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Evi Goffin - The interview

Evi Goffin


by Tavi Meran

Evi Goffin on Facebook

Evi, how did you start your music career ?

Sorry just took my laptop outside, the kids are really noisy…:-)

Well ever since I was born I was always very interested in music, and as a kid I used to participate in singing contests when I got a little bit older I loved goin to karaoke bars and one time a friends friend joined us and told me he knew all the right people to help me launch a singing career he made a phonecall to my (now ex-) manager and he invited me to come over to the studio and do a singing test.

Medusa was your first dance project ?

Yes it was, as Medusa I did guest performances for Fiocco and 2 Fabiola and eventually participated the Eurosong Contest Finale in '99 after that I stopped performing under that name.


What can you tell me about that project? How many tracks you released with that project ?

Fiocco ft Medusa: Miss you

2 Fabiola ft Medusa: Summer in Space

and then Medusa: Into My Life ( was never actually released on single because it was a Eurosong thing)


Evi, I want to ask you only if you want to answer... I guess for you this subject is delicate... What was the real reason that you left Lasgo ?

Long story :-) uhm, When my eldest son Diesel was born, i started touring again after only six weeks after a little less than a year it got too heavy on me emotionally to leave my kid behind the whole time and wanted to take it easy (meaning: still touring but not being away from home the whole time)

I talked about it with my management but apparently they wanted me to do as much shows as possible and that's when things went wrong it became something I HAD to do instead of something I WANTED to do…


Doesn't it bother you that the new vocalist... sings exactly like you ?

Hehe no not really
I was the one who decided to leave Lasgo (after 2 lawsuits), so whatever happens to Lasgo now...couldn't really care less


Tell me a little bit of TV job ?

That's something I've been wanting to do for a long time but never could because my management didn't want me to so when I ended my contract I thought it was time for me to finally take that step and as it was meant to be…I heard a new TV station was starting so I grabbed my chance and got hired right away and I'm loving it :-) I'm not the kind of girl to do a nine to five job

If you had to choose between music or being a TV presenter, what would you choose ?

Music no doubt, but I don't have to choose luckily and this is the ideal combination:-)


What does music mean for you ?

Ooooh that's a very difficult question veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery much, after Lasgo I promised myself never to make music again but look at me now that's just an impossible thing to do for me I guess….


Music it's a virus like swine flu ? :P

Hehe I guess, even worse ;-)


What is the best thing that happened in you life ?

My kids.


Are you thinking to release in the near future some dance tracks as Evi ?

I recorded a song with Alex Sayz last year, and it's gonna be released very soon but that's the last dance track I did and it's featuring Evi so just my vocals not my song.
I'm very focused on my new project .


Dou you write your songs ?

Yes, I do


You have a new project. Tell me a little bit about that project ?

It's a pop-rock project called Sad Suzy, together with a friend who's also on stage with me, we both sing and play the guitar. I don't play all the songs, though just a few, he writes the melodies and makes the song in the studio, I write the lyrics.

And consists of two vocals (male and female) and I think that's a very good combination and it's not comparable to... what I did in the past.

I'd say it looks like Alphabeat but we sound different.


It's a project for Belgium only ?

Let's hope not! :-)


Do you still keep the contact with Linda, Silvy & Annagrace ?

The one I see most recently is Silvy and Kate Ryan, Linda's been a while and Annagrace too.


I heard on Belgium press that Silvy and Linda argued on last Milk inc concert. Do you know something ?

No sorry, that's something between them :-)


What will your next future plans be ?

Making Sad Suzy a big hit, but we're just getting started. We still have to record everything properly, find ourselves a record label, we're now looking for musicians

Was this all? my kids are destroying my house :-)


Yes, good luck with your new project



Evi Goffin

© December 2009 Tavi Meran - All rights reserved
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