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Past news history for year 2010

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After making the opening of Shoppi Tivoli (largest shopping centre in Switzerland) a very special event with an exclusive concert on the 31 October 2010, DJ Bobo, he now releases a special Xmas compilation entitled s'Bescht für Weihnachten. It contains 11 tracks, including a previously unreleased track called Energia. To order it, just send a mail to

Natalie from Cascada recorded a special Xmas message to all her fans Watch it here

You have one day remaining (till December 31st) to vote for your favourite among the nominees at EurodanceWeb Awards 2010. Results will be announced during a radio show on RadioByte
Friday 31st December 2010 15:00 C.E.T.
Saturday 1st January 2011 16:00 C.E.T.
Sunday 2nd January 2011 21:00 C.E.T

Crystal Lake will release their first album We Bring The Joy as C-Lake. It features vocals by Scarlet (Rednex) and Marcie (known trance singer from Boston). Listen to it here

Tony Dyer's current project RIO will soon release a new single entitled Like I Love You

Double You and other artists recorded a new version of the classic Xmas song Do They Know It's Christmas. It is available on compilation Super Dance Christmas Party vol. 3

Cascada will release at the begining of 2011 antoher best of album, a double CD entitled Platinum. It will contain all the best hits as well as the new song Night Nurse. (Thanks to Dance Music News)

Tommy Schleh is currently busy in studio, working on the Masterboy's long-awaited new album. He also promised a new Klubbingman single for 2011.

DJ Bobo's hit Together was covered by a project from SAIFAM publishing Group called Marton. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

On a new version of the official website, Fun Factory third generation producer Rekardo Heilig publishs a press release, explaining he stops working with Team33. You can also download a free version of Fun factory's Theme 2010 (Thanks to Eva Sipkova)

On this website, you can preview 2 of Layzee's hits with Mr President that he recently re-recorded. (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Listen to it here

Fragma's new single will be entitled Oops Sorry. It should be released in January. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)


DJ Bobo and Roger Federer took part to the Charity tennis match "Match for Africa", broadcast last December 21st on SF2 and a few channels all over the world. Here they are, trying to record a Statement in Swiss german for the Event Watch it here

Steve Angello made a mash up of Corona's hit Rhythm of the night. It was played last week on Peter Luts radio show on MNM (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

LayZee ( Mr. President) recorded a remake of his 90's hit Up 'n' Away 2011 with Dj Othello. The single will be out soon on all digital platforms. Right now LayZee is on promotion tour in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Moldova (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Jefferson Project finally published a sample of their future single Inspiration. It should be out on iTunes on Jaunary 27th (Thanks to Klems) Listen to it here

Experience Of Music will re-release all 7 + 1 (Do You Think It's)…Magic? versions on a special fan-CD-edition next Spring.

Peter Luts is nominated for "Best Dance DJ" by the French magazine OnlyforDJ's. Vote for him here.

Neja was interviewed on Allakatalla show, on Italian radioRadio Studio Centrale by Antonio De Luca, to present her new CD. Listen to it here

Discover or rediscover the finest eurodance rarities on EurodanceMarc's Youtube Channel. Listen to it here


Kim Sanders is recording new songs in the studio with Aural Float team. (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Watch it here

Brown Jocelyn will be touring with the music project called Allstars Collective. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

September released an English version of Mikrofonkåt entitled Me And My Microphone (Thanks to Klems) Listen to it here

SAIFAM project DJ Space'C's new single is entitled Just The Way You Are

Eva Sipkova from Fun Factory Website interviewed Al Walser, former member of Fun Factory 2nd generation. You can discover the interview here. (Thanks to Eva Sipkova)

Dennis Bohn (one of Brooklyn Bounce producers) released a digital album featuring Brooklyn Bounce remixes, entitled BB-Styles(Dj Edition). It was released on December 12th under Mental Madness Records. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Experience Of Music's current single I'm Losing Control is now available in Russia !

ATB will release his new compilation ATB the DJ in the mix 6 on December 31st,2010. It includes his new single entitled Twisted love (thanks to carver).

Deja vu feat. Tasmin re-released their cover of Shakespears Sister hit Stay, with some new mixes, still under Almighty records.

Viviana (Da Blitz) was featured on Dj ThunderStorm's She's My Only (Thanks to Tavi Meran). Viviana had also done vocals on another of Dj ThunderStorm's singles called Please. Listen to it here

Alexandra Prince was featured on Phantom Black's single Home (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Listen to it here

Kate Ryan allows you to discover previews of her forthcoming album's tracks Listen to it here

Ernest Kohl next single To Be With You from his current Eternally will be released on January 11th 2011 on Famous/EMG/Universal Music Group Inc. It will feature not less than 26 different remixes.


Regi Penxten's next single will be entitled Runaway. It will feature Tyler, who was already featured on Loaded Gun. (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Regi is nominated at the MIA awards in the category Dance/Elektronica, you can vote for him till December 20th.

Scooter's next album should be released around Spring 2011. On 25th June, Scooter will perform in Hamburg IMTECH Arena, a stadium which offers a capacity of 60.000 persons, for a special concert called "The stadium techno inferno". This will be the biggest Scooter concert so far.

Dee Dee will be shooting the Roni Meller feat Dee Dee video for Will I be Free in Switzerland during first weekend of December.

Gigi d'Agostino released the second volume of his compilation Iere I Oggi

Charles Shaw was featured on Mendocino by Julian Heldt.

T Seven recorded a party-country cover of Scooter's hit How Much Is The Fish with her new band Judy & the Fish Town Cowboys (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Watch it here

After her contribution to the TV show "Så mycket bättre", 3 of the songs that September sung (including Mikrofonkåt) are featured on a special compilation.

Fun Factory third generation team changed once again. Now, there only remains Douglas and Jenna. Some new songs are currently in preparation... (Thanks to Eva Sipkova)

Helena Paparizou released her new single Girna Me Sto Htes last month.

Prince Alexandra just released her new single, a collaboration with Chic Flowerz entitled Treat Me Right (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Annagrace (Annemie Coenen) is nominated in the category female solo artist at MIA's awards. You can vote for her till December 20th

Milk Inc are nominated in the category live act at MIA's awards. You can vote for them till December 20th


Ice MC was featured on DJ Sanny J's new single Party With Us. It was just released under the label Fragile / The Saifam Group (Thanks to Klems) Listen to it here

Whigfield's new single will be entitled To Feel Alive (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Last week, Prezioso released his second compilation Prezioso In Action.

Jacynthe is back with a new single entitled Don't Touch Those Faders. Her future album should have the same title. Listen to it here

Soul Control’s next release will be Christmas Night (A Night 4 U & Me) and it will be out on December, 3rd

Viviana (Da Blitz) was featured on Alex Raimondi's new single Be As One. This is their second collaboration this year (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Discover Dance Nation's vide for their new single Surround Me (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Watch it here

Haddaway's hit What Is Love was sampled by Eminem & Lil Wayne, and more recently covered by Agent Greg feat. Abigail Bailey (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Listen to it here

Neja recorded an album entitled 133 Sushi Club vol.2, after the name of a Japanese restaurant in Italy located in the Breascia region. You can preview it on SAIFAM website. (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Listen to it here

Loona's next single will be a collaboration with Movetown entitled El Cucaracho. It should be released in the beginning of 2011.




Infernal's new single is entitled Alone Together . You can discover the new videoclip. (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Watch it here

Look Twice Move That Body 2010 hit #2 in iTunes Dance charts in Sweden

First French 90s tour will be officielly called Génération Dance Machine. Tickets will soon be for sale, prices range between 37 and 55 euros. Lienup and tourdates have changed. All infos on Cheyenne Prod. website.

Whigfield announced on her official Twitter page that a new single was coming out soon

While his previous single The Rain is still doing great in the charts, Luts Peter released his new single Can't Fight This Feeling. It features vocals by Jerique Allan. Videoclip was directed by Peter van Eyndt. Watch it here

This week, the Bad Boys Blue recorded brand new vocals for the song Show Me The Way (Re-Recorded 2010) which will be featured on the polish edition of 25 (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Discover September's videoclip for her single Resuscitate Me. It was directed by Patric Ullaeus. September now has two songs in the Swedish iTunes top 10 : Mikrofonkåt at #1, and Resuscitate Me at #9. Watch it here

French company Sofinco is currently using DJ Bobo's Chihuahua's melody as theme for their ad campaign.

Lane McCray (La Bouche) was featured on DJ Blaine and Barona's single Pump It

BG the Prince of Rap will collaborate with BPM on a brand new track that should be recorded in January 2011.

Experience Of Music will release their second album at the end of January. It will be entitled Second Level and will include 10 tracks plus a bonus track (thanks to Frank Winkelmann).

He wrote many tracks for Captain Jack, Papenberg or DJ Falk, this is his first single released under his real name. Discover Miami Nights by Chris Bernhardt. Listen to it here

After his summer track Weekend Is Over, Moff is back with a new electro-trance track entitled Jip Generation, still featuring vocals by Leilani and a super coloured cover art. Listen to it here

Discover new unmixed compilation Club Groove Society. Including Brooklyn Bounce vs. DJs from Mars recent release Club Bizarre

Dance Nation released their new single Surround Me. The videoclip was shot in LA (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

X-Perience are working in studio on a new album which should be released around spring 2011. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Regi Penxten's compilation Regi In The Mix vol. 9 will hit the stores on December 3rd


Regi Penxten is currently working on his 9th Regi In The Mix compilation.

Tina Safrany recorded a new song and videoclip entitled I Believe In Love. On the same Youtube channel, you can also discover the video of a mini concert that First Base gave in 1998 in Toronto (Thanks to Klems) Watch it here

Klubbingman (Tommy Schleh) released this 20th Welcome to the Club compilation.

