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by Tavi Meran


Who is Lydia ?

Lydia is a music crazy lady :) I was born in Graudenz/Poland on 30th March 198X :))). When I was 7 years old I moved with my family to Bayreuth/Germany where I grew up and did my school. In the meantime I live in Switzerland. Besides of my music carreer I studied European Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg to have a solid education. Since I was a little child I was singing and always interested in music and entertainment.

How did you start your music career and how did you meet David Brandes ?

Since I was a child I attended various contests, learned playing guitar and sang in various bands. At the age of 16 I attended a singer contest at a Karaoke bar and was chosen for a band called "Two And Two" by the producer Norbert Daum. It was a mix-group of two girls and two boys but unfortunately this project was never published. At the age of 18 Norbert Daum connected me with David Brandes as he was looking for a new voice for his projects. I started to sing for various projects like E-Rotic, Missing Heart, The Lovers, Apanachee, Bad Boys Blue, Chris Roberts aso... Besides the projects David and me planed to do a Duet project named "Xantoo". Unfortunately this project was never published.


Was E-Rotic your first dance project ?

Yes, it was my first Dance experience. Before I was mainly doing Pop.


Were you familiar with this music ?

Yes, of course. I was even a fan of E-Rotic when it was first published. I think I was around 12 years old at that time :)


Euro dance is still alive ?

Yes, it is and it will never die as it is a great music style and a very important part of music history. It might change the sounds due to better technology and equipment but the style will remain unchanged.


Were you also involved in writing music for the project ?

During my time with David I was never involved in writing. This is also one of the reasons why I decided to leave and start my own projects :).


Missing Heart was another project, and was a big turn from what E-rotic used to release, and very popular. What can you tell me about this material ?

Missing Heart was a great project and I enjoyed singing the very mystic songs. I loved and still love this kind of music. One of my new projects will go in a similar direction ;)


Does this project have a promotional video ?

I know that one of the records companies (I think Sony) did a promo clip for "Tears In May". The clip shows various people playing, kissing and partying in a kind of slimy fluid :) .


Lydia what do you think about LOVE ?

I think that love and health are the most important things in life. Without Love I could not enjoy what I am doing as everything would be senseless and boring to me.


What do you think of people who are manipulating just to hurt the ones who fall in love for them ?

I think that in reality these ones are very sad and unhappy little people who will once end lonely while the hurt ones will find the partner of their life and the previous bad experience(s) will help to value the good relationship.


I know that you worked with the guys from Bad Boys Blue. How many tracks did you record for them ?

To be honest I do not remember :P


Everyone who knows Erotic and Missing Heart doesn't know you, only your voice, because you were hidden. Does this think bother you, being behind the project ?

Well not really. I was planned to be the face for the project "Xantoo". That´s the reason why I did only vocals for all other projects. But as it was more and more clear that "Xantoo" will not work I agreed to go on stage for E-Rotic at around 2003.


Do you think that the commercial looks sells more then talent - the voice ?

Well, I do not think that you have to look perfect but a certain look is important. If you have no character and aura around you, do not spread any sympathy, I am not sure if you can be successful. At the end I think that you need to love what you do and also show it. And if you love what you do the people around you will see and feel it in your voice and performance which will make you successful. The big success you cannot plan as it is linked to lots of luck.


Are you thinking of participating on one of this shows : The Voice , X factor ?

Not really :)


I know that you've been working on new material what can you tell us about this material, who wrote it ? And when will be ready ?

Yes, this is true :) Laydee "Kiss Me" you know already. This song was not written by me. But the next songs and projects (Pop/Rock and also Dance) which will be published soon are written by me ;)


A message for your fans…

Thank you very much for your friendship, love and trust. Thanks so much for enjoying my music and please never give up on your dreams!


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