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Brown Angie

Brown (Angie)   (UK)

EuroDance group
Added : 24/04/2006

Anything You Wanna Do
You Got It
Can't Get Enuff
Let's Close Our Eyes
I'm Gonna Get You
I Say A Little Prayer
Playing With Knives 2011
Fight No More
Forgotten Heart
I'm Gonna Get You
Took My Love
Strong Love
Rockin' For Myself
Wild Wild West
Some Satisfaction
Got A Message
The Greatest Love Of All
Tower Of Love
(Now That) I've Found It
Good For You
You Gotta Be You
Burning Up
Hurt So Bad
Gotta Get Away
Whatever You Dream
Never Say Never
Sweet Surrender
Sing EP
Bring It Back
Exotic Fruit
Heart & Soul
Into The Night
Attracted To You
Burning Up
Music In My Life
Move Your Body
You Are My Medicine
Heaven With You
Good Enough
How To Love
Nobody Better
No Other Man
I'll Shine
It's Good Enough
You Are The One
Free UR Soul
Can't Get To Sleep
Gold Moon
Lose Control
Jump To It
Much Better
Make It Happen
Nobody Loves You
Get Ya Hands Up
City Of Angels
Ain't Too High
I Want More
Keep Me Satisfied
Lite It Up
My Life Is Brighter
Funky Downtown
Move Your Body
Open Up
House Preacher
Find Me Love
Bring It Down
El Timbal
Can't Get To Sleep
New Sensation
Some People
I Love House Music
Full Of Love
I'm On Fire
Feel Good
Deeper In Love
Soul Fever
I Need You
Crazy Love
Never Give Up
Feel 4 U
Soul Fever
I Gave Everything
Wild Orchid
Try My Love
Follow You
I Love It
I Just Want The Best
Make My Love
More Than Enough
Treacle Sweet
That's The Way Love Is
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Latest Angie Brown news

22/02/2019 : Angie Brown was featured on The Box Guys' single More Than Enough.

30/09/2018 : Angie Brown was featured on Rare Candy's single Make My Love.

27/02/2018 : Angie Brown' vocals were featured by Marc Barnes on forthcoming single Be Strong.

06/11/2017 : A second remixes package for The Miami Collective feat. Angie Brown - Never Gonna Give Up was released

12/06/2017 : Angie Brown was featured on Beat Rivals' new single Try My Love.

28/03/2016 : Angie Brown was featured by Roy McLaren on his single I Gave Everything.

13/11/2015 : Angie Brown's vocals were featured on MP's single Soul Fever. They were probably taken from the vocals package available on Samplephonics.

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Angie Brown singles

Anything You Wanna Do Anything You Wanna Do  
You Got It You Got It 1997  
Can't Get Enuff Can't Get Enuff 2002  
Let's Close Our Eyes Let's Close Our Eyes 1st May 2008  
I'm Gonna Get You I'm Gonna Get You (with Asha Keys) 1st Sep 2008  
I Say A Little Prayer I Say A Little Prayer (vs Klub Kidz) Aug 2010  
Playing With Knives 2011 Playing With Knives 2011 (with Rachel Ellektra) 22nd Aug 2011  
Fight No More Fight No More 23rd Feb 2014  
Forgotten Heart Forgotten Heart (vs The Brakes) 24th Mar 2017  


