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Eurodance reviews for 2023



As a proof that eurodance is still alive, many artists keep on releasing euro tracks nowadays. Here is the archive of the artists and groups who were promoted on our main page.

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- Break Through


Following her amazing duet with ZoOom last March, eurodance diva Annerley Gordon is back with a new song : Break Through, produced by German artist Ken Stewart, a dancefloor anthem that's impossible to resist.
From the first note, Break Through envelops listeners in a whirlwind captivating synths. Annerley delivers a stellar vocal performance perfectly complemented by the lush instrumentation, smooth keys, infectious groove and pulsating basslines. Her voice so distinctive and so familiar to eurodance fans' ears, hits those sky-high notes and just floats above the music.
Break Through comes with a handful of remixes that offers something for everyone : a 80s mix by Ken Stewart, but also versions by Nu.Ma (Nunzio & Mauri) & Pirmaut remix, David Harry, Ivo de Putter aka Da Goldfinch and by Will Dukster.
After all these years in the shade, it's Annerley's time to shine !

1. Break through (Original Radio Mix)    LISTEN
2. Break through (Original Extended)    LISTEN
3. Break through (Ken Stewart 80s Mix)    LISTEN
4. Break through (NuMa & Pirmaut Remix)    LISTEN
5. Break through (David Harry Remix)    LISTEN
6. Break through (Da Goldfinch Remix)    LISTEN
7. Break through (Will Dukster Remix)    LISTEN


- Move Your Body


The first song to be taken from the newly released album is the opening track Move Your Body, as a pair of remixes fueled by very catchy melodies in 90s eurodance style crafted by Mike Karpac and his music partner Tom Payle.
Ethereal yet bouncy, captivating and electrifying, Move Your Body is a jubilant celebration of eurodance's past, present, and future. Two thumbs up for this new offering which is sure to please E-Bomber's growing fanbase ! And if you are curious about the original (album) version, don't forget to check the Keep The Rhythm album.

1. Move Your Body (Standby RMX)    LISTEN
2. Move Your Body (Party RMX)    LISTEN


- Never Give You Up


Never Give You Up closes the trilogy that Samus Jay initiated by Can U Keep A Secret and continued with Brand New Day (which sees the light of day at the same moment). The eurodance legends who were chosen to perform this track are the divine Nathalie Aarts from the Soundlovers and the mythic MC Fixx It, the original Cappella rapper.
The track's composition exudes an undeniable authenticity, showcasing the expertise and creativity of its composer. The melodies are euphoric and infectious, encouraging an immediate connection between the music and the listener. Nathalie and Ricardo unite their skills and unleash their amazing vocal abilities and flow : a rapper and a female vocalist, the receipe of a classic eurodance song ! Never Give You Up is really a testament to the timelessness of eurodance, and its ability to ignite pure joy and unbridled excitement.
The 3 songs can be purchased or streamed separately, or together under Nostalgia EP vol. 1.Don't miss them ! And the good news is that the Australian DJ is currently working on a volume 2 !

1. Never Give You Up    LISTEN


- Keep The Rhythm


Delayed several times, E-Bomber's 4th album finally hits the stores ! The two producers Mike Karpac and Tom Payle (Pulse Of The Beat, X-Tension) joined forces again for our greatest pleasure. Keep The Rhythm comes with 9 brand new tracks plus a medley of the past hits, including stompers such as Drunk Natashka, Dancefloor or Energy Drink.
The album composition delivers an energetic mix of dance tracks and stays true to its name, because all the tracks are really at a dance tempo, except one song (Such A Beautiful Day) which is slightly slower.
This captivating eurodance album embarks on a sonic journey that transcends language and vocal expression, relying instead on a collection of mostly instrumental tracks to create an exhilarating dancefloor experience. Each track tells its own story, igniting the imagination and encouraging personal interpretations.
Album opens with the album version of Move Your Body which will be out the following week as remixes package.
A remarkable testament to the timelessness of eurodance !

