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Paparizou Helena

Paparizou (Helena)   (Sweden)

EuroTrance member
Added : 23/01/2006

My Number One
Proteraiotita Second edition
Proteraiotita Third edition
Iparhi Logos
The Game of Love
Vrisko To Logo Na Zo
Giro Apo T'Oneiro
Greatest Hits & More
The Love Collection
Ti Ora Tha Vgoume
One Life
Summer Extended 2017
Ouranio Toxo
Anapantites Kliseis
Treli Kardia
Katse Kala
Stin Kardia Mou Mono Thlipsi
My Number One
The Light In Our Soul
A Brighter Day
Iparhi Logos
An Ihes Erthi Pio Noris
Min Fevgis
Mazi Sou
To Fili Tis Zois
Porta Gia Ton Ourano
I Kardia Sou Petra
Eisai I Foni
Tha 'Mai Allios
An Isoun Agapi
Psahno Tin Alitheia
Girna Me Sto Htes
Baby It's Over
Mr Perfect
Poso M'Aresei
Ena Lepto
Save Me (This Is An SOS)
De Thelo Allon Iroa
Don't Hold Back On Love
Otan Aggeloi Klaine
Misi Kardia
You Are The Only One
Zoi Mou
Agkaliase Me
Colour Your Dream
Etsi Ki Etsi
Totally Erased
Kati Skoteino
Hristougenna Xana
Askopa Xenihtia
Kalokairi Kai Pathos
Etsi Ine I Fasi
Se Xéno Sóma
Deja Vu
De Mou Ta Leei Kala
Mávra Gyaliá
Party All The Time EP
Opa Opa
Dinata Dinata
Mera Meti Mera
Antique Ep
Mera Meti Mera
(I Would) Die For You
Die For You
Ligo Ligo
Follow Me
Alli Mia Fora
Moro Mou
Blue Love
All The Time
Lathos Agapes
Love Till It's Over
Total Disguise
Day And Night
Twist In My Sobriety
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Latest Helena Paparizou news

21/04/2024 : Discover the videoclip for Helena Paparizou's new single Mávra Gyaliá, produced by by Sin Laurent & Beyond. It was directed by Yiannis Papadakos

09/04/2024 : Helena Paparizou's next single will be entitled Mávra Gyaliá and it is planned for April 19th

26/07/2023 : Tomorrow, the video for Helena Paparizou's current single De Mou Ta Leei Kala will premiere

13/06/2023 : Helena Paparizou's next single will be a Greek song entitled De Mou Ta Leei Kala

28/12/2022 : The official video for Helena Paparizou's current sinlge will premiere tomorrow at 15:00. It was directed by Vangélis Tsaousópoulos

02/12/2022 : Helena Paparizou's new single Fevgo will be released next Friday 9th

14/09/2022 : Helena Paparizou teams with Marseaux and Joanne to release a new version of her 2004 hit Katse Kala

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Helena Paparizou albums

Proteraiotita Proteraiotita Apr 2004
My Number One My Number One 2005
Proteraiotita Second edition Proteraiotita Second edition 2005
Proteraiotita Third edition Proteraiotita Third edition 2005
Iparhi Logos Iparhi Logos 2 CDs 2006
The Game of Love The Game of Love 25th Oct 2006
Vrisko To Logo Na Zo Vrisko To Logo Na Zo May 2008
Giro Apo T'Oneiro Giro Apo T'Oneiro 29th Mar 2010
Greatest Hits & More Greatest Hits & More 3 CDs 23rd May 2011
The Love Collection The Love Collection 1st Feb 2013
Ti Ora Tha Vgoume Ti Ora Tha Vgoume 3rd Jun 2013
One Life One Life 26th Mar 2014
Summer Extended 2017 Summer Extended 2017 27th Jun 2017
Ouranio Toxo Ouranio Toxo 15th Dec 2017
Apohrosis Apohrosis 29th Jan 2021

Helena Paparizou DVDs and VHS

Number One Number One Apr 2005 DVD
Mad Secret Concerts Mad Secret Concerts Jul 2006 DVD


