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Indra   (France)

EuroDance group
Added : 24/01/2000

Together Tonight
Best Of
U And Me
One Woman Show
Let's Go Crazy
Dance Maxi Mix
Tell Me
Gimme What's Real
Rescue Me
Yesterday Is History (Tomorrow Is A Mystery)
Save My Life
We Belong Together
Message For You
Never Never
Reggae Life
Besoin De Vous
Sois beau et tais-toi
Upper Hand (Sexy Mama)
High Heels And Backwards
It's On You
Feel My Love
90 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

Latest Indra news

16/05/2014 : Indra announced that she would be among the candidates for preselections to represent France at Eurovision Song Contest 2015. But it was actually a hoax.

29/12/2013 : Indra recorded a duet with actor Bruno Putzulu, a cover of Bernard Lavilliers' On the road again.

21/12/2013 : Indra fans, you can buy a T-shirt with her signature. A part of the price will be donated to welfare association La Breizh, which raises funds to help fight mucoviscidosis. More infos here

26/09/2013 : Indra's new single is entitled Feel My Love. This collaboration with David Stephan will be out on September 28th. Videoclip was directed by Jennifer Plouznikoff.

01/09/2013 : With more than 20 artists, Indra contributed to a collective welfare single entitled Tes Yeux de Breizh to raise funds against mucoviscidosis. She recorded another single, this time a duet with David Stephan, to be released on September 14th.

14/08/2013 : 2 months ago Indra covered Real McCoy's hit It's On You. Next Autumn, she will play in Raffy Shart's theater play Ma femme s’appelle Maurice.

04/04/2011 : Indra was interviewed by Paris Gayzik (interview in French). Read the interview here.

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Indra albums

Temptation Temptation 1991
Together Tonight Together Tonight 1992
Best Of Best Of 1994
Anywhere Anywhere 1995
U And Me U And Me 1999
Indra Indra 24th Apr 2006
One Woman Show One Woman Show 8th Feb 2010


Indra singles

Let's Go Crazy Let's Go Crazy Feb 1991  
Misery Misery Oct 1991  
Dance Maxi Mix Dance Maxi Mix 1992  
Temptation Temptation Mar 1992  
Tell Me Tell Me Jun 1992  
Gimme What's Real Gimme What's Real Sep 1992  
Rescue Me Rescue Me Apr 1993  
Yesterday Is History (Tomorrow Is A Mystery) Yesterday Is History (Tomorrow Is A Mystery) Jan 1994  
Hollywood Hollywood Mar 1994  
Save My Life Save My Life Oct 1994  
Anywhere Anywhere 27th Jun 1995  
We Belong Together We Belong Together 24th Nov 1995  
Message For You Message For You 4th Apr 1997  
Never Never Never Never 21st Jan 1999  
Reggae Life Reggae Life (feat. Michael Damian) Oct 1999  
Besoin De Vous Besoin De Vous (with Frédéric Lerner) 11th Jan 2005  
Oublie-Moi Oublie-Moi 31st May 2005  
Sois beau et tais-toi Sois beau et tais-toi 24th Apr 2006  
Upper Hand (Sexy Mama) Upper Hand (Sexy Mama) 2009  
High Heels And Backwards High Heels And Backwards Promo only Jun 2010  
It's On You It's On You 20th May 2013  
Feel My Love Feel My Love 28th Sep 2013  



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Indra biography

Born on 20th of July in Göteborg, Indra Kuldasaar (this is her real first name : an Indian goddess who stands for the rain and war, represented a a three-headed elephant) is half Swedish, half Estonian. She has one sister called Jasmin, who is 3 years younger. Her father Jundo works in the solar energy industry (as a manager at Electrolux according to other sources), and her mother Emmi is a consultant in the same domain (or a teacher). When she was a child, she was obsessed by the idea of becoming famous one day. She had good results at school, studied aesthetics, and worked as translator because she speaks Swedish, English, Estonian, French and spanish. From the age of 3 to 12 years she learned classic dance but, due to a tendinous rupture, she had to give it up. Then she begun to learn eurythmics. She likes jogging, she usually runs more than 10 km per day.

