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Kim Leoni - The interview

Kim Leoni


by Tavi Meran

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Hello  Kim … thank you for accepting this interview
Kim how did you start to work in this industry ?

I used to sing in a local pop band, but I had no dreams of becoming a professional singer. I worked as a model and stylist. I sang at a birthday party of one of my friends and I met my producers there, who were also at the party. They heard me and asked me to do a song together. It was "Again", and that's how it started. So, by pure chance.

Do you have both nationalities ? Which of the 2 countries does you prefer ?

I have Dutch/Indonesian origins, but my nationality is Dutch. Holland is my home, but I'm a girl of the world and I like to call myself "international"! Planet Earth is my home! :-)


Was Again your first single ?

Yes, Again was my very first single.

Can you define your style that you sing ?

I sing pop songs with dance production, a mix of Eurodance and pop. I like to sing songs that you can dance to, but also smile, cry, have fun to!


What did you do before this project ?

I was a model and stylist.


What is your biggest dream ?

Personally, to find love and for me and my family to stay healthy and live a long and happy life. Professionally, to record my first album! For the world - peace and love!


Do you write your own songs ?

I write together with my producers, Brane Kovak and Michel Pollen. I did some songs alone, but nothing good enough to be released professionally. I'm still learning!


Kim, were you into 90s dance ? did you had a favorite eurodance act or artist ?

Oh yes! My favourite was the Dutch dance duo 2Unlimited! They are back now, under their own names, Ray & Anita! I know very well Ray and he's a lovely guy!


Did you think of releasing a song in Indonesian or in Dutch ?

Wow, I never thought of that! Maybe one day!


Tell me about your new single Emergency… when will be released ? Are you also preparing a video ?

Emergency is just released in Holland last Monday (8th February), it's out in America on 15th March, and the video is already on YouTube!


Are you thinking of releasing an album, and if it's true, when ?

Yes, I'm working on an album, but my record company decides when it's going to be released. Hopefully very very soon!


With which artist or producer would you want to work in the next future ?

My dream is to work with Lady GaGa, I'm sure she's a fun person to be around. I'm very happy with my producers now, but maybe one day to work with DJ Tiesto would be phenomenal!


What you love to do in your free time ?

I wish I had more free time, but when I do have some, I like to hang out with my friends, sit in a nice café and drink my favorite peppermint tea, or go out clubbing on Saturday night. Just what other young people do.


What kind of music do you prefer to listen ?

I love listening to all kinds of music - dance, rap, pop. My current favorite is LaRoux and The Black Eyed Peas. Their song I gotta feeling is such a great, great song!


Among all the concert and live appearance you did, which one(s) left a special memories ? Any anecdotes ?

Yes, I will never forget my first performance in Cork, Ireland. I never thought that my songs were so popular there, so when they invited me I was so excited. We arrived in Cork and I thought I would be performing in a disco or a club. Then they showed me a big concert theatre and said, 'that's where you will be performing tonight", and I went - Oh My God!! But the crowd was great and we had so much fun, so many lovely memories. I hope I can come to Romania asap!! :-)


How many awards did you get so far and which one is the most important for you ?

The most important award I got is the Inernational Dance Music Award in Miami, USA for Medicine, as the best Eurodance single of 2008.


Do you surf a lot on the internet ? What are your favourite sites ?

I don't have much time to surf the internet, but when I do, I like to visit


What is you future projects ?

First, promotion of Emergency, and then doing more concerts, and hopefully this year my first album.


Do you have a message for our readers or for your fans ?

I just want to say a big THANK YOU for your support and love. Music, life, love, dance - that's what it's all about. Lots of greetings from Holland!


Kim Leoni

© March 2010 Tavi Meran - All rights reserved
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