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Past news history for year 2007

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Djumbo's new album is entitled Spotlight and it was released on 9th November. One week earlier, a new single called Dit Is Real was released. The girls contributed to a real-TV soap entitled Real Djumbo.

Double You released a live CD and a DVD entitled Double You Live in Brazil only (thanks to Augusto Vilar).

Brooklyn Bounce released The Theme (Of Progressive Attack) Recall '08, a remake of their first hit. Their forthcoming album will be entitled X-Files (thanks to Dance Artist Info).

Corona's new album comes in March or April 2008 (thanks to Augusto Vilar)

BPM's Catwalk To Heaven was released on the chillout-compilation Milchbar Noderney - Volume One ! In a few weeks, their new single Shocking The Dancefloor will be ready.


Jumping All Over The World should be the title of Scooter's new single

DCX (former DC-10) video for their new single Don't Break My Heart can be discovered and downloaded on their official website. Their very first album since they changed their name to DCX will be entitled Flying High and it will be available on January 30th.

Youngfire's new album Back 2 Back is now available.

Linda Mertens (Milk Inc) and Jessy recorded together a new single entitled Getting Out

According to rumors, and due to legal rights problems between the records comapnies, there should not be any official DVD of the Milk Inc Supersized II concert this years. All remains to the fans is the 11-tracks DVD attached to P-Magazine, or the TV-recording of the concert currently broadcasted on Jim TV.

According to the Flemish newspaper Het Nieuwsblad, Evi could be leaving the Lasgo project. According to the management, the group will still exist.

Sylver are said to be working on their new album, it should be finished in 2008.

Alex Christensen's new single featuring Y-ass will be entitled Doktorspiele and it will be out in Germany on 18th January.

DJ Sammy is currently busy producing his new album.


Infernal plans a new album for the summer of 2008 (thanks to Anders Bøgh)

The first single from Whigfield's All In One will be a new version of Think Of You, including remixes by SunLoverz, Gabry Ponte, F&A Factor, Mathieu Bouthier & Muttonheads and Favretto & Yanz.

Experience Of Music will release their album Enjoy The Shiny Days on the international download platform

Youngfire's new album, Back 2 Back comes out December 17th (thanks to Evaldo himslef)

Me & My's new album is to be released in the beginning of 2008. No precise release date yet (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

DJ Encore has co-written one of the songs (Den Jeg Er) competing to represent Denmark in the Eurovision. It is a pop/rock song (thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Natascha Wright has her official website (thanks to Klems).

Ray is promoting hiw new album and touring as 2 Unlimited across South America. See some photos. Apart from their hits, they also sung some unreleased tracks, such as Arabesque, Round and round, Dance with me ...(thanks to Klems)

Culture Beat did a concert in Romania a few days ago. They are currently working on a new single entitled I Love Culture Beat, it would be out in January or February (thanks to Klems)




E-Type and Jakob Samuelsson, from the band The Poodles, wrote a song entitled Line Of Fire that will compete in Melodifestivalen, the Swedish Grand Prix 2008. (thanks to Klems)

DJ Bobo wrote 2 songs for the European Soccer championship. One of them, Ole Ole will be released as single and presented as official anthem.

A DVD of the Milk Inc Supersized concert will be released exclusively with the Belgian men magazine P-Magazine number 49.

Would you like Elena Paparizou to come to Europe for a tour ? Claim it here ! (thanks to Rebecca from


Alex Christensen and Y-ass (Yasemin K) move up to #1 on the German Top 100 with Du hast den schönsten Arsch der Welt this week (thanks to Denis DJ Hooligan Zhabkine).

Groove Coverage released their first Greatest Hits Album

There is now a forum on Youngfire's official website

Cascada's new album Perfect Day will be released in the UK on December 3rd and on January 18th 2008 in Germany. The single What Hurts The Most will be out on December 10th in the UK. The same day the track Last Christmas (a cover of the Wham single) will be available for download in the UK, 3 days before in Germany. (thanks to Costa, Anders Bøgh and Energizer)

After finally releasing his 20-tracks Best Of entitled 10th Anniversary in June, followed by a new single Ecuador 2007 Reloaded, Sash! is currently working on a new album planned for Christmas 2007.

Elena Paparizou will be releasing a new Greek album in Spring 2008.


Kandystand are back ! On the 12th November 2007 they released their first album Watch Out Here I Come (thanks to Energizer).

Regi Penxten's new single AAA Anthem is currently #4 in Belgium while Milk Inc's Tonight is #10 (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine).

Alex C feat. Y-ass "Du hast den schonsten Arsch der Welt" peaked #2 in

Germany (thanks to Denis DJ Hooligan Zhabkine)

Cascada received a World Music Awards for Best German Artist. Their new single is entitled What Hurts The Most, and the forthcoming album will be called Perfect Day (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Me & My has released a new single to the radios Too Much Christmas (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Lady Violet's Inside To Outside was covered by DJ Marco Polo.

Da Buzz's Greatest Hits album will be released on November 21st (thanks to Tavi Meran)


Groove Coverage are back with a new single entitled Because I Love You. It will be out on November 9th. A new album is also on its way.

Alex's new single is called Lose Control and it was released as a digital release on November 4th. It's the first single from his upcoming album and it was presented live recently. It will soon be distributed on many legal download platforms. A Live DVD is coming as well. Buy it here.

