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Marianne Festraets - The interview

AB Logic

by Klems

How did you meet the producers of AB Logic and how did the projet start? Were you a part of the creation, or did you just arrive as the singer after a casting or something?

In 1991 a friend told me that a studio in Ghent auditioned for a danceproject and they asked me to audition. They must have liked it because they chose me. The Hitman was already written at that time. The same friend knew a black guy from going out in Antwerp. K-Swing (Cedric Murril) and he came and auditioned too. But, he was lucky, he got to rewrite the raps. So we were brought together but we were no puppets on a string.

We both contributed and made an album together: Peter Gillis, Ronald Vanhuffel, Jacko Bultinck(manager) and the two of us.


Have you ever wanted to be a singer? Were you meant to have a totally different job before the AB Logic story started?

I started as a classical ballet dancer. I went to school at the royal ballet school of Flanders. My music teacher told me once: 'You should make records' and somehow this stayed in the back of my mind. I always wanted to sing and create. I had artistic blood running trough my veins. My mom was a dancer too and an actress.


Who are the groups you like the most? Were you into the 90's eurodance? Did you know personnaly some other groups back in time?

I was not really into that music at the time. I preferred Pop mainstream but I liked house and dance. I particulary loved SNAP. And we went on tour in south america with Snap. Those were the days. Turbo B (rapper of Snap, the big fellar was great and so was their tourmanager:-)).

But I never was very into groups, only more into songs. Very versatile.

All time favorites: Sade, Sting, Queen, George Michael and many others. But mainly mainstream.


How and why did AB Logic stop? Was it a decision from you to leave the group or the producers just stopped it?

AB Logic stopped because the producers were busy with Belgian projects. Pity because Belgium is such a little country. Our last single, which I wrote and co-produced was only released in Belgium. And in a very bad way.

We could have lasted much longer but our producers didn't think it was very important. Boy, were they wrong. But now its too late of course.


Are there some unreleased songs from AB Logic?

There are many unreleased songs from AB Logic. But they are not completely finished.


Can you tell me a bit more about K-Swing, like his real name, his musical career?

K-Swing (Cedric Murril) lived here in Belgium with his parents at SHAPE. His father was a militairy who traveled the world. Cedric decided to stay in Belgium. He had several girlfriends and lived with them. He worked as a model after AB Logic.

But, we were the best of friends and we looked out for eachother. The first tour in England and Scotland was very difficult and we didn't even know eachother very good back then.


Did you sing for any other groups during the 90's (especially in the dance/club area)?

No, I didn't sing in another group. I co-wrote songs.


What are your favourite songs from AB Logic?

My favorite songs are: Sea Of Love (I wrote the adlips and answers in the choruses but i didn't get to sign for it), You Promised Me (I wrote it) was slow and wasn't finished. It's more like a demo, there are some lyrics missing and the song ends abruptly. We should have had more time. In general we should have had more time. We only had The hitman and Get Up. And suddenly they wouldn't release anything in the States if we didn't have an album. So in a month everything was written and produced. I didn't sleep very much and I recorded What's It To You and It Takes Two with a larynx infection !

At the time I was fond of Mariah Carey. Her first and best album. When she was still acting normal and classy. I could do these very high notes that she did. You can hear it on Top Secret, Sea Of Love. By the way 'Top Secret was written by one of my best friends and producer Ronald Vanhuffel. He also is a Facebookfriend.

But I think the best sound is Get up and AB Logic. Not my voice but the sound, production.

AB Logic

Which country did you visit with AB Logic? Do you have special memories about your tours?

Countries: We begun in UK and Scotland, than we went to LA for the MTV awards radiostations. We didn't know what was happening to us. I had to quit my job because some dj picked us up and started to airplay the hitman. Suddenly we were in America., Then came Japan, (only Tokyo), then again USA tour, that was February 1993, than we went to South america, Caracas Venezuela, Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica.

In September 1993 we went on tour in Australia. Then we went to Germany. A 3 weeks tour.


Have you any scoops, funny stories that you'd like to share?

Not many funny stories. It was hard work. But with nice people and I loved doing it , but... touring is not all glamour. It's airplanes, airports, radiostations, hotelrooms. One time , I remember, I woke up and I didn't know where I was...Which Country, which city?? In South America we needed bodyguards, can you believe it?

People are very warm. Once, in Beaumont Texas, we stayed Beaumont Hilton penthouse. There was a bodyguard outside my suite and I didn't know why. So I asked him :-). He said that otherwise they wouldn't leave me alone :-pp. Then the receptionist called my suite and asked me to hold my calls? I said: ' No, not necessary.' Boy, was that a mistake!!! So I called her back.;-)))


Since AB Logic stopped, what happened for you? Did you keep on in the music and dance business or did you totally change your life?

I always kept on making songs but I became a Aerobic and Funk teacher. I picked up my daytime job again (paperwork) Then I got married and,and.... baby....:-))


What's your opinion about the eurodance music from the 90's? It was so huge in Europe, I don't remember a lot of music genres who federated so many people at the same time. There were thousands of groups, a lot of groups had fake performers...

There were many copies of 2 Unlimited and Ab logic.

They always told us we were copying 2 Unlimited, but The Hitman was much older. Not released, but it was already made long before there was a 2 Unlimited.

There were many fake, model artists, ghostartists, but we did everything ourselves. We sang and rapped 'live' which was not very common in those days. We had a thirtyfive minute show with dancers live. I feel I get very emotional when I hear some 90's dance hits. My favorite, Rhythm is a dancer' SNAP'

What about your future? Still in the music area, or something totally different?

I have 5 songs that I've made together with my co-writer and co-producer Ken Marcelis. But I don't know what I'm gonna do with them yet. And I keep on writing. I would like to sing in a group again and my dream is to pick up where we left of with AB Logic again, but yeah... I'm too old now.

I guess. I'm gonne start with a coverband and sing some new songs but I'm stil thinking about it.


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