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Double You

Double You   (Italy)

EuroDance group
Added : 24/01/2000

We All Need Love LP
The Remixes
Why (Let's Make It Christmas)
The Blue Album
CD Especial UAU
The 12'' Remixes
The Best Of
Studio Live
Pérolas (Brazil only)
Live in Brazil
Double Mix
Please Don't Go
We All Need Love
Who's Fooling Who
With Or Without You
Missing You
Part-time Lover
Heart Of Glass
Run To Me
Dancing With An Angel
Send Away The Rain
Gonna Be My Baby
Loving You
If You Say Goodbye
Gimme All Your Love
Because I'm Loving You
Do You Wanna Be Funky
Ain't No Stopping Us Now
Music (Is The Answer)
Please Don't Go 2001
Eazy 2 Luv
Dance Anymore
Please Don't Go 2002
Everything I Do (I Do It For You)
You Are Everything
Please Don't Go 2005
Get Up
Everything I Do
Planet Electro
You, My Love
Lose Control
Please Don't Go 2009
If I Could Fall
Definitely Sure
You're Always on the Run
Happiness And Joy
Message In The Bottle
What Is Love
I'll Be Over You
The Volume
Beat Goes On
What Can I Do
To The Beat
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Latest Double You news

21/11/2023 : Adrian and DJ Ramezz recorded a cover of Double You's hit Run To Me

14/08/2023 : Here is a cover of Haddaway's hit What Is Love performed by an AI with the voice of Double You, generated by Azzalto. On the same channel, you'll also find another cover with William's voice : a version of Calvin Harris & Sam Smith - Desire

04/07/2022 : Double You and R Teaser released a new single entitled You're Always on the Run, slightly inspired by Michael Jackson's musical universe. Music video was directed by Cayo Felipe (Thanks to Hakim)

05/06/2021 : Last december in Prague, Double You gave an interview in which he told he was working on a new project for 2021

22/06/2019 : A remake of Double You by Escomel featuring Yoks was released last month.

19/07/2018 : Double You's hit Dancing With An Angel was covered by Baz last year, and a 2018 trance mix was just released.

08/12/2015 : Double You collaborated with Luan Santana on a remix of his song Chuva de arroz (New Life)

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Double You albums

We All Need Love LP We All Need Love LP 1992
The Remixes The Remixes 1993
Why (Let's Make It Christmas) Why (Let's Make It Christmas) 2nd Dec 1993
The Blue Album The Blue Album 4th Feb 1994
CD Especial UAU CD Especial UAU 1995
The 12'' Remixes The 12'' Remixes 1st Feb 1995
Forever Forever 1996
The Best Of The Best Of 1996
Heaven Heaven 1998
Studio Live Studio Live 2001
Pérolas (Brazil only) Pérolas (Brazil only) 2004
Live in Brazil Live in Brazil 2007
Life Life 2011

Double You DVDs and VHS

Double You Live Double You Live Nov 2007 DVD


Double You singles

Double Mix Double Mix 1992  
Megamix Megamix 1992  
Please Don't Go Please Don't Go 11th Feb 1992  
We All Need Love We All Need Love 30th Jun 1992  
Who's Fooling Who Who's Fooling Who 16th Oct 1992  
With Or Without You With Or Without You 11th Feb 1993  
Missing You Missing You 27th May 1993  
Part-time Lover Part-time Lover 30th Oct 1993  
Heart Of Glass Heart Of Glass 4th Feb 1994  
Run To Me Run To Me 13th May 1994  
Dancing With An Angel Dancing With An Angel 22nd Apr 1995  
Send Away The Rain Send Away The Rain (Brazil only) 1996  
Gonna Be My Baby Gonna Be My Baby Promo only 1996  
Loving You Loving You Video only 1996  
If You Say Goodbye If You Say Goodbye (Brazil only) 1996  
Gimme All Your Love Gimme All Your Love (Brazil only) 1996  
Because I'm Loving You Because I'm Loving You 15th Jan 1996  
Somebody Somebody 9th Jun 1997  
Do You Wanna Be Funky Do You Wanna Be Funky 26th Jan 1999  
Ain't No Stopping Us Now Ain't No Stopping Us Now 26th Apr 1999  
Desperado Desperado 26th Oct 1999  
Music (Is The Answer) Music (Is The Answer) 7th Jun 2000  
Please Don't Go 2001 Please Don't Go 2001 28th Jun 2001  
Eazy 2 Luv Eazy 2 Luv (vs DJ Meme) 2002  
Dance Anymore Dance Anymore 2002  
Please Don't Go 2002 Please Don't Go 2002 2002  
Everything I Do (I Do It For You) Everything I Do (I Do It For You) 21st Jul 2003  
You Are Everything You Are Everything 2005  
Please Don't Go 2005 Please Don't Go 2005 2005  
Get Up Get Up (with DJ Ross) 2005  
Everything I Do Everything I Do (feat Don Cartel) 2006  
Planet Electro Planet Electro (vs CN) 2007  
You, My Love You, My Love (Brazil only) 2008  
Lose Control Lose Control (vs GM) 2008  
Please Don't Go 2009 Please Don't Go 2009 (vs DJ Ross) 2009  
If I Could Fall If I Could Fall 2010  
Definitely Sure Definitely Sure Video only 1st Feb 2011  
You're Always on the Run You're Always on the Run (feat. R Teaser) 24th Jun 2022  


