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The site

The Eurodance Encyclopaedia was created in January 2000. Its goal is to gather all available informations about eurodance artists, groups and members.

I am the ONE AND ONLY person responsible for the updates, graphics and coding (and yes, it's a lot of work !).

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The webmaster

Real name Vrai nom
Birth date Date de naissance
23rd November 1975 in Nice (France)
Job Métier
Sorry, I am on holiday !
Passions in life Passions dans la vie
Jean-Paul, our 2 cats, pets in general, computers and Eurodance
Nowadays : roller-blade, kali eskrima, web-surfing.
A long time ago : fitness, aerobic, skiing, tennis
Favourite movies Films préférés
The Great Dictator (Le Dictateur), The Good The Bad And The Ugly (Le Bon La Brute et Le Truand), Some Like It Hot (Certains L'Aiment Chaud), The Full Monty, Usual Suspects, La Cité de la Peur
Favourite TV series Séries TV favorites
Dr House, My Name Is Earl, Dexter, X-files, PJ, Avocats & Associés
Favourite musical styles Styles musicaux favoris
Eurodance, Eurodance and again Eurodance !
Favourite dance acts Groupes Eurodance préférés
E-Rotic, DJ Bobo, Masterboy, Magic Affair, Imperio, Ice MC, Morgana, Cappella, Wienna, TH Express...
Favourite dance vocalists Chanteuses Eurodance préférées
Melanie Thornton, Lyane Leigh, Alessia Aquilani, Franca Morgano, Sandy Chambers...
Favourite dance rappers Rappeurs Eurodance préférés
Captain Hollywood, DJ Bobo, O'Jay, AK Swift, Jay Supreme...
Where am I at this moment ? Où suis-je en ce moment ?
Behind the Eurodance Encyclopaedia : softs I used Derrière l'Encyclopédie de l'Eurodance...
Graphics : Adobe Photoshop, Ulead Cool 3D, Metacreations Bryce 3D, FontAwesome
HTML and internet softs : Adobe Dreamweaver
Hosting : O2Switch.

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The Eurodance Encyclopaedia won the
Stephanie Angelic site 2001 award.

The Eurodance Encyclopaedia won the
Golden Web award 2003-2004.

Karine SANCHE, webmaster of the Encyclopaedia

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In Wikipedia (EN - SV - FI)

and in Alex P. King's book Hit Parade 20 Ans de Tubes. It describes 20 years of singles charts and releases in France.
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