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Eddy Huntington's interview

Eddy Huntington


by Zeljko Vujkovic 


Who is Eddy Huntington ? 

Eddy is the artist who had the fortune to meet good producers and work with some exciting people. I was born Edward Huntington, in the UK, but Eddy is what friends call me and is a common short version of Edward. The only difference is, in the UK it is more usual to spell it Eddie!

Something about your start in singing career ?

I had a kind of telephone and video audition with Baby records and was then played the music to USSR over the phone. I flew to Milano to record it and then everything started to happen. The record was released without a contract and so, I very quickly agreed a contract with Esquire (Baby) for further work.

Who was your producer ? How you meet him ?

Turatti and Chieregato were the producers of all of the early stuff, and I was introduced to them in the recording studio at the time of recording USSR. The lyrics of most of the songs were written by Tom Hooker, who of course was the original American in Milan. All of them are fantastic people and I still have a great deal of regard for Roberto Turatti!

Where did you record your songs ? In which studio ?

The songs were recorded in Milano initially at Baby Studio, but then at Hole Studios (Turatti's own studio).

Eddy, can you describe me how you made your first song USSR ?

I was extremely lucky to have USSR as my first song. It was a dream come true. I loved Italo music and other Eurobeat sounds (Disco, HINRG, Modern Talking etc.). USSR was, as I explained played in demo form over the phone to me. I loved it instantly and recorded it within the week. The next I knew, it was in the Italian charts and I never even knew it had been released !!

The song USSR was a mega success in whole Europe. Many people who don't follow Italo disco music know for Eddy Huntington and USSR. What is the reason of this great success in your opinion ?

The song is a classic piece of Italo Disco and probably the truest to this style. The money was also spent on making a video and ensuring massive promotion. I appeared on TV in Italy, Portugal, France, Spain, Belgium, Germany and on video in many others, I flowed the Festival Bar trail in Italy and toured Italy and Portugal with some shows in Germany. If anything I spent too much time on this one song and never got around to promoting UP and Down, as I was still promoting USSR.

You made one album ? Something about it please ?

The album was made due to pressure from the Japanese market. Meet my Friend was a big success in the far east and incidentally my only UK release. It was also a big Dance hit in the USA. Anyway the album was made with a fantastic combination of Italo and Eurobeat styles. I like both, but I know that some people prefer one style or the other. I think that all the songs had potential, but the one which I feel crosses both styles is MayDay, and proved to be the biggest allround success. The track God is Love was originally Inshallah, but it was felt that iot may offend some people, so we made it more general and open to all Gods.

You have great songs Eddy. What is your favorite ? Is it maybe USSR or Hey Senorita or maybe Physical Attraction ? For me personally all your songs are great and you have a marvellous voice ! By the way USSR for me has something very special inside it. It's more deeply.

My favourite changes constantly, but I have to say there are probably 3, USSR because it was and is a classic, Hey Senorita because I like singing it live and MayDay, because I remember working hard in the studio with the team on this one.

A little bit more about USSR. I remember year when you released it and one very favorite German magazine published song words with your picture. We didn't have lots of chance to see photos of our dearest italo disco artists.

Bravo magazine were very kind to me at the time and we had lots of interviews and photos including a time when they came to London to photograph me at home. This was excellent because Bravo is so well distributed and allows fans allover the world to see Italo and other artists. I loved reading it too to find out about Den and all of my friends in Italy as well as some of the artists in Germany that I had worked with.

Eddy do you have any video spot released ?

USSR was on video, but not available to buy now. I was also on a video called Highway to Freedom, by Farenheit 104. After that there was a video made for Formel Eins in Germany for UP and Down (but this was horrible) the rest are just TV appearances (including one rare one for the Italo Boot Mix with JD Jaber, Joe Yellow etc).

Can you tell me more about Italo disco music in the 80's ? That period was so great for me as fan, I guess you, as an artist, had also great time ? Please describe me a bit more that time ?

Working on Festival Bar brought me close to many Italo stars and I worked with Den Harrow and Tom Hooker every week. I also got to meet Tracey Spencer, Spagna, Sandy Marton, Righera, Baltimora and many many others. Most of them were really friendly and we often ate or drank together before or after the shows. I also worked with lots of Brits and German stars too who were very nice, including Erasure, Sam Fox, OFF.

