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Smile - The interview

Veronica and Hannah from Smile-dk


by Tavi Meran

Visit Smile-dk's website


My first question is what is the story of Smile!? Why this name?

When we, Veronica and Nina, started the group we wanted a name that suited the music style as well as our personalities. The music is very happy and cheerful and so are we, so that’s why we came up with the name “Smile”. We also wanted a name that was easy to say and remember, so “Smile” felt like the perfect name when we said it out loud the first time.

Veronica I know that your first euro dance project was Look Twice, can you tell me why you left that project?

Look Twice was my first record deal and I loved being a part of that group. We had a lot of great times together and I learned a lot from all the touring that we did. But I needed to go further to something new, I wanted to do more. So I left the group and together with a producer friend we started the group Smile.


One of my favorite tracks from Look Twice is Go away who wrote it? Has that tune a story?

The song is written by Robert Uhlmann and if it’s a story to the song, he knows ;-).

Do you still keep in touch with your Look Twice colleagues?

We bump into each other now and then, but it doesn’t happen that often. We all live in different cities far away from each other.


Hanna, what was your previous job?

I was working as a studio singer, talent coach, and show artist.


Hanna, I know that you worked with Pandora. How was working with her?

Pandora is a wonderful artist and friend. She is great to work with, funny and extremely professional talented singer!


Veronica, do you still keep the contact with Nina & Malin?

Yes with Malin I still do, but unfortunately not with Nina, we lost contact years ago.


Why this break?

Nina wanted to start a solo career and Malin was unfortunately not able to fully pursue her music career at that time when we were asked to make the new album.


Who is “Mr. Wonderful” in Veronica’s life? and Hanna’s ?

Veronica: My husband of course! He is my everything… he shares my happiness and my pain, he knows me and loves me for who I am. I’m so blessed to have him in my life!

Hanna: I can say as much as this, he is definitely sharing my interest in music.
He is a good and warm person with a lot of authority, charm and humor!


Doesn’t it bother you that your song Butterfly is used by toys from all around the world?

Heck yeah!! LOL, no seriously, it's good promotion for our music… I would love to have one myself!!.


Veronica, do you have in mind to change the style of the band now if you’ve grow up?

Well, yes and no. :-) I love the “Smile” sound with the pop oriental theme, and no matter what direction the music will go in the future, it will always have that. That’s the genuine Smile sound and without it, it wouldn’t be Smile anymore.


Veronica what you love to do in your free time? and you Hanna?

Veronica: Spending quality time with my family and friends. Play with my son and maybe see a movie together. Recently we went to see Avatar in 3D at the cinema, and it was a fantastic movie… loved it!!

Hanna: Hang out with friends and family, write songs, read and being out in the nature!


Do you think to collaborate with other Danish bubble gum bands like Me & My, Daze, Tiggy or Aqua?

We’d love to do that :-) and if the chance occurs we’d be there singing our hearts out!


Last year Smile released a new material : Koko Soko. What can you tell me about that material?

2008 we released a new album called Party Around the World and Koko Soko was one of the leading tracks. It was featured in DDR X in Japan and in USA. The song is about finding yourself and trying to listen to your inner voice, which can be hard sometimes in this noisy world.


Which will be the band's future plans?

The last album Party Around the World will be released in both Japan and China in 2010!!! We are also planning to go into the studio again to record a Make up Collection 2010 ! It will consist of both remade hits as well as new fresh songs!


What you girls hate the most?

Veronica: War and child abuse! And that my hips are too big for my favo jeans !!

Hanna: hate is a strong word but something I dislike is being hurt or not seen, and people who are cruel to each other especially against children.


What do you think about music industry nowadays?

Well it has definitely changed a lot since I started back in 1995… (OMG am I that old!!:-) )… Veronica sighs… but it’s both good and bad though. The internet has made the world much smaller; it’s so much easier to keep in contact with the fans and also to spread the music of course. But the piracy makes it hard to sell records, so you need to find other solutions if you want to keep making music.


A message for your fans and for our readers??

Look out for our upcoming album Make up Collection 2010 !!! Until then you can meet us on Facebook, MySpace and on

Keep smiling :-)

Love, Veronica & Hanna


Thank you!!




© January 2010 Tavi Meran - All rights reserved
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