Helena Paparizou singles

Anapantites Kliseis Anapantites Kliseis Dec 2003  
Treli Kardia Treli Kardia Video only Feb 2004  
Antithesis Antithesis Jul 2004  
Katse Kala Katse Kala Nov 2004  
Stin Kardia Mou Mono Thlipsi Stin Kardia Mou Mono Thlipsi Video only Feb 2005  
My Number One My Number One 31st May 2005  
The Light In Our Soul The Light In Our Soul Jul 2005  
A Brighter Day A Brighter Day Sep 2005  
Mambo Mambo Nov 2005  
Iparhi Logos Iparhi Logos Apr 2006  
Heroes Heroes 7th Aug 2006  
Gigolo Gigolo 15th Nov 2006  
An Ihes Erthi Pio Noris An Ihes Erthi Pio Noris Dec 2006  
Min Fevgis Min Fevgis Apr 2007  
Phos Phos May 2007  
Mazi Sou Mazi Sou May 2007  
To Fili Tis Zois To Fili Tis Zois Sep 2007  
Pirotehnimata Pirotehnimata 2008  
Porta Gia Ton Ourano Porta Gia Ton Ourano Radio release 8th Apr 2008  
I Kardia Sou Petra I Kardia Sou Petra Radio release 21st Jul 2008  
Eisai I Foni Eisai I Foni 25th Feb 2009  
Tha 'Mai Allios Tha 'Mai Allios May 2009  
An Isoun Agapi An Isoun Agapi 28th Feb 2010  
Psahno Tin Alitheia Psahno Tin Alitheia May 2010  
Girna Me Sto Htes Girna Me Sto Htes 1st Nov 2010  
Baby It's Over Baby It's Over 18th Feb 2011  
Mr Perfect Mr Perfect Nov 2011  
Popular Popular 11th Mar 2012  
Pios Pios 6th Jul 2012  
Poso M'Aresei Poso M'Aresei 19th Mar 2013  
Ena Lepto Ena Lepto 15th Apr 2013  
Save Me (This Is An SOS) Save Me (This Is An SOS) 29th May 2013  
De Thelo Allon Iroa De Thelo Allon Iroa Video only Dec 2013  
Survivor Survivor 23rd Feb 2014  
Don't Hold Back On Love Don't Hold Back On Love 1st May 2014  
Otan Aggeloi Klaine Otan Aggeloi Klaine 23rd Feb 2015  
Angel Angel 30th Apr 2015  
Misi Kardia Misi Kardia 15th Feb 2016  
Fiesta Fiesta 4th Jul 2016  
You Are The Only One You Are The Only One (with Sergey Lazarev) 5th Aug 2016  
Zoi Mou Zoi Mou 23rd Sep 2016  
Agkaliase Me Agkaliase Me 9th Dec 2016  
Haide Haide 1st May 2017  
Colour Your Dream Colour Your Dream 12th May 2017  
Etsi Ki Etsi Etsi Ki Etsi Video only 14th Dec 2017  
Totally Erased Totally Erased 4th May 2018  
Kati Skoteino Kati Skoteino 6th Oct 2018  
Hristougenna Xana Hristougenna Xana 3rd Dec 2018  
Askopa Xenihtia Askopa Xenihtia 26th Mar 2019  
Kalokairi Kai Pathos Kalokairi Kai Pathos 10th Jun 2019  
Etsi Ine I Fasi Etsi Ine I Fasi (with Sakis Rouvas) 24th Feb 2020  
Se Xéno Sóma Se Xéno Sóma 18th Sep 2020  
Deja Vu Deja Vu (with Marseaux) 18th Dec 2020  
Lightning Lightning (with Levianth) 22nd Nov 2021  
Fevgo Fevgo 9th Dec 2022  
De Mou Ta Leei Kala De Mou Ta Leei Kala 23rd Jun 2023  
Mávra Gyaliá Mávra Gyaliá 19th Apr 2024  
Party All The Time EP Party All The Time EP 5th Jul 2024  


Featurings and collaborations

Opa-Opa Antique - Opa-Opa 5th Jul 1999  
Opa Opa Antique - Opa Opa (album) 13th Oct 1999  
Dinata Dinata Antique - Dinata Dinata 11th Nov 1999  
Mera Meti Mera Antique - Mera Meti Mera 25th Feb 2000  
Antique Ep Antique - Antique Ep 18th Oct 2000  
Mera Meti Mera Antique - Mera Meti Mera (album) May 2001  
(I Would) Die For You Antique - (I Would) Die For You 14th May 2001  
Die For You Antique - Die For You (album) 19th Jun 2001  
Ligo Ligo Antique - Ligo Ligo 27th Aug 2001  
Follow Me Antique - Follow Me 2002  
Alli Mia Fora Antique - Alli Mia Fora (album) Dec 2002  
Moro Mou Antique - Moro Mou 2003  
Blue Love Antique - Blue Love (album) Jun 2003  
All The Time Playmen - All The Time 2nd Jul 2012  
Lathos Agapes Natasa Theodoridou - Lathos Agapes 19th Oct 2012  
Love Till It's Over House Twins - Love Till It's Over 16th Feb 2015  
Total Disguise Serhat - Total Disguise 22nd Jun 2018  
Day And Night Magnus Carlsson - Day And Night 4th Jun 2021  
Twist In My Sobriety Joanne - Twist In My Sobriety 28th Jun 2021  


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Helena Paparizou biography

Helena Paparizou was born 31 January 1982 in Borås, and raised in Gothenburg (Sweden) from Greek parents coming from Volos and Karditsa. Her talents revolved around singing, dancing and acting. She began her studies of these arts even while she was still in school.