You had lots of concerts and perfomances I guess ? Did you travel a lot ? Only in Europe or ... ? Recently you had concert in The Hague with George Aaron ? Tell me please more about that concert ?

I have performed in many countries and have loved nothing more than live shows. The feeling is electric. The Hague was the first for many years and I was very nervous. The crowd were fantastic and I met some great people and made some good friends. The fans of Italo are a dedicated bunch, who really know there stuff, I remain very impressed!

Eddy do you have any more contact with others italo disco artists ?

I have an extremely busy life, as I teach full time and DJ and perform again. They too are usually very busy. This makes it nearly impossible to maintain quality friendships, though I do still have numbers to call as and when I or they get the time.

Who is your favourite Italo disco artist and what is your favourite Italo song ?

Eddy Huntington

Again I have lots. Here goes
Den Harrow : Future Brain and Mad Desire (original version)
Lou Sern : Swiss Boy (Tom Hooker)
Ken Laszlo : Tonight 
JD Jaber : Don't wake me up 
Spagna : Easy Lady 
(all classics and all still very good)


Did you wish to work with someone else in that time ?

I once asked Turatti to write a song like Boys Boys Boys (musically) and he was not impressed, but no I was always very happy with my production team.

Eddy, in your opinion differences between italo music in the 80's and 90's ? For example Mauro Farina & Factory Team works today very hard for European market mostly, Giancarlo Pasquini (Aleph) is still very good producer for Asian market (Japan especially) but songs today are much more faster (more bpm's) than in the 80's. Roberto Zanetti (Savage) said to me next: "Iitalo disco was done with the heart, the music of 90s was done for business" What do you think as artist not producer ?

Things change and evolve. I think there is a very good new crop of songs, but they will never recapture the full Italo feel because it is not the 80's and we are all a little bit older. Memories can make things even bigger and better than they were. I feel that we should be true to our ears and give these new tunes a good listen to, they still have more to offer me than the other Dance music around (Trance, Techno and worse still rap!). Keep the balance but don't shut out the new or the music may just dry up.

Did you watch work of others Italo artists then and today ?

In the UK it is harder to hear the sounds of Italo music, but with the advent of the internet it has become possible again. I am eternally grateful and enjoy all of the Italo stuff again! The artists I work with are always charming and I love to watch them perform too !

You have your very own web page. Many others artists has web pages also but made by professional web designers. You made your own by yourself so i guess you like computers and Internet ? You are very often guest on I Venti D'Azzurro's message board so it's very nice you have time for all fans of italo music. I think this is great and I wish others italo artists could be like you ?

I mustn't take full credit for this. It was friends who told me that sites existed and nagged me to make one of my own. I don't want to make a professional site as this is not personal enough and I enjoy the personal touch. The Iventi board has been a great source of fun and information and I check it regularly.

Music from Germany was very similiar to italo music, we all have the same name for that both music, no metter is music coming from Italy or Germany ? Did you follow Germany's disco scene and what is your opinon about it ?

I'm pleased you said so. I agree totally and have loved both ! ZYX in particular has been a very good label for both countries and has embraced it all under the name of Italo.

What are you doing today ? Did you have thoughts about your comeback ?

As I said, I am teaching in a primary school (my class are aged 9 and 10) and I DJ in small clubs and I have taken some bookings for shows. I have made some initial contacts with producers about re recording, but will wait to see if I can find time to fit it all in. I like all of it and don't want to give any of it up !

Am I right if I say you were a model ? Are you still modelling ?

I modelled when I was 18 and 19 and then again briefly with my son when he was born for Dad and child publicity. I am now too old and not really interested as I prefer my other hobbies.

Eddy please say some words for me, for all of us who loves Italo from the bottom of our hearts, we are living for Italo, Italo helps me and helps others to feel so great on this world, the world of Italo disco ?

The fans of Italo are the best. They have been and still are true to the music and feel deeply about it. I hope I have played some small part in your appreciation of it and am proud to have been a part of a great worldwide music scene. Thanks to everyone who has ever bought or listened to and enjoyed an Eddy Huntington song. I hope to be recording again soon. Keep music live and spread the word that Italo is alive and well!

OK Eddy, I want to say you big thanx for this interview, you are a great Italo star. Your music and songs are so great, and I am so happy I had the chance to speak with you on this way. I can't describe you how happy I am because this interview and it will be in my collection of interview's

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity!!

Eddy Huntington

© April 2001 Zeljko Vujkovic - All rights reserved
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