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Sash!   (Germany)

EuroTrance group
Added : 24/01/2000
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It's My Life
Life Goes On
Life Goes On
Best Of - Encore Une Fois
10th Anniversary
Encore une Fois Greatest Hits
The Best Of Sash!
Life Is A  Beach
Life Changes
It's My Life
Encore Une Fois
La Primavera
Mysterious Times
Move Mania
Colour The World
Just Around The Hill
With My Own Eyes
I Believe
Ecuador 2005
Ecuador 2007 Reloaded
Raindrops (Encore Une Fois Pt. II)
Ecuador 2009
Mysterious Times 2009
All Is Love
Hello South Africa
Mirror Mirror
What Is Life
The Secret
Summer's Gone
Can't Change You
Ecuador 2016
Children Of The World
Encore Une Fois 2014
Easy Find
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Latest Sash! news

20/04/2018 : The melody of Sash!'s hit Ecuador was covered in French singer Tal's new single Mondial, which will be used for Soccer World Cup 2018.

05/01/2018 : Sash!'s new single is actually a remix of his hit Adelante by Bobina, out today.

01/01/2018 : Sash! announced that a new song was about to be released, but did not mention title or precise date...

27/01/2016 : Discover the official videoclip for Sash! new version of Ecuador vs Olly James.

02/01/2016 : Sash! collaborated with Olly James on a new version of his hit Ecuador, to be released on January 25th.

06/08/2015 : Sash! now has his free iOS smartphone application.

28/11/2014 : Sash! teamed with former Scooter member Jay Frog on single Easy Find. Out soon under Tokapi recordings... (Thanks to Krasi)

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Sash! albums

It's My Life It's My Life 30th Jun 1997
Life Goes On Life Goes On 17th Aug 1998
Life Goes On Life Goes On 2 CDs 3rd Dec 1998
Trilenium Trilenium 3rd Apr 2000
Best Of - Encore Une Fois Best Of - Encore Une Fois 2 CDs 13th Nov 2000
S4! S4! 29th Oct 2002
10th Anniversary 10th Anniversary 2007
Encore une Fois Greatest Hits Encore une Fois Greatest Hits 2 CDs 19th May 2007
The Best Of Sash! The Best Of Sash! 2 CDs 20th Oct 2008
Life Is A  Beach Life Is A Beach 31st Aug 2012
Life Changes Life Changes 8th Nov 2013

Sash! DVDs and VHS

10th Anniversary 10th Anniversary 2007 DVD


Sash! singles

It's My Life It's My Life May 1996  
Encore Une Fois Encore Une Fois (feat. Sabine Ohmes) 10th Feb 1997  
Ecuador Ecuador (feat. Rodriguez) 22nd Apr 1997  
Stay Stay (feat. La Trec) 3rd Sep 1997  
La Primavera La Primavera 12th Feb 1998  
Mysterious Times Mysterious Times (feat. Tina Cousins) 23rd Jun 1998  
Move Mania Move Mania (feat. Shannon) 21st Oct 1998  
Colour The World Colour The World (feat. Dr Alban) Jan 1999  
Adelante Adelante 21st Oct 1999  
Just Around The Hill Just Around The Hill (feat. Tina Cousins) 3rd Apr 2000  
Trilenium Trilenium 24th Apr 2000  
With My Own Eyes With My Own Eyes (feat. Inka) 28th Aug 2000  
Ganbareh Ganbareh 1st Jul 2002  
Run Run (feat Boy George) 4th Sep 2002  
I Believe I Believe 10th Mar 2003  
Ecuador 2005 Ecuador 2005 Compilation only 2005  
Ecuador 2007 Reloaded Ecuador 2007 Reloaded 2007  
Raindrops (Encore Une Fois Pt. II) Raindrops (Encore Une Fois Pt. II) (feat. Stunt) 2008  
Ecuador 2009 Ecuador 2009 2009  
Mysterious Times 2009 Mysterious Times 2009 4th Sep 2009  
All Is Love All Is Love 2010  
Hello South Africa Hello South Africa (vs Dr Alban) 2010  
Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror 5th Aug 2011  
What Is Life What Is Life 2nd Nov 2012  
The Secret The Secret 29th Mar 2013  
Summer's Gone Summer's Gone 18th Oct 2013  
Can't Change You Can't Change You (feat. Plexiphones) 7th Mar 2014  
Ecuador 2016 Ecuador 2016 (vs Olly James) 25th Jan 2016  


Sash! remixes

Encore Une Fois (Remixes Volume 1) Encore Une Fois (Remixes Volume 1) 1996  
Encore Une Fois (Remixes Part 2 Made In U.K.) Encore Une Fois (Remixes Part 2 Made In U.K.) 1996  
Ecuador (U.K. Remixes) Ecuador (U.K. Remixes) 1997  
Stay Stay 1997  
Mysterious Times Mysterious Times 1998  
Mysterious Times (The Todd Terry & Viper Remixes) Mysterious Times (The Todd Terry & Viper Remixes) 1998  
La Primavera La Primavera 1998  
Adelante (Bobina Megadrive Mix) Adelante (Bobina Megadrive Mix) 5th Jan 2018  


Featurings and collaborations

Children Of The World Hand In Hand For Children - Children Of The World 23rd Nov 1998  
Encore Une Fois 2014 Jack Holiday - Encore Une Fois 2014 11th Apr 2014  
Easy Find Jay Frog - Easy Find 5th Jun 2015  


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Sash! biography

Records company : Byte Records. Sash! is a group consisting of 3 members, Sasha Lappessen, Thomas Lüdke, and Ralf Kappmeier. Sasha is the one who appears in the videos and performs live.

