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Whigfield - The interview




by Tavi Meran

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Hello Sannie, first thank you for accepting this interview.
How did Mrs Whigfield, your music teacher, react when she knew you were using her name as a tribute to her?

I actually never got to know what she thought about the whole idea, as I hadn’t spoken to her in years. But I’m sure she must have been happy.

Have you ever wanted to be a singer?

As most kids, growing up I wanted to be a little bit of everything. But on top of everything I loved music and music has always played a huge part in my life.


Your hit single was Saturday night, followed by a nice video. My question is, who is the guy from the photo you kissed on Saturday night video?

That guy is actually the director of the video, and the photo was taken on holiday in Ibiza. I’m not sure what he was doing full of mud as he was, as I wasn’t there myself.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I listen to anything that gives me emotions, from classic to rock, dance, Electro etc.
It all depends on how I wake up. Normally when I compose, I don’t listen to other music than what I’m working on.


What do you like to do in your free time?

I love to cook; I love to invent my own recipes. Go bike riding, swim and watch movies


Do you write your own songs?

I haven’t written any of the “Whigfield” material but these last few years I’ve written for many other artists like Benny Benassi, Benassi Bros, In-grid, Ann-Lee, Spagna, Favretto etc...

If you had to choose between singing and being a model what will be?

Well! Singing of course, modelling was just something I did when I was younger to pay the bills.


One of my favourite track is Close to you. Does this tune have a story? And who wrote that track?

Well, apart from being a great love song it was also the sound track (in Spanish) to a famous soap opera in Brazil.
The authors are: Davide Riva, Larry Pignagnoli, Annerley Gordon.


Were you into the 90’s eurodance? Did you have a favourite band?

Some of it, but mostly I would listen to more club orientated music and I honestly didn’t really have a favourite band.


Why did you cut your hair?

Why not?.


Did you think to record a material in Danish?

No way! First of all I’ve been away far too long from Denmark to even express myself properly in Danish, secondly I’ve never thought that Danish sounds very good when sung.


Do you still keep the contact with the girls from Benassi Bros., Dhany and Sandy Chambers ? Would you like to sing a duet with one of them?

I still see the girls once in a while and I’d be quite stupid not wanting to do a duet with any of them, as they are both wonderfully talented singers.


Among all the concerts and live appearance you did, which one(s) left a special memories ? Any anecdotes ?

I did a festival at Moscow’s Gorky Park where Boney M where headlining. I was told that there were nearly 1 million people so that was quite breathtaking. The anecdotes I can’t tell as they are secret, he, he.


What good advise could you give to a girl or a boy who wants to step in this industry?

Get ready to work really hard and make sure you read the fine print on all contracts. Have fun with what you do otherwise it can become quite nasty as this is a tuff business.


In fashion “The Devil’s wears Prada” ?

If I were the devil, I’d definitely wear Versace.


Are you working at a new Whigfield material, and if is true when will it be released?

Well, currently we have quite a lot of demo’s just about to be realized, so maybe for Christmas or within the new year.


What was the funniest story or gift got from your fans?

There is a fan that by now I call friend. It’s a German guy who’s followed my career since almost the beginning. He’s been to so many of my shows and TV - Performances that to count would be impossible.


If I had to characterize yourself in three words, what would it be?

Silly, loving, crazy.


Thank you so much Sannie

Thanks’ again and a huge kiss to anyone who’s gonna be reading this.



© September 2009 Tavi Meran - All rights reserved
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