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Sheila Fernandez



by Tavi Meran


Sheila Fernandez was Unique II's female vocalist and frontlady from 1998 to 2003

Raquel Gomez

Is it true that you started your carreer at the age of 5 ?

Yes, it is because my Mom loves to hear me sing and I was totaly amazed so i joined a lot of competetion back then..


How did you become Unique II's singer ?

As I came to Austria, thought of sending some demo cassettes to some Label Co. and got really lucky Sony Columbia listen to it..


Did you keep in touch with the producers Erwin Geppner and Werner Freistätter, and with the rapper Christian Troy ?

Sad, to say we never stay in touch, but got married with one of their partner producer Oliver Kerschner.


Do you know how Unique II project name was created, and by whom ?

Unique II - is Erwin Geppner and Werner Freistäter - That's why they always write vs. Sheila Fernandez.


How did the idea of making Forever the first single you released with Unique II ?

Forever single was written as an eclipse occur and we had a gig in Eisenstadt Austria. And they love the Idea as it is also the first whole Album I wrote myself.


Are their some funny anecdotes from the time you were fronting Unique II ?

Disgusting things perhaps, like some fetish guy licking my boots or masterbating , yäcks...


Why did Unique II project stop ?

There are many sides, like many Label Co. closed in Austria and move down Germany, and Werner moving to London and I don't want to sing half playbacks anymore and so on.


Is Unique II performing on stage of 90s concerts and festivals ?

Yes, they were very known and was a real hit throughout Europe even in Asia. They even played as an opener for Michael Jackson in Egypt.
I can only say I started at 1999 and did 3 x a day Gig and that was tough.


Are you still member of bands Supermoon, Don Juan and O-Tones like in 2010, and if so how do you handle such a busy schedule ?

I'm still a part of Don Juan, as Tina Turner for a Rock Show Band, and have my own Hot Chocolate Club Band, even working 40 hours as a montessori pedagogue. I never really now the stress word, meaning I really love what I do.


What do you think of the growing influence of social media on music ?

It should be supported and thanks God we still have it. As music change in wip and it move so fast that nobody can really enjoy it.


What is your opinion regarding real-TV casting shows ? Would you advise a young artist to take part to one of these shows ?

It should be though real hard, to think that the person is unmasked. Even if they think it just a show it can be cruel.
But if someone has a strong character and they know how to influence people in an educated way, then they should go for it.


How did you have the idea of Tina - die show ?

I think it's a great honor to do the show, for Tina is and always will be a power to all women, for her voice and soul.


Would you like to take part the Eurovision Song Contest ?

Quite challenging and I know I can handle it. It's just to much politics, perhaps they ask me before I retire :-)


What are you currently working on ? Are there some new solo releases or collaborations planned ? Some future projects ?

Sheila's Hot Chocolate Club - new song Boogie and Mom, a Jackson 5 style. As I love RnB and soul a lot.


Do you have a favorite artist that you'd love to work with ?

Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars.


What most notable differences do you see in the musical business of nowadays versus the 90s ?

90's is a colorful, all together, no harm time. The Business for musician in Austria back then was like a slice of a cake divided equally.
Now the musicians are working hard and not getting a good market as nobody's supporting their own Artist.


Your biography tells you have a diploma in several fitness specialities. Did you had the opportunity to work in this domain ?

Well I did, and work 10 years at some known clubs.


What do you like to do in your free time?

Read, hike, meet friends.


Did you get involved into welfare projects or associations ? For which cause ?

I spent a lot of tme taking care of children and making their lives full of creativity and joy. I love working with children, they keep me young and alive.


Did you like 90's eurodance? Did you have a favourite band?

Unique II :-), ATC, Ace of Base, Groove Coverage - Those who I have with upstage-back then.


What is the best thing that happened in you life ?

Me - I 'm thankful for myself and everystep of the way. As I have wonderful people who believe, trust, accept and love me.


Depict yourself in 3 adjectives : what would they be ?

Love yourself, always be greatful and distribute a heart. Even a smile can lighten up someone's day.



Sheila Fernandez


Sheila Fernandez on Facebook
Sheila's Youtube channel




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