Double You remixes

Please Don't Go Please Don't Go 1992  
We All Need Love We All Need Love 1992  
Please Don't Go (The Techno Remixes) Please Don't Go (The Techno Remixes) 1992  
Missing You Missing You 1993  
Part-time Lover Part-time Lover 1993  
Somebody Somebody 1997  
Run To Me Run To Me 20th May 2019  


Featurings and collaborations

Fly STW - Fly  
Happiness And Joy Cote D'Azur - Happiness And Joy 2001  
Message In The Bottle T-Factory - Message In The Bottle 2001  
What Is Love Brubaker - What Is Love 2002  
I'll Be Over You Love Solution - I'll Be Over You 2002  
The Volume GM - The Volume 2006  
Beat Goes On DJ Ross - Beat Goes On 2006  
What Can I Do GM - What Can I Do Dec 2006  
To The Beat DJ RossDY - To The Beat 2007  
Change DJ Ross - Change 2nd May 2008  


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Double You biography

Musical team : Franco Amato, Ilaria Godani, Alessandro Angeletti, Andrea De Antoni, William Naraine
Records company :  DWA Records.

The group's story started in 1985, when William Naraine (singer), Franco Amato (musician, born in La Spezia on 21st of August 1963, zodiac sign Leo) and Andrea de Antoni (DJ, born in La Spezia on 9th of October 1966, zodiac sign Libra) began their artistic collaboration.

In 1991 the trio met producer Roberto Zanetti and their success was immediate. In December of the same year, Please Don’t Go was recorded. The song was released in January 1992 and it was an instant hit. Double You began touring all across Europe and appeared in many TV shows around the world. They became the phenomenon of the world dance scene. With more than three million copies sold, Please Don’t Go earned many gold and platinum records in such countries as : Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Turkey, East-Europe, the whole of Latin America (no country excluded) and many states of Africa and Asia. The record also sold in North America (top ten maxi sales), in Israel (# 12 ), and in the UK (n° 2 on the Cool Cuts Chart). After all, Please Don’t Go was the most danced song in 1992

The second single, Dominic Troiano cover We All Need Love definitely confirmed the world-wide success of Double You. This song was recorded in June 1992, during a European tour. It reached the top of all the world charts in a short time (for example # 2 in Israel). It was covered the same year by Arthur Miles. After this second single, the first album followed: We All Need Love, which put together such songs as :

Who’s Fooling Who the third single - was released in September '92 closing a year of successes. It reached # 12 in Israel.

Why (Let’s Make It Christmas) double you interpreted this song together with the original composer and singer of Please Don’t Go: Harry Casey, professionally known as "KC". the song was launched on the market before Christmas 1992.

Looking At My Girl was a great success in the whole of Latin America, particularly in Brazil, where it stayed at the top of all the charts for three consecutive months. The other songs, collected in the album, were Drive, Walking On The Chinese Wall,You Are My World, Going Back, With Or Without You. At the end of 1993, the recording of the second album, the Blue Album, started. These singles followed :

Missing You the song that preceded the release of the second album. It had success in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and the countries of Latin America.

Follow-up Part Time Lover was a great success all over Europe, particularly in France (where the group appeared in the most important European show for pop-dance music: Dance Machine-Bercy, where also many well-known groups were present : East 17, Ace of Base, New Kids on The Block, Culture Beat, 2 Unlimited, Haddaway and so on) and in Germany, where Double You participated in all the most important shows. It reached # 1 in Israel, being Double You's biggest hit there to date.

Blondie cover Heart of Glass met with outstanding success in Spain and in eastern Europe. Then came Run to Me, which was a big hit in the Netherlands, Spain and the USA. The song gave the group the possibility of starting their first tour in North America (1995). They performed in such cities as Miami, Daytona, Orlando and other towns along the East Coast.

The biggest surprise for the group were the extraordinary sales in Brazil. In a short time, the album sold more than three hundred thousand copies, earning a platinum record and, definitely, confirming Double You’s success. In fact, the group performed in the greatest theatres and concert-halls in Brazil: "Metropolitan" (Rio de Janeiro), that has seen such great artists as Diana Ross, UB40, James Brown, Peter Gabriel, Tears For Fears and so on, "Olimpia" (San Paolo), where many famous artists perform: Sting, David Bowie, Toto, Simple Minds, Sinead O’Connor,Peter Gabriel, Alanis Morisette. The tour was an unprecedented success for a dance group.

In less than three months, the group performed sixty-four shows, establishing a record of attendance for a single dance artist : more than 350 000 people ! so, a real Double you-mania was born.