Bishop audio, Axel Breitung's records company, released a series of 4 compilations called Euro Dance Classics, gathering many of his eurodance rare and unreleased tracks. For instance, did you know that LOFT's It's Raining Again and Indra's Anywhere were previously recorded by Real Hype ? Get them here.

Pandora's brand new album can be heard on her Myspace (thanks to Klems and Tavi Meran)

Peter Wilson released a solo album entitled Follow Me under the label Klone records in October (thanks to Klems).

On The 30th November Thomas Anders will take part to the concert "Cover me" in Cologne (Germany) at 8:30 AM (thank to Tavi Meran)

Bad Boys Blue's new single of Bad Boys Blue will be Still In Love. It will include exclusive remixes by DJ Moraz, Twister, MS Project, Almighty and Digital Air (thank to Tavi Meran).

Amber will release new versions of 6 of her singles, such as Love One Another, Yes or The Need To Be Naked as mp3 only, on November 20th (thank to Tavi Meran).


Aqua just announced a Comeback tour in Denmark for 2008. The rest of the world could follow. They do not have plans to record new material, but are considering a best of album with extra tracks from the third album which was never released (thanks to Anders Bøgh)

September's new single from her last album Dancing Shoes and is called Until I Die, the video was shot in Sweden on 23rd October

Double You's new single will be released as CN Vs. Double You - Planet Electro (thanks to Audrey)




Experience Of Music will release their first album on December, 7th 2007. Entitled Enjoy The Shiny Day, it will contain all the hits and more...

Emel, former DJ Bobo vocalist, released a new album entitled Komm in mein Leben. It does not contain any eurodance.

Double You recorded a brand new track (thanks to Audrey)

Captain Jack's new album is ready and can be discovered on their official website (thanks to Tavi Meran)

7 years after she recorded it as album track, Pandora will finally release her track On A Night Like This as single (thanks to Tavi Meran). Her new album Celebration will be out on November 7th.

Scarlet, former Rednex vocalist contributed to Jan Waye's I Touch Myself (thanks to Klems).


New Scooter album called Jumpin' All Over The World and will be released at 30 November (thanks to Denis DJ Hooligan Zhabkine)

Tommy Schleh aka Klubbigman, former Masterboy member, will release a new single under the name Sunshine Live Inc. called The Sound of Revolution(we are one) on October 19th.

Kate Ryan's new single is entitled L.I.L.Y. (Like I Love You) and it should be out in November.

Like every year, Milk Inc won the Best dance artist national TMF Award last saturday. They performed a medley of their current and forthcoming singles Sunrise and Tonight. The release date for Tonight is October 22nd. The single CD will contain the Radio Edit, the Extended and the Vandueren Remix. The video, which was recorded during the Supersized II concerts, will be also included (thanks to Tavi Meran).

A new remix of X-perience's Return to Paradise was released in America. The single will be available from 2000 US stores (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Alex Christensen composed 2 new dance singles, one for U96 called Follow The Sun, and another called Du hast den schönsten Arsch der Welt, that he will release on 19th October under Alex C feat Y-ass. You can discover it on his Myspace (thanks to Tavi Meran).

DJ Bobo will release a new album including a Bonus DVD on March 21st 2008. It is still not known wether it will be a real album or just another best of. It can already be pre-ordered from the official website (thanks to Apho).

Elena Paparizou did a song called Ola Einai Mousiki (meaning Everything Is Music) for Nokia ad campaign. Watch the video here (thanks to Tavi Meran).

The new Bad Boys Blue album will be entitled Heart And Soul. It will be released in the end of November 2007 and will be promoted by a

digital single release (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine)

Solo album of Regi Penxten, Milk Inc's producer, will be called REGIstrated and released in October (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine). His new single features BP and is called Aaa Anthem, it was presented last week during the TMF Awards.

Peter Luts, producer of Lasgo and Ian van dahl, released a single with Barbara Tucker called One (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Randee recently contributed to three singles currently available on the Italian dance market : Tunzabria Music is my life, Redrox Give Me Emotions, and Double Face Last Summer. All of them are excellent dance tracks that you can discover on Randee's Myspace.


New Scooter single will be entitled And No Matches will be released on November 23rd (thanks to Denis DJ Hooligan Zhabkine).

A new single from ex Le Click member Kayo is called If It Makes You Feel Good is written and produced by swedish songwriter Paul Rein (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Captain jack are back in studio and that a new single could be planned on 23rd October. The new album will be entitled Mission Completed. The style of the first tracks that can be heard on the official website is absolutely not eurodance (thanks to Tavi Meran)


Milk Inc released a new Best Of CD, the day before the series of 3 Supersized 2 concerts. The one and only new track of the best of was Sunrise. During the Supersized concert, a new track called Tonight was presented to the fans. The Supersized concert should be broadcasted on Jim TV just like the previous year.

Scooter's The Question Is What The Question reached #5 in Germany, #2 in Austria, #4 in Finland and Hungary and entered #44 in the Netherlands. Rumors say that their new single could be a cover of Underworld's Born Slippy and that they could perform at the next Dome concert in November, but nothing has been confirmed yet (thanks to Denis DJ Hooligan Zhabkine)

DJ Bobo will present the videoclip for his brand new single Because Of You tomorrow on his official website (thanks to Apho)

BPM's Harder like Stone is the new number 1 on

Annerly's single Boy For The Moment entered the Popdanceradio charts

Young Fire's new single Hello will hit the radio stations and be available on the internet on 10th October. Their next album will be entitled Back 2 Back.