Discover Twenty 4 Seven's video for Slave To The Music 2010. Ruud van Rijen and Captain Hollywood agreed to work on a remake of I can’t Stand it. A dream come true for many fans... Watch it here

Discover Cascada's video for her new single Night Nurse. With a special appearance of Tony Dyer... Her hit Evacuate the Dancefloor will be featured on a game called Dance central (available on Xbox). Natalie had to cancel some live appearances because she underwent a vocal chords sugery last week and isn't allowed to speak during several weeks (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Watch it here Listen to it here

September decided to release her version of the song Mikrofonkåt as a single, since her performance singing this song at show "Sa mycket battre" had over 500 000 views. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Abigail's album Be Still In My Soul will be released on November 30th

Alexia's single Grande Coraggio will be included on Christmas compilation Caro Papà Natale 3 (Dear Santa Claus). (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Sannie Carlson (Whigfield frontlady) wrote Semanas, Soncini starring Carine's new song. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

LayZee (Mr.President) was featured on the single Thankful, available on Legends & Diamonds CD. It was made with Robert Jan van der Toorn (Pappa Bear, Nana, Marky Mark). (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Jessica Folcker will take part to charity concert in Kungsträdgården (Stockholm, Sweden) on 20th November. More infos here (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Offlimits announced a new Pochill album with at least 1 song featuring vocals by Ann Lee called Sound of the Sea. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

DJ Crayfish released 2 other dancefloor megamixes : TWC 107 (3th DANCEFLOOR MEGAMIX) and TWC 108 (4th DANCEFLOOR MEGAMIX).

Paris GayZik wrote a report about We Love The 90s concert in Eindhoven (in French). They also interviewed the whole Twenty 4 Seven and T-spoon team (in English).

Many new 90s concerts for 2011 in Belgium and the Netherlands, see on the right (thanks to Paris GayZik)

Ray and Anita (former 2 Unlimited) were interviewed in Ape Magazine. They revealed the title of their forthcoming single (Thanks to 2 Unlimited official fansite)

In an interview for Danish Television, Lene Nystrom told that Aqua just finished recording a brand new album and that they had plans to release it next spring. The year, Lene is again the face for the new collection of the Danish jewellery Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.


It started with a rumor spread by Enrico Zabler on Facebook, telling he would go in November / December in studio to record a new album. It got confirmed by Tommy Schleh on his Klubbingman page. Masterboy are working on a new album. (Thanks to Tavi Meran and Joseph)

After almost 10 years of silence, 49ers are back with an single reminding of electro/retro style of Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP We No Speak Americano. It sampled the theme and voice of Charlie Chaplin's singing Je cherche après Titine in his movie Modern Times in 1936.

Sharon May Linn was featured on Unisonofx's new single Scent Of Summer Nights. She not only provided vocals but also wrote the lyrics. (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Listen to it here

Bob Sinclar covered 2 Unlimited's No Limit in his new single Tik Tok

Ruud van Rijen and Stay-C are working on Twenty 4 Seven follow up single, which is planned for early 2011. A brand new album should follow shortly after (thanks to Ruud van Rijen)

1 year after Belgium, Sylver's vocalist Sil will release her solo single Love Don’t Come Easy in the UK (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Alexandra Prince was featured on DJ Jesus Luz (Madonna's current boyfriend) new single Dangerous. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Vote for Glitzerhaus & Franca Morgano and their song I Feel It All to represent Switzerland at ESC 2011. You can vote here. You will have to register first.

Ernest Kohl's current album Eternally is #1 in EurodanceHits Euro-HiNRG albums chart.

According to his facebook, ATB will release a new DJ in the mix compilation on December 31st, 2010 and a new album in April 2011 (thanks to Carver).

Sash! left his current record company and is currently searching for a new label. His album Life is a beach is postponed to 2011 (thanks to Carver).

Robert Miles' new album will be finally released on January 31st, 2011 (thanks to Carver).

Bad Boys Blue's Russia In My Eyes 2011 (MS Project RMX Edit) is ready! It will be featured on the russian edition of thier album 25. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Experience Of Music's current single I'm Losing Control is now available as CD maxi

CB Milton released a digital best of album entitled The Best of CB Milton last month. (thanks to Michael Leahy)

Double You recorded a new song, an acoustic pop track called Definitely Sure, which reminds a lot of like Bobby Mcferrin's hit Don't worry be happy.




September's new single Resuscitate Me will be released in Sweden on November 8th, accompanied by remixes from Buzz Junkies and Moto Blanco. Videoclip was directed by Patric Ullaeus. Her brand new album Love CPR will be released in early 2011. Petra took part to the real-TV show Så mycket bättre on TV4, she spent 1 week with some other artists in a castle. An album gathering songs of every candidate should be released for Xmas. (Thanks to Tavi Meran and Scandipop) Listen to it here

Dilba Demirbag, Dee's sister, will compete at Melodifestivalen 2011 with the song Try Again.

New N-Trance single Is this Love is already climbing dance charts such as Euro Clubs Top 100 charts and DMC World House chart. It features their new vocalist Lynsey Jane Barrow (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Lyane Leigh and Dani D are taking part to a musical show dedicated to Abba. Lyane is playing the role of Agnetha. More infos here (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Gunther And The Sunshine Girls are back with a new single entitled Famous, which will was released on October 11th. The song is "a tribute to all those who do anything for fame" (thanks to Eve). Listen to it here

E-Type announced on his blog that he finished recording a new song (Thanks to Klems)

Alex recorded a videoclip for his single Moonlight. Watch it here

Ryan Paris hit Dolce Vita was remixed by MS Project and released as Dolce Vita 2010. It reached #19 in the French downloads charts (BYA)

Another 90s concert called Back 2 The 90s will take place in the Netherlands, this time on January 14th 2011. On stage of IJsselhallen : Culture Beat, 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor, T spoon, the Vengaboys and more. It will take place in in Zwolle (thanks to Paris Gayzine).

Discover UK composer Ken Warke. Among others, he composed the nice dance tracks DA House of Muzik and Another Days Over.

You can discover all the artists nominated to Eurodance Awards 2010 on this page, just above... To discover more artists, just reload the page.

Swedish band EMD have recorded a piano ballad version of Haddaway’s What Is Love for their new 90′s cover version album, Rewind, which will be out in Sweden on December 3rd (thanks to Scandipop)


Franca Morgano competes along with project Glitzerhaus (Lady Mata Hari & Doc Beat) to be selected for ESC 2011. Their song is entitled I Feel It All and it's a very nice dance song (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Watch it here

Ernest Kohl's current single Be Near Me hit once again #1 on DMA radio charts.

Neja finally shot a videoclip for the single Loving You she released last year with WAG011. (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Watch it here

Pandora will attend Sister's International charity for abused women in Citychurch of Stockholm on December 2nd. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Corona's new album Y Generation has reached #1 on iTunes, category best dance album (thanks to Augusto Vilar)

Dance Nation's news single Surround Me should be out in November.

N-Trance are planning to release a new single entitled Is this Love. Some promo samples can already be heard. (Thanks to Tavi Meran). The name of the forthcoming album is Brainstorm. Listen to it here

Be Still My Soul is the tile of Abigail's upcoming full-length acoustic CD. She is planning for a mid-November release. She also recorded a new dance track in collaboration with The Perry Twins entitled We’ll never know.

Discover this eurodance mix in 2 CDs by DJ Invader. You can download it from here.


Have you already voted for your favourite song at Eurodanceweb Awards ? 40 entries are competing this year for the 10th edition...

Discover Annagrace's (Coenen Annemie) new videoclip (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Watch it here

Sandra Chambers was interviewed on Italian Radio Zerosei. She opened a canto school in Brescia. Meanwhile, she is working on her first solo album, "and I will continue to do what I love the most doing : dance music", she explained. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Kate Ryan was interviewed by magazine Flair. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Lyane Leigh was interviewed by WebDJs. Read the interview here (Thanks to WebDJs)

Jam and Spoon released a 2010 version of their single Be Angeled. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Natascha Hagen announced that she was working on a new album,
which will be released in 2011. She is also writing songs for other artists. One of her songs was 2nd place in the catagory "Pop" of an international songwriting competition...

M25 covered Alice Deejay's Better Off Alone. (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Watch it here

Toni Cottura directed and produced an audio book titled "(R)evolution 2012". This audio book will be out on an Audio CD as well as available for download. More infos here (Thanks to Eva Sipkova)

A single entitled Crazy was released under the project name Intermission. One don't know wether it's the project we know or not. It was released under the same label as Real Hollywood Project Love Is Gone (Thanks to Denis ''DJ Hooligan'' Zhabkin)

German model Daniela Katzenberger recorded a cover of Aqua's hit Barbie Girl 2010

DJ Crayfish released a second dancefloor megamix. Listen to it here

Gabry Ponte remixed Fabri Fibra's VIP in trip. The melody will remind something to all of you... Watch it here

Le Click's hit Tonight Is The Night was remixed and released under the name Raindropz vs. Le Click (thanks to Christian DTM Nolimits) Listen to it here


Kate Ryan is working on her new songs, planned for release in May 2011. The first single could be a duet, she said that it "will be with a boy". (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

DJ Crayfish just released a new mix, first of a new series called Dancefloor-Megamix. Listen to it here

Zippora was featured on Nils van Zandt VS Sergio Silvano's single Never Again (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Watch it here

Mephisto released a new single entitled In The Name Of Love under Ego Music Italy. It features rapper Kurtis Blow (famous for contributing to eurodance projects such as Power Nation or Sonic Boom), as well as a sample from The Supremes (thanks to Carver). Listen to it here

AK Swift's track Do what I wanna do, was included on the compilation Septass - Hoodlookgood Light Edition (named after Open Air Hip Hop Festival in Aarau). The compilation is available on iTunes. AK (along with Omega Red) was also featured on a new track from Psycomatic entitled My Position. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Look Twice's single will be released in Scandinavia (at first) on the 18th of October (thanks to Patrik Wincent). Listen to it here

A new best of MC Erik and Barbara album entitled 2010 was released. For the moment, the album is only shipped to Czech Republic and Slowakia. For international customers, you can try eBay (Thanks to WebDJs)

According to what September tweeted, she is shooting a video in Gothenburg. Maybe for her forthcoming new single ?

After several monthes of silence, Caramell tweeted that they were in studio recording a new song and were satisfied of the result.

Soren Rasted (Aqua) current project Hej Matematik's new single is entitled Maskinerne.

Lene Nystrom (Aqua) will be the guest star of a TV show called “Litt av et liv” (equivalent to the BBC program "This is your life") in which they will portraying her. The show will be recorded in November in Oslo, and should be broadcasted during Spring 2011.


