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Dels Anita

Dels (Anita)   (Netherlands)

AKA : Anita Doth
EuroDance member
Added : 24/01/2000

Get Ready For This
Twilight Zone
Get Ready
The Magic Friend
No Limit
Tribal Dance
No Limits
Maximum Overdrive
Power Tracks
The US Remixes
Sin Limites
Let The Beat Control Your Body
The Real Thing
Real Things
No One
Kids Like You And Me
Here I Go
Nothing Like The Rain
Do What's Good For Me
Hits Unlimited
Jump For Joy
Spread Your Love
In Da Name Of Love
Cancion Del Mariachi
Ain't Gonna Wait On Love
Breaking All The Rules
Is This Love
Can't Hold Us
Take Me To Your Rhythm
Like A Lion
Ein Marathon
Lifting Up My Life
This Is Reality
Next Level
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Latest Anita Dels news

20/02/2020 : Anita Doth did vocals on Ilove80s's single No Matter

31/07/2019 : Danzel and Anita Doth were featured on Kamping Kitsch Club Soundsystem's forthcoming single Fuck You. It will be the anthem of Kamping Kitsch Club festival in Kortrijk (Belgium). (thanks to Eurodance Story)

10/01/2019 : A German version of Jebroer & Anita Doth Marathon was released on Jebroer's EP Radikal.

01/10/2018 : Sad news : 2 Unlimited former frontlady Anita Doth is fighting against breast cancer again.

21/07/2018 : Anita Doth was featured by OJKB on their single Like A Lion.

18/02/2018 : Two former members of 2 Unlimited team join forces : Anita Doth was featured by Phil Wilde on single Take Me To Your Rhythm.

01/12/2017 : Anita Doth recorded a duet entitled Marathon with Dutch rapper Jebroer, out today.

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Featurings and collaborations

Get Ready For This 2 Unlimited - Get Ready For This 1st Sep 1991  
Twilight Zone 2 Unlimited - Twilight Zone 13th Jan 1992  
Get Ready 2 Unlimited - Get Ready (album) 24th Feb 1992  
Workaholic 2 Unlimited - Workaholic 21st Apr 1992  
The Magic Friend 2 Unlimited - The Magic Friend 3rd Aug 1992  
No Limit 2 Unlimited - No Limit 18th Jan 1993  
Tribal Dance 2 Unlimited - Tribal Dance 26th Apr 1993  
No Limits 2 Unlimited - No Limits (album) 10th May 1993  
Faces 2 Unlimited - Faces 20th Aug 1993  
Maximum Overdrive 2 Unlimited - Maximum Overdrive 8th Nov 1993  
Power Tracks 2 Unlimited - Power Tracks (album) 1994  
The US Remixes 2 Unlimited - The US Remixes (album) 1994  
Sin Limites 2 Unlimited - Sin Limites (album) 1994  
Let The Beat Control Your Body 2 Unlimited - Let The Beat Control Your Body 21st Jan 1994  
The Real Thing 2 Unlimited - The Real Thing 9th May 1994  
Real Things 2 Unlimited - Real Things (album) 6th Jun 1994  
No One 2 Unlimited - No One 19th Sep 1994  
Kids Like You And Me 2 Unlimited - Kids Like You And Me 1995  
Here I Go 2 Unlimited - Here I Go 6th Mar 1995  
Nothing Like The Rain 2 Unlimited - Nothing Like The Rain 6th Jun 1995  
Do What's Good For Me 2 Unlimited - Do What's Good For Me 28th Sep 1995  
Hits Unlimited 2 Unlimited - Hits Unlimited (album) 30th Oct 1995  
Jump For Joy 2 Unlimited - Jump For Joy 22nd Jan 1996  
Spread Your Love 2 Unlimited - Spread Your Love 29th Apr 1996  
In Da Name Of Love Ray and Anita - In Da Name Of Love Jan 2010  
Cancion Del Mariachi D-Rashid & Roberto Da Costa - Cancion Del Mariachi 22nd Mar 2010  
Ain't Gonna Wait On Love Van Noten and Van Zandt - Ain't Gonna Wait On Love 28th Jan 2013  
Breaking All The Rules Nils van Zandt & Mark Laurenz - Breaking All The Rules 2014  
Is This Love DJ Galaga - Is This Love Aug 2015  
Can't Hold Us Rat N FrikK - Can't Hold Us Nov 2015  
Marathon Jebroer - Marathon 1st Dec 2017  
Take Me To Your Rhythm Phil Wilde - Take Me To Your Rhythm 16th Jan 2018  
Like A Lion OJKB - Like A Lion 20th Jul 2018  
Ein Marathon Jebroer - Ein Marathon 27th Dec 2018  


