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by Zeljko Vujkovic
See Savage's first interview (June 2000)

Pic from DWA website - All rights reserved

Zeljko : Roberto, I'm very glad we can talk again. It past one and a half year since our previous interview. Today I would like to hear from you about present days and the situation in your music life. Month ago many of us could heard Alexia's new single. Surprise was more bigger when we found out that you are not her producer anymore so could you tell me more about this ? What happened ? (was it something similar with Ice MC, Corona, ...)

Savage : Last year I released my last song for Alexia, untitled Ti Amo Ti Amo. In this period there was conflict with her, due to the fact she said she wanted to change her style (exactly like Ice MC, Corona and Double You), so I was forced to break off all relations with her. She signed a deal directly with Sony, but I claimed damages. It is always the same story : you pick up an unknown singer from the street, you take him by the end the lead the way... then he says "Goodbye !". The curious thing is that Alexia said she wanted to change her style, she wanted to render herself in more of a melodic style, that could let her singing voice be heard, bla bla bla .... but her new song is in the same style of Robyx productions : same commercial chorus, same dance arrangement. Anyway she had no success anymore!

Your new project is Gazosa ? Tell me more about this band who, by the way, won famous Italian San Remo festival ?

Last year I was watching the San Remo Festival and I said: "Hey, this band is really cool, they show grit and the young singer has a beautiful voice!". So I realised that the creative moment was arrived and I was really inspired. I had a song on my desk that I composed for Alexia, just before our conflict. This song was very nice and I thought it was suitable for this young band. So I called Caterina Caselli (their manager) and I told her about my idea. She liked the song very much and she said: "OK : www.mipiacitu will be the new single by Gazosa, but I want you to produce the song !". Afterwards, I was in Rome to register the song and I was really impressed about the skill of the young band. The song became one of the most popular songs of this summer.

The next surprise from you is Zucchero. What can you tell me about your co-work with him on his two very popular songs (Baila and Ahum) these days ?

Zucchero is an old friend of mine. We started our artistic career together, playing with a pop cover band touring discos, dancing music hall, but also village festivals. We live not far one another and we often meet each other at friendly dinners. During one of them, we decided to co-operate to create some songs for his new album. We have a mutual characteristic. I think that Zucchero and I, we still have our feet quite firmly on the ground and the only thing we want to do is to just be able to create something new, some "new" sounds. I'm very proud for the work we have done together.

Anything new for Savage maybe ? In our previous interview on my question "... can we expect something from Savage in the near future ?", you answered "I really don't know but I would like. Just wait and see."What is your answer today ? Oh I would like so much to see and hear new song from Savage. And I think many Savage's fans would like the same.

Today my answer is the same.

Roberto, I think the last period was very good, productive and successful for you. Your thoughts about that period ? Are you satisfied, in music way ?

I like very much to work like I did this year : a lot of satisfaction !

Your plans for coming days and months ?

I would like to write songs for some famous artists and produce them. I'm also considering to find a new young talent.

And for the end Roberto, did you have time for travel, you sad you will try to travel a lot. Also, New York Marathon, after WTC attacks ?

I took part in NY Marathon two years ago and it was a great experience. Last year and this one I didn't go because I was out of training (and not for other reasons, like fear). Anyway I travelled a lot in Europe for holidays and I'm not really scared about war.

Any message to your fans and to other people ?

Music is in my blood. I think of myself as being extremely lucky to be able to do what I've done with music. In the past, when I worked hard, it often happened that I had so many different things to do that in the end I didn't have any more time to concentrate on new projects and this maked me a bit stressful. In fact, it was the negative side of my job that I found difficult to accept. I've often been irritable. Now I can work in a new way. It's so peaceful... and I'm still able to get emotional even hearing some Savage's old songs.

Ciao Zeljko.
Roberto Zanetti

© November 2001 Zeljko Vujkovic - All rights reserved
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