Franca Morgano made music as composer and singer for Lady Pochoir, a short-movie shown on festivals in Hamburg, Chicago, Bologna. Her digital album Bleeding Love Songs is available on iTunes. It contains some very nice eurodance tracks, such as Can U Feel It and You Do Me Right

Discover a preview of Ernest Kohl's new album. His current single Be Near Me (KLYK HI-NRG MIX) is currently # 1 on radio in the US this past week, being the 1st Hi-NRG record to hit this position since Aqua's Barbie Girl in 1998. Watch it here

Milk Inc's new single will be entitled Dance To Forget. They presented it during their mega-concerts in Antwerp. They also composed a song entitled When The Pain Comes, exclusively for compilation The Gek!? vol.4. Listen to it here

Dr Alban recorded a new song with the singer Melissa, called Mesh Ayza Gharamak, which should be soon released. This is Alban's second collaboration with Lebanese singer (Thanks to Dance Music News)

Lori Glori recorded a new song Party Must Go On with the DJ duo Global Disco Rockerz (Thanks to Dance Music News)

Dieter Bohlen re-enlisted as jury member for the next seasons of real-TV show Das Supertalent, and will also keep on being in Deutschland sucht den Superstar in 2011. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

T Seven will present Top 20 radio show every saturday from 14:00. She recently married German bussinessman Sven-Jörg Buthmann (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

AK Swift will release the single (The World Is) Hard & Cold with eurorap project Legends & Diamonds. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Peter Luts 's new project Pearl's first single Speechless hit Ultratop directly on #1 this week... (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Cappella's hit Move on baby was covered by Dj Antoine. (Thanks to Tavi Meran). Their current single U Got 2 Let The Music 2010 just entered the German DJ Chart as #143 (Thanks to Anders Bøgh). Watch it here

The video for Dhany's featuring on Frizzy Sounds The love you've got will be available soon worldwide (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Electric Lady Lab's You & Me which samples Snap's Rythm Is A Dancer peaked as #2 on the Danish sales chart and just entered top 20 on the Danish airplay chart (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Cascada's new single is entitled Night Nurse. It entered this week in German Top 100 Dance Chart and will be included on her forthcoming album (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Captain Jack released this promo video of Dream A Dream 2009 at the end of last year (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Watch it here




Eternally, Ernest Kohl's new 2-CD album was released on September 28th, 2010.

DJ Bobo will be a jury member of real-TV show "Die grössten Schweizer Talente". Castings will start in December, show will be broadcasted on Swiss channel SF1 in February 2011.

The melody of Ruki Vverh and ATC's hit La La La was covered by Auburn feat Lyaz. (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Listen to it here

Captain Jack has released an album called Best of Acoustic 1, only by iTunes. It includes 2 new songs, People like to party and Saturday Night (thanks to Ivan)

Discover Sqeezer's video for their new single High Heels. (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Watch it here

Annagrace (Annemie Coenen's new single will be called Don't let go (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

In 2011, Milk Inc will celebrate their 15th anniversary with 2 special concerts

Petra Marklund (September) was featured on beauty website FACE Stockholm (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Naan (alias Charlotte Carlsson, Whigfield frontlady) was featured on Pochill's new single Discipline. (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Watch it here

Next month, Eurodance Blog will dedicate every day to Franky Gee, Captain Jack's rapper, memory. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Almighty Records project Obsession released a cover of Bananarama Movin On. It's a part of new compilation Almighty Presents: We Love Stock Aitken Waterman.

Infernal just released their new album Fall From Grace

Last month, Urban Cookie Collective released The Key, The Secret 2010 (a remix done by Danny Kirsch) under label Superstar recording.

After remixing Captain Hollywood's Only With You, Paraisko remixed Netzwerk's hit Passion. "Its a bootleg for all the eurodance lovers", he explained. (thanks to Paraisko)

Franca Morgano (Magic Affair) released a cover after Beats International 90's hit Dub Be Good To Me (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Technotronic's hit Pump Up The Jam was remixed by Dimitri Vegas. The result was entitled Pump Up The Jam 2010 (Thanks to Tavi Meran)


Discover Syke'n'Sugarstarr feat Alexandra Prince's new video, featuring... many cute carrots ! (Thanks to Eurodance Blog) Watch it here

Jam and Spoon's hit Right In The Night was covered by Zoe and about to be released under label Pumpin' UK.

Sabrina's hit Boys was covered by the Czech duet Twiins. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog) Watch it here

After many years of silence, Captain GQ is back with a new single entitled Let's Get Naked Watch it here Listen to it here

Soul Control's first single Is it really love will be released on September, 3rd 2010 on major download portals (thanks to Florian).

Eurodance Attack vol 1 was released. This compilation features tracks by BPM, Experience Of Music, Rednex, LOFT, and many more (thanks to Frank Winkelmann).

This is now official : there will be a Dance Machine tour in 2011 in France. More infos here. (Thanks to Klems)

It's time for a new edition of Eurodanceweb awards ! You can discover this year's list of nominees on their freshly redesigned website. Among them, the projects Reset, Dance Nation, Annagrace and Dee Dee.

Dance Nation are back. Kim was replaced by a new vocalist called Sandrine. In May 2010 they released a new single entitled The Great Divide, written and produced by Brad Grobler & Rob Janssen for Noculan Music & Purple Eye Entertainment.

Experience Of Music's forthcoming single I'm Losing Control will be released digitally worldwide on October 22nd 2010. (Do you think it's) Magic? 2.7 will be released on the second Polish compilation
Eurodance Attack Vol. 2 as Experience of Music feat. S.E.X. Appeal (EX) E-rotic - (Do you think it's) Magic? reloaded (thanks to Frank Winkelmann)

Discover unreleased and rare Di Bronx and Natali videos on Klems Youtube channel (Thanks to Eurodance Rage) (Thanks to Klems)

September is working on her new single, which should be released around october, according to what Petra anounced on her Twitter account. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Estelle Linda was featured on Sinharaja's new single Hold on. (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Watch it here

Penny Ford, Snap's current lead singer, is complaining about the fact that a fake Snap! project is currently touring across Europe, using the project's name without authorization. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Unique II former vocalist Jade joined project EK3 on the single Busy Bazaar. They are currently working on some more songs. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Rebeca has launched an advance of her new album: an EP with 5 songs: Matador, Valentino Boy, Much, Tu nombre and Se me olvidó. The new single is Matador, and she is now appearing in many tv shows presenting it. She recorded the video in a disco in Madrid. (thanks to Ricar) Watch it here

Stay-C officially joined Twenty 4 Seven again. Sharon left the project to focus on her carreer. (thanks to Ruud van Rijen)

Dhany announced on her official Facebook account that on September 2nd she gave birth to a girl called Beatrice. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Alexia's new single will be entitled I dreamed a dream, from her current album Stars (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Peter Luts's new project Pearl just released their first single Speechless. Featured vocalist (selected during real-TV casting Looking for Pearl this summer on Jim TV) is called Charlotte Buyl. Peter announced that his new single I can't Fight This Feeling was ready (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Watch it here

Ponte Gabry with SpoonFace released a new song called Love 2 Party on August 30th (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

Pandora finished a new song, "a wonderful new ballad" as she introduced it on her official Facebook account. The name of the song and the release date should be revealed soon by Pandora herself... (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Groove Coverage's new single Innocent is currently climbing up all German dance charts. Video will premiere next week on Viva Germany. Official single release will be on October 1st.

Regi Penxten's new single features Kaya Jones and is entitled Take It off (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Watch it here




Kirsty Hawkshaw (Opus III) takes a little break, because she is pregnant. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Regi Penxten just shot a video for his next single with Tyler Connoly in California. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

Slijngaard Ray (2 Unlimited) recorded a track on Frans van Essen's new album (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

RIO feat. Dyer Tony's new single Hot Girl is out ! Watch it here

U96 hit Das Boot was remixed by Manolo Fernandez. The result is Das Boot 2010 by Manolo Fernandez vs. U96, released at the end of last March. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

Cascada is nominated at the US MTV videos awards. Vote for her here

CB Milton has his official website. Discover it here. He keeps on contributing to the project Playing For Change. A CD+DVD was released in June (thanks to Michael Leahy).

Bodytalk are going to release a digital EP entitled The Best Of Bodytalk

On August 1st, Sash! has launched his own online radio channel Club Dance Only, featuring the best dance music from the last 15 years. You can tune in from Sash! official website (thanks to Marko) Listen to it here

Discover Captain Jack's videoclip for their new single People Like To Party (thanks to Ivan). Watch it here

Every Friday on Israelian radio 106FM from 21 PM CET, you can listen to Eurodance Show, 2 hours radio show featuring the best eurodance and dream dance sounds. More infos on their website (thanks to DjGaBi)

Djumbo released their new album Chase a few days ago (Thanks to Abelito)

Brown Angie recorded a cover of I Say A Little Prayer under Almighty records (Thanks to Abelito)

After more than 10 years of silence, Never Look Back... are back ! They just released a new single entitled Take Me To The Sky and a new album called 2010-twentyten (Thanks to Abelito) Watch it here Listen to it here

New Robert Miles album will be postponed to January 2011. It will be distributed worldwide by !K7 Records (thanks to carver)


Discover Soul Control's first single Is It Love on the 'Diskografie' section of their official website. Real eurodance, just like we love it !

DJ Mikey did an excellent Oldkskool Italo mix, and also remixed Corona's hit The Rhythm Of The Night. All mixes are available on his Soundcloud page.

T-Spoon's new members are called Raw Jawz and Blondi. They they recorded a new song with American rapper Akon, to be released in September. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

After 3 years of silence, Twenty 4 Seven is now a duet featuring 2 new female vocalists : Li-Ann and Miss Cherry. They are about to release a new version of their hit Slave To The Music (thanks to Ruud van Rijen himself). Listen to it here

Layzee (former Mr President) was featured on Carlotta Truman's single All in the Game (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Watch it here


DJ Mikey's remix of Anthera - Good time tonight is now available for free on Soundcloud with special authorization of Maurizio Braccagni himself. Listen to it here

Snap's hit Rhythm Is A Dancer was covered by Christopher S & Mike Candys feat. Antonella Rocco.

Robert Miles started a new remix competition around his new album on his official website (thanks to Carver)

You can now ask Layzee (Mr President rapper and male vocalist) all the questions you've ever wished to ask him on this page... (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

Almighty records project Obsession released 2 new singles : It's A Sin and Always On My Mind (Thanks to Abelito)

After meeting in 1999, they been doing music since 2003. They also remixed Rednex's recent single Devil's On The Loose. Discover hard dance music project Crystal Lake and their last single Your Style. Listen to it here

Alex shot a videoclip for their single Moonlight. It should be released very soon...