Faces 2 Unlimited - Faces 20th Aug 1993  
Maximum Overdrive 2 Unlimited - Maximum Overdrive 8th Nov 1993  
Let The Beat Control Your Body 2 Unlimited - Let The Beat Control Your Body 21st Jan 1994  


Faces 2 Unlimited - Faces 20th Aug 1993  
Maximum Overdrive 2 Unlimited - Maximum Overdrive 8th Nov 1993  
Let The Beat Control Your Body 2 Unlimited - Let The Beat Control Your Body 21st Jan 1994  

Aliases - Records released under other names

Universe Anita - Universe 26th May 1999  
Reality Anita - Reality (album) 2000  
Lifting Up My Life Anita - Lifting Up My Life 2000  
This Is Reality Anita - This Is Reality 2001  
Next Level Anita Doth - Next Level 20th Dec 2012  


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Anita Dels biography

Anita was 2 Unlimited's female vocalist until 1997. Her real name is Anita Daniëlle Doth. She was born on 28th of December 1971 in Amsterdam. Her family's origins are in Surinam, a former Dutch colony. Lydia, her mother, had also another daughter. Anita has been involved with music since she was very young. 'When I was small I was always singing at family gatherings.' She also recalls singing in a contest in front of 1 200 kids. She didn't win, 'but it was a kick!'. Before starting her musical career, she had a job as secretary at a Dutch police station, in the parking ticket division.

It wasn't long after that when she was tapped to join Trouble Sisters, an all-female rap group. Then Marvin D asked Anita to join his group as a dancer and back-up singer. 'It was my first taste of show business' said Anita of the job. But she was soon tired of 'standing around just looking sexy'. She wanted to perform. Marvin asked her if she'd like to make a record. He said a friend of his (Ray) was doing a project, and needed a female singer. 'Of course I said yes'', and what happened then was nothing short of history. 2 Unlimited was born. Ray and Anita didn't really know each other before the group was formed, although they had seen each other at clubs.

She is 1,69 m for 60 kg, and she is brown-haired and brown-eyed. She likes to dance (she likes to go to discotheques), to sing and to swim, but also bungy jumping. She does one hour of sport exercises per days, this is how she keeps slim. She loves to play Monopoly. She doesn't considere herself as an intellectual person, and she says she is arrogant and ill-tempered.

In the 90s, she had a cat. She used to drive an Opel Calibra (she had her driving license in 1994). She had a love story with a painter. Her favourite actors are Eddy Murphy, Richard Pryor and Meryl Streep. Her favoured movie is Gone With The Wind. She likes to listen to Led Zeppelin. Her 2 preferred colours are red and pink. She likes every kind of food that contains rice. She dedicates the few time left to an orphan house in Surinam directed by her a friend of her mother : she sends clothes and goods as needed.

This was the beginning of a friendship and a professionnal complicity... and even beyond, as revealed in an interview in BN de stem 20 years alter. They  thought of themselves as brother and sister. As one half of the most successful dance duo in the world ever Anita toured all across the world and reached top positions in more than 50 countries with hits like No Limit, The Real Thing, Get Ready 4 This and Tribal Dance. 5 long years did Anita Doth and Ray Slijngaard move people all around the world as 2 Unlimited. In 1996 it all came to an end. Their contract ended and they both decided not to extend it for another 5 years. After they left 2 Unlimited, they were going to call them self the A & R Foundation or just simple Ray & Anita. Many record companies offered them a lot of money to go on together, but because Anita wanted to do more dance stuff and Ray wanted more Hip Hop/R&B they decided not to go on together.

Anita is currently busy with her own production company. She used to have her own dance program on The Music Factory, a Dutch music television station. She has  appeared as a guest vocalist on dance singles like That's When I Stop Loving You from Dutch artist Rene Froger. There was also a project of  a telefilm on Dutch TV. In 1999 she released a solo single entitled Center Of Your Universe and not the title track of her show called Welcome 2 The Pleasure Zone. This song, an upbeat happy hardcore track, was produced by Digidance (better known as the Klubbheads), who also made remixes for Jump For Joy and Spread Your Love.

Anita explained : 'Winter '98 I went to New York to write some songs together with Todd Terry. My sister came along with me as a representive for our production company and of course also for some family support. It was she who had established the contact with Todd Terry in the first place. After meeting Todd Terry, (which was scary at first,  but turned out to be great) and listening to lots of his musical material, Todd played us this fantastic tune, at that time it was of course only a basic beat, with some beautiful strings and a fantastic baseline! Rolanda and me went totaly crazy right away in the studio. We took the idea back to the hotel and played it only about 5 million times that night.The next morning we woke up feeling all happy; here we were in Manhattan on the 33rd floor of the New York Palace hotel. Just looking out of the window made us feel like the world was at our feet. My sister got up to take a bath, and I put the track back on and played it really loud. So while my sister was sitting in the tub praying something fantastic would come out of this exiting trip, the melody and the words to Universe just came to me like a gift. The music was so inspirational that it wasn't difficult at all to find a melody and words to it. When I wrote the words I didn't think of a subject to write about at all, like I said the words just came to me. After writing the song I read it over and over again and thought this is not something I often think about, were did it come from? Ever since that moment the song has become such an inspiration and encourigement for me. Whenever I felt' life was though and I was feeling down' this song has always made me feel good about myself, like I am special. I sincerely hope the song has the same effect on you !!!!