DJ Bobo's next single will be Because Of You. It will be out in Germany on October 17th and in Switzerland on November 2nd (thanks to DJ Bobo France).

Haddaway's new single is called Follow Me and it was released in Germany on 22nd June. On the official website, you can also check the trailer of his trip in London (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Cascada is currently on her UK tour. The new material for her forthcoming second album will be ready probably next year, the first track is entitled Endless Summer and you can preview it here (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Basic Element are in studio working on new tracks, everything should be ready for 2008 (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Paola Peroni's new single is ready for released. It's entitled Raga me and will be out under the name Elektro Groovy.

Vivian Sessoms, former vocalist of the Bingo Boys, teamed up with Chris Parks for a soul duo project called Albright. They were nominated for Soul Tracks Best New Duo Award. You can vote to chose their new single, which will be released on 9th October (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Elena Paparizou released a new single called The Kiss Of Life (To Fili Tis Zois) (thanks to Tavi Meran).


Youngfire's website has been updated and also they will be releasing their first single, Hello soon and their new cd, Back 2 Back will come out later this year. Dates will be revealed soon (thanks to Evaldo himself)

The covers of the debut DCX (former DC-10) album Flying High are being finished and it should be released very soon. Their last single Don't Break My Heart was included on the compilation Radio KLF 2007 (thanks to Joel Kalsi)

Amber gave an exclusive interview on Outpub, discover it here (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Layzee (former Mr President rapper)'s project Diezel Washington will be live at the Peppermint Party backstage in Berlin with special interviews with all the top acts. Diezel also teamed up with Porn Funk Deluxe, producing their debut track Who's Gonna Rock My Pussy. He also wrote a song for Massive Tunes's dance track I Feel Your Love that you can discover here. (thanks to Tavi Meran).

The new video from Neja's single Catwalk can be seen here (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Coco, the first Fragma vocalist, recorded new songs. All infos can be found on her Myspace (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Favretto did a remake of Corona's smash hit The Rhythm Of The Night. It featured raps and vocals by Dhany and Jenny B. The track is available as a pre-release only on (thanks to Tavi Meran).

The release of E-type's new single Eurofighter is postponed (thanks to Klems)


In July, Kim Lukas released with Nathalie Aarts from the Soundlovers the single Change The World under the label Rytmica Italy.

Sabrina will on be tour with the RFM 80s Party, a series of concerts taking place in France's major cities between October and December and featuring many 80s artists (short live video shot in Montpellier).

Real McCoy started releasing new songs in a series called Additional Series. The 2 first songs were entitled 4 The Lover and Slave To My Feelings. The third on was just released, it's a cover-version of LaTour´s eighties club hit People Are Still Having Sex. You can listen to it on O'jay's Myspace. A brand new single and album are planned... (thanks to Apho)

Fragma's new single is called Deeper (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Pics of SEX Appeal's Sensuality videoclip can be seen here (thanks to Tavi Meran).

E-type's new single will be entitled Eurofighter. The radio release is set for September 17th (thanks to Klems).


2 Fabiola's brand new and long-awaited single features Katie Michaelson and is entitled Straight 2 The Top. Discover the video here (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine and Apho)

JLM should release a new single for September, and Shantal Moore is back ! (thanks to Klems)

Nicki French is back with a remake of her biggest hit Total Eclipse Of The Heart (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Da Buzz finally released the single Baby Listen To Me on the 5th of September (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Haddaway is back in studio working on a new album, named Crucified, the release date is not yet known (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Kate Ryan's single Voyage voyage is #2 this week in Donna Ultratop (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Milk Inc's Sunrise scored #7 in Donna Ultratop. They are nominated like every year at the TMF Awards 2007. Vote for them here (thanks to Tavi Meran).

The Black Box hit that will be remixed by Benny Benassi and re-released will be Everybody Everybody (thanks to Tavi Meran)




SEX Appeal's album Sensuality was released in Thaïland as a double CD album. A remixes album for Sensuality is also planned for release in Germany, with a different tracklisting from the Thaï second CD (thanks to Klems).

Klubbingman (aka Tommy Schleh from the Masterboy) will release his first album on 19th October entitled The Fan Album. It will include a DVD. Watch a teaser here.

DJ Encore's next single could be entitled Falling. He is doing a poll at his myspace-site for the fans to chose the second single from the new album Unique. Falling has taken a clear lead (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

On the 8th september La Bouche and Corona will both do a concert at a big 90's-party at Docken in Copenhagen. Earlier this year Dr. Alban and Haddaway did the same (two full length concerts) at a similar party. More infos here (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Corona's new single is entitled La Playa Del Sol. It will be released in Italy on September 14th.

Sqeezer (Jim, Daria,Andy) are back with new tracks, you can listen to their new tracks on their Myspace profile. A new song should be released soon, and an album called Squeezer Reloaded is planned for the end of this year (thanks to Tavi Meran).

You can vote for your 5 favourite DJs on DJ Mag's website. The poll ends on the 24th September.

More than 10 years after his brilliant remix of Ride On Time, Benny Benassi remixed another Black Box's hit single : Everybody Everybody (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Captain Jack are back with 2 new members called Bruce and Kia. They started a tour in Germany. Some new songs should come in September (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Bad Boys Blue present a second extract of their new album entitled I Don't Wanna Know. You can discover it on the official Bad Boys Blue website.