Infernal will each week reveal a little bit of their forthcoming album Fall From Grace in the form of small soundbites on the Discography page of their official website.

According to his official Facebook page, ATB has planned a new DJ In the mix compilation before the end of the year, and a new album for 2011. He also released a new compilation in July entitled Sunset beach DJ session (thanks to Carver).


Loona will present her new single Vamos A La Playa, which is already top ten in the German dance charts, on July 30th, with a live performance and an autogram seance in 2 Saturn shops in Germany. More infos on her official website.

A few monthes ago, Roll Deep released this nice dance track, featuring a rapper and a female vocalist, a combination reminding of eurodance (thanks to Pim)... Watch it here

Soul Control will be in studio on August 4th to record vocals parts and raps of their forthcoming first (and very promising) single Is It Love. They just opened their official website.

Alex Christensen produced former American Idol candidate Clay Aiken's recent album Tried and True. Songs on this album are covers of classics from the 50s and 60s. There are some new songs available on his Myspace (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Toni Cottura and Steve Browarczyk (also a former Fun Factory member) re-created The Underdog Project with Shahin Moshirian. Their single Summer Jam 2010 was released on July 30th. (Thanks to Eva Sipkova) Watch it here

Groove Coverage plan to release a new single this summer. Entitled Innocent, this Mike Oldfield cover was already featured on compilation Summer Dance Mania 2010.

Lene Nystrom, Aqua frontlady, will appear in a movie series entitled Varg Veum (from writer Gunnar Staalesen's novels). She plays the part of Karin, the girlfriend of the private detective Varg Veum. Movie will be released this august in Norway.

You can discover a sample of Experience Of Music's forthcoming single I'm Losing Control on their official Myspace (thanks to Frank Winkelmann). Listen to it here

Captain Jack will release a new singce called People like to Party, from the forthcoming album Back to the Dancefloor (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Gala will be back this year with a new single and a new album. The sound will be a pop rock and both are planned to be released at the same time. A sample of her work is already available on her official website. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)




Following a performance in April along with the Vengaboys, Alice Deejay could be preparing a comeback... (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

Dyer Tony recently recorded the video clip for RIO's new single Hot Girl in Mallorca. The story : Tony works as a pizza boy, is bored and falls asleep... in his dream he becomes a superstar cruising through the island enjoying the sun and attracting a lot of beautiful girls.

ATB is nominated in the category Best trance DJ at the Ibiza DJ Awards. Vote for him here. He dedicated one of his songs to the victims of Loveparade 2010 and their families.

2 Brothers on the 4th floor are planning a world tour with ex 2Unlimited members Ray and Anita for 2011 (thanks to D-rock himself).

Cascada announced in an interview that the team was back in the studio working on a brand new album.

DJ Serzh remixed DJ Gaga's hit Poker Face and transformed it into an excellent eurodance track. Listen to it here

Discover the new dance project Soul Control. Featuring rapper Flow-Ree-Dee and female vocalist I-Sa, their first single is entitled Is it really love?.

A small part of Sandra Chambers featurings carreer was summarized in this very well-made megamix of 11 min (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Listen to it here

Whigfield's hit Saturday Night was covered by Victoria Silvstedt (thanks to mounier1950). Watch it here

Discover Locomania and his new summer single Samba Do Spain. A very nice latino-electro-dance track released last week. Watch it here

Since 2005 and his debut single Human Traffic, Moff has been releasing electro and trance tracks. Discover his new single Weekend Is Over, featuring vocals by Leilani. Watch it here

Solid Base's single Sha La Long was covered last month by SAIFAM eurodance project Varaderos. They also recentely covered E-rotic's Chico Chaco.


Kate Ryan recently has announced that her next album would contain covers, new songs and french versions and it would be released in 2011 (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

Alexandra Prince is preparing new songs for her first solo album. Among the collaborators : Melbeatz,Till West & Eddie Thoneick, Syke'N'Sugarstar. Release date is unknown yet. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Coming form the US, discover the project Oscillator X. They play progressive electronic music with a strong 90s dance feel, and the result is excellent. Listen to it here

Engelina , DJ Encore's former vocalist, is working on a new single with Poster Child, a pop rock band from New York (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

DJ Bobo did an original song for the TV commercial of energy milk drink Shakeria. Watch it here

Discover 2 Fabiola's videoclip for their new single Push It Up

Van Dael Jelle (Lasgo) has been anchoring the show "Daily 10" since several weeks on Jim TV. (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Watch it here

Dhany recorded a song entitled Moscow Never Sleeps for DJ Smash feat Alex Gaudino. A videoclip was shot last year, in the style of Destination Calabria. But the single does not seem to be available yet. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog) Watch it here

In Turku (Finland), a 80s Italo and 90s dance music party will take place on July 31st. Experience. Entitled X-libris 2010, it will take place at the Terrace of Café Sirius, Linnankatu 2. Tickets : 6€ (includes one beer, cider or soda), 3 € for X-rust members. More infos here (thanks to Juha Salhstein)


Maloy (former Captain Jack vocalist) keeps on collaborating with Shaun Baker. Their last single is entitled Power. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog) Watch it here

Tina Cousins wil be in Australia from the 11th to the 22nd of July for gigs and is signing a new deal for new material and new mixes of all the classics. She will also be shooting the album artwork and a video clip.

Sash! remixed Undercover from Rico Bernasconi feat. Oraine. and Darius & Finlay feat. Nicco's song Hold On.

Corona's long awaited new single is entitled I'm Not An Angel. Videoclip will soon be released, for now you can already discover the making of. Her new album is entitled Y Generation, it's an amazing dance album, and is digitally available on Italian portal Ascoltalamusica. Olga is currently touring in Italy with her new band, BC Band. (thanks to Augusto Vilar) Watch it here Listen to it here

Cascada is nominated in the category Best Dance Act 2010 at the urban Music Awards. You can vote for her here.

Blank and Jones released a new double album entitled Relax edition 5. Their new single is entitled Miracle Man and it features vocals by Cathy Batistessa.

Thomas Anders' new single could be Make You, from current album Strong (which sold platinum in Russia). It was remixed by DJs Denis Rublev & Natascha Baccardi. On the other hand, there were pics of a videoclip shooting for song Stay With Me, another track of the album, which were published a few monthes ago... (Thanks to Dance Music News)


G-Powered announced that they were about to record a new video

Ray and Anita launched their official Youtube channel

Wanda Fisher took part to Sovranoprod's single Disco Pusher. Single and videoclip were released in several versions, among them the Paolo Aldini & Fabrice Potec remix which really sounds eurodance, and the more electro-oriented DJ Mill4anno Remix which is also worth listening (thanks to Fabio)

Discover the video that Zippora shot for her single Lotus Eater reloaded Watch it here

The melody of Snap's Rhythm Is A Dancer was used by Electric Lady Lab in their single You & Me/ (thanks to Konstantin) Listen to it here

If you are a dance artist and would like to represent your country in EurodanceWeb Awards 2010, submit your productions to the following e-mail address: (deadline: July 31st 2010). The official list of entries will be published next September.

Roby Pinna presents a radio show entitled Slave 2 dance every saturday and sunday at 11PM on Radio italia network. More infos here

The video for Infernal's new single Love Is All can be discovered on Youtube. Watch it here

Dee Dee was featured by Roni Meller on his single The Day After (Will I Be Free) (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

Santamaria already recorded the video for their next single Só uma noite contigo. Watch it here


Youngfire is back in the studio working on their new CD which will be coming out later this year! Please visit for future information (thanks to Young Fire staff-Europe/Americas).

Rebeca's new single is a collaboration with Isaak entitled Going You Loca. Included in the compilation Disco Estrella 2010. (Thanks to Abelito) Listen to it here

After almost 10 years of silence, Rios de Gloria are back . The project now features Javier Rios and a new member called Saray Ruiz. Their new single Quiero was included in the compilation Caribe 2010. (Thanks to Abelito)

In an interview, Peter Luts gave more informations about the current "Looking For Pearl" TV casting. He also announced that Lasgo's new album should be released between September and the end of 2010. Read the interview. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

You can vote to help chosing which track from Alexia's current album will be the next single. More infos here

Maury and Jeffrey Jey from Eiffel 65 did a photosession on July 1st. And one for Gabry Ponte is planned the following week. Could this really mean a comeback ? Stay tuned...

You can now get the official AnnaGrace (Annemie Coenen) app for your iPhone or iPod Touch app from iTunes Store.


Ernest Kohl's new single will be released on July 27th on Famous/Universal records inc. It will include not less than 14 remixes by Man Parrish and Tom Mouton (thanks to Ernest Kohl himself)

New remixes of Corona's The Ryhtm Of The Night are going to be released under label DWA Italy, as Simon from Deep Divas vs Corona. French DJ Chris Garcia also released his own version of Corona's classic for the summer, this time featuring a new vocalist.

On his weekly show Regi In The Mix on radio MNM, Regi played the forthcoming Milk Inc single Chasing The Wind. Listen to it here

Jean Shy (on of former T-Spoon vocalists) was in the Studio last night, recording a new single for her current project BluEssence. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

AK Swift contributed to Gs Up's new single, a hip-hop collaboration with MCBee, Harv Dent and Gravy Mavis. It should be out in September. Watch it here

Technotronic released a set of 3 new remixes of their hit Pump Up The Jam. One of them was done by Peter Luts (Lasgo) (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

DJ Bobo released a video clip for his song Roll Up. Though it is mentioned that it's a homemade video, does it means that This Is My Time won't be finally released as an official single ? Watch it here

Waldo's People are back with a new single entitled Wanna Be A Rockstar (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Watch it here

Experience Of Music's Summer Of Freedom will be featured on compilation Eurodance Attack Vol. 1, along with tracks by Rednex and LOFT, to be released in the mid of July (thanks to Frank Winkelmann).




Experience Of Music's current single Summer Of Freedom will be featured on a Polish eurodance compilation. The next single will be entitled I’m losing Control, it was recorded last Sunday. Their remix of Shanghai'd Beats' Nite of the Groove will soon be released too (thanks to Frank Winkelmann)

Dave McCullen (former Lasgo member) released a new single with Aston Coles called Upside down last month (Thanks to Tavi Meran).

Jelle Van Dael (current Lasgo vocalist) has now officially entered the Jim TV VJ team. She will present a show entitled "Daily 10" from an open-air studio which is currently under construction.