The first single released was It's My Life. But the success started with the second record Encore Une Fois (meaning "Once Again", featuring Sabine Ohmes' voice) which is a powerful dance hit, and raced through the club charts in Italy, Germany, Holland and the Scandinavian countries. The third release was Ecuador which proved to be as strong as it's forerunner and was a n°1 hit in the Scandinavian Dance Chart and also made it to the Top 5 in the sales charts in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. It was also on the Top 10 Music & Media European single charts. In the Summer of 1997 the album It's My Life was released and it's also doing well. The fourth release was Stay!, a powerful dance track in the same style as the previous two hits.

Sash! released a single in March 1998 called La Primavera, the first one from their second album Life Goes On. In July they released a song entitled Mysterious Time and it featured Tina Cousins on vocals. Again  a very typical Sash! song with strong synths and great vocals. On August 17 the long awaited album Life Goes On was released. It contained 11 new songs including the hits La Primavera and Mysterious Times and one Hit Mix by Oliver Momm. In late 1998 the single Move Mania featuring Shannon was released (Shannon scored many hits during the 80s, among them Let The Music Play which was covered by many eurodance projects such as Strictly MOR, Reggy O and BBG), followed in January 1999 by Colour The World which featured no other than Dr Alban on vocals.

Apart from their own career they keep on collaborating with other groups. For example Basic Connection featuring Sash! whose song Angel (Don't Cry) did very well in some countries' charts...

Announcing a new album, a new single entitled Adelante! was relesed, followed by Just Around The Hill once again featuring Tina Cousins' voice.

The next one was With My Own Eyes, featuring the finnish singer Inka, to be released on August 28th. The video was shot outside Helsinki on June 11th. The single also included the song Rock The Block. In Spain and in Denmark Together Again was released instead. The fourth single was planned to be Together Again, set to be released in November. Actually it was nenver really released, it was just broadcasted on Spain and Denmark's radios. The next album was a greatest hits album, entitled Best of Sash! released the 13th of November.

As for Sabine Ohmes, she released soon Le Soleil Noir (meaning "The black sun", featured on the latest Sash! album) with her soloproject Encore. Meanwhile, Sash! made a remix of Dani's The Meaning of Love. There were 2 remixes on the Maxi version. It was the first Sash! remix for the year 2000.

February 2001 : Sash! still exists ! Thomas Lüdke gave a few infos about the next album and single. The new single would not be called Don't Stop as first stated. At that time it had not been decided wether it would be released in August 2001 or later. No name had been given for the new album, planned for October 2001 (or maybe later for the spring of 2002). There would probably be no voices of artist which have been on the last albums. This time Sash! also wants to enter the sale charts in America

March 2001 : the Sash! team had finished so far 8 tracks with four tracks with vocals, two tracks with famous artists and two with unknown artists. The other 4 tracks are instrumental tracks.

April 2001 : Sasha Lappesen got married with the Spanish artist Mabel. In August one could read the news that Sash! released a remix of the old song Stand By Me, a mainly instrumental track. Actually this track was released by DJ Shah.

2002 : Sash was at last back for good with a single entitled Ganbareh. He released his next single called Run featuring Boy George on September 26th and the remix edition was released on October 10th.

2003 : Sash released a new single from his current album : I Believe, in March. It featured T.J. Davis and went during its first week to #67 of the Top 100 Single Sales Chart List in Germany.

2005 : Sash produced a new project called Latinovela, featuring 3 girls. They released their new single Abeja Maya on 20th of June. A 2005 remix of Ecuador (done with DJ Lhasa) was released, apparently only on compilation. Sash keeps on touring in many countries of Eastern and Northern Europe.

2007 : the long-awaited album is ready. Entitled 10th Anniversary, it included a bonus DVD.

2008 : Jens O did a cover of Move Mania

2009 : Sash! will feature eurotrance diva Jessy on his new single All Is Love. The long-awaited single will be out at the beginning of 2010. Lazy Monkeys released a cover of Colour The World.

2010 : Sash! left his current record company and was currently searching for a new label. His album Life is a beach was postponed to 2011.

2011 : In February, Sash!'s hit Stay was covered by Den J Rose. In April, Sash!'s hit Ecuador was featured on the soundtarck of a movie currently being shot in Scandinavia... Sash! new single is entitled Mirror Mirror and featured vocals by singer Jean Pearl. Video and single were planned for July

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