September's new entiteled album Dancing Shoes will be released in October the 1st (thanks to Costa)


On 20th August, the 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor released a single entitled Never Alone 2, hidden behind the acronym 2B4TH, under the label Mostiko. It contains a sample from the original hit, and mixes from Anonymous, Juno, Lethal MG. Listen to a sample here (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine)

The new song written by Sannie Carlson, Whigfield's frontlady, is called Porque. It will be included on Pochill's forthcoming album "Nothing But The Hill" which will feature some other songs co-written by Sannie (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Amber is on tour. You can see live pics on 2007 KTU Beatstock Festival on her Myspace account (thanks to Tavi Meran)

After a long silence T-seven is back with a new single called Es gibt nichts. You can hear on her Myspace (thanks to Tavi Meran).

E-type's True Believer sold gold in Sweden (thanks to Klems)

On 28th August, SEX Appeal will shoot a video for their song Sensuality (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Scooter's new single The Question Is What Is The Question entered the German charts directly at #10 (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Annerly's EP is now available on the MP3 portals iTunes and You can still order the CD from her officiel website.

666 are working on a record together with Brooklyn Bounce (thanks to Tavi Meran).


Plavka did a collaboration with Nu Frequency the song called Love Sick (thanks to Tavi Meran)

E-type's new single will be entitled To The Lions. The official video for True Believer can be seen on the official website. It's not the gore movie that E-type promised a few weeks ago, but a live video shot during Skellefteå 2007 (thanks to Apho).


Giorgio Prezioso's new single will be entitled Contagious (with a B-side called Bruno)

After many years of silence, the new Twenty 4 Seven single is ready and it should be soon released. It will be entitled Like Flames (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine)

Loredana Maiuri (Majuri)'s new single is called Shock Me. I will be out in September on Molto Records (thanks to Tavi Meran)

September's new album will be released on the beginning of... September (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Niki Haris (former Snap vocalist) will appear on a Visa TV commercial. Watch it here (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Sylver's double-CD Best Of (The Hit Collection 2001-2007) was released last week. They cooperated with 4 Clubbers to record the single Time, Wout and Regi writing the lyrics while Silvy did vocals. The single is only available on vinyl or on MP3, you can preview the it here. (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Experience Of Music will release a 2007 version of their track Do You Think it's Magic under the name Do You Think it's Magic 2.7 (thanks to Tavi Meran)




On on June 15th, Leila K was a surprise guest at a release party for the blog Bögjävlar, performing the songs Ça plane pour moi and Electric. Sadly, she got hit by a car 2 days later. A friend of hers opened her official Myspace page.

The German thematic TV-channel TV Passion is currently re-broadcasting twice a day the TV-soap "Alle zusammen - Jeder für sich" in which Daisy Dee played a role.

Tony Dyer (Beat System, Night People, Blue Heart, DIP) is back with a new project and a new song entitled Bad Boy (thanks to Tavi Meran).

In August Bad Boys Blue's new album will be mixed in Paris (thanks to Tavi Meran).

X-Perience's CD maxi release of I Feel Like You was postponed to the 31st August. Tracks can be preordered by Germans from, along with unreleased bonus tracks, for instance an instrumental version of A Neverending dream. The K16 dream dance mix of Million Miles can be downloaded for free from the official website (thanks to Tavi Meran).


Abigail's new album Home... Again is now out on iTunes.. An interview is also available on her official website (thanks to Tavi Meran).

On 31st August 2007 Coconut will release the new compilation of Bad Boys Blue simply titled Bad Boys Blue (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Lori Glori will release an album gathering "all the good and bad experiences that Lori Glori went through in her life" (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Because of bad weather conditions at Heathrow Airport during the day lots of flights were cancelled and delayed, and Ian van Dahl had to cancel their concert in Glasgow (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Whigfield will release in September/October a 12-tracks album called All In One. It will contain only 2 new songs from her : Rainbow and Right in the Night (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Elena Paparizou will release in August a repackaged version of her English album The Game of Love in France. There will be 3 French songs on it (included a cover of Dalida's Le Temps Des Fleurs and the french version of The game of love and Teardrops.

Michelle Weeks (Space master, DJ Dado) new solo single is entitled A Purpose.


Neja just finish shooting the video for her song Catwalk. The video will be officially released in August. The making of photos can be seen on Neja's official website (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Alexia's new single Du du du was released for radio play on 13th July. The song is available on mp3 legal download but for Italians only (thanks to Apho). An album could follow, but not before Autumn.

2 Fabiola are back. Their new single should be out in August. It is still not known wether Zohra will be back or not (thanks to John)

Dieter Bohlen recorded a new single with Mark Medlock entitled You Can Get It.

Anita Doth from 2 Unlimited will collaborate for a duet with the Romanian singer Paula Seling, the song will be called If you want it. It's a translation of Paula's song Noapte alba and will be recorded in Romania (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Scooter's new single will be entitled The Question What Is The Question (thanks to Tavi Meran and Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine)

Da Buzz's single Take All My Love will be realeased in the USA, a brand new single was released in Russia, called Baby listen to me. The single will be available on iTunes (thanks to Tavi Meran).


Abigail shoulds start recording her new album this summer (thanks to Tavi Meran).

The new Bad Boys Blue single Hold Me In The Night can be discovered on their website and Myspace (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Basic Element are working with the Swedish clothes brand Appertiff on a collection named after the group (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Everybody Hurts (a cover of REM's hit) could be the title of DJ Sammy's new single. You can listen to it on his official website (thanks to Tavi Meran).