1. Move Your Body (Album Mix)    LISTEN
2. Speakers' Destruction    LISTEN
3. Cheese Pizza    LISTEN
4. Siberian Ice    LISTEN
5. The Rhythm Of Our Bed    LISTEN
6. Adrenaline    LISTEN
7. Such A Beautiful Day    LISTEN
8. Hey DJ    LISTEN
9. Laudanum    LISTEN
10. Hit Medley    LISTEN


- Brand New Day


Samus Jay keeps on dropping brand new massive stompers under Eurodance Vibes label, in collaboration with dance queens, confirming his status of one of them most promising DJs of nowadays' eurodance scene. For every fan, Melody Castellari needs no introduction. She is the voice behind hits such as ADAM - Zombie Connie Nice - Dancing In The Night or Lady Violet - Inside To Outside, among many, many other songs.
Brand New Day is a real gem built lovingly upon layers of superb synths and beats. The gimmick reminds a little bit of Future City Only Love. The breakdowns and build-ups are perfectly timed, heightening the anticipation before launching listeners back into an exuberant frenzy. It is fueled by Melody Castellari's flawless vocals which will kidnap you from the very first listening.
Once again an top quality release that every eurodance fan should have in his collection.

1. Brand New Day    LISTEN


- Feelings


After Shooting Star, Rama is back with a new unreleased gem entitled Feelings. This was one of the very first songs Markku had composed in 1994 with his sister Merja, who is still on vocal duties. Such a good news to see these hidden treasures finally see the light of day !
While only the first track was released on streaming and download portals, the other mixes could be obtained by buying the limited edition CD. Among these additional versions, you will find a mix made in Kvintti studio (in the city of Piikkiö) in 1992, and another produced by Rama's brother Martti, aka Marana from 1994. And yes, this one is my favourite !
From the very first beat, Feelings hits all the right notes, capturing the essence of what made 90s Eurodance an unstoppable force. The infectious energy, pulsating rhythms, and irresistible synthesizers harken back to an era when carefree dancing and unabashed fun were the ultimate goals. Even after all these years, the magic remains intact !

1. Feelings    LISTEN
2. Feelings (Extended)    LISTEN
3. Feelings (Marana '94 reconstruction)    LISTEN
4. Feelings (Kvintti 1992)    LISTEN
5. Feelings (Instrumental)    LISTEN


- Can U Keep A Secret


Every Samus Jay song is a true gift to eurodance lovers, and this one makes no exception. Once again, the Australian producer teams with a true legend of the 90s, and this time it is Kristina Safrany, the voice of Masterjam, Megatronic, Future Beat, Chart Houz, Maxxima (just to name a few) and of course First Base ! A project which whom she scored several hits, including Can You Keep A Secret ? which topped Canadian Dance charts in 1996, and to which she borrows the chorus.
Kristina delivers the vocals with her usual charismatic flair. The song's arrangement is a work of art in itself. The catchy hooks and seamless transitions between verses and choruses create an irresistible dancefloor atmosphere. Can U Keep A Secret is a musical time capsule that captures the essence of an era while embracing the production capabilities of the present.
The single comes along with a nice music video shot last March in a party schoolbus. If only every bus looked like this one, maybe we would enjoy public transportations a little bit more !

1. Can U Keep A Secret    LISTEN


- Relax


After almost 10 years of silence, LA Work comes back with a great new tune, the completely instrumental and hypnotic Relax. It proves that the absence of vocals doesn't hinder the song's ability to captivate : in fact, it allows the melodies, beats, and arrangements to shine with a newfound brilliance. It also allows for a universal connection, inviting a diverse audience to immerse themselves in the smooth energy of the music. A quite interesting release which is sure to capture the listener's attention

