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Ann Lee - The interview


by Tavi Meran


Ann Lee

Hello Ann Lee, how did you start to work in music business?

I started off by sheer fluke-being in the right place at the right time with the right people knowing the right people etc etc etc! Even if singing professionally had always been a dream I’d never taken it seriously because I thought I would never have what it takes!! So any aspirations were never really followed through until the opportunity really presented itself through Larry Pignagnoli and Off Limits.

Who had the idea of the 2 Times video? Was it inspired from Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer video?

Actually until you brought this to my mind I’d never even considered the fact that structurally and cinematographically the two videos were similar! I remember perfectly the “sledge video” (love Peter Gabriel!) and my movements are in fact very similar - but I think the similarity ends there: 2 times is a little more play - about and very much more colourful – maybe lyrically the intention and message is similar - I don’t know - let me keep you posted on that one!.


What did you do before Ann Lee project?

I was basically just trying to get by really-working with an orchestra (not liking it too much as “musica liscio” or ballroom dance music is not totally my scene! It was great doing choral work every so often with Larry but until 2 Times came along it wasn’t exactly paying the rent!

Why did you take this break from music scene?

There is no point in working so hard (even if what I do seems a breeze - and I know that I’m very lucky) if you can’t enjoy the fruits of your labour! I’d recently bought a house here in Italy (well - a wreck of a house - it was practically rebuilt!) and then decide to plan for a child: my son was born in 2005 and for the first two years of his life I knew it was fundamental for him to have his mum around practically 24/7-hence the long pause: I would never have never given him to a nanny to go on tour - in my opinion the two just don’t mix - having said that,some mums just have to but I was lucky enough to have some time off - and I’d certainly do it again if necessary..


In 2007 you released your second album So alive. Can you speak a little bit about that material, who wrote the songs?

From 2005 to 2007 there was an explosion of demos kinda “lying in wait” at the studio - what I mean is that we were all writing material and testing it out on our various artists - so towards the end of 2006 there was a suprising amount of material to choose from: I wanted to involve as many writers as I could but also I chose the songs on the simple basis that if I liked them I’d have them! Some pieces were elaborated for me by others, some were adapted by me and others were just fine as they were! For me the end result was a very satisfiying album mirroring a grown up Ann Lee! In fact seeing as Ann Lee had been away for what seemed like a life - time but infact wasn’t, I decided to call the LP SO ALIVE so that I could get across the fact that I AM so alive!!!


Do you have in mind to release a single from So Alive?

Probably not - almost certainly not - I wanna get working on new material-after all SO ALIVE was released in 2007 - two and a half years ago! WOW how time flies!!...

What is your favorite tune from this material ?

Without hesitation I can say Moonlight Dancing written by Diane Warren for Bette Midler on Broadway-brilliant! After that come Just An Hour - great lyrics and a great “Madonna-like” mix!.


I know that you released a new single : 2 People. Does this tune have a story ? Will it be followed by a video?

I don’t know if the song has a specific story behind it or if it comes from any personal experience - the song was written for me by others. There may be a video but I honestly couldn’t tell you at this point!.


Are you working at a new material ? When will be released?

I’m always trying out new stuff so anything specific or actual release dates shouldn’t be too long!.


What is the best thing that happened in you life ?

My son is obviously the very best I’ve become a much better person since he’s been around!.


Who’s “ardent critic” of your work (in the good way)?

I have some really good friends from the Bergamo area (a city near to Milan) who always stand by me but never tell me only what I want to hear - that just wouldn’t be right would it! I think they know more about my music than I do!!!!!!!!!!!!


What will your future projects ?

I have no idea about future projects at the moment - what I DO know is I’m keeping my fingers crossed that:
a) there will be many;
b) that they involve singing writing and performing;
c) that there are still people around who want to work with me and believe in me!


What do you hate the most?

The thing I hate most – and what has always made me angry is a lack of punctuality: those who make it a habit of not arriving at a place or at an appointment on time, 9 times out of 10 show general disinterest and lack of respect towards others - not nice! I also hate liars thieves and disonesty (as do most of us).


Any message to your fans and to other people ?



Thank you so much for according this interview


Ann Lee

© September 2009 Tavi Meran - All rights reserved
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