SEX Appeal's new single Skin 2 Skin was remixed by Marc Korn & Little K (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Milk inc's new single Sunrise entered the Belgian Ultratop this week directly at #7 (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Mollela's single Love Resurrection should be finally be released on vinyl and not only as digital release as it was last November (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Neja's new single is a dance track called Catwalk, a collaboration with Ivan Russo (Atollo records) and the French DJ Benjamin Braxton. You can discover it here.

Pandora is on tour in Mallorca promoting the new single Tell The world 2007.

Ann Lee has re-recorded her smash-hit 2 Times. It was remixed by Favretto and Ice Bergem, SunLoverz, Minimal Chic and F&A Factor.

Paola Peroni will perform a 5 hour DJ set on Friday 17 August frommidnight at the XVI Party of Radio Onda D'urto in Brescia (Italy). Her new single Raga me (released as Elektro Groovy) will be available on vinyl at the end of August 2007. You can get all infos and presales at this address.

Scooter's new single should be released on 10th August 2007 (thanks to Tavi Meran).




DJ Provenzano, who contributed to Double Dare 10 years ago, released the track Ride The Way as Provenzano & Danijay on the m2o vol 15 compilation. It's a pure eurodance track (thanks to Klems and TanYa)...

ATB's new single Feel Alive will be in stores on July 27th 2007.

This is the second single released from the current album Trilogy (thanks to Tavi Meran).

September's new single is called Can't Get Over (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Dr Alban is back with a brand new album entitled Back 2 Basics. Available from iTunes (thanks to Klems).

Indra now has her page on Myspace, on which one can read that she is currently working on some projects, but nothing concrete yet. If you wish to make a remix of her famous hit Misery, you can submit it to her (thanks to Tavi Meran).

E-type's new album will be released on September 5th. The album can already be preordered on CDON (thanks to Klems). He is currently shooting the video for his new single True Believer. The video is inspired from horror movies (thanks to Apho).

Kate Ryan left her former record company to get signed under ARS. She recorded Voyage2, a cover of the Desireless hit Voyage Voyage, will be Kate's first single released by her new record company on the 6th of July (thanks to Tavi Meran).


After its success in England, France and the Netherlands, Cascada will release Miracle in Germany (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Switzerland is looking for a football song Euro 2008, and according to rumors, DJ Bobo could have recorded a song together with DJ Özti for the event (thanks to WebDJs)

Discover Alex's hands up remix of I'm Gonna Make You Mine

Annerly's track Summer In Your Eyes, from her forthcoming EP, is #1 in this week's charts on Pop Dance Radio. She will be interviewed on saturday 30th June on this radio station.

The D-tune remix of BPM's Catwalk To Heaven was featured on the compilation Warner Best 2007.

Sylver's new single is entitled The One (thanks to Tavi Meran). A Best Of album should also be released soon.

DJ Bobo's summer single will be entitled We Gotta Hold On. The single will include a dance remix.


Youngfire are working on their next CD called Back 2 Back. It will be in stores and onilne stores late summer 2007 (thanks to Evaldo himself).

Toni recorded a new track called Keep Goin´ (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Abigail is back in writing mode for her next album. Recordings are expected to start this summer (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Lene from Aqua modelled for the ’07 summer collection for sexy underwear,

themed as the three girls from Charlie’s Angels (thanks to Tavi Meran).

The new Bad Boys Blue album is almost ready, 12 tracks were already recorded (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Ian Van Dahl's single Inspiration peaked to #1 in the Canadian Hot 20 Dance Chart a month ago (thanks to Tavi Meran)

X-perience's new single is called I Feel Like U and will be released on 6th July 2007 (thanks to Tavi Meran). Claudia announced that she will leave the project in 2008.

New single from Milk inc will be presented on Donna Soarre this saturday (thanks to Tavi Meran)


Milk Inc have a new records company : ARS. Their new single Sunrise will be out on June 22nd. The next album is planned for Spring 2008 (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Gunther recorded a new song called Suntrip. Discover the videoclip here (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Klubbingman from the Masterboy released a new single featuring Trixi (now known as Beatrix) Delgado entitled Never Stop This Feeling. Listen to it here (thanks to Klems)


Starting Rock's Moving On features a sample from Space Master - Jumping to the Party (thanks to Nico)

Dhany's new solo album will be entitled E-motions. It will be pre-released iTunes Music Store (thanks to Tavi Meran).

New from Da Buzz, the single Take All My Love.

Prezioso featuring Marvin will soon release a new single entitled Touch Me.

Layzee (Mr President) new album is now ready. The single's title is still unknown. All the fans can vote on his site between 2 songs : Comfort Zone and Catch You (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Cappella's hit U Got 2 Let The Music was covered by Tyro and released in France under Cyber Prod (thanks to Nico)




Infernal has just finished their new video for their song Ten Miles. Watch it here (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Bob Sinclar's cover of Rozalla is #1 on the Danish dancechart (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Peter Luts from Lasgo just released "What A Feeling" together with Dominico (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

E-type's new single True Believer entered the Swedish single charts directly at #1


Roby Pinna is back with a new single entitled Run To You. It features voices of Keyra & LaPlanche.

Infernal released a US MP3 album containing 30 tracks and remixes. It is available on Itunes US. (thanks to Tavi Meran)


Da Buzz new single is called Take All My Love and it was released on the 2nd of May (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Neja is in studio and she declares : "I'm working on some new cool stuff, and soon it will be out!!". Let's hope it will be eurodance... (thanks to Tavi Meran)

E-type's new single True Believer will be released on the 16th May. Discover it here. The future new album will be entitled Europtopia (thanks to Klems, Martin & Necro).