Chambers Sandra was featured on Mood Velvet's single Summer Of My Life and on Pro-Hunters's single Catch Me Now. More infos on the reviews page.

Pandora's video for her new single You Believed is ready. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog) Watch it here

Penxten Regi's video for hist new single is ready. Watch it here

2 Fabiola's new single will be entitled Push It Up and should be out on July 5th (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

DJ Sammy recorded a new single called Animal, with writer/producer Jean-Baptiste (known for being songwriter for the Black-Eyes Peas). More infos on his DJ Sammy official website (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Listen to it here

Karma's single will be entitled Party Do Zore (Party Till Dawn) (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Aqua former member Soren release with his project Hej Matematik a new single entitled Legendebørn and an album Alt gar op i 6 (Thanks to Tavi Meran)


Sabrina will be the presenter of "Voglia di anni 80", a show that will start on july 5th on channel Italia 1 (Thanks to Eurodance Blog). Her duet with Samantha Fox Call Me entered the national dance sales charts directly at #6. Watch it here

After a pause of a few years, Da Buzz are back with a brand new single entitled U Gotta Dance. More infos on (Thanks to Eurodance Blog) Listen to it here

Santamaria's enw album Play was released on June 22nd. Their first single is entitled Tudo de mim (Para ti) (thanks to Denis)

Regi Penxten's new single Hang On featuring Stan van Samang went directly #24 in the Belgian Ultratop. His album REGIstrated 2 was just released. You can preview and buy it from major download portals. It features, among other artists, Turbo B, Ray and Jessy (Thanks to Eurodance Blog) Listen to it here

Lori Stern (formerly from Sqeezer) is nowadays member of the pop/rock band Mathilda. Their album Chansonpop was released in May (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

Abigail finished recording my second album this year in San Diego. And she is finally recording a Christmas album...

Discover Alexia's videoclip for her new single Star Watch it here

Anita Dels (2 Unlimited) did an interview and a photoshoot at studio Erwin Olaf (famous Dutch photographer)

Claudia Uhle (former X-Perience frontlady) will release a new album entitled Nothing to infinite with her current project Angelzoom. It should be out on September 24th under Wannsee Records. The first single from this album is called The things you said, and is expected on September 3rd. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

TV channel NDR invites you to vote for the most beautiful pop-songs of the North of Germany. Among the 50 candidates, there are Scooter's Nessaja and Modern Talking's You're My Heart, You're My Soul. Vote here

Brooklyn Bounce teamed with DJs from Mars to re-release Club Bizarre with new mixes (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

Italian eurodance and Italo-disco legends gathered for the first time on a charity single : discover Bandance and their single Guiding Star, and help a noble cause.


New Sylver Turn the tide 2010 hit the shops on June 11th (Thanks to Eurodance Blog) Watch it here

Dhany was featured on Damian William's new single Dangerous. Soon to be released under Lychee Records. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog) Listen to it here

2 Brothers on the 4th floor launched their new official website

Milk Inc's new single will be called Chasing The Wind. They sho the videoclip in Marbella (Spain). They won the MTV networks Cool Brand Award for Coolest Band in Belgium (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

Youngfire's official site has been updated with new concert photos, news, and more! (thanks to Young Fire staff-Europe)

Viviana Presutti was featured on Mr Roger's single I Love My Phone. It's the second track featuring her voice to be released this month. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

Loona's new single is finally Vamos A La Playa, cover of Miranda's hit. She presented it on June 13th in Berlin at the FIFA WM Fanmeile, and it should be released at the end of July.

An open air italodance party will take place in Finland on Saturday 31st July.

T-Spoon new formula will feature two female singers and a male singer and rapper. The new formation should be presented soon. Some digital singles were released this year under the name T-Spoon DJ Squad : Club On Fire, The Beat Goes, Krush, Bouncing In New York and The Final Countdown, all taken from the forthcoming album The Muzik Factory. You can buy them here. In March, they organized a casting for a new videoclip. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

Kim Lukas, Neja, Nathalie Aarts from the Soundlovers, Be Angel, Viviana Presutti (Da Blitz), Ryan Paris, P.Lion, Luca Zeta and Miko Mission joined to form the charity project Bandance. The single Guiding Star (an homage to Michael Jackson) will be released on June 25th. All incomes will go to San Paolo Hospital in Mailand. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

ATB's next single will be entitled Could You Believe. World premiere of the video will be on monday 21st. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

Eiffel 65 could be preparing a comeback... Keep an eye on thir official blog. (Thanks to Klems)

Lasgo's new single will be released on June 21st. You can already listen to previews on major download portals... (Thanks to Eurodance Blog). It is NOT a re-recording of the track that was featured on the album Far Away

SAIFAM project DJ Hush's new digital single is entitled Go Right For, a cover of DJ Valium's hit.

Discover Spanish DJ Jota M, former member of 90s project Impacto Total, and his album La discoteca new edition 2010, a very nice dance album. More infos on his Myspace.


Recently, Sex Appeal recorded a cover of 2 Fun Factory hits I Wanna B With U and Celebration. Would you like to get this new song for free ? Click here

The release of Cappella's 2010 remixes was postponed to June 25th by ZYX

ZYX will also release some 2010 remixes of 49ers's hits Touch Me and I Got It

Sabrina's duet with Samatha Fox Call Me is ready for radio release.

Dr Alban vs Sash! Hello South Africa was released digitally on major download portals. A French blog dedicated to Sash! was launched (thanks to Carver)

Get all news about Captain Hollywood on his new German official website.

Discover the Vengaboys's new videoclip Rocket To Uranus (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Watch it here

Santamaria will release their new album Play on June 15th (thanks to Denis)

Discover Miss June and her first single Summer Night, an excellent and powerful dance track that will set your summer nights on fire ! More infos here

You can have a listen to Annagrace's (Coenen Annemie) album Ready To Dare. (Thanks to Klems) Listen to it here

Robert Miles's new album Thirteen will be released on September 13th (thanks to Carver)

Bad Boys Blue's single Come Back And Stay Re-Recorded 2010 will be out in Germany on 9th July and the album 25 on 23rd July. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Prince Alexandra's was featured on Syke'N'Sugarstarr's new single So Alive. (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Listen to it here

Help Al Walser (former Fun Factory) promoting his current single by voting for him on Radio FM1. Click here. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

After 2 years of work, Penxten Regi's Registrated 2 album is finished. It will be a double CD.

Captain Hollywood launched his official German hompage. After touring with DJ Bobo on his Fantasy tour, he will also be a part of the additional Swiss dates of this summer (thanks to Tony Harrison himself)


ZYX is about to release some new Cappella remixes on June 4th : U Got 2 Know 2010 and U Got 2 Let The Music 2010, both as maxi-vinyl (thanks to Volodymyr)

AnnaGrace (Annemie Coenen) first album witll be entitled Ready-To-Dare. It will be released on June 21st 2010.

Viviana was featured on Fabio Selection' digital single Promises.

You can help Loona chosing her next single on her homepage. There are two options, Vamos a la playa (cover of Miranda's hit) and a new track called Rebolation (thanks to Ivan). Listen to it here

Eiffel 65 released Golden mixes of their hit Move your body, these are mixes with electro flavour (thanks to Ivan).

Zippora released Lotus Eater reloaded, 14 mixes sold as a digital album only. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

Fragma's next single is a collaboration with DJ Jesus Luz entitled What do you want. Jesus Luz is known to be Madonna's boyfriend. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

Regi Penxten announced that he was in his final week of mixing, editing and mastering his Registrated 2 album (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)




Acting Lovers released a new single entitled Thief Of Hearts (Thanks to Tomás Hromádka) Listen to it here

Dee Dee feat. Ray & Snyder I Want You Back peaked as #19 on the German DJ Chart - Dance (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Me and My's hit single Dub-I-Dub was just remixed and re-released in Denmark as Laywell vs Me & My. (Thanks to Anders Bøgh) Listen to it here

Copenhagen Bass' singles are now available on Juno download. (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Annagrace (Annemie Coenen) new videoclip is ready. Watch it here

Alexia's new single will be entitled Star, almost like the forthcoming album which will be named Stars . (Thanks to eurodance Blog)

Shortly after their long-awaited best-of, 2 Brothers on the 4th floor just released a remixes album in 3 volumes. (Thanks to Denis ''DJ Hooligan'' Zhabkin)

Sandra Chambers's next solo single will be entitled Cloud 9, available digitally on Beatport on June, 2nd 2010. Listen to it here

You can see a trailer of the Vengaboys's next videoclip (Thanks to Eurodance Blog) Watch it here

Paradisio is preparing a new remix for their hit Bailando. It will be entitled Bailando (Me Dices Adios) 2010. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

You can watch September singing her version I'm Sorry, a song originally released by Dilba, sister of E-type's dance Dee. Her next single ? (Thanks to Eurodance Blog) Watch it here

Basic Element recorded a new single entitled Got You Screaming. It was included on the digital compilation Absolute DAnce Summer 2010 (Thanks to Klems) Listen to it here


Lasgo shot their videoclip in LA, in the same swimming-pool where Justin Bieber shot one of his. Some of the water color even tainted Jelle's feet...

Annagrace (Coenen Annemie) presented a preview of her new videoclip on Jim TV. Watch it here

You're an Alexia fan ? You can now listen to her all day long, thanks to Radio Ale, a brand new webradio channel solely dedicated to her. Tune in here...

Luts Peter and Jim TV will start a new real-TV casting this summer. Entitled ''Looking for Pearl'', this new show will cast one singer and 2 dancers to form an entirely new act... It will be shot from June 28th till July 12th. Pearl should be the new project name, after main sponsor Tampax’ product line. Candidates may apply here...

Help DJ Bobo promote his single Superstar on French-speaking radio Rhône FM ! All you have to do is clicking daily the button corresponding to DJ Bobo on this page. No registration required.

Alexia announced on her Facebook that she would present her new single during TV show I Fatti Vostri on Rai Due on Thursday May 27th, 11:00 CET.

Discover a new web radio station, the 90s dance channel of Polish Radio AZ. More infos here... Listen to it here


Cascada won the Comet award for best female artist.

Scooter won a platinum Comet award for their whole carreer. They announced on their Facebook that they would continue their successful "Under The Readar Over The Top Tour" by the end of this year under the name "Stuff The Turkey X-mas Tour 2010".

