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Pernille Georgi (Me & My) interview

pernille Georgi from Me & My

by Tavi Meran


How did you start to work in music industry ?

We have been singing since we were 4-5 years of age. We always wanted to be on stage so we began playing theatre when we were just 9 and 11. A few years later we formed our own little girl-group, called SuPer Sisters. We released 2 Danish albums as "SuPer Sisters".

I know that first Me & My name was "SuPer Sisters" why did you change it ?

We signed with EMI Music, and we all felt that the name wasn..t strong enough. For us, it was also about growing up and letting go of what we used to do (making kids-music) The audience was now different so we didn..t mind the name was either.

Can you tell the story of Dub – I – Dub song ? Who came with that name ?

Susan came up with the idea on her way back from a christmas party one night. She rang me the following morning and sang it to me and we finished it together. We then send it off to the producer "Dean N" who transformed it into a euro-dance track (It was originally thought as a ballad!). Our manager sent it off to all the record companies in Denmark. All said they wanted to sign us, within a month Dub I Dub was number 1 in Denmark with EMI Music, and the rest is history!.

In an interview you gave a few years you said "Our number Dub I Dub opened doors, not only for us but also for a lot of other Danish bands".. that song changed your life ?

It definitely changed our life's. We went from working 9 to 5 jobs to traveling the world. In Japan alone our album sold 100.000 copies A WEEK until it hit 1.000.000! So yes, it had a massive impact on how we lived our life's. Not only then, but we are still the people we are today because of what happened then. We are very grateful for that! .

After that success came another one : Fly High, that was remixed by Dj Aligator. Does the single have a video ? Why did you stop collaborating with him?

It is not that we stopped working with him, but as often in this industry you have various re-mixes of popular songs. DJ Aligators remix was one of them. Unfortunately we never made a video for Fly High.

What inspires you when you write songs ?

All kinds of things inspire us. It can be a beautiful moment of joy, a sad break-up- anything that is on our minds really. We mostly write both lyrics and melody at the same time, as it just comes out like that. However when we write with other songwriters, the process can be slightly different. There are no rules nor limits to how to write a song..

Did you write songs for others eurodance projects? Can you name a few?

We have that still to come. Susan has just been busy with the Eurovision, and I am currently working on different projects in my music-studio in the UK. We have always been writing songs, and I don't think we will ever stop..

Were you into the 90's eurodance? did you had a favorite band?

We love all kinds of music, but of cause "eurodance" has a special place in our hearts as it reminds us of all the fun we had in the 90's making it ourselves.

What happen with Me & My ? Is it the end of this project ?

You can never say never, but at the moment "Me&My" is on hold, as we are both very busy working on our own individual projects..

What are your future projects ?

Nobody knows what the future holds, but we will definitely still be making music one way or the other. Susan is the owner of a big beauty-salon and I have my own music studio, so we will keep working on getting better at what we do..

Among all the concert and live appearance you did, which one(s) left a special memories ? Any anecdotes ?"

There are so many. I can remember when we performed Dub I Dub on national TV in Japan. Just before we went on stage they told us that there would be around 42,000,000 viewers!! I think that was when it really sank in that the success was going to be BIG. We also performed in Spain for 100.000 people, open air. That was very special as-well. Meeting Richard Carpenter from "The Carpenters" in Japan is also a very fond memory!.

What was the funniest story or gift got from your fans ?

Hhmmm? there isn't one really. All of the letters and loving words we have had. It's all been special. Kids making drawings of us etc...

If I had to characterize yourself in three words, what would it be ?

Susan is Outgoing, spontaneous and talented

Difficult to describe yourself, but I would probably be laid back, calm and a bit of a tech-freak .

Pernille, can you tell me what you think about Eurodance ? And about the music industry today ?

I still love eurodance. The music industry is changing a lot at the moment. I just love music, anything that has got soul and meaning will get me listening! At the moment I quiet like Cascada, she is really popular in the UK, and it is so cool to see that dance music is finally becoming a totally normal thing to play on the radio. The UK was one of the only places that were not really ready for Dub I Dub, it was a shame..

A message for our readers and Me & My fans ?

Thanks for all the support over the years. We have changed but the true fans have stayed true to us, and that has been so warming to see. Remember to follow your dream, don't give up. Things you never thought would have been possible are if you just believe enough. Thank you.


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