We can expect her first album in a couple of months. Anita wrote all songs for the her solo CD by herself. "It is my vision on dance music... poppy songs with a hard beat underneath."

We asked if she ever missed the times she had with 2 Unlimited she answers "Those 5 years went incredibly fast. They were really hectic. I needed a long time to recuperate and I'm glad that I can walk across the streets nowadays without being recognized too often. What I do miss are the performancesv!". About the new 2 Unlimited : "It's just not my style. The first single (Wanna Get Up) was very catchy, but I think it's becoming all too poppy. 2 Unlimited used to be a lot more violent.".

Anita recently recorded a few songs with Jamaican raggae artist Mad Cobra. She had a modest success with her second solo single Lifting Up My Life which was released in Holland. Anita is convinced she can manage herself as a solo-singer, and achieve success all by herself. In 2000 she finally released her first solo-album, Reality. She wrote most of her songs together with producers Steve Mac, Todd Terry (who also wrote songs for Jocelyn Brown) and Adamski... Recording sessions for the album took place in Amsterdam, London and New York. The album contains tracks with elements from UKdance, pop, drum'n' bass and even chemical beats. Anita chose to work with different producers for good reasons. "With 2 Unlimited we used to work with just one producer, which pins you down on just on type of sound. I didn't want that to happen this time around. The track Adamski produced sounds very mysterious, while Todd Terry created a very groovy sound. The variety of sounds we created that way, works surprisingly well." Musically, Anita chose a new direction, partially breaking free from her past.  "The songs still sound very accessible and are very danceable, which also applies for 2 Unlimited-material. They're nice popsongs, but the basis of this record were influences from different kinds of modern day dance styles for instance".

"It turned out to be a diverse record", she says "This album really is my personal thing. This is the music I like myself. From now on, I just want to find out what I'm capable of". She adds "'I want to stay who I am. I haven't seen it all... no way. I want to prove to myself I can do it on my own, too. That's a huge challenge to me. As a solo-singer, I haven't proved anything yet. People still see me as 'Anita from 2 Unlimited'. I can imagine that, but I hope it'll change. Hopefully people will start seeing me as Anita."

2002 : Anita joined Des'ray (of 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor) and Linda Estelle (from T-Spoon) for a project called Divas Of Dance. They sdid remakes of old songs, but also hitmixes of their greatest hits in their shows.

2004 : Anita declared that she would not be against joining 2 Unlimited again.

2005 : Anita gave birth to a baby boy called Destyno in April. The father is her boyfriend Willy de Leon Agramonte. During her pregnancy, Denise (ex Vengaboys) replaced her on stage with the Divas of Dance. In June, she was already back with the Diva's.

2006 : the Divas of Dance recorded a videoclip entitled Falling into the Groove.

2009 : In April, for the first time since 13 years, Anita performed with Ray on the stage of the show I Love The 90s.

2010 : she took part in the new single Cancion Del Mariachi by D-Rashid & Roberto Da Costa, with a brief appearance in the video.

2012 : Anita Doth recorded a duet with Jeroen. This love song competed for Valentine on Q-music MorningShow. Later the same year, she recorded a single with French DJ Richard Salinas entitled Surrender, and one with Nils van Zandt (former Starstylers) and John Van Noten entitled Ain't Gonna Wait For Love. Her new solo single was entitled Next Level. It was released on December 20th under NAP Music.

2015 : in May, Anita recorded vocals for a song by Dutch producers duet Rät N FrikK. In August, she appeared on DJ Galaga's song Is This Love.

2016 : Anita Doth left 2 Unlimited (again) officially to focus on her solo carreer, but also because of disagreement with JP de Coster and Ray, and finally because of a new breast tumor. This will allow her to be present on weekends for her kids Destyno and Ameerah.

2017 : she recorded a duet entitled Marathon with Dutch rapper Jebroer. She's been a teacher at Herman Brood Academy since 4 years.

2018 : in February, Anita Doth joined another former member of original 2 Unlimited team : Phil Wilde. She sung vocals on his single Take Me To Your Rhythm. In July, Anita did vocals on OJKB's single Like A Lion.

2019 : Anita founded her own booking agency : Doth Agency. She promotes eurodance projects such as Cappella, Urban Cookie Collective, U96... Danzel and her were featured on the anthem of Kamping Kitsch Club festival in Kortrijk.

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