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Whigfield   (Italy)

AKA : Sannie
EuroDance group
Added : 24/01/2000

Let's Whiggy Dance
Whigfield Megamixes
Sexy Eyes - The Album
Super Box - Super Hits
Super Box - Remix Collection
Whigfield II
Whigfield Remixes
Whigfield III
Greatest Hits
Eurodance (Canada only)
Whigfield III CD 1
Whigfield III (Asian Edition) CD 2
Whigfield III (Asian Edition) Video CD
Whigfield IV
Was A Time
Waiting for Saturday - Her Greatest Hits
X-Tremely Fun - Workout with Whigfield
Saturday Night The Greatest Hits
Greatest Remix Hits
All In One
W (extra edition)
Best of (X-Mas Edition)
Saturday Night...Best Of Whigfield
Whigfield (2023 UK Edition)
It's Allright
Saturday Night
Another Day
Don't Walk Away
It's Alright
Think Of You
Big Time
Close To You
Last Christmas
Junto A Ti
I Want To Love
Sexy Eyes vol 1
Sexy Eyes vol 2
Gimme Gimme
Baby Boy
No Tears To Cry
Summer Samba
Givin All My Love
Be My Baby
Doo Whop
Much More
My Love's Gone
Gotta Getcha
Amazing And Beautiful
Saturday Night 2003
The Battle Mix
Was A Time
Think Of You 2007
Right In The Night
Saturday Night (KLM Music Remixes)
No Doubt
C'est Cool
Jeg Kommer Hjem
Saturday Night 2013
Saturday Night 2k17
Who's Your Daddy
Come a Little Closer
Up To The Boy
U Wanna Have It
Can't Touch
Wake Up
To Feel Alive
How Long
In The Morning
Boys On Girls
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Latest Whigfield news

25/03/2022 : Whigfield re-released digitally Junto A Ti, the Spanish version of Close To You, along with a R&B version

13/06/2020 : Tonight, Whigfield will hold a livechat on her Facebook page

15/04/2020 : Discover the lyrics video for Whigfield's new single Suga.

01/04/2020 : Whigfield's new single is entitled Suga. Before its official release, it was played on radios under alias ID and was successful enough to be published under the official project name (Thanks to Eurodance Story and Tavi Meran)

28/09/2019 : In an interview on a morning show on British channel ITV, Sannie announced that a new Whigfield single was on its way.

09/08/2018 : Whigfield's hit Sexy Eyes was covered by Jenny Rom

13/04/2018 : A few days ago, Sannie released her new single Boys On Girls

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Whigfield albums

Whigfield Whigfield 12th Jun 1995
Let's Whiggy Dance Let's Whiggy Dance (Japan only) Sep 1995
Whigfield Megamixes Whigfield Megamixes 1996
Sexy Eyes - The Album Sexy Eyes - The Album (Singapore only) 1996
Super Box - Super Hits Super Box - Super Hits (Asia only) 1997
Super Box - Remix Collection Super Box - Remix Collection (Asia only) 1997
Whigfield II Whigfield II 10th Nov 1997
Whigfield Remixes Whigfield Remixes 1998
Whigfield III Whigfield III 7th Sep 2000
Greatest Hits Greatest Hits (Mexico only) 2001
Eurodance (Canada only) Eurodance (Canada only) 2001
Whigfield III CD 1 Whigfield III CD 1 (Asian Edition) 23rd Feb 2001
Whigfield III (Asian Edition) CD 2 Whigfield III (Asian Edition) CD 2 23rd Feb 2001
Whigfield III (Asian Edition) Video CD Whigfield III (Asian Edition) Video CD 23rd Feb 2001
Whigfield IV Whigfield IV 13th May 2002
Was A Time Was A Time 2004
Waiting for Saturday - Her Greatest Hits Waiting for Saturday - Her Greatest Hits 26th Apr 2004
X-Tremely Fun - Workout with Whigfield X-Tremely Fun - Workout with Whigfield 9th Aug 2004
Saturday Night The Greatest Hits Saturday Night The Greatest Hits 2006
Greatest Remix Hits Greatest Remix Hits 26th Apr 2006
All In One All In One Oct 2007
W W 28th Sep 2012
W (extra edition) W (extra edition) 14th Dec 2012
Best of (X-Mas Edition) Best of (X-Mas Edition) 17th Dec 2013
Saturday Night...Best Of Whigfield Saturday Night...Best Of Whigfield 5th Jun 2015
Whigfield (2023 UK Edition) Whigfield (2023 UK Edition) 3rd Nov 2023

