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Luciana - The interview



by Tavi Meran


Visit Luciana's official website

Hello Luciana , thank you so much for accepting this interview...
Luci, how did you start to work in music industry ?

I started aged 15 singing backing vocals in a soul band then began writing my own material and secured my first record deal when I was 18. I’ve been in the industry ever since and love it!.

I know that one of your hobbies is acting, can you tell me more about this?

I used to act but now my real hobbies are my artwork and photography. I set up a company called Shooter with my creative partner David Burgoyne after I became frustrated with photographers not really getting me. Also I didn't feel comfortable in a room with 15 people standing around waiting for me to throw fabulous shapes! As a result Shooter was born and now David and I do all our own photography and artwork ourselves plus shoot DJ’s and other artists. It’s just another way for me to express myself..


If you had to choose between acting and singing what will be ?

Definitely singing but more importantly songwriting. It's my passion and one that I’m always working hard at to create the perfect pop song. It's what I see myself doing when I finally hang up my leotard and glitter heels!


Can you tell me how you met the guys from Bodyrox ?

I met the Bodyrox boys via Michael Gray from Full Intention. John Pearn is one half of Full Intention and he sent us the track. The rest as they say in showbiz is history! They’re lovely guys.


I know you've been involved in many dance projects. Which one was your favorite and why?

I loved writing the Martejn Ven Helden track 'I Wish You Would'. This particular track came to us when Jackie Stallone was on Big Brother in the UK and we spoke like her for weeks. 'Yeah Jackie!' It's the reason I’m speaking in that faux American. The ‘Yeah Yeah’ track was great fun too as I was fuelled with anger at my boyfriend at the time so spat those lyrics out!.


I searched on youtube to see and… the other songs you made . I was amazed, you are the pioneer who started this style of music, “electro punk “, and now other artists copy your style . What do you think about that ?

I think it’s fabulous. I love that track so much, it makes me happy whenever I hear it. Covered in Punk was one of the first tracks I wrote for a post punk project called Portobella with Nick Clow and Michael Gray. We all shared the same vision..

Luciana can you tell what do you think about the people who promote only music from top 40 ?

Music for me is an art form. The top 40 is about tracks that have been most successful in terms of sales but there are so many many artists that make such wonderful music that never achieve such high sales. When did David Bowie last have a top 40 single? You can probably guarantee however that his shows will be sold out. Every meaningful artist for me when I was getting in to music have had their career high and lows but their labels stayed loyal and stuck by them and they were allowed to produce an amazing body of work. This doesn’t happen so much nowadays as it's all about focusing on hitting the top 40..


In 2008 you released your solo album called "Featuring Luciana" can you spoke a little bit about that material ?

This album was me being tongue in cheek with the whole Featuring thing. It’s a mix of songs I’ve sung and written on with DJ’s from Mantronix to Bodyrox to Mark Knight. This is my party album and really does wanna make you get up and dance around your living room! Released exclusively on i-Tunes it did really well in the Dance Chart and….


The chapter Bodyrox is closed ?

I never say never to anything. I've just completed more songs with Bodyrox so who knows what’s around the corner? .


Your new single is I Like That, can you speak a little bit about this track? Who wrote it ? The tune has a story ? and when will it be promoted in Europe ?

This track is filled with naughtiness and innuendo galore. It’s right on the edge and I’m so proud of it. Nick Clow and I wrote it with Static Revenger’s Dennis White and Richard Vission who are based in LA. The track will be released via EMI in Europe very soon so fingers crossed. I have to say though that I've just returned from a month's tour in the US and it's there that it's really blowing up right now. Dance music finally seems to be getting on to mainstream U.S. radio and all my shows were just rammed with people chanting 'I Like That ' and singing “I love the Gucci Gucci, I love the dollar bill”. It was a bit overwhelming to be honest and exciting too. It's still only a promo there just now so we'll wait to see what happens..


What do you hate the most ?

Hate? Oooh now that's a strong word. I try not to hate anything, it's such a negative feeling. I do have dislikes particularly people who eat loudly in the cinema and people who are sanctimonious. And my mum eating a banana can be rather annoying... (love you really mum!).


Do you have a motto that you follow ?

Live in the moment. Be Here Now, and treat people the way you want to be treated. This is what I try to live by..


What advise would you give to young girl or boy who wants to step in this industry ?

Don’t do it! Only joking. My advice would be to learn your craft as a song writer/producer or whatever your gift is. Always try to see the positive in any situation and hone your strengths. Success is when preparation and opportunity meet. So be well prepared and be in the right places at the right time!.


In showbiz “The devil wears Prada” ? :-)

Confused by this question? I love the Devil wears Primani!.


What was the funniest story or gift got from your fans ?

The best gift I got was a piece of artwork from a fan in LA. recently. She made it for me and brought it to a gig. How lovely is that?!


If I had to characterize yourself in three words, what would it be ?

Grubby, Curious, Positive.


A message for our readers and your fans ?

See you soon and stay fabulous!!!!!!!!! Thanks guys.xxxxxxx
Off to bed now. In New York in the smallest room in the world. Knackered, hungry and happy x.


Thank you so much

NO, Thank you so much xxx.




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