Jessica Folcker's new single is entiteld Snowflakes. Her album Skin Close will be released on 30th May (thanks to Apho).

Annerly's official website was redesigned. You can now watch her first demo and live videos. Her first single is ready and will soon start being produced.


Kate Ryan's new single is entitled Wonderland (thanks to Tavi Meran). She will sing the official song for the Eurogames 2007, which will probably take place in Antwerp (Belgium).

Unfortunately, DJ Bobo did not make it to the Eurovision Song Contest finals.


E-type has just finished recording his new single in studio with Max Martin producing. It will be released in a couple of weeks (probably early summer) and E-type himself says it will be a real party smasher. The name of the single should be True Believer. He is also working with a new full-length album but no words on when it will be released (thanks to AquaStealth and Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine).

Basshunter is his latest single Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar Dota covered the melody of Daddy DJ's hit Daddy DJ.

Discover a very nice dream dance artist, Jacob Czitrom (thanks to Aqustealth)

Milk Inc. announced at their Supersized pressconfrence they would do an extra concert next to their already announced concert on Saturday September 29th, 2007. This concert will be held a day earlier, on Friday September 28th, 2007 (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Dj Sammy's new single and new compilation Balearic Masters vol 1 wil be out in June (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Tina Cousins Episode 104 of the CW series 'Runaway' will contain vocals from "Queen of the World"! Meanwhile, 4 Strings feat. Tina Cousins Curious is still going strong: #20 this week on Billboard Hot Dance

Airplay chart, 9 weeks on the chart ! (thanks to Tavi Meran).

A new single from Helena Paprizou is called Mi Fevgis from upcoming re-release of the album Iparhei Logos (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Sunblock feat. Sandy did a cover of Corona's Baby Baby, it's currently #16 on the Danish dancechart (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

New single The Power by Tom Novy vs The Rock & Snap covers/remixes Snap's original hit (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Copenhagen, Denmark's local weekly radioshow "Dance 98,9" can now be heard as podcast (typically a 80Mb mp3-download). The show is in danish but with 80-90% music. For instructions on how to subscribe see (bottom of page) (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

LayZee (Mr President) is in studio recording a new solo track and he is looking for a new vocalist (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Taleesa has a new song which was created in collaboration with a Swedish team. She is currently in studio recodrding the vocals. Release should be this summer or more likely in September. Taleesa could also be thinking of stopping her singer carreer for producing (thanks to Tavi Meran).




DJ Bobo's brand new album Vampires can be pre-ordered from Amazon

Cascada have climbed the UK Album chart for the fourth week in a row,

moving up to #2 this week! The next single is a re-release of Neverending Dream (the X-perience cover) and the video is being shot in a few weeks time.

EuroAura forum is back ! And old accounts have been maintained...

Yamboo feat Dr Alban Sing Hallelujah was released in France last January and peaked to #37 in the Fun radio charts (thanks to Apho).

Rozalla's Everybody's Free was covered by Bob Sinclar. Check the clip here (thanks to Apho).

Alexia will be back this summer with new tracks. Currently she is busy caring about her baby daughter Maria Vittoria, born on Valentine Day (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Jam & Spoon released 2 vinyls entitled Club Classics 1 and 2 (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine)

Me & My's album Ultimate Collection peaked on the Danish album chart as #15 (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Infernal's "From Paris To Berlin" album has sold gold in Denmark. From Paris To Berlin was the internationally most played Danish song in 2005. Aqua's Barbie Girl was the internationally third most played danish song in 2005. Between the 2, Jamelia's single Superstar, which was cowritten by Remee from Sound Of Seduction (thanks to Anders Bøgh).


There will be a SEX Appeal interview on 8th May at 8PM (Paris time) on Pop radio (thanks to Klems)

DJ Encore's new album Unique is finished and will be released in the US in May 2007 (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Rumors tell that Haddaway will be back with a new material this summer (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Infernal video clip for their single Self control is again on the bpm:tv Hot 20 (US/Canada), this week at position #6 (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Soon will be online a remix of the famous Madonna tune Like A Prayer, sung by Neja. This project started from the idea of the French DJ Benjamin Braxston (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Rednex's hit single Cotton Eye Joe will be featured on the soundtrack of a Snoop Dog movie called Hood of horror (thanks to Tavi Meran). The auctions on eBay for the group ended without any bids...

The Ian Van Dahl World tour 2007 will soon start... (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Corona started her 2007 tour on April 9th (thanks to Augusto Vilar)


Rednex is for sale on eBay ! Auctions for the Swedish project start at 1 500 000 $ (thanks to reBeL).

Dhany is back with a new single called Let It Go (thanks to Tavi Meran)




Me & My just released a best of album entitled The Ultimate Collection. They'll go in studio to record new material for an upcoming album (thanks to Anders Bøgh)

John from the Bad Boys Blue has been in Paris, where he recorded another 3 new tracks with his French producers. The next recording session in France is planned for the beginning of May (thanks to Tavi Meran).

The third single of the Starstylers will be an electric club sound with a flavour of the real Starstylers style... The single One More Time' will be released in the Netherlands around April (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Silvy, Sylver's vocalist, revealed that she was about two months pregnant. She also said that she already picked a name for a future daughter (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Lil' Suzy is pregnant too. She recently announced it during a show in Orlando (thanks to Klems).

