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Eurodance reviews for 2021



As a proof that eurodance is still alive, many artists keep on releasing euro tracks nowadays. Here is the archive of the artists and groups who were promoted on our main page.

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- Dynamite

Kelvin & Fahrenheit is actually one person : the Belgian producer Kevin Vergauwen, known for his duet with Chatry Van Hove. For his first single, he teamed with legendary singer Lyane Leigh from E-rotic. With such a project name, expect it be hot ! And it is, indeed. Dynamite is very nice dance song spiced up with fast, clear-cut jumpstyle beats and glowing trancy synths. Lyane's seductive voice sends chills up and down your spine with each verse. A well-crafted, intense release, accompanied by many cool remixes and instrumental versions, which creates a total epic listening and dancing experience. Hope that we will hear more from this project in the future.

1. Dynamite (Radio Edit)  
2. Dynamite  
3. Dynamite (Extended MIx)  
4. Dynamite (Maxi Version)  
5. Dynamite (Instrumental Radio Edit)  
6. Dynamite (Instrumental MIx)  
7. Dynamite (Extended Instrumental MIx)  
8. Dynamite (Maxi Instrumental Version)  


- Tribal Dance

This time, Eurotronic rewrite 2 Unlimited's classic anthem with brand new raps, almost 30 years after the song's original release. Expectations are high : just like the previous Eurotronic singles, this new rendition had to sound brand new without betraying the spirit of the 90s.
The single features a handful of mouth-watering remixes. Mykotank found inspiration in Italian eurodance songs, while the Newborn 90s chose to remain quite faithful to the original, and Bmonde crafted a mix subtly drenched in melodic trance.
This Tribal Dance is a love-letter to the golden age of eurodance through the eyes of two young and already insanely talented artists. And if you want some more, you'll be happy to know that a Summer edition remixes package is also available

1. Tribal Dance (Mykotank Radio Mix)    LISTEN
2. Tribal Dance (Mykotank Euro Mix)    LISTEN
3. Tribal Dance (Mykotank Italo Mix)    LISTEN
4. Tribal Dance (Mykotank Italo Club Mix)    LISTEN
5. Tribal Dance (Newborn 90s Remix)    LISTEN
6. Tribal Dance (Bmonde Remix)    LISTEN


- No Regrets

After their triumphant debut album Resurrection which confirmed their status of the most promising new eurodance project of 2020, and a Remixed Collection to help the most impatient fans wait, Maxxima are ready to slay the dancefloor once again with a new masterpiece.
The new album No Regrets is filled with absolute bangers (No Regrets the title track and first single, Let Me Be Free, Do U Like 2, Evrythings Gonna Be Alright to name a few). The Cappella-tribute influences are still very present, for our greatest pleasure. Some tracks also showcase very enjoyable trance and house elements. Most songs are originals, but there are also a cover track (Jump!, originally released by Van Halen) and a new version of Tina Safrany's 2019 single Music Was My First Drug. It also incorporates a smooth interlude, the ballad Fight No More. Album ends with a great Power Play Megamix gathering the previous Maxxima hits.
Maxxima is still featuring the 2 eurodance legendary artists Tina Safrany and MC Fixx-it. They work their magic, infusing their strong experience of the 90s era and their unique talents to deliver flawless and genuine eurodance sounds.
Don't miss this release, this is hi-powered octane classic eurodance, so much needed in these times !

1. Introduction  
2. No Regrets    LISTEN
3. Let Me Be Free  
4. Do U Like 2  
5. Jump!  
6. Happy  
7. Evrythings Gonna Be Alright  
8. Music Was My First Drug  
9. Move Your Body  
10. Fight No More  
11. Sorry (AM1979 Mix)  
12. Power Play Megamix  


- Vaccine Of Dance

Almost 3 years after Tell Them To Call Me Dr Dance, E-Bomber aka Michal Karpac is back on the saddle and in the zone with a long-awaited new summer album. After a great intro in which I have the honor to be credited, Vaccine Of Dance gathers the (new) radio mixes of his most recent singles (Russia, Deep Deep Love, Forced To Dance, Drunk Natashka, Daddy Likes Apples...) as well as a batch of very good unreleased sizzlers. Some tracks are rather slow-paced (Don't Break My Heart, Lyrical), some others are very energetic (White Noise, Mr Romantic). Mostly instrumental tracks alternate with songs mixing Michal raps with ear-grabbing vocal samples.
E-Bomber's distinctive style brilliantly reinvents the classic eurodance sound : powerful basslines laced in happy, atmospheric synth layers infused with a tiny 80s touch, a winning combination you'll get mesmerized by. This result is killing it all the way to the end. This new album is perfect for either listening or getting your groove on, so what are you waiting for ?

1. Intro Thank You    LISTEN
2. Russia (Radio mix)    LISTEN
3. Eric Erectus (Radio mix)    LISTEN
4. Don't Break My Heart (Radio Mix)    LISTEN
5. Deep Deep Love (Radio mix)    LISTEN
6. Julie (Radio mix)    LISTEN
7. This Is Dance Music (Radio mix)    LISTEN
8. Ragga (Radio mix)    LISTEN
9. White Noise (Radio mix)    LISTEN
10. Lyrical (Radio mix)    LISTEN
11. Forced To Dance (New radio mix)    LISTEN
12. Drunk Natashka (New radio mix)    LISTEN
13. Play It Louder (New radio mix)    LISTEN
14. Love Me Tonight (New radio mix)    LISTEN
15. Daddy Likes Apples (New radio mix)    LISTEN
16. Mr Romantic (New radio mix)    LISTEN
17. Dancefloor (New radio mix)    LISTEN
18. Don't Break My Heart (Piano mix)    LISTEN
19. Don't Break My Heart (Alternative mix)    LISTEN


