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Eiffel 65   (Italy)

EuroPop group
Added : 19/08/2000

Eiffel 65
Blue (Da Ba Dee)
Move Your Body
My Console
Back In Time
One Goal
Too Much Of Heaven
Losing You
Lucky In My Life
80s Stars
Cosa Resterá (In A Song)
Quelli Che Non Hanno Età
Viaggia Insieme A Me
Una Notte E Forse Mai Più
Voglia Di Dance All Night
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Latest Eiffel 65 news

14/04/2019 : Members of Eiffel 65 were interviewed by Vice about their hit Blue.

02/01/2018 : Bottai did a remixes package for Eiffel 65's anthem Blue (Da Ba Dee).

17/09/2016 : Eiffel 65's hit Blue (Da Ba Dee) was covered by Sound Of Legend.

02/06/2016 : Last week, Eiffel 65 released their new single Panico.

28/05/2016 : Eiffel 65 publisehd the videoclip for their new single Panico. This is a 360° video which contains hidden letters, which put together will provide you a hidden code for an exclusive gift.

01/04/2016 : Eiffel 65's new single Panico will premiere on April 2nd during Zarro Night event in Trezzo sull'Adda.

19/09/2015 : Maurizio Lobina announced that a new Eiffel 65 album was planned.

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Eiffel 65 albums

Europop Europop 30th Nov 1999
Contact Contact 24th Jul 2001
Eiffel 65 Eiffel 65 2 CDs 2003


Eiffel 65 singles

Blue (Da Ba Dee) Blue (Da Ba Dee) 29th Apr 1999  
Move Your Body Move Your Body Aug 1999  
My Console My Console (Spain only) 2000  
Back In Time Back In Time 2000  
One Goal One Goal May 2000  
Too Much Of Heaven Too Much Of Heaven 11th May 2000  
Losing You Losing You (Canada only) 2001  
Lucky In My Life Lucky In My Life 5th Jun 2001  
80s Stars 80s Stars (Italy only) 22nd Oct 2001  
Cosa Resterá (In A Song) Cosa Resterá (In A Song) 29th May 2002  
Quelli Che Non Hanno Età Quelli Che Non Hanno Età 2003  
Viaggia Insieme A Me Viaggia Insieme A Me 2003  
Una Notte E Forse Mai Più Una Notte E Forse Mai Più Nov 2003  
Voglia Di Dance All Night Voglia Di Dance All Night 2004  
Panico Panico 26th May 2016  


Eiffel 65 remixes

Blue (Da Ba Dee) Blue (Da Ba Dee) 1999  
Una Notte E Forse Mai Più Una Notte E Forse Mai Più 2003  
Viaggia Insieme A Me Viaggia Insieme A Me 2003  
A Decade In Blue (Da Ba Dee) 2009 Remixes A Decade In Blue (Da Ba Dee) 2009 Remixes 2009  
Move Your Body: Golden Remixes Move Your Body: Golden Remixes 31st May 2010  
Blue (Da Ba Dee) Bottai Remix Blue (Da Ba Dee) Bottai Remix 15th Dec 2017  



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Eiffel 65 biography

Label : Bliss Corporation. Eiffel 65 is formed by Jeffrey Jey (who writes the lyrics) Maurizio Lobina and Gabry Ponte.

Maurizio Lobina was born in Asti, he started studying the piano at the age of 5 and got into his first band at the age of ten. He grew up listening to all kinds of music and playing practically everything from house to reggae. This has made Maurizio one of the most incredibly talented Bliss Co. musicians. Famous also for his long and fast fingers. In the BlissCo World he is in charge as well of the A/R Dept. Gabriele is a professionnal DJ, he mixes the tracks for the group (under the name of DJ Gabry Bridge) and appears on the stage.

The project's name was chosen by chance. They entered many words they liked in a software that allows to create names from words according to the coincidence principle. Eiffel came out, and the number 65 was added by mistake afterwards. The '65' was part of a phone number that was inadvertently scribbled next to the name 'Eiffel' when the text was submitted for printing. 'To find a name of a group it is always a delicate process, in how much it would have to represent the artist or the music'.

Their debut single, Blue (Da Ba Dee), with its vocoder-enhanced vocals, topped the charts in England (where it 2nd best selling single for the year 1999), Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Greece, Belgium, Holland, and Ireland, and became a long-lasting number one. In Italy it was ran every 150 seconds according to statistics and went Platinum. In Israel it was number 1 and reached # 6 in the USA.

Once it's heard, it's never forgotten, as its lasting hook, uplifting verses and body-rocking rhythem are pure energy shot straight to the heart. It's inception began with Maurizio's piano riff before Jeffrey wrote the lyrics. 'Maurizio said 'come up with strange lyrics,'' explains Jeffrey. 'I started thinking about the way people are and about lifestyles-the way you buy your house, pick your girlfriend, your job, or the neighborhood in which you live. Then I came up with a color, a color that describes someone's lifestyle.' The text of Blue is based on the persons and as they are made. 'That is, everyone of we has of the ideas, opinions and a style of life that prefers. I identify this with a color, in the case of Blue the crowds are alive, a funny protagonist in a way that it wants to paint with the blue color. Blue like the sky, the sea, the Earth seen from the space and beautiful the Corvettes of years 70.' they explain.

