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by Tavi Meran


Melody, how did you start your music career ?

I started singing very soon, when I was just a child about 5 years old. My father is a composer and in the ’80 he used to write the songs for cartoons, so I often participated in the recording sessions.

I know that in ’93 you participated at Sanremo and you won …. did that award change your life ?

Not at all. First because it was not “The Festival of Sanremo” but “ Sanremo Famosi” , that would have been the step before the official festival. Unfortunately, even if I won, I didn’t reach the Festival. Music business related to Sanremo is not always correct…

Most of eurodance fans knows you from the project Lady Violet can you tell me how did you start to work for this project ?

As regard dance music, I’ve always just given my voice and not my image to dance productions, apart from D.E.A.R. project. The same thing happened that time.
The producers of Lady Violet project asked me to sing
Inside to outside, the first single, and I did. The girl you see in Lady Violet’s videoclips is not me.

One of my favorite song is Talk 2 me with DEAR project, the track has a great and futuristic video, who had the idea of that video ?

The idea came, if I remember well, from the producers : Gallo Salsotto, Alessandro Viale and Paps’n’Scar, then Sony BMG gave us location and funds.

I know you were involved in many eurodance projects : Captain Joy, Noemi Dee, Radiorama, Lady Violet, Sundee... which one was your favorite and why ?

Some of them are very old projects, I’ve sang about 2,000 songs through my dance career and I can’t remember everything but my favourite ones are probably Lady Violet and DEAR, because they made me become one of the most appreciated and requested singer in dance.

Did you sing for other major eurodance projects we don't know ?

Who knows! :D
I mean, as I told you I’ve sang so many songs, for many producers. The most I just went to the recording studios, sang (sing) and don’t even receive the final version of the project.
So, I can’t tell how many productions have really become a success.

I know that you sung for the Pope. Can you tell me more about that experience?

A friend of mine, great singer and colleague in the musical “I dieci Comandamenti”, Roberto Tiranti, had been chosen by the author of this concert as pop Tenor and suggested me as female pop contralto. It has been a great experience to sing with a symphonic orchestra in front of the pope, really moving.

Why did you stop singing dance ?

I didn’t stop at all. I go on singing dance music, eurobeat and house music above all, but I continue just giving my voice, not my name, not my face, so you can’t know when a song is sang by me (apart if you recognize my voice of course).

If you had to characterize yourself in three words, what would it be ?

Kind, correct, professional.

What do you think about eurodance ?

I find is funny, I like singing it.

Can you tell me why in Italy dance music is not very popular ? (I know that Italy promotes his artists and it’s very conservative in terms of foreign artists and new style of music)

In reality, dance is quite popular in Italy, but Italian producers find difficulties in promoting their music here. So most of the times dance productions are exported abroad where usually they find more fortune. At the same time, a lot of music comes from foreign countries, but probably is right that people here is quite closed to new styles of music.

What are your future plans?

I got my own project dealing with soul-rock music. Some of my new songs can be found on Itunes and all informations about this are on my website It is above all a blog talking about music in which can be found everything regarding me: music, pics, videos, dance productions, rock and everything I’m involved with.

You have a new project ? Can you tell me more about that project ?

In parallel with dance activity I got my own band and we’re working a lot on this soul-rock ideas, we would like to reach an international audience.
As regard dance, I’ve sang a lot of songs recently for a DJ Producer Roby Montano working with Smilax Publishing group. On you can find some of these projects and find also my name appearing between the authors, in fact in the latest years I’ve also become a dance composer.
Here are some titles:
More and More, People Have no time, Talk to me, Oh la Love, Hiding feat. Melody Squad (my band)
And some songs for Ocean Trax
: Believe me, Tell me, Hot Tore. On Beatport I found there’s just the acappella
And some others less recent.

What do you hate the most ?

Falsity and prejudice.

Thank you so much

Thank you

Melody Castellari

© September 2009 Tavi Meran - All rights reserved
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