Wout (Sylver) and Regi (Milk Inc) have joined forces to create a massive spectacle, named Larger than life, with which they travel through Belgium. The pair of DJ's will spin records for an entire night. This name however is also the title of the new theme song of a brand new series of the reality soap 'Big Brother' in Belgium. That started last thursday and can be followed on a daily base on 'Kanaal 2'. The vocals were provided by Kelly Pfaff (thanks to Tavi Meran).

SEX Appeal's new album will be launched on April 30th 2007 (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Ann Lee's album So Alive is now available on Itunes (thanks to Klems)


This week X-perience's new single Personal Heaven (duet with Midge Ure) was released in Germany as premium edition incl. remixes, the non-album-track Fireworks and the videoclip. There's also a 2-track edition.
For everyone who buys the single within the first two weeks they offer some special downloads on the official website.

DJ Bobo's new album will be entitled Vampires and it will be out on the 11th May. Preorder it here (thanks to DJ Bobo France)


The Lasgo Lying video plays exclusively in all Lady Foot Locker stores in the US now (thanks to tavi Meran)

Ian van Dahl single Just A Girl is #3 in Hot 20 Dance Chart (thanks to tavi Meran)

The Milk inc's Supersized XL digipack from was released in Poland (thanks to tavi Meran).

Radio Italia TV will broadcast the Alexia concert Serata con Sunday 18th March on 21 CET (thanks to tavi Meran)

Infernal was released in UK and on 23 April will add for Download on itunes

Neja has ended her contract with label Melodica (thanks to tavi Meran)

Discover a Swedish radio channel which plays all 90s dance tunes, included eurodance : Spray Radio

The new Experience Of Music single will be entitled Digital Love.

Ann Lee is back with a new single called Catches Your Love, now available only on iTunes. The album So Alive will soon be released (thanks to Apho)


DJ Encore just released the single You Can Walk On Water in the US. A new album Unique will be released in the US in may 2007. A new vocalist is featured, Johanna, coming from Sweden (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Rumours say that Da Buzz could release a new album during 2007 (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

A European Dance Song Contest is going on at: and (thanks to Anders Bøgh)

ATB released a new single featuring Heather Nova entitled Renegade. The forthcoming new album will be entitled Trilogy (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine and Vision)

This Friday was released the 2 track-single of DJ Bobo's new single Vampires Are Alive in Switzerland (thanks to WebDJs)


JLM are back ! Their brand new single Lift Me Up, a very nice trancy track featuring Ariel, was released. They were signed through an international licensing company to the most important major and indie labels in more than 90 countries. You can discover their new song on their official website (thanks to Klems)

Des'Ray's (2 Brothers on the 4th floor) new album is called Des'Ray Classics (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Two Are Stronger Than One from Me & My is number 1 in the Danish Hitsurf chart (thanks to Tavi Meran)

The single Curious by 4 Strings feat. Tina Cousins jumped from 29 to 23 in the Dance airplay chart in US Billboard (thanks to Tavi Meran)

The new X-perience single Personal Heaven will be launched on March 30th 2007 (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Gunther is still in studio working on his new album. According to the teasers, it could be called Obsession of Lust. A tour in the US could also be planned (thanks to Tavi Meran).

News about Sash! best-of album+DVD at his official page: (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine)

New Scooter single Lass Uns Tanzen will be released on March 23rd (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine)




The song that DJ Bobo will present to Eurovision Song Contest is entitled Vampires Are Alive

The release for SEX Appeal's new single Let me feel Your Sex Appeal is on 26.02.2007 and to order on, starting with end of March you will get it also by musicload and all the other dealers, the album Sensuality will be released in April 2007. On march 6th. you can see the live webcam interview of S.E.X.Appeal by (thanks to Klems)

B.P.M. released their video for High Enough To Dream (2006 Mix). The video is getting airplay and is one of featured artists this week online on BPM TV. Please vote for BPM here.

Discover a very interesting German dance artist : Annerly (no relationship with Annerly Gordon) (thanks to Jenny)

Scooter released the track Lass Uns Tanzen as vinyl without artist name under Discomania Distribution (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine)

Double You recorded a new track with DJ Ross : To The Beat (as Double You vs DJ Ross). Discover it here. (thanks to Audrey).

Thursday, March 1st will see the opening of a new monthly club in Copenhagen. "Spirit of the 90'ies" will be held first thursday of each month, and the music will be pure 90'ies eurodance. Adress: Spirit, Skindergade 20, DK-1159 Copenhagen, Denmark (thanks to Anders Bøgh).


Me & My were not selected to represent Denmark at the Eurovision song contest (thanks to Anders Bøgh)

DJ Bobo will officially present his song for Eurovision Song Contest and its videoclip on the 22nd February at 17:30 in Luzern (Switzerland).

Lasgo's hit-single Something will be used for the upcoming Belgium short movie Dagen Zonder Lief, produced by Felix Van Groeningen (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Ian van Dahl's Just A Girl entered the Norvegian, Canadian and US radio playlists (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Last week Milk Inc received a gold record for their album Supersized (thanks to Tavi Meran).


The new BPM single will be entitled Harder Like Stone

Rednex's song Well-o-wee was disqualified from the Romanian national selection because they were broadcasted publicly before October 1st. This decision was taken by a TVR evaluation committee.

