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Gala   (Italy)

EuroDance group
Added : 24/01/2000

Come Into My Life
Coming Into A Decade
Tough Love
Singles V1
Everyone Has Inside
Freed From Desire
Let A Boy Cry
Come Into My Life
Everyone Has Inside 2000
Freed From Desire 2003
Tough Love
Freed From Desire 2011
Lose Yourself In Me
Taste of Me
The Beautiful
Happiest Day of My Life
Nameless Love
Parallel Lines
A Friend Of Joshua
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Latest Gala news

05/02/2023 : After Kevin McKay feat. Start The Party, Gala's hit Freed From Desire was covered by Spayds & Solina

19/12/2022 : Gala's hit Freed From Desire is the anthem for the French soccer national team

09/04/2022 : Gala's anthem Freed From Desire was covered by Stream

21/02/2021 : Gala finally released her ballad Parallel Lines

11/09/2020 : Gala's hit Freed From Desire was covered by Clownfish

07/09/2019 : You can vote for Gala - Freed From Desire to becore the official song to celebrate goals by French national soccer team

30/07/2019 : Gala's hit Free From Desire is used by Tyson Fury as entrance on the ring anthem

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Gala albums

Come Into My Life Come Into My Life 1997
Remixes Remixes 2000
Coming Into A Decade Coming Into A Decade 18th Apr 2007
Tough Love Tough Love 2008
Singles V1 Singles V1 5th Feb 2015


Gala singles

Everyone Has Inside Everyone Has Inside 13th Feb 1996  
Freed From Desire Freed From Desire 10th Jun 1996  
Let A Boy Cry Let A Boy Cry 4th Feb 1997  
Suddenly Suddenly 25th May 1997  
Come Into My Life Come Into My Life 4th Nov 1997  
Galamegamix Galamegamix 27th Oct 1998  
Everyone Has Inside 2000 Everyone Has Inside 2000 4th Sep 2000  
Freed From Desire 2003 Freed From Desire 2003 (vs Happymen) 11th Feb 2003  
Faraway Faraway 2005  
Tough Love Tough Love Aug 2008  
Freed From Desire 2011 Freed From Desire 2011 12th Apr 2011  
Lose Yourself In Me Lose Yourself In Me 23rd Jun 2012  
Taste of Me Taste of Me 25th Nov 2013  
The Beautiful The Beautiful 17th Nov 2014  
Happiest Day of My Life Happiest Day of My Life 20th Jul 2018  
Nameless Love Nameless Love 15th Sep 2018  
Parallel Lines Parallel Lines 15th Feb 2021  


Gala remixes

Freed From Desire (Mr. Jack's Club Mixes) Freed From Desire (Mr. Jack's Club Mixes) 1996  
Freed From Desire Freed From Desire 23rd Oct 1996  


Featurings and collaborations

A Friend Of Joshua MLA - A Friend Of Joshua  


From Space To My Life Molella - From Space To My Life Jul 2006  


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Gala biography

Producer : M. Molella, Phil Jay. Musical team : F. Carmeni, Gala Rizzatto

Gala was born on September 6th 1975 and grew up in Milan. Her name was inspired by Salvador Dali's wife's name, and at the same time by the famous Russian dancer Gala Ulanova. She attended a very strict high school in Italy. Then, as she was very curious, she travelled round Europe. During her stays in various European places, she studied Flamenco in Madrid (at the "Amor de dios" dance school"), she was assistant photographer at the Superstudio for a time, she also studied at the Laban Center in London and at an art school in Boston. Finally, she arrived in New York, where she lives now. She stills come from time to time in Madrid.

In New York, she attended the Tisch School of Arts, within the New York University. That school is known as a crossroad of artists of different cultures ; Spike Lee also studied there. Gala enjoyed this "melting pot" atmosphere.

Gala liked Art from the very beginning, and since then she tried everything she could to know everything concerning Dance styles and music instruments, from ballet to African dance (under the guide of Babekar M'Baye from the National Ballet of Senegal), and from drums to voice via the guitar. She is looking for all the possible connections among the different forms of art and is open to all the possible "contaminations". She found out about her original passion for singing while directing a pop video for a well known Italian singer : as she was "taking pictures of a deejay", this deejay accidentally heared her voice. This is how her first song XS came out on the album "Originale Radicale Musicale".

Her own first single Everyone Has Inside was one of the hits of the winter '95 and also one of the most played records from the most important Italian radio stations, reaching the top of the sales charts: #1 position for a few weeks consecutively.

She had the real consecration, with her second single Freed From Desire. After having the #1 position for 4 weeks in the Italian sales charts, she became a European reality : Spain, France (#1 for 6 weeks), Belgium (#1 for 8 weeks), The Netherlands, Germany (# 14), Scandinavia, Greece, Israel (#1 for 2 weeks) and even United Kingdom (where she sold over 500.000 copies and reached #2 and 15th best selling single of 1997) were the countries where the song had the major success. Gala entered on the list of nominations for the "Best Dance Act" of the "1997 Mobo Awards", together with artists like : Prodigy, Blue Boy, Chemical Brothers and Orbital. Soon this very big hit was also officially released in Japan and in the U.S.A. were it ranked #1 in US Billboard Dance.

