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Iris Trevisan - The interview

Iris Trevisan

by Klems

So can you tell us how and when you started in the music industry?

As a singer of youth band at the beginning of the 80’s.


Have you always wanted to be a singer and/or musician?

Yes, since I was six years old. I first started with songs of Elvis Presley.


How did everything start with The Free? Were you casted to be part of a project that was already created, or were you involved in the creation of the group?

Yes, it was a kind of casting. Not like the castings nowadays. The management and the producers searched for a female voice for this project. Approx 200 applicants were invited, I was number 34 and selected. 


Were you only a singer with The Free, or were you involved in song writing and composition as well?

Just a singer.


The reasons why you left the group remain obscure for most people. Can you tell us more about that?

It’s quite easy to answer. Unfortunately I became sick and therefore I couldn’t keep the entrances.


Did you sing for any other dance music group back in the days?

Yes, before I came to the Free there was a project called “Pharao”. It was only for one Maxi Play Record, Fantasy of love. (note : this project has nothing to do with the one which released There is a star, World of Magic, etc...)


If you had to pick your favourite song from The Free, what would it be?

Definitely Lover on the line. I love this song till today.


Do you have any anecdotes, scoops or funny stories to share with us about your adventure with The Free?

Oh my god. There are a lot of funny happenings. But one I will never forget. It was in New York. We had to finish our video for Dance the night away. So I came to the Club and met all the people there and thought they are the actors for the clip, but Charles told me that they are “normal” people. The manager asked the people in the street if they wanted to be on a music video for a European Dance floor act, and so they did. Really crazy! No costumes, every one of them was authentic.


Were you friends with other dance singers and artists back then?

I’ve met a lot of artists and I am on the opinion, it’s better to have your friends out of the music business.


During the 90's, eurodance music was absolutely huge, there were hundreds of different groups and projects, especially in Germany! What is your opinion about this whole movement? It was very criticized (and still is), many people say there was no art, it was all about the money...

Half and half. There is no business which is not money related!
This kind of music was for parties and belongs to the 90’s.

Eurodance music died very suddenly. Do you have an opinion of why it happened? in the 80’s Germany had “Die Deutsche Welle”. One of our famous artists was Nena with her 99 luftballons.

You have to take a look on the musical history. Every generation has its own music and the Euro dance scene was the beginning of a faster life.


What happened to you after you left The Free, until today?

I always made music. Sang and still sing in churches and clubs. And I wrote a lot songs and poems. At the end of the year you can find one of my favourites in a collection of German poems. Besides I taught and still teach voice training and singing lessons at two local music schools in my home town.


You have now started your own solo project, which is focusing on blues music. Can you tell us more about it?

Of course, with pleasure. Since I was a young girl I loved the Blues and Gospel music. 1993 I’ve been in New Orleans and had the honour to meet the Queen of Blues Marva Wright. At that moment I knew this is my music - that’s me! I also like to be my own boss. I write the lyrics for my songs and make my own melodies. I’m working with Stefan Frank. He is my guitar player and musical director of my band as well. With Peter Kellert I have an excellent producer. It’s the first time that my own ideas are translated into action 100%. All my songs are telling about real life.


You said that you were writing your own texts and melodies. Where do you find your inspiration? What are your favourite topics to sing about?

People give me a lot of inspiration. There are emotions, love, hurts, fights, reconciliation and faith. I think Jesus was a man of interest. Therefore, I write songs about him and his good deeds.


You also told us about Stefan Frank, your guitarist. When performing on stage, do you have other musicians with you or is it just the 2 of you?

I’m flexible. In small locations one musician could be enough. In churches and on big stages I play with the whole band existing out of guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and sometimes saxophone. That’s the usual instrumentation. Occasionally we play with contrabass and Cajun.


Is there a tour in sight...?

Yes, at the moment I am planning regional concerts in South Germany.


Are you going to release an album? And if so, when?

Yes I do. The title will be Life by the drop. The conservative estimated release is scheduled on early summer of 2011.


Do you see the Internet as a positive or negative thing for music? Positive could be because anyone can share its own music and everybody can discover groups from all over the world, and negative coule be because it killed most of the small music labels and it's much harder for an artist today to make enough money out of music to live just with that...

I see the internet as curse and blessing. It has also 2 sides as everything. And yes, you are right with your statement. It’s hard to earn enough money. Most of us musicians have additional jobs. But I think money is not everything! But it is how it is. We have to live with it. The good thing is I can also use the internet for my own advertisement.


What could we wish you for the future, Iris?

Peace for everybody. Enough to eat for everyone. Health in particular for myself.


Would you like to say a word for your fans...?

I want to thank you all for your faithfulness till today. I wish you all the best and I hope to see you in one of my concerts. I also hope you will enjoy my new album which is coming soon.

Yours Iris


Thank you so much for your time and answers Iris! All the best for the future!

Iris Trevisan


© December 2010 Klems - All rights reserved
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