Hot news about Fun Factory and their former members ! Toni Cottura recently confirmed the rumors according to which Balja (actually spelled Balca) was the projedct's one and only real vocalist. She recorded a new song which can be heard on Toni Cottura's MySpace called Stop Playing Tricks With My Heart. Her NEW solo album should be coming (hopefully) this year, 2007, it will be FF-Style (so I guess that means EuroDance) and it will be produced by Toni Cottura himself (thanks to ES)

Al Walser (from the second Fun Factory) brand new music video just came out, it is called "African Queen" it can be seen on his Myspace (thanks to ES).

And the casting still goes on for the third generation Fun Factory...


If you wish to help Rednex to be selected to represent Romania at Eurovision Song Contest, you can vote for them here (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Me & My were selected during the semifinal to be one of the final 8 to compete to represent Denmark in The Eurovision Song Contest (thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Scooter's new album will be entitled The Ultimate Aural Orgasm instead of The Fourth Chapter (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine)

Sash! released a vinyl entitled 10th Anniversary. It gathers his 4 biggest hits : Mysterious Times (Original Extended), Stay (Original Extended), Encore une Fois (Future Breeze Remix), Ecuador (Original Extended) (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine)

Youngfire's site was redesigned. They are currently working on shooting videos for the album.

LayZee from Mr President is now known under the name Diesel Washington. Check his Myspace acount and his official website (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Jim Reeves from Sqeezer produced his first solo single as Adama. Visit his official website and his Myspace account (thanks to Tavi Meran).




Da Buzz's new single Soon My Heart entered the Swedish charts at #51 (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine)

Rednex and the romanian band Ro-mania are among the finalists to preselections to represent Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest. The song is called Well-o-wee. You can watch the clip here. The final will take place next saturday (see TV dates) (thanks to Tavi Meran)


2007 could be the year when Fun Factory will rebirth. The new producer and manager, Rekardo Heilig, is currently looking for a singer, rapper, and a dancer for the group. The castings are still going on until the end of February this year. More infos on their new website (thanks to Eva Sipkova)

Gala's hit Freed From Desire was covered by a project called Candy.

You can discover SEX Appeal's excellent new single on Myspace

Rebeca has been selected to take part to the TV show "Misión Eurovisión" in order to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. Futhermore, her song, I love you mi vida has also been selected among more than 1000 songs that were sent to TVE. The song can be voted by everyone at the web (thanks to Ricar).

Basic Element's new album will be entitled The Empire Strikes Back and it will be out on 31st January (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine)

Abigail released her new album Home... Again (thanks to Tavi Meran)

5 tracks have been recorded for the Bad Boys Blue's new album, and the 6th song is nearly till the end. John will be back in France in February and March to record more tracks (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Ian van Dahl are on studio working on their new album (thanks to Tavi Meran).

Peter Luts from Lasgo is going to start his solo project, an album is planned for this year (thanks to Tavi Meran).


Axel Coon (formerly from Scooter) collaborates with Tommy Schleh (Masterboy) aka DJ Klubbingman, together they created the project KlubbCoon-DJ Team. They did a "Coon bootleg mix" for the single by DJane Coco Fay This is My Sound. (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine)


A new Double You single was released in Brazil: GM vs DY - What Can I Do. It's a follow-up of the single The Volume. Double You is one of the names behind the new Brazilian house music sensation called House Boulevard, along with DJ Tom Hopkins and two other producers. The track is called Can't Get You and it's been very successfully in Brazil (thanks to Alexandre).

666 are back ! Their brand new single will be entitled Abracadabra. It features Spanish male vocals only with technoid sounds, and it's described as totally different to what they did in the past (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine).

Infernal's new single I Won´t Be Crying will be out in January and it contains a sample of a Depeche Mode-track. The video was shot in Paris. Self Control enjoyed 5 weeks as #1 on the danish download chart. They was also the only act to have 2 of the top 15 most downloaded tracks in Denmark in 2006. They were nominated twice at the NRJ Awards which will take place in Helsinki, Finland (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

SEX Appeal's new single Let Me Feel Your Sexappeal will be followed by a brand new album (thanks to Heino Hegemann from 3H Music)


Pandora's Don't you know was remixed by United DJs and it will be released on the 19th January (thanks to Klems). You can listen to it on Pandora's official website.

Former French 80s pop star Jeanne Mas does a comeback with a eurodance track entitled Mas Alli Mas Alla (thanks to Klems)

Jenny Bersola did a cover of the Italian song La voce del silenzio with Massimo Ranieri. (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Dj Sammy will be in studio from 31 October till January 2007 to record some new material (thanks to Tavi Meran)

E-type is working hard in the studio on his new album and Max Martin has already approved the first single. (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Gunther is in studio too, working on a new album. 2 brand new tracks can already be discovered : Obsession and My Boudoir. One of them is maybe the forthcoming single (thanks to Tavi Meran)

A new single from SEX Appeal : Let Me Feel Your Sexappeal will be released in January 2007 (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Sqeezer has new members : Andy and Sonjia. A 2006 version of their hit single Blue Jeans was recorded and the video can already be seen (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Rumors say that the Masterboy are back in studio and could release a brand new single at the very beginning of January 2007 (thanks to Tavi Meran)

X-perience will release their new single (the title is not known yet) in January of 2007 (thanks to Tavi Meran)

Zippora released a second single as JAM, called Keep On Movin (thanks to Tavi Meran)

New single I'm Gonna Make You Mine from Alex is climbing up the charts. It will be realesed in January (thanks to Alex and Tavi Meran)




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