Featurings and collaborations

I'm Gonna Get You Bizarre Inc - I'm Gonna Get You 1992  
Took My Love Bizarre Inc - Took My Love 1992  
Strong Love Shanelle - Strong Love 29th Nov 1993  
Rockin' For Myself Motiv8 - Rockin' For Myself 8th Jun 1994  
Wild Wild West Get Ready - Wild Wild West 1995  
Some Satisfaction JD Stress - Some Satisfaction 1997  
Got A Message I-kon - Got A Message 1999  
The Greatest Love Of All Flesh - The Greatest Love Of All 2000  
Tower Of Love Orange Soul - Tower Of Love 2000  
(Now That) I've Found It Northside Connection - (Now That) I've Found It 12th Jun 2000  
Good For You Copyright Presents One Track Mind - Good For You 2002  
You Gotta Be You D!Nation - You Gotta Be You 2003  
Burning Up Mark Knight - Burning Up 2003  
Hurt So Bad G Force - Hurt So Bad 2003  
Reach U'nique - Reach 2003  
Gotta Get Away Church Of Disco - Gotta Get Away 2003  
Whatever You Dream J Sonic - Whatever You Dream 18th Apr 2003  
Never Say Never Damien J Carter - Never Say Never 7th May 2003  
Sweet Surrender Damp - Sweet Surrender 1st Feb 2005  
Sing EP Soul Avengerz - Sing EP 1st May 2006  
Bring It Back Soul Survivors - Bring It Back 16th Apr 2007  
Exotic Fruit House Junkies - Exotic Fruit 1st May 2008  
Heart & Soul House Junkies - Heart & Soul 1st May 2008  
Into The Night DJD and Chaz Jankel - Into The Night 7th Jul 2008  
Attracted To You Danny Clark & Jay Benham - Attracted To You 26th Aug 2008  
Burning Up Clemens Rumpf - Burning Up 20th Nov 2008  
Music In My Life Boheme - Music In My Life 1st Jan 2009  
Move Your Body Yves Murasca & BK Duke - Move Your Body 24th Jul 2009  
You Are My Medicine Clemens Rumpf - You Are My Medicine 1st Sep 2009  
Heaven With You Chris B - Heaven With You 7th Sep 2009  
Good Enough BB - Good Enough 1st Nov 2009  
How To Love Adrian Morrison - How To Love 1st Nov 2009  
Nobody Better Mass Motion - Nobody Better 9th Dec 2009  
No Other Man Steven Stone - No Other Man 2010  
I'll Shine Leisuregroove - I'll Shine 7th Jul 2010  
It's Good Enough Fabio M - It's Good Enough 21st Sep 2010  
You Are The One Mark Trophy - You Are The One 27th Sep 2010  
Free UR Soul Marc JB - Free UR Soul 2011  
Exceptional Peter Gelderblom - Exceptional 24th Jan 2011  
Can't Get To Sleep Martin Wright - Can't Get To Sleep 14th Mar 2011  
Gold Moon The Winning Triplet - Gold Moon 13th Apr 2011  
Lose Control DJ Eako - Lose Control 18th Apr 2011  
Freedom Martin Wright - Freedom 8th Jun 2011  
Jump To It Kid Shakers & Brown Sugar - Jump To It 31st Jul 2011  
Much Better Peppe Nastri - Much Better 2nd Aug 2011  
Make It Happen Lello Mascolo - Make It Happen 2nd Aug 2011  
Forgiveness Martin Wright - Forgiveness 3rd Oct 2011  
Nobody Loves You Definite Groove - Nobody Loves You 24th Oct 2011  
Get Ya Hands Up Black & White (3) - Get Ya Hands Up 20th Feb 2012  
City Of Angels Future Disciple - City Of Angels 12th Mar 2012  
Ain't Too High DJD and Chaz Jankel - Ain't Too High 19th Apr 2012  
I Want More Fio and Curt Savage - I Want More 12th Jun 2012  
Keep Me Satisfied Morten Trust - Keep Me Satisfied 20th Jun 2012  
Lite It Up Jay Farina - Lite It Up 31st Jul 2012  
My Life Is Brighter Marcus Gauntlett - My Life Is Brighter 13th Aug 2012  
Funky Downtown Ron Jameson - Funky Downtown 27th Aug 2012  
Move Your Body Sertan Gunes - Move Your Body 28th Aug 2012  
Open Up Glassesboys - Open Up 5th Oct 2012  
Weekend Hoxton Whores - Weekend 25th Oct 2012  
House Preacher Carl Parker - House Preacher 26th Oct 2012  
Find Me Love Druk - Find Me Love 10th Dec 2012  
Dreams Martin Merkel - Dreams 24th Dec 2012  
Bring It Down Groove Element - Bring It Down 5th Mar 2013  
El Timbal Peppe Alberti and DJ Radoske - El Timbal 12th Mar 2013  
Can't Get To Sleep Fierce Angel - Can't Get To Sleep 15th Apr 2013  
New Sensation Soul Providers - New Sensation 7th Jun 2013  
Some People Funkemotion - Some People 5th Dec 2013  
I Love House Music Carl Parker - I Love House Music 9th Dec 2013  
Full Of Love Chris Noble - Full Of Love 23rd Dec 2013  
I'm On Fire Mark Masters and Funky Truckers - I'm On Fire 31st Mar 2014  
Sensation Macca D - Sensation 11th Apr 2014  
Feel Good Chris Noble - Feel Good 29th Aug 2014  
Deeper In Love Kissy Sell Out - Deeper In Love 17th Nov 2014  
Soul Fever MiaMax - Soul Fever 14th Dec 2014  
I Need You Terry Lex and Sean David - I Need You 15th Dec 2014  
Joy BK Duke and Dany Cohiba - Joy 5th Jan 2015  
Crazy Love Osca Deep and Brent Anthony - Crazy Love 23rd Feb 2015  
Never Give Up Mr Vasovski and Kincses - Never Give Up 12th May 2015  
Feel 4 U Richard Earnshaw - Feel 4 U 26th Oct 2015  
Soul Fever MP - Soul Fever 13th Nov 2015  
I Gave Everything Roy McLaren - I Gave Everything 28th Mar 2016  
Wild Orchid Spiritchaser - Wild Orchid 25th Apr 2016  
Everyday Joshua Roberts - Everyday 3rd Jun 2016  
Firefly Freak Party - Firefly 25th Nov 2016  
Try My Love Beat Rivals - Try My Love 12th Jun 2017  
Follow You Naked Flame - Follow You 21st Jul 2017  
I Love It MonXo Soulful - I Love It 24th Aug 2017  
I Just Want The Best Mark Lower - I Just Want The Best 30th Oct 2017  
Make My Love Rare Candy - Make My Love 28th Sep 2018  
More Than Enough The Box Guys - More Than Enough 21st Feb 2019  
Treacle Sweet Outwave - Treacle Sweet 14th Mar 2019  
That's The Way Love Is Left Of The Boom - That's The Way Love Is 29th Jan 2020  
Mojave DJ Mouch - Mojave 19th Jun 2020  