Indra came in France in 1987 to follow his boyfriend Eric, a model who came to Paris. She really fell in love with this country : she stayed 6 months, came back to Sweden, then went again to France. She tried to earn some money as a waitress, a baby sitter, a figurant in TV series, and finally she worked as a model. Against her parents' opinion, she had some theater lessons (with Michel Galabru as teacher). She had never sung before.

She caught the eye of the producer Paul Taiclet while she was dancing in the discotheque Le Garage. He proposed her that she should record a single. She signed a contract at Orlando. Her third try, entitled Let's Go Crazy was the good one : she remains several weeks at the top of all the charts. The single was recorded with the help of the rapper "Punchy" Anderson, and Pascal Maton (who would become the producer of Lea Kiss and Norma Ray some years later). The singles Misery, Temptation, Gimme What's Real followed. She released the albums Temptation (recorded in Belgium, sold Gold in France) in 1991 and Together Tonight (recorded in New-York, once again sold Gold in France) in 1992.

In 1992, because she was to busy with her career of singer, she had to refuse a role in film with Michael Douglas. She also has been chosen by the Disney Studios to appear in video clips for Eurodisney.

In 1994 she went for the first time of her life in Estonia, her parents' homeland. She gave some concerts and met her aunts and uncles. A Best Of which gathered all her previous hits plus a cover of Claude François' Alexandrie Alexandra was released in 1994. It also included the singles Yesterday Is History (Tomorrow Is A Mystery) (which sounded a little bit like Culture Beat's hit Mr Vain), Hollywood and Save My Life. Both failed to make the French Top 50, but the album again reached Gold status. Indra entered the eurodance era.

In 1995, the album Anywhere was released : co-produced by several stars of Eurodance such as Axel Breitung and the Masterboy, it was the most eurodance album she has ever released. During the summer, she went on holiday in St Tropez, before a tournee in France and in Tahiti. With her friend Marie-Ange, she opened a decoration shop in Propriano (Corsica) called 'Les cadeaux d'Indra' (Indra's gifts).

The same year, Indra also participated on the Dalida remix album Comme si j'étais là. She did a rap on the track Jusqu'au bout du rêve... which is a remake of the classic Dalida disco anthem Laissez-moi danser (Monday, Tuesday). The song was planned to be released as a single, and a video made of archive footages from Dalida mixed with images of Indra's Gimme what's real video was even shown on TV, but the song finally remained only available on promo CD and 12".

1997 : after a break of two years, Indra returned with the single Message Fur You but it flopped.

1998 : Indra did some TV hosting work on the channel France 3 on the show "Ce soir, je passe à la télé".

1999 : after another 2 years of silence, Indra was back with a new album entitled U And Me. This album was dedicaded to her new boyfriend Guy Paillard, a model she met as she was member of the jury of a fashion meeting. But the lead single Never never spent only one week (#99) in the French single Top 100. She also sung a duo with the actor Micheal Damian (actor in the TV soap The Young and the Restless, in French Les Feux de l'Amour) entitled Reggae Life. In an interview, she said that singing was not enough for her, and that she had not given up her dream of becoming an actress. She explained that also would love to have children. Her recording contract ended with year 1999.

Indra is 1,75 m tall and weights 54 kg. Her eyes are brown and she is blond-haired. She loves to dance and to go to discotheques, cinema and museums. She also likes going shopping and is not very fond of economie. Her favourite designers are JP Gauthier, Azzaro, JC Jitrois. She loves animals but can't have any because she is allergic to animal fur. She describes herself as obstinate, optimistic, perfectionnist, ambitious, sentimental and sometimes shy... She hates jealousy. He preferate colours are black and white. Her favourite music are funk and rap, and she listens to Peter Gabriel, Prince, Madonna, Depeche Mode. She also likes watching Mylene Farmer's and Snap's video clips. Her favourite movies are Sister Act and The Big Blue.