Gala was awarded the best female artist of 1996 by the official monthly magazine Musique et Disques, the best pop-dance artist of 1996 in France (where she sold almost 2 million copies - diamond record !), the female singer of 1997 in Israel, and the Italian revelation of the European market. In July 1997 she was again awarded with the "Italian Dance Award" as the best pop-dance artist of the year and also the producers Molella and Phil Jay receive their award for the "Best Producers of the year". In the whole, the single sold 5 million copies worldwide

In January 1997 the third single Let A Boy Cry was released, pop-dance style, for which she received a platinum record in Belgium. It peaked and remained #1 for 3 weeks in Israel, # 12 in UK, # 1 in France and Belgium. This single sold 3 million copies worldwide. It was followed by her 4th single Come Into My Life, released worldwide on the 4th of November 1997. It reached # 4 in Israel, # 1 in Italy, # 38 in UK, and # 5 in US Billboard Dance Chart.

Also the album, with the same title, followed on the 18th of November 1997, containing 10 tracks. On one of the songs, called Summer Eclipse, she worked with the famous guitarist Tonino Baliardo of the Gypsy Kings.  With this album, a very original creation, Gala proved again to be always looking for new creative ways of interpreting her music. The video clips of Freed From Desire, Let A Boy Cry and Come Into My Life kept on being played on the music channels in Europe (MTV and M.C.M.).

The 5th single to be released was Suddenly : it was not as successful as the previous ones but did #2 in Israel and #4 in Italy anyway.

Gala writes herself the texts of her songs. Nowadays she lives in New York and feels good there. She is always dressed in black because it catches less the dirt, and she always wears pants because she finds it more practical. She feels the joy of living since she almost died of an allergy to antibiotics. She likes when it is calm but she needs to have always someone nearby (for example her best friend).

1998 : it is said that a Remixes CD album was released. Gala met Steve Fargnoli, Prince's manager who accepted to become her producer. She signed with Universal Records in Italy

2001 : after the sudden death of her producer, everything stopped for Gala. She was in conflict with Universal which would not let her do the music she wanted. So she eventually left, losing everything.

2000 : Gala is back with a remix of her first hit Everyone Has Inside. The remix was done by Eiffel 65.

2004 : during a broadcast on the French TV channel M6, about the biggest record sellers of all time, Gala was among the guests.

2005 : Freed From Desire was covered by a project called Starclub. Motivated by a web fan petition asking for her return (signed by almost 400 persons) and after almost 8 years of silence, Gala came back with a now single entitled Faraway, co-produced by Kevin Rudolf. Unfortunately for her fans, it was not eurodance but rather R'nb. It had some success in Israel and Greece, it entered the top 100 il France but never went further than #71.

2006 : Faraway was quite successful in Greece. She appeared on the 10th June, during the MegaPANN-Party at 22:30 at the Central Studios in Utrecht (Netherlands). Her next single is ready : it will be entitled I Like The Way You... Once again, it has nothing to do with eurodance.

In July, Molella released a single called From Space To My Life containing the chorus of Come Into My Life, sung by a new vocalist.

2007 : she released a digital album entitled Coming Into A Decade.

2008 : Gala founded her own label Matriarchy Records in Brooklyn. MLA in their single A Friend Of Joshua sampled Gala's Everyone Has Inside. In August, Gala finally released a new single entitled Tough Love. An album also entitled Tough Love was planned.

2009 : her single Faraway was covered by Greek artist Tamta under the title Ftais. She released digitally her new album Tough Love in September.

2010 : Gala should be back this year with a new single and a new album. The sound woud be pop rock and both are planned to be released at the same time.

2011 : she kept on performing on the stage of several 90s events ( MNM Party Zone ) and tours (Génération Dance Machine).

2012 : Gala's new single is entitled Lose Yourself In Me. She describes her music as "intelligent pop", and she considers herself more as a punk than as a real dance artist. Gala is planning to launch a new single entitled Taste of Me in October, and then an album called Lose Yourself In Me.

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Charts (singles)

Austria Belgium Brazil Finland France Greece Israel Italy Netherlands Spain Sweden Switzerland UK
Everyone Has Inside #24 #1 #1 #3
Freed From Desire #16 #1 #1 #17 #1 #1 #1 #6 #1 #42 #13 #2
Let A Boy Cry #1 #1 #1 #7 #2 #1 #11 #1 #23 #11
Suddenly #56 #4 #85 #1
Come Into My Life #4 #1 #10 #1 #1 #36 #1 #38
Faraway #71 #5




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