Her name has always been spelt 'Elena' during her career, but in Sweden, and in various other countries as her second appearance in Eurovision (in 2005) approached, the latinised spelling 'Helena' grew more common, and the songstress herself admitted in a Swedish interview that she was forced by her record company to spell her name with a 'h'. The singer, however, has made it known that her name is written as 'Elena' and this is how she prefers to be known.

In 1999 she created the group Antique with her childhood friend, Niko at the age of 17. Almost immediately, Antique signed their first record label contract with the then newly founded record label Bonnier in Sweden. Their debut single Opa Opa became a huge hit, reaching number one on the single charts and gaining a gold status. Following their success with Opa Opa came their debut album while later in 2001 came their first major turning point in their career with their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. Their song I Would Die For You conquered third place. Antique's major success in the Eurovision contest led to a promising future and a successful career which included many platinum albums, a European tour, and collaborations with many highly successful and credible artists from Greece and abroad. Despite the group's major success, their journey as Antique came to an end in 2003. Making one of the most difficult decisions Helena ever had to make, she decided to pursue her passion and her musical journey alone.

She has admitted that Greek music had been something of an acquired taste for her, saying that the name Antique was probably a reflection of her childhood impression of it being something rather distant and old-fashioned, that she only really associated with her summer holidays in Greece.

She signed her first contract as a solo artist at Sony Music and in December 2003, she released her first solo single, Anapandeetes Klisis (Missed Calls), a song that was written especially for her by the singer and songwriter Christos Dantis. Quite naturally, Anapandeetes Klisis became a major hit and remained on the top of airplay charts as well as the sales charts for a very long time, reaching a gold status.

During the winter season 2003-2004, Helena appeared beside one of Greece's biggest male singer, Antonis Remos at Studio Pireos music night club.

In spring 2004, Helena released her first personal album Protereotita (Priorities) from which Antithesis, Anamnisis, Katse Kala, Stin Kardia Mou Mono Thlipsi became major hits. Her major success brought her to Fever music night club for the winter season 2004-2005 along the sides of Sakis Rouvas and Giorgos Mazonakis. In the summer and fall of 2005 she toured in Australia and North America with Greek artist Nikos Kourkoulis.

On the 21st of May 2005, Helena Paparizou represented Greece for the second time at the Eurovision song contest in Kiev, Ukraine and won the first place with My Number One. It was the first time in the contest's history that Greece had won.

In August Helena Paparizou performed the first part of Anastacia's concert in Malme (Sweden).

Elena is currently the official ambassador for the Greek Ministry of Tourism. She speaks fluent Greek, Swedish and English (and has also studied French), and has mentioned that her dream would be to make a song whose lyrics were made up of words in every language in the world.

2006 : the CD single Mambo was certified platinum while the album Protereotita ( Euro edition + Mambo ) was certified double platinum ! In March, Helena was at the studio recording her new album which should be released in April. Then, will go abroad to record the English version of her album, which will be released in September 2006.

On July 29, 2006, Star Channel reported that Elena gave a concert in Helsinki where 2006 Eurovision winner Lordi attended. At the concert, Elena sang Lordi's song Hard Rock Hallelujah. Lordi supposedly met with Elena backstage and proposed to do a big concert together in the winter season. Elena was reportedly thrilled at the idea. Star Channel also said that Elena might be pregnant, a rumor that has been circulating, but Elena denies that.

During the first week of August 2006, her new international single Heroes reached #1 in the Swedish Singles Hitlistan Charts. It was the official song for the 2006 European Championships in Athletics held in Gothenburg. Her new greek album Iparhi Logos reached #2 in the Greek Albums IFPI Charts.