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Angie Brown biography

Angie Brown calls herself the original South London Girl as she was born in Clapham. Her parents were both from Kingston, Jamaica and they moved to the UK in the 50s. Her dad was a carpenter and her mum was a nurse. She grew up in Brixton, sung in the choirs at school and appeared in some amateur productions. After she won a contest, she took singing lessons. She began her singing career in the early 1990s, starting out as a freelance singer doing sessions and touring with major names throughout the world.

Angie is a refreshing and gifted vocalist, whose performances have thrilled audiences all over the world. Her voice has been compared to the all-time greats, such as Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin. Ms. Brown's passion during performances has been known to make grown men cry.

Angie's biggest hit to date was in 1992, with a deliciously infectious tune called I'm Gonna Get You which reached #3 in the UK charts in October 1992. Her vocals featured heavily on the track, which was created by 3 young DJ’s/remixers from Stratford called Bizarre Inc. According to others, the vocals were sampled from Jocelyn Brown's single Love's Gonna Get You. Angie teamed up with Bizarre Inc. again the following year on Took My Love.

Angie has also sung backing vocals for the likes of Grace Jones, Beverley Knight, Mark Morrison, The Rolling Stones, Kate Bush, Chaka Khan, Heaven 17, Neneh Cherry, Lisa Stansfield, The Stereophonics and Fat Boy Slim.

Besides performing live Angie has also appeared as a TV personality on many of the top prime time shows across all networks including several children’s programmes along with Good Morning, GMTV, The Lottery, Big Breakfast, Dance Energy, Top of the Pops, Never mind the Buzzcocks, Pyjama Party, Viva La Diva and even stood in as the celebrity weather girl on TFM.

Angie's other big hit was with remixer Steve Rodway, better known as Motiv 8. Their collaboration Rockin' for Myself peaked at #18 in the UK in May 1994. Her voice was also used on some Cappella singles.

In 1995, her voice was featured on Get Ready's single Wild, Wild West.

1996 : Angie appeared on B.B.'s single Good Enough.

1997 : Angie started a solo carreer and recorded the single You Got It.

1998 : she did backing vocals on Jocelyn Brown's hit Ain't No Mountain High Enough.

1999 : she was featured on Starshine, a track on Cuba's album Leap Of Faith.

2000 : she contributed to backing vocals on Beneath A Spielberg Sky, a track on Midge Ure's album Move Me. She was also featured on Orange Soul's single Tower Of Love.

2001 : Angie's vocals were featured on Manero - Boogiedown. She same year she did vocals on Stay Away, a track of Homecookin' album Do What U Wanna. She also did backing vocals on Warren Clarke's Over You.

2002 : Angie released a second solo single called Can't Get Enuff. She also contributed to ATFC's single Sleep Talk along with Lisa Millett and to One Track Mind's single Good For You.

2003 : Angie did vocals on Mark Knight - Burning Up. In May, she appeared on Damien J. Carter - Never Say Never. In July, she was on Paul Woolford's - Out Of My Life. She also contributed to U'nique's Reach and to J. Sonic Whatever you dream.

2004 : she appeared on Laroque's track Hurt No More.

2005 : Angie did vocals on Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel - Weekend. In December, she was featured on The Miami Collective - Never Gonna Give Up.

2007 : she recorded a cover of the song License To Kill for the compilation Forever Bond.

2010 : Brown Angie recorded a cover of I Say A Little Prayer under Almighty records

2011 : Angie was featured on many house and electro singles this year, such as Peter Gelderblom Exceptional, The Winning Triplet Gold Moon or Martin Wright Forgiveness.

2012 : Angie Brown was featured on Sterling Void & Rhythmic Groove's single Sweet Bit Of Lovin. She also visited Carl Parker's House Preacher and Glassesboys' Open Up. In December, there were rumors about Angie being among the candidates to represent UK at Eurovision Song Contest.

2013 : Angie Brown did vocals on Carl Parker's I Love House Music and Chris Noble's Full Of Love, both out in December.

Thanks to Klems and Zeeteah Massiah

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