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Eurodance reviews for 2019



As a proof that eurodance is still alive, many artists keep on releasing euro tracks nowadays. Here is the archive of the artists and groups who were promoted on our main page.

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- Forced To Dance

After one year of pause during which he focused on his other project DJ Sonic Elite, E-Bomber is back with an incredibly uplifting eurodance song which won't disappoint the fans. Enjoy this refined, hooky melody and punchy drums ! An addictive song with boundless energy and minimal, easy to remember lyrics that kidnaps from the very first listening and will set the dancefloors alight. If this doesn't make you want to get up and move your feet, then I don't know what would...

1. Forced To Dance (Radio Mix)    LISTEN
2. Forced To Dance (Extended Mix)    LISTEN


- One Of These Nights

Peter Luts unleashes a new single, a ethereal, yet bouncy song featuring subtile vocals by Céline Cairo aka Forêt, a singer from the Netherlands, who also co-wrote the song. Legend says that this song is the result of a writers camp in Amsterdam organised by Be Yourself Music and CTM Publishing. No doubt, Peter Luts's infectious house piano-groove will have you hypnotised into a soulful frenzy. Enjoy this modern, upbeat and deliciously groovy electro song !

1. One Of These Nights    LISTEN


- Party Vsetko Napravi

After DJ Sonic Elite's debut album Poriadne Pecky, here is the first and highly-anticipated single from the new and very promising eurodance Slovak-speaking project : Party Vsetko Napravi (which can be translated into "Party will make that all right"). Single comes with 4 hi-octane versions, including a very powerful Stonebringers Remix (my personal favourite) which is a fantastic uplifting dancefloor stomper. Party Vsetko Napravi is a bubbling eurodance bomb that kidnaps from the very first listening and proves - once again ! - that classic eurodance is still alive !

1. Party Vsetko Napravi (Radio Mix)    LISTEN
2. Party Vsetko Napravi (Extended Mix)    LISTEN
3. Party Vsetko Napravi (Stonebringers Mix)    LISTEN
4. Party Vsetko Napravi (Instrumental Mix)    LISTEN


- Poriadne Pecky

Besides E-bomber, producer Michal Karpac is pleased to present a new eurodance project, called DJ Sonic Elite. His debut album Poriadne Pecky (title can be translated in English into "Really loud sound or good songs") is a thunderous, uplifting, adrenaline-filled release in slovak language. A record that brings nothing but joy, packed with Michal Karpac's signature bouncing basslines and feel-good sound. And if you are familiar with E-bomber's works, you will recognize some tracks which were published earlier with English lyrics. DJ Sonic Elite gives them a new life while staying true to the spirit of the original.
And you'll probably be thrilled to know that the dancefloor smash - and guaranteed earworm as well - Party Vsetko Napravi (meaning "Party will make that all right") is planned for release one month after the album, together with remixes by the finest eurodance producers.
Volume up to maximum level, Poriadne Pecky is an upfront delivery of eurodance-infused heat, crammed with potential hits, and ready to set dancefloors alight this summer. No doubt, DJ Sonic Elite is a breath of fresh air in nowadays world of dance music !

1. Intro Tu Prichadza Tanecna Hudba    LISTEN
2. Chalan, Co Zaspal Dobu    LISTEN
3. Don't Break My Heart    LISTEN
4. Party Vsetko Napravi    LISTEN
5. To Musi Byt Laska    LISTEN
6. Smutne Leto    LISTEN
7. DJ, Mixujeme!    LISTEN
8. Skit Streleni Dobrodruhovia    LISTEN
9. Videohry    LISTEN
10. Tuc Tuc    LISTEN
11. Don't Break My Heart (Radio Mix)    LISTEN
12. To Musi Byt Laska (Instrumental Mix)    LISTEN
13. Outro Vidime Sa Na Dalsej Party    LISTEN


- Get On The Floor!

To celebrate their 20 years since their first release, Experience Of Music gathered with love their latest songs on a brand new (and highly anticipated) album. Get On The Floor! is showcasing tracks already released as singles such as We Won't Stop, Electrical Madness, Beach Party and Get On The Floor (a Woman like you), but also some brand new ones - and future bangers -, such as Journey of Life (a potential hit, which is planned to be released as a single very soon !) and Flux. Which are my personal favourites, especially the 90s radio mix of Journey of Life...
Packed into Frank Winkelmann's and Gregor Schydlo's ever evolving and unique production style, Get On The Floor! is a fascinating journey of past, present and future. What makes it even more enjoyable, album welcomes many great names of eurodance as guests : T-spoon rapper Shamrock, Maxx singer Elyse, General Base rapper Michael K and late LOFT rapper Richie. Last but not least, album is also available as limited edition CD.
Once again, Experience Of Music bring the groove directly into your speakers... and we do hope you'll enjoy it !

1. We Won't Stop 2k18 (TN'T Party Zone Remix)    LISTEN
2. Get on the Floor (a Woman like you) (Radio Mix)    LISTEN
3. Planet Fun 2.0 (Doo Doop Doo Doop)    LISTEN
4. Get on the Floor (a Woman like you) (Quickmix Future House Club Remix)    LISTEN
5. Rock 'n' Roll    LISTEN
6. Journey of Life (90s Radio Mix)    LISTEN
7. Flux    LISTEN
8. Eat my Beat    LISTEN
9. Journey of Life (Bmonde 90s Dance Mix)    LISTEN
10. Free your Soul (let it flow) (Quickmix Remix Edit)    LISTEN
11. Electrical Madness (Jan Player Global Mix Edit)    LISTEN
12. We Won't Stop (Dancefloor Formation Piano Remake)    LISTEN
13. Beach Party (Original Radio Edit)    LISTEN


- Game Face

Peter Luts is back with another smoking hot release that will hypnotize you ! Game Face pays tribute to the 80s using a modern approach, with its mesmerizing synths embracing smooth vocals. A stellar song designed to make you move with a dream-like impression, and that will gain the immediate attention of anyone that loves modern day dance music. This is no set-filler, this record is here to get the party started.

1. Game Face (Remode Extended)    LISTEN
2. Game Face (Extended Mix)    LISTEN
3. Game Face (Di Martinelli Remix)    LISTEN


- Digital Love

After almost 2 years of silence, Roby Pinna and Keyra are back with a great song, more eurodance than ever. Digital Love merges a hooky melody reminding of Captain Hollywood with an infectious chorus that sticks in your head, delivered by Keyra's smooth and melancholic voice. Blowing a fresh wind through the scene, this song sets the mood just right. This is an irresistible track, ethereal yet bouncy, a top quality release with tons of dancefloor potential : basically the kind of record you just can't say no to. A remixes package as well as a vinyl version are planned for early 2019.







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