Elena's solo debut international album The Game of Love, was released all over Europe, Australia, Japan, and Canada on 25th October 2006. It will gradualy be released world-wide shortly after. It contained six songs from her Greek album Yparhei Logos with English lyrics

After a fashion show gala in which Helena Paparizou posed as model, Elena made statements regarding the current and future Eurovision Song Contest plans. Helena Paparizou said that she did received a proposal for 2007 Melodifestivalen and that she denied the proposal. "I have received many things from Sweden, I also got twice 12 points from this country in the contest. The least I could do this time was to think about it since everyone on SVT is a friend of mine... I could do a lot and I wanna do a lot for Sweden in Eurovision. This doesn't mean I have to be the performer. I can give the votes as a spokeperson, I can host Melodifestivalen and many many things... I cannot though really exclude a future participation in the contest for Sweden", she said.

Gigolo is be the second single released in Greece from the album after Mambo!. Elena also recorded a song called Phos for the soundtrack of the Greek Barbie movie. Her new international single after Heroes will be Teardrops.

Helena will be one of the ten new artists who will receive the European Border Breakers Award. These awards have been created by European Union four years ago and they are given every year to ten artists who managed to make success with their first album abroad. Helena wins this award for the success of her first international album My Number One. The award will take place in Cannes on 21th January 2007 during the Midem Festival and it will be televised by MTV Europe.

2007 : Elena recorded a theme song for a new Greek TV show called Mazi Sou. The song did well in the Greek radio charts.

Elena Paparizou recorded a cover of the French song Le Temps Des Fleurs (originally sung by Dalida). It will be included, along with 2 other songs sung in French, on the French release of her album, The Game of Love planned for August. It was was also featured on the bonus CD of her Yparhi Logos: Platinum Edition album. And it was released in May 2007 on a CD single, Fos along with four other songs.

Elena was nominated for the MAD Greek Video awards in 5 categories : Best Pop Video Clip (Gigolo), Best Female Video Clip (Gigolo), Best Video Clip of the year (Gigolo), Best Artist of the year and Best Clothes in Video Clip (An eixes erthi pio noris). She won twice : Best Female Video Clip and Best Clothes in Video Clip.

In August, Elena will release a maxi CD single with remixes of Mambo! in the USA under the label Moda Records.

Elena recorded a duet with the moderator Nikos Aliagas, very famous in France for presenting the real-TV program Star Academy.

Elena has been involved in a long term relationship with fellow Swedish-born songwriter Greek Tony Mavridis, whom she met at a Greek restaurant in Sweden when she was only 19. Greek media already suggested many times that Elena was pregnant and about to get married, but it has all turned out false so far.

In October she performed in the French TV show Vivement Dimanche.

2008 : in January, along with Sony BMG Greece, she teamed up with retailer Plaisio and released a special edition MP4 player called MP4 Total Helena. Featured on the player, a special "Best of" collection of 12 songs and 5 video clips only available with the purchase of the MP4 player.

Her new Greek album Vrisko To Logo Na Zo was released in April, but it did not contain any dance song. It was awarded Platinum in June. At the MAD video awards, she was awarded for best pop video clip (for To Fili Tis Zois) and elected Artist of the year

She worked with Bloodshy & Avant (a music production and songwriting team from Sweden) on two songs of her forthcoming international album, which should be released at the end of 2008. On December 25, her father died suddenly of a heart attack

2009 : Elena planned to release her fifth studio album in early 2010. She was nominated by the Greek MTV Europe Music Award for Best Greek Act but did not win.

2010 : In March, her new single An Isoun Agapi (meaning : If Your Were Love) was out. The song was an uptempo ballad. At first, another single was planned for released : Girna Me Sto Htes should have been premiered on the Greek X-factor final... but was cancelled. Her new album Giro Apo T'Oneiro was released in March 15th, it was a double album including live covers from her second MAD Secret Concert. She then went on a big Greek summer tour called Fizika Mazi. In November, Elena released her new single Girna Me Sto Htes. She will perform till Easter 2011 every Friday and Saturday with Antonis Remos at Diogenis Studio (a live music hall in Athens).

2011 : there were rumours about Elena Paparizou having a collaboration duet with singer Tamta. In February she presented her new single on the event MadWalk by Vodafone. Called Baby It's Over, it's a dance song in English. A European promo tour will follow. It will be on her upcoming Greatest Hits album which will be (according to rumors) released end of March across Europe in 2 editions (a Greek and an international edition).

In October, Helena Paparizou was featured on Nana Mouskouri's new album. She sung a duet in a cover of a traditional song from the Greek islands : Dari Dari.

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Elenada - Beauteous Helen's Kingdom by KyprisAthina

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Charts (singles)

Greece Sweden
Mambo #1
Heroes #1




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