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CD Connection
CD Japan
CD Shop 2000
CD Universe
CD World
Cyber CD Germany
Music Selection (US only)
Music Mailexpress
Rockhouse Musicmail order
Tower Records


Dance and Eurodance

Eurodance blog
Eurodance 90 CD shop New

CD Baby
CD Europe
CD Import Plus
Dance Imports
DJ Montreal Records
Europe Music
Lucasshop and The Collector
Newbeat records
NRG music
Total recall

Non-professional sellers

DanceWebSite online shop
WebDJs vinyls sale

Second-hand shops

PriceMinister : albums, singles, maxis, vinyls, books

Labels and records companies online shops

3H Music online shop (SEX Appeal and E-Rotic CDs)
DWA Records - Eurodisco shop (releases of Ice MC, Corona, Alexia, Double You)
EnergyProd store (releases of JK, Whigfield, Ann Lee, Benassi Bros)
Red Bullet Benelux A & R
SAIFAM online shop (CDs released by SAIFAM)
ZYX online shop

MP3 legal download sites

eMusic new
Amazon MP3


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