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Thea Austin



by Tavi Meran


Thea Austin is the singer who invented that Rhythm is a dancer, and also one of the best euro dance singers.


Who is Thea Austin ?

Wow ! That is not an easy question to answer. I'll try to be brief.

I am a grateful, humble and vibrant African American woman who is dedicated to loving and serving my family, friends and world communities as best I can. I am a passionate and educated woman that is a lover of people, animals, nature and music. I am an internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter/performer, an adventurer, a faithful prayer warrior and a healer of sorts. I am a very blessed woman that is all about finding joy in giving.

Can you define music ?

Can I define music? Hmm, for me - music is a beautiful, vibrational source of rhythmic sound that expresses my emotions, and ideas in melodic and harmonic ways.


Does it bother you to be known as Thea Austin from Snap! ?

No, I'm not the least bit bothered being known as Thea Austin of SNAP. It is an honor to be known as Thea Austin of SNAP. The opportunities I've been blessed to experience as a writer and singer with SNAP are so valuable and amazing!


Did you believe in the song Rhythm Is A Dancer?

Yes, I most definitely believed in Rhythm Is A Dancer, as I believe in all of the songs I'm blessed to write and sing. Everyone should believe in the greater good they create. Belief in what one creates is part of the process in developing an idea into something tangible enough to succeed.


Why did you leave SNAP! ?

I didn't "leave" SNAP. I was employed by the producers of SNAP as "a work for hire" to write and sing songs for their project with rapper, Turbo B. I'm, eternally grateful to Penny Ford for introducing me to Luca and Michael. And I'm, eternally, grateful to Luca Anzilotti and Michael Munzing for allowing me to share my gifts with SNAP. It was a great and beneficial opportunity for all involved..


If you could turn back time and will be stuck like Bill Murray in "Groundhog Day", would you make the same decision ?

If I could turn back time, like the movie "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray, would I make the same the decision?
Yes, I would make the same decisions to work as SNAP. It was one of the best choices I've made in life. That choice was a major game changer, in a most positive way.


After your departure from SNAP!, I know you helped Turbo B on his solo debut. What can you tell me about this ?

Yes , Turbo B. and I worked together in the studio on one of his solo projects. We had a blast in the studio. His level of creativity is beyond what most know, and his sense of humor is out of this world. It was a very cool opportunity.


Thea if you had to choose between Soul Searcher and SNAP! What would it be ?

I hate this question! I'd have to choose SNAP.


SoulSearcher - Can't Get Enough when appeared was such a turn from what Thea did. Why this turn ?

Opportunity. I was given a great opportunity to work with producers Mark Pomeroy and Brian Tappert on two SoulSearcher recordings, I Can't Get Enough and Do It To Me Again. These two successful house tracks breathed new life into my career. I didn't choose the music. The producers and the music chose me, and I am very happy with my transition from SNAP to SoulSearcher.


The song even now has so much meaning. What can you tell me about this track ?

The meaning of this song is romance, attraction and love relationship.


I know that you started a project named Cymurai but it didn't had so much impact as your previous ones... Did you think that was because of Snap? Because you were stuck as the singer of that project ?

I don't think I was stuck as the singer/writer from SNAP, and I don't think that the Cymarai project wasn't as successful as SNAP because of SNAP. As far as I'm concerned, part of the external success of music is up to presenting the right song at the right time that people like. As well, handling the business of marketing and promotions of their artists and songs and then up to radio, the dj's and the general public to like and support the songs and the artists. As far as my other musical endeavors with projects such as Cymarai, Pusaka, Thunderpuss, Bros. Music, Full Intention, etc... I've enjoyed working with all of these businesses and producers. This musical journey is a great adventure and I simply stay involved and ready to meet creative opportunity. None of these projects matched the success of SNAP but, that doesn't matter to me. The songs themselves matter to me, as they all count as a part of the fabric of my creative being.


Thea Austin your honest opinion about Mariah incident on New Years Eve ?

In that moment, I felt really sad for her.
She's an amazing vocalist and unfortunately, she did not remember her true gift at that time. She didn't have it in her to tap into her soul and just sing. For me... it was heartbreaking to witness that moment for her. A lot of people make fun of Mariah but I always remember her voice on
Vision Of Love and I forget all the other crap about her persona. I just go straight to her great source, which of course is her gorgeous voice.


Success changes people, or money does ?

Yes, success and money change people. One thing in life is for sure, and that is change.


What do you think about music nowadays ?

I think present day music is interesting and pushes a lot of boundaries that were not crossed in the past. I like the fusion of sounds, genres and the creative freedom expressed, although some content could stand to be improved. I love music, and I love that people have taken the creative process into their own hands instead of letting the major companies dictate what the creatives want to express.


To have notoriety in this industry, do one have to make scandals ?

In some cases that seems to be the way but, there are many artists that have enormous success without scandal. We can look at artists like Beyonce, Adele, Bruno Mars or Janelle Monae and see that they succeeded on major levels without scandal. It was and is there outstanding talent that earned them their success.


In 1992 you opened Michael Jackson concert with Snap! in Bucharest. What can you tell me about that ?

The opportunity to be the opening act, as SNAP, for Michael Jackson's HBO concert in Bucharest, Romania was an exceptional opportunity that I will always cherish. Rhythm Is A Dancer was on top and we were having our success at that time and were a good pick for selling concert tickets in that area of the world. We were very fortunate to have been chosen out of all of the artists available. Turbo B. and I were offered the tour with Michael Jackson but, some issues occured in Michael's life after the HBO concert and his schedule changed and so did his choice for his opening act, once he returned to the stage. My dear friend, songbird Rozalla, had the good fortune of touring with Michael Jackson, performing her hit song Everybody's Free.


Do you think that the public from 90s was warmer then the public from nowadays ?

No! I appreciate the fact that my audience has been consistently joyful. I think the songs performed take people to that place of joy.


What are your future projects ?

My future plans are always to stay on tour singing, creating and releasing new music. More importantly, to become a more effective healer, an inspiring teacher and motivating educator, a more successful music producer, and a continued hands on community servant.
I have started my record label, RIAD Music (Rhythm Is A Dancer Music) and will release my first single titled,
Tryna' Get To Vegas this summer.
I'm currently on an I Love The 90's Tour/The Party Continues with C&C Music Factory, Salt N Pepa, Coolio, Sugar Ray, Naughty By Nature, Vanilla Ice, Young M.C., Color Me Badd, All For One and soon to be TLC!!! I'm so excited about this tour! The line up changes from city to city. I'm not on the tour in every city but, I'm scheduled to perform at quite a few concerts.
I'm, also, in a documentary about an outstanding elder, directed by C. Fitz, called "Jewel's Catch One Documentary" and we're screening around the world in various film festivals. I'm fortunate to have a chapter in James Arena's book, Pop Stars of 90s Dance Music, and have been asked to write my story in book form.
Time will tell. Until the future, I'll focus on the present and keep giving the best that I got!


Thea Austin on Facebook
Thea Austin on Instagram




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