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Ivana Spagna

Spagna - The interview


by Tavi Meran

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Your debut as an artist came with the disco project Fun Fun. Can you tell me more about that project?

The Fun Fun project was born as a studio project. We were not thinking about the success and the disco market: everyone was feeling free to do everything he/she prefered, joking with the music and having a lot of fun doing it. That’s why we decided to call it Fun Fun.

Were you and Wanda Fisher really competitors and enemies or was it just for the press?

I’m not in competition with Wanda Fisher. She is a look-alike. I lead my way..


Did you know that Pandora - a Swedish eurodance artist - covered your ‘80s hit Call me? What do you think about that?

I didn’t know about it - thanks for the info. I will for sure get more info about this cover. Anyway, I’m really glad for this.

You are one of the greatest stars of the ‘80s, sharing the title with artists such as Sabrina, CC Catch, Sandra & Samantha Fox... Did you have the time or the opportunity to become friends with them?

I brief met Samantha Fox, while I had the chance to talk with Sabrina and I have to say that she’s really a nice, professional and hardworking girl. About the others, I didn’t meet them.


In the ‘80s and ‘90s, Italy promoted his artists and it was very conservative in terms of foreign artists and new style of music? Did you feel that? What is your personal opinion?

If you mean that in the 80’s and 90’s Italy protected the Italian singers obstruicting the foreinger tracks, I have to say that it’s not true. We were invaded by the English and American songs and I’m very happy for this because it’s important to get all the kind of music. In this way, everyone can choose the genres he/she prefers. I don’t like the protectionisms at all, because they ghettoize everything and they don’t allow music to be imported and exported, so you can loose some good stuff. Maybe the competition is right, ‘cos the best is really the best in any case.


Do you think Sanremo helped you in your career? How did you find this festival now from then?

Certainly Sanremo helped my Italian pop career, particulary with the first performance I did there, reaching the #3. But I think that Sanremo is changing: it’s a little bit less focused on the songs and little bit more on the tv show aspects (on the racket power). So, sometimes I think it’s quite negative for the songs.

I know that you participate at Italian show Music Farm - can you talk about the experience?

It really helped me in my work, because I had to face with some new situations, like the fact I had to sing and try to win a competiotion with tracks I don’t like at all. Everyday was a contest between me and myself, studing the songs and the way to get out from the “problem”.


Did you write songs for eurodance projects? Which ones?

I collaborated with Corona and the Boney M too.


Did you play in the movie "Zorba and Lucky” or you just write the soundtrack of that movie?

I simply sang two tracks that are part of the soundtrack.


One of my favorite track is Lupi solitari. Does this track have a story?

Yes, it has a story and it’s important for me as I arranged it by myself. Lupi solitari is the song where I expressed a lot of me as musician, arranger, composer and singer.


Why have you choosen to release a remixed single?

The idea of the new remixes wasn’t mine. It was by Larry Pignagnoli, my first producer in the 80’s and also one of the three composers of Easy Lady. He got many requests by DJs, because the track is still played in the clubs. So, he thought about doing some new remixes of Easy Lady, trying to keep the original elements (like my voice, as I resung the track) plus some new ones, like the new sonority. So, a new life and a new sap for the old Easy Lady.


Are you thinking about releasing an album in Italian or in English?

They could be both the albums.


Do you prefer writing songs in Italian or in English?

Even if I didn’t speak English very well, I would like singing and writing in English. It has a good musicality.


Thank you very much Ivana.

Thank you.


Ivana Spagna

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