1. Relax (Radio Edit)  
2. Relax (Monotone Club Mix)  
3. Relax (Vocal Mix)  


- Shooting Star


Every eurodance addict remembers Rama's big 1996 hit Light My Fire. Rama aka Markku Raski keeps on releasing amazing eurodance tracks regularly, sometimes remastered versions of previously unreleased 90s songs. And this is a family affair, since his sister Merja provides the vocals most of the time.
Make a wish, because the new song is entitled Shooting Star. This delightful anthem encapsulates the essence of classic eurodance at its best : feel-good vibes adorned with beautiful keys, groovy basslines and a fast, irresistible beat that will undoubtedly get you moving. Maybe one day all these Rama masterpieces will be gathered on a studio album ?

1. Shooting Star    LISTEN


- Raven Fly


Who said eurodance faded away ? There has never been so many new projects emerging ! Hailing from Sweden, Carl Lindmark aka EuroRefur and female vocalist Jenny Rogerdotter brings a eurodance sound combined with trancy and bubble-gum elements.
Their second single Raven Fly is an electrifying masterpiece, a euphoric blast from the past that flawlessly captures the essence of the eurodance era marked by infectious beats and unbridled dancefloor energy.
Even if the raps remind a little bit of the style of E-type, Raven Fly manages to avoid feeling like a mere imitation. The different remixes, including powerful 2 versions by EuroFire, are top notch. The result feels simultaneously timeless and cutting-edge, catering to both diehard fans of the genre and newcomers alike.
Since "refur" means "fox", is it a nod to La Fontaine's fable The Raven and the Fox ? Anyway, stay tuned for his upcoming, anticipated first album 7 Galaxies !


- Money Decides It All


For their 4th single, DanceFronT did a risky bet : changing their style to a more urban sound and a more serious ambiance. The result of this creative twist is far from the usual, carefree atmosphere that is eurodance's trademark. DanceFronT's aim is to raise awareness and not only to make us groove on the dancefloor. With Money Decides It All, DanceFronT prove that artistic evolution can be as captivating as it is unpredictable
The Club mix is more uptempo, bringing back the dance flavor that fans expected, blended with a touch of oriental exotism. The single’s energy is captivating, the production, masterfully crafted with a blend of haunting melodies and pulsating rhythms, sets the tone for a journey that transcends the surface level. As usual, Aaronikk delievers the raps and impresses by his irresitible flow, while Liliia K lays down her mesmerizing voice. Looking forward to discovering their first studio album !

1. Money Decides It All    LISTEN
2. Money Decides It All (Extended version)    LISTEN
3. Money Decides It All (Club Version)    LISTEN


- Rhythm of My Heart


Eurodance diva Nathalie Aarts joins forces with music producer Luïs Rodrïguez (no relation with Lian Ross husband and Team33 member) to deliver a new eurodance masterpiece. Rhythm of My Heart is a mesmerizing throwback that captures the essence of the 90s dance scene with remarkable authenticity.
This track merges the best of both worlds: the infectious spirit of the 90s and the advancements in production technology of today. The pulsating bassline, infectious rhythm, and lively synthesizers pay homage to the iconic tracks that once ruled dance floors across the globe.
Whether you were grooving on dance floors during the 90s or you're a newcomer to the genre, Rhythm of My Heart is a tune that will undoubtedly get your body moving and your spirits soaring !

1. Rhythm of My Heart  


- Deja Vu


Deja Vu is a French loanword describing the sensation as though one has lived through the present situation before. But here we have a 100% original song, featuring a prestigious guest : eurodance diva Sandy Chambers, who's remarkable vocal skills enlighted hundreds of songs in the 90s and 00s, from Corona and JK to Benassi Bros, from Double You and Jinny to Favretto.
Released under the label Eurodance Vibes, Deja Vu is a real ear-candy, an awesome tribute to the timeless anthems that continues to unite generations on the dancefloor. Its beats invite you to lose yourself in the rhythm, while its melodies stay etched in your memory long after the music stops. It's a testament to the enduring power of music to capture moments, emotions, and the essence of an era.
Equally noteworthy is Sandy's vocal performance, which delivers the lyrics with a fervor that perfectly matches the song's atmosphere. The singer's passionate delivery is the glue that binds the track's various elements, giving it a human touch amid the electronic euphoria. The iconic chorus is a rallying cry that transcends language barriers and compels everyone to sing along, no matter where they're from.
This is the very first release from L.A. Project, a duet formed by 2 Italian producers Leenus (aka Stefano Fussi) and Andrea Garavini. Let's hope there will be many more !

