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Inna   (Romania)

EuroPop group
Added : 25/05/2012

I Am The Club Rocker
Party Never Ends
Body And The Sun
Déjà Vu
I Need You for Christmas
10 Minutes
Sun Is Up
Club Rocker
Un Momento
Tu Si Eu
Crazy Sexy Wild
More Than Friends
Dame Tu Amor
Spre Mare
Be My Lover
In Your Eyes
Cola Song
Good Time
Summer Days EP
Fata din randul trei
Diggy Down
Bop Bop
Rendez Vous
Say It With Your Body
Gimme Gimme
Don't Mind
Hands Up
My Dreams
Dream About The Ocean
La roulette
Me Gusta
Pentru Ca
No Help
Sin Ti
Tu Manera
Te Vas
Not My Baby
Boom Boom
Piñata 2014
Summer In December
Te Rog
Mai Stai
We Wanna
Everybody 2015
Call The Police
Milk & Honey
Show Me the Way
Tu si Eu
Fade Away
Nota De Plata
Baila Conmigo
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Latest Inna news

23/07/2020 : Today, Inna and Minelli released a new single entitled Discoteka. Video was directed by Bogdan Paun (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

12/07/2020 : Inna's new single is entitled Nobody

30/05/2020 : Inna teamed with Sickotoy and TAG to record single VKTM

09/05/2020 : New Inna single is entitled Sober

06/05/2020 : The videoclip for Inna's current single Not My Baby was directed by Bogdan Paun

04/04/2020 : Inna's new single is entitled Not My Baby

29/11/2019 : Inna and Vinka teamed to record a song in French entitled Bébé. Videoclip was directed by Bogdan Paun.

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Inna albums

Hot Hot 2010
I Am The Club Rocker I Am The Club Rocker 2011
Party Never Ends Party Never Ends 2 CDs 4th Mar 2013
Body And The Sun Body And The Sun 24th Jul 2015
Inna Inna 30th Oct 2015
Nirvana Nirvana 11th Dec 2017
Yo Yo 31st May 2019


Inna singles

Hot Hot 12th Nov 2008  
Love Love 12th Mar 2009  
Déjà Vu Déjà Vu 2nd Jun 2009  
Amazing Amazing 6th Aug 2009  
I Need You for Christmas I Need You for Christmas 21st Dec 2009  
10 Minutes 10 Minutes Mar 2010  
Sun Is Up Sun Is Up 8th Feb 2011  
Club Rocker Club Rocker (feat. Flo Rida) 30th Aug 2011  
Un Momento Un Momento 23rd Oct 2011  
Endless Endless 15th Dec 2011  
Wow Wow 5th Apr 2012  
Caliente Caliente 4th May 2012  
OK OK 11th May 2012  
Alright Alright 11th May 2012  
Tu Si Eu Tu Si Eu 12th Jun 2012  
Crazy Sexy Wild Crazy Sexy Wild Video only Aug 2012  
INNdiA INNdiA 11th Oct 2012  
More Than Friends More Than Friends (feat. Daddy Yankee) 31st Jan 2013  
Dame Tu Amor Dame Tu Amor Video only May 2013  
Spre Mare Spre Mare 22nd May 2013  
Be My Lover Be My Lover (feat. Juan Magan) 20th Aug 2013  
In Your Eyes In Your Eyes Video only 10th Dec 2013  
Cola Song Cola Song 15th Apr 2014  
Good Time Good Time (feat. Pitbull) 15th Jul 2014  
Summer Days EP Summer Days EP 22nd Sep 2014  
Fata din randul trei Fata din randul trei 29th Oct 2014  
Diggy Down Diggy Down (feat. Marian Hill) 25th Nov 2014  
Bop Bop Bop Bop (feat. Eric Turner) 13th Jul 2015  
Yalla Yalla 12th Nov 2015  
Rendez Vous Rendez Vous 15th Feb 2016  
Heaven Heaven 7th Jun 2016  
Say It With Your Body Say It With Your Body 28th Sep 2016  
Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme 2nd Feb 2017  
Ruleta Ruleta (feat. Erick) 21st Jun 2017  
Nirvana Nirvana 29th Nov 2017  
Don't Mind Don't Mind 3rd Dec 2017  
Tropical Tropical 4th Dec 2017  
Hands Up Hands Up 5th Dec 2017  
My Dreams My Dreams 6th Dec 2017  
Dream About The Ocean Dream About The Ocean 7th Dec 2017  
La roulette La roulette (with DJ Sem feat. Matt Houston) 8th Feb 2018  
Me Gusta Me Gusta 14th Feb 2018  
Pentru Ca Pentru Ca (feat. The Motans) 26th Apr 2018  
No Help No Help 8th Sep 2018  
Ra Ra 2nd Nov 2018  
Iguana Iguana 30th Nov 2018  
Sin Ti Sin Ti 18th Jan 2019  
Tu Manera Tu Manera 1st Mar 2019  
Locura Locura 30th May 2019  
Te Vas Te Vas 31st May 2019  
Bebe Bebe (with Vinka) Video only 4th Nov 2019  
Not My Baby Not My Baby 3rd Apr 2020  
Sober Sober 6th May 2020  
Nobody Nobody 26th Jun 2020  


