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Claudia Cazacu - The interview

Claudia Cazacu



by Tavi Meran 

Visit Claudia Cazacu's Facebook and her official website

Tell me a little bit about you ?

I was born in Targoviste, Romania, since I was born I was very interested in music. I finished music school (piano and violin ) and I knew it from the beginning that music is what I want to do. I moved in London 11 years ago and there was my first contact with electronic music and I love it immediately..


How did you start to work in this industry?

I used to go to all parties in the UK, and after a while I realized that my place was on stage, so I bought a set of turntables and the rest is history.


Why did you choose to do this job? Few are the girls who are choosing to play with sounds in exchange for makeup kit ? " Really... why DJ?

I love electronic music world so much that I decided to be my job. When I'm on stage, my music is telling a message to the crowd, and when I see the reaction of people everything turns into a dream come true.

You're a pioneer in this job dominated 95% by men. How does it feel ?

Doesn’t matter to me if you wear the skirt or pants, it’s all about music. It’s not important if you're a woman or man, what matters is to know how to control the crowd to another level, through your music.


Can you tell me a funny story that happened to you?

I have many to tell ....but I can say that the most recent … This March when I was on tour in Indonesia we started with a gig in Bali where I stayed in a villa which was gorgeous and has an outdoor bath. Anyway Bali is full of lizards and they walked through my bathroom like the cars from Central London, so one night I woke up in bed with a lizard who was looking at me …. I thought I was having a heart attack. I yelled so loud… I don’t know who was scared more, lizard or me. In the end everything was resolved by the villa personal and they told me that is something ordinary.


You’re the first Romanian DJ who made it on European music market and not only, what is your success receipe ?

Lot,lot of hard work. I have my own studio where I spend days and nights to produce music when I’m not traveling. I have my own record label that has just been signed to Spinnin (Dutch record company), I have 14 radio shows per month... so.. it’s no time to sit


What you like to do in your free time ?

Few hours when I relax I usually go to gym. But what I love the most to do in my spare time is to sit in pajamas on the couch, and to order Chinese food and watch my favorite TV series "Friends".


I noticed that you have your own show on Di Fm what can you tell me about that show?

My show "Haute Couture" is broadcast on the first Friday of every month on and re-broadcast the other 13 stations worldwide. More details can be found on my web site (, Facebook ( or Twitter ( which are always updated.


What are your future plans?

More work if is possible. I have completed many songs that will be launched in the coming months, many collaborations with other DJs, like Sied van Riel, Jorn van Deynhoven and soon I will start working on my album. There are so many wonderful things that happen in my career and... only the sky is the limit.


How many times you come in Romania ?

I try to come home whenever I have time. Usually arrive in Romania about 2-3 times per year. I love the most to spend my time in hometown with my family. There is nothing better than my mom’s food.


What advise can you give to young people who wants to work outside Romania, to make a future outside !?

To be frank, is very difficult here too and it's not easy at all to make it. But there are opportunities if you're ready to do a little effort, anything is possible.


Did you do compromises to get what you want?

Life itself is a big compromise.


Message to the public at home and for your fans?

See you on the dance floor.


Claudia Cazacu


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