- Omen III (DJ edition)

Are you are nostalgic from the good ol' times when music was released on a physical support ? So am I ! Well, you'll be delighted because Eurotronic, one of the most exciting new eurodance acts around, dropped a special CD gathering amazing remixes for their current single Omen III, plus excellent exclusive tracks. Almost an album...
Among them, another Magic Affair-inspired song : a recreation of In The Middle Of The Night with again brand new raps. Follow-up is a cover of Paradisio's hit Bailando, a collaboration with Chrizz Morisson from 2019. The CD continues with another eurodance gem (and an original song !) : Let It Go. Coming next, a powerful new version of 2 Unlimited's Here I Go that Timi had previously released with Chrizz Morisson, which races us to the end of the CD. As a conclusion, we have 2 radio IDs to fit the needs of the DJs. Prepare to be smashed, this CD is full of gloriously catchy and refreshing classic eurodance !
My only regret ? The booklet is far too thin. I would have loved to get a few more pages with for instance the project and members' details, some pics...

1. Omen III (Mykotank Edit)    LISTEN
2. Omen III (Bmonde Mix)    LISTEN
3. Omen III (Eurofire Mix)    LISTEN
4. Omen III (Mykotank Mix)    LISTEN
5. In The Middle Of The Night (Bmonde Mix)    LISTEN
6. Bailando (Dolls Mix)    LISTEN
7. Let It Go (Dolls Mix)    LISTEN
8. Here I Go (CM Mix)    LISTEN
9. Timi Kullai Radio ID  
10. Zooom Radio ID  


- Boom In China

T-spoon frontman Shamrock makes his welcome return with Boom In China, a bouncy and sunny euro-reggae track, shinily produced by Dolls. A very nice feel-good song, with a cool chorus that sticks in your hand : the kind of tune that gets the party going, also enjoyable for solo listening ! It will join your summer soundtrack in no time...

1. Boom In China    LISTEN


- What We Gotta Do

After already delivering 4 stunning singles from their debut studio album Resurrection, Maxxima prove they still have many captivating songs to deliver. Still inspired by the Cappella-sound, with its warm synths and gloriously deep bassline, What We Gotta Do is a whirlpool of eurodance ear-candy. A playground on which Tina Safrany delivers her fantastic vocals while rapper MC Fixx-It unleashes his lyrical ability. A a celebration of classic eurodance excellence not to be missed

1. What We Gotta Do (Airplay Mix)    LISTEN
2. What We Gotta Do (Extended Mix)    LISTEN
3. What We Gotta Do (AM 1979 Mix)    LISTEN
4. What We Gotta Do (Club X Mix)    LISTEN
5. What We Gotta Do (Dub Mix)    LISTEN


- Omen III

This is one of the best news of 2021 for sure : Eurotronic is a new eurodance project which brings back the sound of the 90s, in an expertly crafted way. The project features 2 young and already amazing talents : Hungarian singer Timi Kullai (who already vocalized many times for BG the Prince of Rap, Chrizz Morisson and Free 2 Night) and American rapper Zooom (known for visiting 20 Fingers, CB Milton and Corona's most recent releases).
With Magic Affair tribute Omen III (not quite a cover, since Zooom wrote brand new raps for the track !), Eurotronic delivers a banger that will set dancefloors on fire for sure. This is brilliant 90s eurodance just as we love !

1. Omen III (Radio Mix)  


- Rule The World

New eurodance project Maxxima results from the union of 2 eurodance legends : singer Tina Safrany (Cabballero, Master Jam, First Base, J.A.P. Davis and Megatronic) and rapper MC Fixx it (Cappella, Anticappella, Twenty 4 Seven). Their goal was to pay tribute to one of the most iconic eurodance acts, Cappella, but with fresh new original tracks. Last year, they took the world by storm with the stompers No More Chances and In My Mind. Their next single Rule The World, coming with a bunch of amazing from the best names of nowadays eurodance scnene (Dolls, Eurosoul, Bmonde...) proves once again that classic eurodance is still alive, as you would swear it was created in the 90s. Tina's and Fixx It's vocals melts just perfectly with the hooky melody : it is just the kind of sound every eurodance lover wants to hear

1. Rule The World (Airplay mix)    LISTEN
2. Rule The World (extended mix)    LISTEN
3. Rule The World (Club X mix)  
4. Rule The World (Dolls Euro mix)    LISTEN
5. Rule The World (Dolls Euro extended mix)    LISTEN
6. Rule The World (Eurosoul remix)    LISTEN
7. Rule The World (Bmonde remix)    LISTEN


- Peace, Love, Laughter

With songs like 4 Ever U and Lotus Eater, Zippora De Brauwer contributed in writing the most glorious pages of Belgian eurotrance. She is back with an exciting collaborative release with Eddy Timmerman aka Marc-V and Koen Heyrick aka Rick de Hey. Their plan was to bring courage and positivity to people. The result is a fantastic uplifting trance dancefloor stomper, helmed by Zippora's flawless vocals, sure to brighten your days until spring brings along new warmth !

1. Peace, Love, Laughter (Radio Mix)  
2. Peace, Love, Laughter (Rick De Hey Remix)  
3. Peace, Love, Laughter (JASE Remix)  


- Lose Control (Bmonde Club Mix)

After Lyane Leigh and Raz-Ma-Taz left E-rotic in 1996, they started a new project together : SEX Appeal was born. 25 years and several albums later, Lyane revives the project with a new, original song : Lose Control. Remixed by Bmonde, this song is filled with infectious rebellious energy and kidnaps from the very first listening. And it could be announcing the release of the long-awaiting, several times postponed album Black Widow

1. Lose Control (Bmonde Club Mix)    LISTEN







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