Inna remixes

Rendez Vous Rendez Vous 24th Jun 2016  
Inna Hits Inna Hits 9th Jun 2017  
Nirvana Nirvana 30th Mar 2018  
The Hits The Hits 29th Jan 2019  


Featurings and collaborations

Boom Boom Brian Cross - Boom Boom 22nd Jan 2013  
Piñata 2014 Andreas Schuller - Piñata 2014 13th Oct 2013  
Striga! Puya - Striga! 6th May 2014  
Summer In December Morandi - Summer In December 17th Dec 2014  
Te Rog Carla's Dreams - Te Rog 2015  
Mai Stai 3 Sud Est - Mai Stai 15th Apr 2015  
We Wanna Alexandra Stan - We Wanna 8th Jun 2015  
Everybody 2015 DJ Bobo - Everybody 2015 7th Aug 2015  
Call The Police G Girls ft. Alexandra Stan - Call The Police 14th Jun 2016  
Milk & Honey G Girls - Milk & Honey 3rd Mar 2017  
Show Me the Way Marco & Seba - Show Me the Way 23rd Apr 2017  
Tu si Eu Carla's Dreams - Tu si Eu 25th Apr 2017  
Fade Away Sam Feldt, Lush & Simon - Fade Away 9th Jun 2017  
Nota De Plata The Motans - Nota De Plata 26th Sep 2017  
Stay Dannic - Stay 9th Mar 2018  
Baila Conmigo Yellow Claw - Baila Conmigo 23rd Aug 2019  
VKTM Sickotoy - VKTM 29th May 2020  
Discoteka Minelli - Discoteka 23rd Jul 2020  


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Inna biography

Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu aka Inna was born October 16th, 1986 in Neptun near Mangalia (Romania), on the Black Sea. Her love for music was first encouraged and supported by her family. Her grandmother and mother were both occasional singers at local parties or night clubs. She took bel canto lessons with master Traian Broască. As a student, she attended classes at the Mangalia Economical Lyceu then attempted a degree in Political Sciences at the Ovidius University of Constanţa. Before turning 18, she auditioned to join the nationwide famous pop group A.S.I.A. but she was rejected in favor of soloist Alina Diana Crișan. Discouraged, she started a career as a household retailer at a small boutique in Neptun. In late 2007, producer Marcel Botezan came across to Inna while singing in the market and, impressed by her vocal ability, he proposed her a contract with Roton. She took the stage name Alessandra and recorded 2 pop-rock ballads (Goodbye and Sorry) produced by Romanian dance music producers trio Play & Win (Radu Bolfea, Sebastian Barac and Marcel Botezan). The songs competed to represent Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, but none was selected. She then changed her stage name to Inna and her producers decided to opt for house/dance style.

On November 12, 2008, she released her debut single Hot. The single went #5 in Romanian charts, then became an airplay success worldwide. Two videos were made for this song. Her second single Love was released on March 12th, 2009 and did even better, peaking at #4 on the Romanian Hot 100 in April 2009. It was was completed by a video shot in slow motion. Third single Déjà Vu, a collaboration with Romanian DJ and producer Bob Taylor, also smashed the music charts : it went #7 in her home country, and was also a major hit in Russia and Hungary. In the end of June, Inna won a special jury Romanian Top Hits Award for her top 5 hit Love. The same summer, Hot went #1 in Moldova, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Malta, Poland, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Hungary and Greece, sold over 40,000 copies and was eventually certified Platinum.

