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Pandora - The interview



by Tavi Meran


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Hello Anneli, how are you ?

Excellent, thank you!

First I want to ask you how did your start to work in music industry ?

To make a long story short I was headhunted at the music collage by three songwriters from Västerås. One of them got a job at a record label in Stockholm later on and presented our stuff.


Why did you choose this name Pandora? Do you like boxes ? Or maybe you are curious ?

Well I do not have a thing for boxes… and I’m not that curious either. The idea of my artist name was brought up by my first manager.


Your first single was Trust me. It was awarded Golden disc, exceeding the Ace of Base's achievements. How did you live this success at that time ? Being in top at the level of Ace of Base ?

I just remember that I was constantly on the road. Recently I read a biography from Jenny Berggren (one of the singers from Ace Of Base) and from page 38 and forward it could almost have been my life she’s writing about.


One of my favorite songs is (from many that you released) Anytime any season (from album Changes). Does this song have a story?

Thanks, it’s one of my favorites too. All songs has some kind of story but it’s not necessarily mine.


Do you plan to release a DVD of all your videoclips ?

It would be fun, but no plans…chck out You tube in the meantime :-)


In 1999 you released in Japan the album Breathe, why was this album only released in Japan ?

Because we made an exclusive deal with them. You know, business...


Can you speak about the track On the night like this (from No Regrets, which was also released in Japan). I know that you released as a single, and that track was covered by Kyle Minogue?

On a night like this was written for me by Metro Production in UK. I released it before everybody else. For some reason the producers also gave it to Kylie and she performed it at the Olympics in Sydney and after that no one cared about my version except when it became a big thing in The Sun and they compared our versions.


Anneli, can you tell me why you took this break between 2001 -2005 ?

Well in my agenda it says-I released Won’t Look Back (2002), made a tour, divorced my ex husband 2003, met Per 2003 and gave birth to our son 2004, contributed in the Swedish Eurovison 2003 and 2004, started new recordings and released 9 Lives (2005), more shows and started the United Dj’s vs Pandora cd project which was released 2006 in Sweden, 2007 in Finland and 2008 in Japan. I’m still touring a lot and are now promotion the latest single Kitchy Kitchy at the same time as I’m recording more songs for the next album.


In 2007 you came back with the album Celebration which includes your singles remixed by United DJs, can you tell about this collaboration ?

So many DJs wanted to remix my biggest hits, so the idea of making an album project out of it came up. I saw it as a celebration to my self and all my hits over the years and it definitely brought me back to the dance floor!


In 2008, you covered Spagna's hit single Call me. Does the single have a video ? Was it released like a single only in Sweden ?

It was more Deejay Jay covering this song and I participate as the singer. He asked me and I thought it was fun to sing on someone else’s project.


In July of this summer, you were invited at 90’s show in Sweden to perform along with Dr.Alban, Haddaway, E-Type… How was it to perform with these dance artists again ?

I really enjoyed it! I think we all did. 90’s rules!! :-)


Is it true that you’re working at some new material ? If is true, when will be released!?

Yes, and the first single Kitchy Kitchy ft Bloom 06 (former Efiffel 65!!) is already released. One of my best songs according to my self.


If you could change something in your past life, what would it be?

The marriage…


What do you think about music industry today ?

Difficult, depressing and confusing. But also very challenging!


With which Swedish eurodance artists do you still keep contact ?

Mr President, Basic Element but we all meet now and then at different events whish is always fun.


Among all the concert and live appearance you did, which one(s) left a special memories ? Any anecdotes ?

The winter Olympics in Nagano since I sang the German OS song Spirit to win, and Ranta Rock in Finland since it used to be the biggest and I had my birthday at that time so 40 000 people sang to me!! It was also great to sing duet with Eric Martin from Mr Big on my track Every second beat of my heart.


What do you hate the most ?

People who are abusing others.


If you had to characterize yourself in three words , what would they be ?

Fun, strong and passionated


Thank you

Anneli-Pandora Magnusson



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