbar vol 6 in May, they released their Relax Edition 8 album in August

2015 saw the release of albums Milchbar Seaside Season 7 and Relax Edition 9 and a new, completely remastered version on their first album In Da Mix including some unreleased songs.

2016 : in April, they released their new single, logically entitled April. It was included on compilation Milchbar Seaside Season 8. In June, Blank & Jones released vol 10 of their compilation series So8os. In August, they performed in Cologne cathedral. An album entitled Dom (means Cathedral in German) followed. In December, they released a new album called Silent Piano (Songs for Sleeping) featuring Marcus Loeber as well as a collection entitled Quiet Christmas on Spotify.

Blank & Jones Official website
Blank & Jones fansite
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