In 1995 a new single Dancing With An Angel came out. On this occasion, the group added the voice of the singer Sandra Chambers. In Italy, success was overwhelming. Double You was present at the greatest summer shows, consecrating Dancing With An Angel as the hit of summer 1995. A long Italian tour began, lasting eight months. The song was also a great success in many foreign countries: Switzerland, Australia, Israel and Latin America, too. In the meantime, another song was released : Because I’m Loving You. The single was released in many versions, very different from each other. It was a big hit in Spain, Italy, Israel (where it reached # 19), and Brazil and one of the most aired on European radios. A housesong with almost the same title, Loving You, aired but as videoclip only. It seems that videoclips for both songs were shot the same day in the same place, a theater...

At the beginning of 1996, Andrea de Antoni left the group to undertake his own artistic career. In this period, Double You was in great demand in Brazil ; so the new tour started. Here they performed in the most important concert-halls of the country. The group dedicated the album Forever to all their Brazilian fans. this new album was produced 50% in Italy and 50% in Brazil. It was released only in that country, selling one hundred and fifty thousand copies. In three months, it was awarded a gold record. a high point was the big show in Uberaba, in front of a crowd of 50 000 spectators.

2 singles were released the same year, in Brazil only, under the label Spotlight. The first was entitled If You Say Goodbye, the second Send Away The Rain.

William Naraine also took part to several DWA projects : Data Drama, Eclipse, Mission, Funkelectra, Infinity feat Sense, Kaas, Pacific, Space Tribe, Time Machine, Toro, Willy Morales.

After two years' rest, spending in the studio to create new songs for their next album, in spring 1997 the new single came out. It was entitled Somebody.

1999 : a new single was released, called Desperado.

2000 : Double You released a track called Music (Is The Answer). It was followed by a 2001 remix of the hit Please Don't Go. A best of album called Studio Live was released the same year in Brazil.

2002 : Double You was back ! The team released a single entitled Dance Anymore. William had worked with Memi P. and Ryo S., produced and performed with other projects such as T-Factory (he contributed to the song Message In The Bottle, which had a lot of success worldwide). The same year, his voice was featured by Love Solution for the track I'll Be Over You.

2003 : Double You did a remake of Bryan Adams' hit I Do It For You. The band toured in all the main Brazilian cities. In May they did shows in the South and Southeast, including a great presentation in the Olympia of São Paulo. Then they went to Belém, Macapá and Manaus.

2004 : in March William Naraine contributed to Vanni G's single All My Illusion. In october he appeared once again on the next single I Say Yeah. He also took part to a remix of the single by Promise Land vs Netzwerk Memories, sung duo with Sandy.

2005 : William's voice was featured by Dj Ross (real name : Rossano Prini) for the single Get Up, under the project name DJ Ross vs DY.

2006 : The collaboration with DJ Ross went on, with the single Beat Goes On. Double You took part with DJ Ross to Pop Festival, one of the biggest dance events in Brazil. Everything I Do was re-released, featuring Don Cartel. Until beginning of 2006, his vocalist on stage was Francine Missika, from Brazil. Afterwards she was replaced by Giovana Félix, also Brazilian.

In April, Beat Goes On was #1 in the Brazilian Dance charts. In May a new track was released in Brazil : GM vs Double You - The Volume. GM stands for Gino Martini. Then in December came the single What Can I Do .

Double You is one of the names behind the new Brazilian house music sensation called House Boulevard, along with DJ Tom Hopkins and two other producers, and his stage vocalist Giovana Félix. The track is called Can't Get You and it's been very successfully in Brazil.

2007 : in February, Double You recorded a new track with DJ Ross : To The Beat. In October, it was officially mentioned that Double You's new single would be released as CN Vs. Double You and entitled Planet Electro. In November, a live DVD (shot during a concert in São Paulo) and a live CD were released, available in Brazil only.

2008 : New from Double You vs DJ Ross, the single Change, released under the label Bang Records. Double You also released a new track called You, my love, in Brazil. Please Don't Go was covered by Basshunter.

2009 : DJ Ross did a remix of Please Don't Go and it was released under the name DJ Ross vs Double You - Please don't Go 2009.

2010 : Double You released a new single entitled If I Could Fall.

2011 : William Naraine's album Life was released in Brazil under Double You

2015 : Double You did vocals on a remix of Luan Santana's song Chuva de arroz (New Life)

Double You lives nowadays in Brazil.

DWA Records
Double You Official website
Double You at Parafolia
Thanks to Shimon O'Hana for the charts positions
Thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin, Dance Music News, Tavi Meran, Augusto Vilar, Alexandre, Alex Capilé, Anton "MC Kasper" Skaletsky, Audrey, Andrew-FK and Jérôme T for the latest informations

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Charts (singles)

France Netherlands Sweden Switzerland
Please Don't Go #2 #9 #2
We All Need Love #10 #33 #7
Who's Fooling Who #26
Run To Me #18
Everything I Do (I Do It For You) #66
Please Don't Go 2005 #48




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