She prefers very tall men (like the basketball player Hervé Dubuisson who has been once her boyfriend). She is vegetarian : she likes pasta, pizzas, cream pies, cheese and fruits. She makes up by herself, choses and decided everything concerning her TV appearances, and even wrote the texts of some of her songs. She used to share a flat in Courbevoie with her best friend then she bought herself an appartment.

2000 : we could have believed that Indra was back on the dance scene with a track entitled Love Game. But actually this is not the same Indra. Our Indra married Guy in Switzerland, and gave birth to a son named Ollie on the 4th of May 2000. But she divorced one year later.

2002 : rumors about a new single called Live Forever proved to be wrong. There were also rumors about a special limited Remixes album planned for the end of 2002. However Indra could release a new single called Movie Star, which also be the theme of a new soap to be soon broadcasted on French TV. In October, Indra did an interview for a Swiss newspaper called "Le Matin". She talked about her current situation (in the business as well as private) and her projects for the near future : she would like to to become successful a pop star like Kylie Minogue or Geri Halliwell... But she also said whe was still searching for a good composer.

In December she released a fitness package called "le Coffret minceur des suédoises" including a gym VHS and a body lotion.

2004 : Indra was preparing here comeback : in May, her Best Of album was planned for release, it would include 5 unreleased tracks that she had recently recorded in studio. In October, she took part to a charity week-end against AIDS during which she sung her old hit Misery.

2005 : time for comeback... Indra released a duet with the French artist Frederic Lerner, entitled Besoin De Vous (meaning Needing You), a ballad. On the single one could find Never Never as third track. In February she reached #51 in the French Top 50. A little later it entered the Swiss charts at #88.

She also recorded a charity song called Donnons-Nous La Main, only available on commercial download website.

On the 24th April, Indra took part for the second time to a welfare celebrities marathon in Nice.

Her follow-up single Oublie-Moi was in RnB style, sung in French and English. The single was produced by Dj Dem's and Tragédie, and was pretty succesful in France. It contained a B-side from the Anywhere album, Take Me Wide. It sold more than 25 000 copies in France.

2006 : Indra's new single was entitled Sois Beau Et Tais-Toi (be handsome and shut up). It sounded less r'n'B than the previous single, more disco-house. In April she took part to the French equivalent of the real-TV program "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here". She competed for the welfare association "Louis Carlesimo" to help ill children.

Indra was supposed to release a new single in late 2006 which was planned to be either another new song from the Indra album called A Cause De Toi or a brand new remix of her 1991 smash Misery, but it seems that those projects were abandoned and Indra focussed on some new material.

She got signed (with all the other artists produced by Orlando) under Universal.

2009 : Indra played the female leading role (a character named Catherine) in the theater play "Ma femme est folle" (means : my wife is crazy) at the Théâtre des Nouveautés in Paris.

2010 : Indra's long-awaited new album One-Woman Show was finally released under Mercury/Universal. Recorded in Stockholm, with the collaboration of the Forty 4’s and Vaccum, it contained 12 tracks, including the single Upper Hand (Sexy Mama). In June 2010, High heels and backwards has been announced to be the second single. Promos have been sent to radios and the song was remixed by 2FrenchGuys. However, the song did not make any impact on charts or radios.

In October 2010, Indra confirmed that she will be part of the French 90s tour "Dance Machine Génération".

2011 : Apart from her singer and actress carreer, Indra nowadays works for a coaching agency. She will be touring with the French theater play "Le clan des célibataires" from October 2011, where she plays the role of Léa.

2013 : in June, she covered Real McCoy's hit It's On You. Indra's new single was entitled Feel My Love, a collaboration with David Stephan. She also contributed to a collective welfare single entitled Tes Yeux de Breizh. In December, Indra recorded a duet with actor Bruno Putzulu, a cover of Bernard Lavilliers' On the road again. She toured with theater play Ma femme s’appelle Maurice.

Indra Archive

Indra biography was last updated Fri, June 22nd 2018

Charts (singles)

Let's Go Crazy #11
Misery #7
Temptation #7
Tell Me #17
Gimme What's Real #16
Rescue Me #38
Never Never #99
Besoin De Vous #47
Oublie-Moi #38
Sois beau et tais-toi #16




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