James and Debora (the duet who fronted the 2 Unlimited project when No Limits 2.3 was released, and keep touring in Eastern Europe under the name 2 Unilimited) are said to be preparing new music under the name Never 2 loud.

SAIFAM project DJ Hush released a cover of Utah Saints' Something Good.

The same day, a track entitled Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart (a cover of a song by Alicia Keys) under the project name Heartclub. The sound is electro, quite far from eurodance of Heartclub had used us to.

... and the series continues, this time it's Housecream with an bouncy cover of the Pretender's Brass In Pocket.

Lyane Leigh was featured on 2 songs by DanceRockers. Heartbreaker is already available digitally. The other song, entitled Don't Break A Heart, is still a demo (it probably uses one of the ready-to-use acapellas of this package). Both are very nice dance songs. (Thanks to Dance Music News) Listen to it here


A mysterious project named Real Hollywood's Project just released an awesome eurodance track entitled Love Is Gone. The track is pure eurodance. What is strange, is that it carries the mention "Masterboy remix". According to Masterboy team, they haven't released any remix under this name recently. Maybe it's an unreleased track from the 90s that finally comes out ?

Captain Hollywood's best of album contains many previously unreleased tracks. Among them, a featuring of Turbo B... (Thanks to Denis ''DJ Hooligan'' Zhabkin)

Sash! new website is now online. It contains news about the new single All is love, Dr Alban's new single Hello South Africa that Sash! team co-produce, and more. Sash! forthcoming album will be entitled Life Is A Beach and will contain 18 tracks (thanks to Carver).

Bad Boys Blue's next single will be entitled Come Back And Stay 2010. Apart from 9 different mixes, the physical release will include the videoclip (thanks to Chris Gipsmen).

If you'd like to hear Filip Vandueren playing a (little) part of next Milk Inc's single, click here

2 Unlimited's best of Greatest Remix Hits was re-released last month by ZYX, as CD only. (Thanks to Dance Music News)

After hitting the Amazon download charts, Blümchen also re-released her best of album. (Thanks to Dance Music News)

Daisy Dee presented her new fashion collection in collaboration with German shoe store brand Deichmann. More infos here. (Thanks to Dance Music News)


The title of Milk Inc's next September mega concert(s) in Antwerp was revealed : it will be entitled Eclipse.

Discover the new single featuring Sandy Chambers' : La Maison Derrière - Born to be free, an excellent electro-house track. Listen to it here

Ray and Anita's new single Unlimited will be digitally released next August. They are currently in studio recording some new tracks. Don't forget to vote for them everyday to nominate them at the TMF Awards. They still don't have the right to use the name 2 unlimited. (Thanks to 2 Unlimited official fansite)

Lasgo's new single will be entitled Tonight. Lasgo will be on stage of Summerfestival, on sat 26th June in Antwerp. More infos here

Captain Jack recorded a very nice dance track for World Soccer Championship entitled Deutschland schiess ein Tor, to be released on May 14th. Listen to it here


2 Brothers on the 4th floor released a new album entitled The Best Of in March, available on iTunes.

666 announced on their Facebook that a new single was coming soon

Discover Vera Cruz and Valentina, some of the many nice projects featured on the digital compilation Euro Dance (thanks to Abelito)

Youngfire's website has been updated. They will be in Azores (Portugal) from May 25th to June 1st (thanks to Youngfire staff).

Franca Morgano was inteviewed on BalconyTV. You can hear her playing the guitar and singing in Italian. Watch it here

According to Novus managing team, Groove Coverage single and album are ready to release this summer.

Sash!, Fragma and Milk Inc, among others, will take part to the Dance Nation Live 2010 tour in the UK. More infos and tickets here.

Corona announced in an interview that she was currently working on a new album. Style would be pop-dance and it could be out in June (thanks to Augusto Vilar). Watch it here


Bart Claessen (formerly known as Barthezz) released a new single entitled Hartseer, shortly after the previous one Elf. Listen to it here

Braccagni Maurizio wrote and produced his next single Ma.Bra feat Dalan Party Let me be the one, a nice uplifting jumpstyle track. Listen to it here

According to rumors, RIO (new Dyer Tony project)'s next single should be entitled Hot Girl. No release date available yet...

Klubbingmann (Tommy Schleh ) will release his new compilation Welcome to the Club 19 on May 14th

Like almost every year, Snap are releasing new remixes of their hit Rhythm Is A Dancer. Entitled Rhythm Is A Dancer Remixes 2010, it will also include the original version. It went #2 on the German DJ Chart. (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Luca Antolini released a hard trance single entitled Control Your Body that samples 2 Unlimited's hit Let The beat Control Your Body. Listen to it here

Infernal's new single will be entitled Love is All. They have finished shooting the video clip, which will be the first part of a trilogy. They already expect it will be censured by musical channels because of a few erotic scenes. The new album will be called Fall From Grace, planned for release on September 27th.

Dr Alban is back with a new single Hello South Africa (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)

You can read a detailed summary of I Love The 90s concert on Paris GayZik blog (in French)


Captain Hollywood's 20 years Greatest Hits Album will be released on May, 12th 2010 on the DJ BOBO FANTASY TOUR.

Sandra Chambers recorded a song entitled Born to be free for the project La Maison Derriere. It should be out digitally on 18th of May.

Blümchen is currently rising up in the german charts... Wheareas she did not release any new single. There is currently a competition going on on Amazon download. The fans buy per digital download her single Boomerang to kick away the DSDS winner Mehrzad Marashi from position #1 in the chart. It already reached #2. After this amazing boom, Boomerang was released on CD again this Monday 26th April 2010. Several Facebook fanpages about Blumchen were created, and she was also a guest at the Oliver Pocher's TV Show, performing Boomerang live for the first time after 14 years. (Thanks to Dance Music News) Watch it here

Pandora's new single is a collaboration with DJ Matt Hewie entited You Believed Listen to it here

Brooklyn Bounce teamed with Alex M. & Marc van Damme to release new remixes for their single Crazy.

While performing at Queen's Day on April 30th, Ray and Anita presented their new single. According to fans who heard it, title is said to be Still Unlimited Anthem. They could be nominated for the Dutch TMF awards if you vote for them here everyday . No registration needed. Results on June 26th

During an interview at Victor Victoria on Italian channel La7, Sabrina Salerno told that her new album would be lauched this Summer. It would be a collaboration with other sexy 80s bomb Samantha Fox. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

Hanna left Smile-dk project, being replaced by Cecilia. The new team is currently working on a new album. "The new album that we are recording is an album for the fans, regardless if you are a fan new to the music or an old fan from the begining of the SMiLE era", Veronica explained. The official website was redesigned.




DJ Bobo's next single will be the excellent This Is My Time, to be released on May 7th

Experience Of Music is collaborating to a track called Nite of the Groove, expected be released on CD soon...

Ann Vervoort, former Milk Inc frontlady, died this week at the age of only 33 (thanks to John).

German DJ Andre Picar featured Ice MC on the release It's A Rainy Day 2010 with 2 versions : Radio Mix and a Remix by Luengo & Diaz. The release includes remixes by Brooklyn Bounce...

Discover Finnish project G-Powered and their new album Trust. Last year, they ended #3 at Eurodancewebawards. (Thanks to Klems) Listen to it here

Annagrace (Annemie Coenen, former Ian van Dahl)'s new single will be entitled Celebration (Thanks to Klems)

Viviana (former Da Blitz) is currenlty searching for ladies to appear in Alex Raimondi feat Vivian B's next videoclip. If you live in Italy, call 392 0734951 for more informations...


Plavka was featured on J. Nitti's single Surrender, released under Armada, Armin Van Buuren's label. Watch it here

Youngfire will be on stage of a eurodance concert on April 30th taking place at Brown University, Providence (USA) (thanks to Young Fire staff)

Pharao Kyra is currently recording a new song called Sometimes, to be released under Active Sense records (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Fun Factory third generation will shoot a new video clip for their single Uh La La (Thanks to Eva Sipkova)

Cottura Toni worked on Greek singer Maro Litra's new single Elevator Love (Thanks to Eva Sipkova)

DJ Bobo is currently working on the new live DVD Fantasy - The Show, that will be in stores on the 7th of May 2010

Corona's new single will be entitled Girando, it is a mix of English and Brazilian Portuguese (thanks to Augusto Vilar) Listen to it here

E-Type plans to start recording the new songs he wrote in May, so there could be a single for the summer, if time allows it

It is confirmed, Ray and Anita will perform at Koninginnedag 2010 on April 30th in Amsterdam. Lasgo, Annagrace, RIO feat Tony T will be there too. More infos here.

Hi-NRG legend Ernest Kohl is back with a brand new single entitled Wen U dream. It's an amazing dance track with a touch of trance which already entered top ten in the World EuroNRG chart. Coming along with not less than 14 remixes, released under Famous/EMG/Universal records inc. More infos on his official website (thanks to Ernest Kohl himself). Listen to it here


Jay Frog (former Scooter member) released a cover of PhD hit I Won't Let You Down Watch it here

This is confirmed ! After 10 years of silence, the Vengaboys are back with a brand new single entitled Rocket to Uranus. it is planned for release in the UK around May, along with a videoclip in 3D directed by Andy Shop.

Look Twice's official website has been launched. Visit it here. Look Twice will perform during Pride Festival 2010 in Stockholm next august, along with the Vengaboys (thanks to Patrik Wincent himself).

Scooter redesigned their Youtube channel. They plan to release a Blu-Ray, DVD and CD of their concert in Hamburg. H.P. Baxxter was named official representative for the 2010 International Ice Hockey Championships.

Viviana (Da Blitz) was featured on Snooker's single Hellgirl.


Presales have started for the next Eurodanceclub concert. The lineup will include E-Rotic, LayZee, Massive Tunes, Kenny M, Magic Affair, Kim Lukas and The Soundlovers. Concert will take place on Nov 5th in Kulturhaus Arena (Stuttgart, Germany) (thanks to Alex).

Dr Alban's hit Sing Hallelujah was covered by SAIFAM artist DJ Hush.

Finally, there won't be any second I Love The 90s concert in Hasselt this year. The 2011 edition is already planned on April 9th 2011

Cascada is nominated in the category "best artist" at Comet Awards 2010. You can vote for her here.