Blue was also released, almost at the same time, by Stay C Paton in the Netherlands.

The debut album of the  band, Europop, contains 13 tracks, all kind of music in the limits of Eiffel 65, and went double Platinum. In Findance Awards '99, Eiffel 65 was chosen for the second best band of the year, the best newcomer band and their song, Blue (Da Ba Dee), was the second best song of the year. The music video of Blue was the second best music video of the year.

'It's important that people get a positive message,' says Jeffrey about Eiffel 65's music. 'We don't throw something down and criticize. We want to think and use our minds to fix things. Things should be built rather than taken apart. There should be something to be happy about.' Blue (Da Ba Dee) is a mix of dance and English pop, a song with a disco beat. 'We're more like an old-fashioned Depeche Mode, a solid structure, but more futuristic,' he says. 'We are electronic, but we look for new sounds like The Chemical Brothers. It's easy to sing to and to dance to.'

Meanwhile, they remixed Kim Lukas' single All I Want and a single of Ann Lee. Their second single, Move Your Body, was also quite successful since it went number one in 7 countries. It reached # 24 in Israel, # 3 in UK. It was followed by Too Much Of Heaven, a more low-tempo track, saying that the people are only thinkin' about money, forgeting about what's  really important : love, friendship. It went # 1 in Israel and # 1 in Italy. Their following release was entitled One Goal (for the Euro 2000 football championship). During the Summer 2000, Eiffel 65 toured in the whole United States, from New York (in May) to San Francisco (in July).

While the latest statistics are saying that Europop sold in over 10.000.000. copies all over the world, they already talk about the second album for winter 2001. It will be entitled Contact. Maurizio explains : "We like this title because it is inspired by the movie, and it talks about the contact with an alien civilization, which is a fascinating matter. We mainly consider Contact as the perfect word to describe the meeting point of our musical experiences and growth…". Jeffrey says : "It makes me think about the forgotten great space…which means that is incredible to understand how small we are compared to the great space that surrounds us and where it ends and where it begins".

Eiffel 65 participated at the Los Angeles Grammy Awards 2001, where they received a nomination as Best Dance Group, together with Baha Man, Jennifer Lopez, Moby and Enrique Iglesias. On the 2nd of May, 2001 they participated in the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo, as award presenters. On the 15 of May, 2001, they went to Los Angeles to receive an award from B.M.I. U.S.A. for the hit Blue. This prize was being awarded for the "most played song of U.S. radio during the year 2000".

2 singles have already been released from this forthcoming album. The first one is Back In Time, released in the beginning of 2001, the seoncd one is Lucky (In My Life), to be released after the 20th of May. It has been chosen as a single because of its sunny and summery style. Eiffel 65 will participate at Festivalbar, where they will be introducing the new single. They will be singing 4 times, including the final evening.

The new album, released in 2001, was entitled Contact. Then a new single came out in 2002 : it was called Cosa Resterá (In A Song). The track Elephants In Amsterdam was not released as single, it was going to be included in the album Contact. Bliss Corporation gave it as award to the winners of one online contest on July 19th of 2002.

Eiffel 65's third album was at first planned for October 2002 but it was delayed.

2003 : Eiffel 65 took part to San Remo awards contest with their freshly released single Quelli Che Non Hanno Eta. It was their first "totally italian spoken" song... The record appears to work good. Meanwhile DJ Gabry Ponte of Eiffel 65's new single is De Musica Tonante which contains a remix of Geordie which is also a radio single by Londonbridge. He also has been playing a remix of The Man In The Moon in his DJ sets.

2004 : their new single was entitled Tu Credi / Voglia Di Dance All Night.

2006 : After Gabry Ponte left the group, Jeff and Maury created a new project called Bloom 06.

2009 : Bloom 06 contributed to a remake of Alexia's song Il Branco. The new version is in English, entitled "We" is the power. It was included on her new album Ale & C.


Remixes done by Eiffel 65

883 - La Regina Del Celebrita, Viaggio AlCentro Del Mondo
Alex Party - U Gotta Be
Alphaville - Big In Japan
Andreas Johnson - Glorious
Ann Lee - Ring My Bell
Anna Bettz - Black & White
Anna Vissi - Everything I Am
Aqua - Freaky Friday
Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch
Cool & The Gang - Get Down On It
Gala - Everyone Has Inside
Jane Birkin - Je T'aime
Jean Michele Jarre - Tout Est Bleu
Kim Lukas - All I really want
Laura Pausini - Il Mio Sbaglio Piu Grande
Love Inc. - Here Comes The Sunshine
Lutricia Mc Neal - Fly Away
Mr. Lilu - Little Girl
Nek - La Vita E' Rmx
Piero Pelu - Toro Loco
Regina - You & Me
S Club 7 - Reach
Simon J - Paradise
Supereva - I'm Thinkin' Of You
Superpop - Anywhere
Toni Braxton - Spanish Guitar
Unique - Forever

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Sephiroth's Eiffel 65 Page
Eiffel 65 Center
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Thanks to David Hurt, Vincenzo Roselli and Ben Smith for the latest informations

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