On August 6, 2009, Inna released her fourth single Amazing , a song originally recorded by Anca Badiu. The song went #1 in Romania and Bulgaria and at #3 in Russia, and entered the charts Europewide. On November 5, 2009 in Berlin, Germany, Inna won the MTV Europe Music Award for Best Romanian Act. In Romania, at the end of 2009, Inna was named the "Woman of The Year" during the Young Talents Awards.

At the beginning of 2010, Hot peaked at #1 on the Billboard's Hot Dance Airplay chart and the UK Dance Chart. To support the Romanian release of her debut album Hot in March 2010, she released a fifth single entitled 10 Minutes without a music video. It only peaked at #18. For its international release a video was shot in London (England), directed by Paul Boyd. A deluxe version of the album was released in France and Spain (the French edition is entitled Very Hot).

At the 2010 Romanian Music Awards, Inna won the awards for Best Female, Best Album, Best Show, Best Web Site and Best International Artist, and performed her Romanian number one single Amazing, as well as her sixth single Sun Is Up. Sun Is Up won the EurodanceWeb Awards and went #1 Bulgaria and was top 3 in Turkey, France, Romania, Russia, and Switzerland. The music video was shot on August 24, 2010 in Marbella, Spain. It was directed by Alex Herron. The next single Un Momento, featuring Spanish DJ Juan Magan, charted in Spain and Romania. Inna started her European concert tour "INNA en Concert" in June 2011, with additional dates in North America and Mexico.

In 2011, Inna released the second album I Am The Club Rocker. 2 more singles were spawned by the album : title song Club Rocker (the name she gives to her fans) featuring American rapper Flo Rida, and Endless. None of the songs was a hit.

2012 : Inna embarked in her second world tour, the I Am the Club Rocker Tour on January 13. Between April and May she released not less than 4 new singles : WOW, Caliente, OK and Alright. Then came Crazy Sexy Wild (English version of Tu Si Eu). She supports association Bring The Sun In My Life to help women victims of domestic violence.

2013 : Inna's new single was More Than Friends, written and produced by the usual Play & Win team. She was also featured on Spanish DJ Brian Cross's new single Boom Boom. Her third abum Party Never Ends was scheduled for release Spring 2013 and it included a cover of La Bouche's hit Be My Lover. In November, title of next album was revealed : Yo Soy latINNA

2014 : In April, Inna, Alexandra Stan and Daddy Yankee recorded song We Wanna. In May, she was featured on 3 Sud Est's current single Mai Stai. In June, she did vocals on Romanian rapper's Puya's new single Striga!. In September she released an EP entitled Summer Days. In November, her new single Diggy Down was out. In December, Inna was featured on Morandi's song Summer In December. Album Yo Soy latINNA was postponed once again...

2015 : in July, she released her new single Bop Bop featuring Eric Turner. Her album Body and the Sun (including the songs published the previous year on Summer Days EP) was released in Japan. Another album, simply entitled Inna, is planned October 15th.

Inna biography was last updated Sat, January 13th 2018

Charts (singles)

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Ireland Italy Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia Slovakia Spain Sweden Switzerland UK
Hot #6 #3 #13 #14 #6 #80 #39 #4 #14 #2 #5 #5 #2 #38 #1 #14 #17 #6
Love #4 #5 #31 #45 #4 #144 #31
Déjà Vu #25 #10 #16 #6 #9 #24 #33 #7 #4 #72 #15 #27 #60
Amazing #53 #11 #1 #49 #2 #36 #43 #23 #1 #3 #41 #10 #14
I Need You for Christmas #97 #146 #188
10 Minutes #15 #10 #8 #76 #12 #18 #85
Sun Is Up #33 #5 #1 #20 #2 #26 #38 #21 #7 #2 #3 #22 #49 #3 #15
Club Rocker #14 #29 #39 #26 #3 #55 #79 #16 #42 #39 #11 #64
Un Momento #31 #36 #42 #98 #48 #12 #64 #4 #46
Endless #51 #5 #180 #9
Wow #171
Caliente #84
OK #185
Crazy Sexy Wild #5
INNdiA #10
More Than Friends #92 #3 #20 #35 #7
Cola Song #15 #77 #34 #8 #36
Good Time #67




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