Sex Appeal will release a second remix album in 2010 called Peeping Tom Reloaded. It will come as Digipack CD Album and Digital Download on 26 April 2010. It will include 5 emixes done by the winners of a remixing contest held last year (Thanks to Dance Music News)

Anita Dels (2 Unlimited, Ray & Anita) took part in the new single Cancion Del Mariachi by D-Rashid & Roberto Da Costa. She also makes a brief appearance in the video. The single was released digitally on 22nd March 2010 under BIP Records (Thanks to Dance Music News) Watch it here

Captain Jack's planning include a videoshooting in Mallorca in May. Maybe a new single ?




Haddaway's new single is entitled You Gave Me Love, and it's the classical eurodance Haddaway style ! (Thanks to Klems) Watch it here

Daddy DJ's new single Perfect day is out now radio and club promotion and will be soon available on iTunes. Listen to it here

Sylver's new album Decade is now #1 in the Belgian Album Charts

DJ Rebel released some new versions of his remix of 2 Brothers on the 4th floor hit Never Alone as a maxi single (Thanks to Dance Music News)

After several years of collaboration, Aqua decided to change their manager. Soren Broberg Johansen was replaced by Niklas Anker.

The popband Alphabeat samples Cut'n'Move's Get Serious in their single The Spell. Their new album, released under the name The Spell in Denmark or The Beat Is in the rest of Europe is inspired by the early 90's eurodance. Like their new danish single DJ (Thanks to Anders Bøgh) Listen to it here


Experience Of Music are planning to release a new album in 2011 (thanks to Frank Winkelmann).

La Bouche's single In Your Life was remixed by Mphasis. Listen to it here

Become a fan of Fun Factory Third generation Facebook page and Fun Factory fanpage, and keep informed about the group's latest news (Thanks to Eva Sipkova)

Sannie Carlsoon (Whigfield) was featured on Auxman's new single Can't Touch as Naan.

Sylver's new single is entitled It's my Life. They will release a limited edition of a best of entitled Decade (The Bery Best Of Sylver) Listen to it here

Last week, Lina Rafn (Infernal) gave birth to a baby girl called Karmen. (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Ray and Anita's forthcoming album was postponed to 2011 and there isn't any release for the next single. They will probably perform on Queen's Day like last year. And the legal fight around the name 2 Unlimited keeps on... (Thanks to 2 Unlimited official fansite)

Mazelle Kym was featured by Guru Josh and DJ Igor Blaska on the single Eternity

Cottura Toni announced he was in studio working on his new single. It should be coming out this summer 2010 and will be in the same style as his previous single Fly (Thanks to Eva Sipkova)

Discover the projects Atlanteex and VyckVyo, and their very nice dance tracks (thanks to Andy Matthew)


Would you like to design your mobile phone, laptop or iPhone with DJ Bobo ? Click here. There will be an extra concert in Zürich on August 28th, since the first date is already sold out (Thanks to DJ Bobo France)

Ann Lee was interviewed by Russian Expecto TV. Watch it here

A new Italo Disco track was released in Switzerland, discover James Manoro and his single Another Lie. Though it was produced in 2010, it's a pure italo-disco gem ! By the same producers as Groove Empire. (Thanks to WebDJs) Listen to it here

Luts Peter (Lasgo) released a new single entitled The rain Watch it here

Sash!All is love will be released at the end of spring. You can already listen to some remixes in his website's intro. 17 remixes are planned on the maxi single (thanks to Carver)

Ray and Anita (former 2 Unlimited) signed for the Release of In Da Name of Love in 27 countries, including the U.S.A

After many years of silence, Aikakone are back with a single entitled Vuosisadan Rakkaustarina, released last month

Lyane Leigh recorded 8 acapella vocals now available for sale. Each song is available in two different versions (with and without effects). These ready-to-use acapellas can be used for dancefloor, eurodance, pop, r&b, hands up and trance productions. More infos here.

D-Rock (2 Brothers on the 4th Floor rapper) is currently a member of group Sweetcoffee. The recently released a single entitled U-turn (from their album Face To Face in stores since February 25, 2010.

I Said Yes won't be the first single to be released by Two (new project formed by Romy and Marion, formerly form 2 Unlimited), instead it will be a song called Wonder Why

E-Type was guest on a TV show Förkväll on Swedish channel TV4. If you missed it, you can watch it on the channel's site. Watch it here


The presentation of Two (Marion and Romy, formerly from 2 Unlimited)'s first single I Said Yes was cancelled and postponed.

Jelle van Dael (Lasgo) will take part to the show Sterren op de Dansvloer on VTM. She will be competing with professional dancer Pascal Maassen (who is no newcomer in the show, since he already competed with 3 other artists)

Mphasis did a remix of Bingo Players's Disco Electrique, combining it with Technotronic raps and a true eurodance song. His remix of Ice MC My Word is really worth listening too. Listen to it here

I Love The 90s concert (Hasselt, April 10th, 20000 persons expected) is sold out. There should be a second date, the day before.

On March 12th, United Passion feat. B.P (featuring Boris from BPM) released their first single Rock The Night. More infos on their official website. (Thanks to Boris Pavlovic himself)

Paola Peroni's new single is entitled Me Exita. Featuring Carlos Villanueva, it was released a few days ago.

BPM signed a contract with the Polish Record Company Sunmusic (producers of Eurodance TV, every Saturday night on TV Silesia). Some upcoming Sunmusic compilations will contain BPM tracks. Then, the first and long-awaited BPM album is planned to be released under the label Sunmusic. And BPM will be touring in Poland in 2010 on eurodance revival shows, along with other acts such as Rednex.

If you missed the #2 show of Eurodance TV, you can watch it here


Discover Radio eXtra, a new Bulgarian web radio which mostly plays eurodance and dance of the 90s.

Smile-dk announced on their Facebook that one of their singles, produced together with Uniter Forces, was ready. "I think you all gonna be surprised when you hear it!!", they explain...

Milk Inc's new single Storm is already #1 in Belgium

LayZee is working on his solo material planned for release later this year. He recorded a dance single in collaboration with Dustin Falls, called Overloading. Layzee will be on We love the 90's concert, along with a surprise guest. Listen to it here

Kate Ryan did a photoshoot for Belgian photographer Khalil Bouguerra. See the photos here. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

Gigi d'Agostino's hit L'Amour Toujours will be covered by Kim Leoni (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

DJ Bobo's new album Fantasy is already #2 in the Swiss sales charts. (Thanks to WebDJs)

Infernal's work on their new album is advancing faster than they had expected. Release date is set for September or October of this year. Their summer show in regards to musical terms and design is also completed.

Natalie from Cascada will not only perform her new single Pyromania at Wok WM 2010 qualifying on March 18th on Pro7, but she will also be among the competitors.


Discover the video of Scooter's new single Stuck On Replay (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Watch it here

A new French website dedicated to E-Type was launched. Discover it here

Sex Appeal released their new album Reflections, available as digital release only (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Franca Morgano published a song called Start It Up on the French site Castarprod. You can vote for her here, you don't even need to register...

After more than 2 years of silence, Starstylers are back with a new single entitled Your Love, featuring Nils van Zandt (Thanks to Eurodance Blog) Watch it here

Sil's (Sylver) first single Love Don't Come Easy will be released internationally under Toco International (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Brooklyn Bounce are touring with a reduced team : only Diablo and DJ Dennis “Bonebraker” Bohn (aka Brooklyn Bounce DJ). They announced a new single for March.

Alko Pro recorded a new song entitled Ljubav iz sna, a true eurodance song (thanks to Marko Markovic himself) Watch it here

Alex Christensen recorded a new single, a cover of Roxette's Listen To Your Heart (Thanks to Tavi Meran) Listen to it here

Indra's long-awaited new album One-Woman Show was finally released under Mercury/Universal. Recorded in Stockholm, with the collaboration of the Forty 4’s and Vaccum, it contains 12 tracks, including the current single Upper Hand (Sexy Mama).

Helena Paparizou's new single An Isoun Agapi (meaning : If Your Were Love) is out. The song is an uptempo ballad. At first, another single was planned for released : Girna Me Sto Htes should have been premiered on the Greek X-factor final... but was cancelled. Her new album Giro Apo T'Oneiro will be released in March 15th, it will be a double album including live covers from her second MAD Secret Concert (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Robert Miles's new album will be entitled Thirteen. It should be out during year 2010. Samples are now available on his Myspace (thanks to Carver) Listen to it here




Danish DJ and artist Kato did a cover of Dr Alban's It's My Life. The single features Dr. Alban himself, doing updated vocals on the new track. It will be available on Kato's debut album Discolized, out March 1st (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Sanders Kim was once again featured on Schiller's forthcoming album Atemlos. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Glori Lori was featured on F-Junior's new single Oyeo, a dance track released at the end of 2009 (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Jessy released a new single called Missing on itunes on February 19th. She should shoot a video for this single soon. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Milk Inc's new single was released on Fabruary 19th. You can discover their videoclip... Watch it here

The Vengaboys shot the videoclip for their next single in London last week.

Sylver are adding a second date for their special 10 Years Sylver concert in Antwerp Lotto Arena, on March 26th. Among the guests, John Miles Sr (original performer of their current single Music) and AnnaGrace (former Ian van Dahl).


Scooter's Stuck On Replay will be the official song of the 2010 International Ice Hockey Federation World Championship in Germany. It will be released as a single in March 2010. Other songs from their latest album will be part of the musical program of the 56th World Championship games. And scooter will feature the IIHF World Championship during their "Under The Radar Over The Top Tour 2010". Furthermore, a live performance of at the World Championship opening game in Gelsenkirchen is being planned (Thanks to Denis ''DJ Hooligan'' Zhabkin)

Dee Dee recorded a single with Ray & van Snyder entitled I Want You Back. It should be out later this month. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Youngfire's official page has been updated and forum has been re-launched. More infos here. They are currently working on their new project coming out later this year (Thanks to Young Fire staff-Europe)

SUnMusic Poland Records is starting a project of a TV program devoted only eurodance music. First show will be on March 6th, on channel TVS aka TV Silesia (HotBird 9, 11488 H). More infos here

Cascada's video for her new single Pyromania was released Watch it here

Miki (former K-pital) just announced on National TV that she is working on a new song to be released soon, that would be her comeback on the dance scene (Thanks to Tavi Meran)


On their official Twitter, the Vengaboys announced that they would be shooting their new video this week... Name of the song is still unknown.

