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Alex - The interview


by KDJ

Visit Alex's official website


Hello Alex, thank you very much for taking the time for this interview. Could please you introduce yourself in a few words?

Well, I would like to introduce myself as the next chapter of the classic eurodance music.

What was your job before you started doing music ?

I have been working with music since childhood.


Please describe us the creation and recording process of one of your songs.

I always start with the music. The music is my way of expressing emotions and feelings. So when I have converted those emotions into music, I continue writing the chorus. The lyrics always come at the end of the creation process.

You did the difficult and remarkable choice to always release original songs. Is there anyway a song that you like a lot, and that you would love to cover ?

Yes there are a lot of songs I would like to do a cover of. But I have never had the guts to release a cover. Because I like to leave songs the way they are. Original songs will always be more emotional to me.


Who are your favourite eurodance artists ?

2 Unlimited, Dr Alban and E-type was my first discovery. I have plenty of favourite artists so the list is way too long to write down here.


Apart from your own songs, did you already remix or did some songwriting for other artists ?

Yes I write and produce songs for other artists. And believe it or not, they are not eurodance. I produce everything from r’n’b to reggae and hip hop.

Where did you shoot the video of your first single Don't Need Your Love ?

This was back in my teenage, me and my friends shooted it at my neighbours house. The video was never released for commercial purpose as I didn’t have a record deal back then.


How did you meet Marwa and how did she become your new vocalist ?

I was advertising for a vocalist at the end of 2004 and she contacted me after her participation in Swedish idol 2004. And then we started recording in beginning of 2005.


Do you accept critics, from whom, and do critics have influence on your work ?

I receive a lot of critics, without constructive critics you can’t build up your carrier. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it hadn’t been for the critics I have received. Fans criticism means a lot to me.


With which eurodance artist or act would you like to work with ?

I would love to work with “Ya kid K” from Technotronic but also “Nana Hedin” and “Dee”.


Why did you entitle your third album Self control ?

I am currently standing in a life situation where self control is one of the criterions of reaching your goals in life.


On Self control you show more than ever your skills of multi-talented rapper. Did you once think about singing too ?

I have recorded a few house and reggae songs with me singing, but I chose not to put them on the album. I prefer having female chorus in eurodance songs. And I wanted to keep the classic style on the album.


Who had the idea of making a photo-shoot with Marwa dressed as a cop, arresting you ?

That was actually both mine and Marwa's idea. The first song Put Your Hands Up (before i’m calling 911) has a story involving the cops. We often use the cop suit when performing with that song.


How comes that songs like I'm Burning or I Can't Take You Love is not included on any of your albums ?

I chose to let the album be 100% classic style and not to mix with house songs. I wanted to keep those songs for future projects.


What are your future projects ?

My future projects are releasing the next single from the album this spring. Later on I am having plans releasing a “remix album” containing remixed songs from earlier albums + some unreleased house songs. I am also having plans recording a music video if everything goes the way I want.


You once explained that your sister made you discover eurodance. Is she still a fan herself ?

Yes that’s right. At that time eurodance was mainstream on radio and TV. She made me discover this music. I’m afraid she doesn’t listen to eurodance music today.


Which of your songs do you prefer ?

I prefer I’m Gonna Make You Mine, Everybody, No More, The Real Talk, Moonlight and Upside Down.


Which musical styles do you listen to in private ?

Classic eurodance from 92-94. Sometimes I listen to house and dub/reggae music.


What is your best stage memory ?

NRJ In the Park from 2004. That was the first time I performed in front of a massive audience.


What is the best thing that happened in your life ?

Feeling love emotions.


What do you hate the most ?

When someone or something takes the freedom from you. Freedom is very important for me.


Could you characterize yourself in three words ?

Creative, deep, shining.


A message for your fans ?

I love all my fans! I am so happy that I can produce classic eurodance music in 2009. This is all thanks to you guys.




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