1. Deja Vu (Original Radio Mix)  
2. Deja Vu (Original Extended)  
3. Deja Vu (Nu.Ma & Pirmaut Remix)  
4. Deja Vu (Ken Stewart EURO Remix)  
5. Deja Vu (Alpha 73 12' Memories Remix)  
6. Deja Vu (Re:Mark 90's Touch)  
7. Deja Vu (Ken Stewart EURO Radio Remix)  
8. Deja Vu (Alpha 73 7' Memories Remix)  


- It's My Life


Eurodance diva Annerley Gordon is ready to take the world by storm with It's My Life, another high-octane gem, and this time she teams with ZoOom, the new rap sensation.
It's hard to choose which among the 13 versions is the best. Every mix radiates an infectious energy that instantly transports listeners back to the pulsating dancefloors of the 90s. From the very first beat, it wastes no time in establishing its signature groove. The pounding bassline and the hypnotic synths create an instant hook that beckons even the most reluctant dancer to their feet. The carefree exuberance of the 90s is encapsulated in every note, invoking a sense of nostalgia that's both heartwarming and invigorating.
This is brilliant classic eurodance just as we love it !

1. It's My Life (Original Extended)    LISTEN
2. It's My Life (Almacén Noventas Remix)    LISTEN
3. It's My Life (Alpha 73 12' Day Remix)  
4. It's My Life (Alpha 73 12' Night Remix)  
5. It's My Life (DJ Kica Remix)    LISTEN
6. It's My Life (CTK Freaks Remix)  
7. It's My Life (Eurofire Remix)    LISTEN
8. It's My Life (Dance Attaque Remix)    LISTEN
9. It's My Life (original radio mix)    LISTEN
10. It's My Life (Alpha 73 7' Day Remix)    LISTEN
11. It's My Life (Alpha 73 7' Night Remix)  
12. It's My Life (CTK Freaks Radio Remix  
13. It's My Life (DJ Nicolas Remix)    LISTEN


- The Rebirth of Tonight (2023 mixes)


Do you remember the Reunion Of Dance ? The project was the result of the collaboration back in 2005 of Frank Winkelmann (Experience Of Music), Boris Pavlovic (BPM) and Sue (L.O.F.T. singer in these times).
18 years later, it is time for a 2023 rework and a new remixes package. My favourite is of course the 2023 Angleman Euro Edit, which sounds the most classic eurodance, but every version is definitely worth a second listen or more. These remixes offer listeners a journey through various electronic sub-genres. They pay homage to the energetic vibes of the original while injecting a modern flair that keeps the pulse alive on the dancefloor. You'll also find a few versions from the years 2005-2006.
A fresh take on a dance classic !

1. Rebirth Of Tonight (2023 EDM Mix)    LISTEN
2. Rebirth Of Tonight (2023 EDM Cut)    LISTEN
3. Rebirth Of Tonight (2023 Experience Of Music Radio Mix)    LISTEN
4. Rebirth Of Tonight (2007 Cut)    LISTEN
5. Rebirth Of Tonight (2006 Experience Of Music Club Mix)    LISTEN
6. Rebirth Of Tonight (2023 Angleman Euro Edit)    LISTEN
7. Rebirth Of Tonight (2023 Classic Meets Eurodance Edit)    LISTEN
8. Rebirth Of Tonight (2006 Instrumental)    LISTEN







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