Sash! feat Dr Alban Colour the World was covered by Laazy Monkeys. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Scooter remixed Rammstein's last single Pussy. (Thanks to WebDJs) Watch it here

The next Eurodance Club concert will take place in Stuttgart next 29th October. The lineup will include Layzee (Mr president), Massive Tunes, E-Rotic, Kenny M and more. Tickets will be available from March 20th

A 90s dance party entitled Dance resurrection will take place in Brussels next March 5th, Temporary Art Gallery. More infos on their Facebook

Scooter announced that they had just finished their new single and that it would be the official hymn of. something they keep secret for the moment (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

E-Type announced that he was back in studio again. But this time he would opt for a more modern sound... (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Along with Cascada, AnnaGrace (Coenen Annemie, former Ian Van Dahl) is nominated in the category "'Best HiNRG/Euro Track" at Miami Winter Music Conference awards. You can vote here.


Klubbingmann (Schleh Tommy) just released his new mix compilation Welcome to the Club 18

Penxten Regi is honourary citizen of city of Houston-Zolder (Belgium)

SEX Appeal plan to re-record their old hits and to release them under the album name Reflections, available on all digital platforms on February 26th 2010 . (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

This week, Natalie from Cascada has been busy shooting a new videoclip in Canada. For which song ? We'll probably know more very soon...

DJ Bobo released a Greatest Hits album in Chile (thanks to DJMarkito). The 5 secret concerts will be 5 showcases held in Germany, Switzerland and Austria at the end of February. You can win tickets by buying the maxi CD or the digital release of the new single Superstar. A 64-pages magazine entitled "Ein Leben zwischen Fantasy und Wirklichkeit" will also be released at the end of the month. More infos on his official website.

Captain Jack announced a forthcoming album entitled Back to the Dancefloor. It will feature remixes of their biggest hits, as well as new tracks in the style of the 90s (Saturday Night, Crank It Up, Save The World, People Like To Party). A tour as well as TV dates are planned. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Prince Alexandra released a single entitled Rise over. It is a collaboration with DJ Natsuyo from Japan. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

DJ Mikey O'Hare released some new remixes, among them a remix of Ice MC's Think About The Way, Valentino Brand New Place and Dr DJ Cerla Everybody Pom Pom. Don't miss them ! Listen to it here

Alexia's new album should be released in April 2010.

A date for Milk Inc's new single Storm digital release was announced : February 19th




Lineup of We Love The 90s concert in Antwerp was revealed : Captain Hollywood and Snap! will be on stage. More infos here

Cascada are nominated in 3 categories of the International Dance Music Awards : Best High Energy/Euro Track and Best Pop Dance Track for Evacuate The Dancefloor, and Best Artist (Group). IDMA 2010 will take place next 25th March in Miami. Vote for her here.

DJ Bobo announced that some secret concerts would take place in Germany, Switzerland and Austria...

Ray and Anita (former 2 Unlimited) video was just released (Thanks to Tavi Meran and 2 Unlimited official fansite) Watch it here

The single of Romy and Marion aka Two (former 2 Unlimited members) is postponed to March. It will be presented during a special charity gala in Zeelandnet studio, Kamperland (Netherlands). More infos here (Thanks to 2 Unlimited official fansite)


Double You released the a new single entitled If I Could Fall. He is still working in Brazil with his collegues Gino Martini and Tom Hopkins (Thanks to Dance Music News)

Discover the Bulgarian project Pulse Of The Beat and their single Zashto, a remarkable dance track. Listen to it here

Rebeca recently recorded a new album that will be out soon. The sound is announced to be eurodance... The first single is an uptempo song called Valentino Boy, with lyrics in Spanish and Italian. It has been included in the preselection of the Spanish song for the Eurovision Contest 2010. This is her 4th attempt to be selected. You can listen to the song and vote for her here (thanks to Rícar) Watch it here

Just Luis is also among the artists who applied to selections to be the Spanish candidate to ESC 2010, with a very nice dance song entitled Prove Me Wrong. You can listen to the song and vote for him here (thanks to Rícar).

Discover a new Finnish dance project called Kendi. The project feature a female rapper called Yavis and the producer Jaakko Salovaara aka JS16, known for his work with Darude and Bomfunk MC, or for remixing Alexia's Virtual Reality. They released their first album entitled Loudspeaker (thanks to Mikoo). Listen to it here

The release of Milk Inc's new single Storm will be delayed of 3 weeks because they would like to add the video to the release. Filip Vandueren announced on his Tweeter account that he was currently reworking the remixes for a maximum number of them to hold on the CD single.

Santamaria should release their next album in June. Title is not known yet.

After many years of silence, Mo-Do will be on stage of I Love The 90s concert in Hasselt, Blegium next April 10th. Along with Rednex, Double Vision. More names coming soon... More infos here (Thanks to Klems)

The Vengaboys are said to be preparing new songs planned to be launched later this year (Thanks to Tavi Meran)


666 vs. Tag Team single Whoomp ( is out in Germany. It went #19 on the German DJ Chart (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)

You can vote to tell which eurodance artist you would like to see on stage on We Love The 90s 3 in Krefeld next 29th May (Thanks to Klems)

Rednex have released their new single Devil's On The Loose through Pirate Bay for everyone to download for free. They did an interview on national danish radio DR P3 (the most listened too radio in Denmark) last week. (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)

On February 6th, there will be a 90s party in Copenhagen. More info here (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)

A new Modern Talking best of album entitled 25 Years Of Disco Pop was released on 22 January 2010. It contains all the official singles, new mixes and 4 rare never-before released remixes. (Thanks to Dance Music News)

After the release of the album Good Karma has been cancelled, Thomas Anders announced that his new album Strong would be released around February 7th (which is also Dieter Bohlen's birthday). There should be 2 versions : a simple-CD version, and a premium double-CD with DVD to be released in Russia only. The first single should be entitled Why Do You Cry, the video was shot in Russia last year (Thanks to Dance Music News)

Nystrom Lene (Aqua vocalist) was elected best dressed celebrity by Norwegian magazine "Se og Hør" (thanks to Aqua fan page).


A special website has just been created for the promotion of Ray and Anita (2 Unlimited)'s new single In Da Name Of Love. (Thanks to Dance Music News)

Magic Affair are currently working on new tracks for their new album (Thanks to Klems and Franca Morgano)

Smile's last album Party Around the World will be released in both Japan and China this year. The recording of a new album entitled Make up Collection 2010 is also planned. It will consist of both remade hits as well as new fresh songs. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

RIO (Dyer Tony and Manian) teamed up with Liz Kay for their future new single Watching You. (Thanks to Eurodance Blog)

666 plan to release a mash-up between Supadupafly and Tag Team's hit Whoomp (There It Is)

There are rumors about a forthcoming single of Cascada entitled Pyromania that has been remixed by Cahill.

Dr Alban and Haddaway will be on stage of the first 90s concert in France ! We Are The 90s will take place in Paris on February 13th. (Thanks to Klems)


Whigfield gave an exclusive interview to Italian online magazine Reportnet (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

Activate's hit Save Me was covered by DJ Brainstorm. (Thanks to Dance Music News)

BG the Prince of Rap's The Colour Of My Dreams was once again covered, this time in an handsup style by the German DJ duet Sequenza meets Megastylez (Thanks to Dance Music News).

Goffin Evi was featured by Alex Sayz on the dance single Hate To Love.

Experience Of Music's new single can already be pre-oredered on Amazon Germany, Amazon France
and Amazon US, where you can also preview the mixes (thanks to Frank Winkelmann himself)

Anthera's Good Time Tonight was remixed by DJ Mikey. You can discover this brilliant mix on his Myspace. Listen to it here

Ray and Anita (2 Unlimited) shot the video for their new single. You can have a look at the making-of... Sad news, Anita has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
Watch it here

Look Twice are back ! Patrik Wincent is the only member remaining from the original formation. They released a new version of their hit Move That Body. You can discover it on their official Myspace (thanks to Patrik Wincent himself) Listen to it here


A game for iPhone and iPod is currently being launch. Called "Caramellagirls", it is based on Caramell's hit. Watch it here

Aqua's Greatest Hits album was the 3rd best selling in Denmark in 2009 and have now sold double platinum. Their single Back To The 80's was the 3rd best selling track in Denmark in 2009 and the 8th most played track on Danish radios in 2009. (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Infernal's single Electric Light was the 3rd most played track on danish radios in 2009. (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Cascada's single Evacuate The Dancefloor has sold gold in Denmark (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Milk Inc won the MIA Award for best dance-electro for the third year.


Lasgo Gone ended #2 in this year's Eurodanceweb contest. The winner is the French real-TV candidate Angie Be with her song Soundwaves.

Rimini Project ranked #13 at the Eurodanceweb contest chart

BG the Prince of Rap is back for good in the musical business ! Him and Janet Taylor were featured by Michael Thomas on the single We Stood In Flames

You can discover a short sample of Sash!'s forthcoming single All Is Love in the intro of his official website. 17 remixes of the single are already delivered. According to rumors, the promo release (already postponed several times) could occur in January. A new album could follow.

Seems like the Bad Boys Blue 25 album, which was originally planned for octobre 2009, has been postponed to the beginning of 2010. All the remixes presented on the official website now carry the mention "2010" instead of "2009".

Taleesa was featured by the DJs duo Muthagroove on a cover of the classic My Body And Soul

Flo Rida did a remix of Corona's hit The Rhythm Of The Night. Listen to it here

Neja was featured on Lanfranchi and Farina's new single, entitled Sorry Listen to it here

Discover Ray & Anita's (2 Unlimited) single In Da Name Of Love. (Thanks to 2 Unlimited official fansite and Klems) Listen to it here


Ray and Anita from 2 Unlimited revealed the title of their forthcoming (and long-awaited) single : it will be entitled In The Name Of Love. (Thanks to 2 Unlimited official fansite)

Loaded Gun, the new song by Penxten Regi featuring Tyler entered the Belgium Ultratop singles charts directly at position #11. (Thanks to Dancevibes)

DJ Bobo reveals the tracklisting of his forthcoming album Fantasy. 13 tracks including 5 great dance songs (This Is My Time, Superstar, Upside Down, Fantasy, Ready To Fly) and a cover of the classic Tarzan Boy. You can discover samples on his official Youtube page. Listen to it here

Helena Paparizou is said to be currently recording songs for her 4th Greek album. Title of the album is still unknown, release date could be on March 2010.

Caramell recorded a Christmas version of their anthem Caramelldansen Listen to it here




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