Whigfield DVDs and VHS

Saturday Night Saturday Night DVD
Think Of You Think Of You 1995 DVD
Whigfield III bonus VCD Whigfield III bonus VCD 2000 DVD
Was A Time Was A Time 2004 DVD
Greatest Remix Hits Greatest Remix Hits 26th Apr 2006 DVD


Whigfield singles

It's Allright It's Allright Promo only  
Saturday Night Saturday Night 21st May 1994  
Another Day Another Day 29th Aug 1994  
Don't Walk Away Don't Walk Away 1995  
It's Alright It's Alright (UK only) 1995  
Think Of You Think Of You 5th May 1995  
Megamix Megamix 5th May 1995  
Big Time Big Time 17th Jul 1995  
Close To You Close To You Nov 1995  
Last Christmas Last Christmas 10th Nov 1995  
Junto A Ti Junto A Ti (Mexico only) 1996  
I Want To Love I Want To Love 28th Feb 1996  
Sexy Eyes vol 1 Sexy Eyes vol 1 29th Mar 1996  
Sexy Eyes vol 2 Sexy Eyes vol 2 29th Mar 1996  
Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme 11th Nov 1996  
Baby Boy Baby Boy 23rd Jul 1997  
No Tears To Cry No Tears To Cry 17th Oct 1997  
Summer Samba Summer Samba 1998  
Givin All My Love Givin All My Love Jul 1998  
Be My Baby Be My Baby 3rd May 1999  
Doo Whop Doo Whop 13th Apr 2000  
Much More Much More 6th Dec 2000  
My Love's Gone My Love's Gone 2002  
Gotta Getcha Gotta Getcha 27th May 2002  
Amazing And Beautiful Amazing And Beautiful 23rd Sep 2002  
Saturday Night 2003 Saturday Night 2003 13th Feb 2003  
The Battle Mix The Battle Mix (vs Ann Lee) 2nd Nov 2003  
Was A Time Was A Time Apr 2004  
Think Of You 2007 Think Of You 2007 10th Dec 2007  
Right In The Night Right In The Night May 2008  
Saturday Night (KLM Music Remixes) Saturday Night (KLM Music Remixes) 13th Jan 2009  
No Doubt No Doubt 9th Dec 2009  
C'est Cool C'est Cool 3rd Jun 2011  
4Ever 4Ever 7th Sep 2012  
Jeg Kommer Hjem Jeg Kommer Hjem 30th Nov 2012  
Saturday Night 2013 Saturday Night 2013 (feat. Carlprit) 15th Feb 2013  
Saturday Night 2k17 Saturday Night 2k17 13th Oct 2017  
Suga Suga 30th Mar 2020  


Whigfield remixes

Saturday Night Holiday remixes Saturday Night Holiday remixes 1994  
Another Day Another Day 1994  
Saturday Night remix '94 Saturday Night remix '94 1994  
Think Of You (The Dance Mixes) Think Of You (The Dance Mixes) 1995  
Another Day (US Remix '95) Another Day (US Remix '95) 1995  
Sexy Eyes Sexy Eyes 1998  
Suga (ManyFew Remix) Suga (ManyFew Remix) 26th Jun 2020  
Sexy Eyes (S3RL Remix) Sexy Eyes (S3RL Remix) 3rd Jun 2022  


Featurings and collaborations

Who's Your Daddy Benny Benassi - Who's Your Daddy 2005  
Come a Little Closer Malomodo - Come a Little Closer 4th Oct 2005  
Up To The Boy D-Bag - Up To The Boy 2009  
U Wanna Have It Monofono - U Wanna Have It 16th Oct 2009  
Can't Touch Auxman - Can't Touch 19th Mar 2010  
Milk D-Bag - Milk 29th Apr 2010  
Wake Up Adam K - Wake Up 2011  
To Feel Alive Oral Tunerz - To Feel Alive Feb 2011  

Aliases - Records released under other names

How Long Sannie - How Long 23rd Dec 2015  
In The Morning Sannie - In The Morning 17th Aug 2016  
Boys On Girls Sannie - Boys On Girls 11th Apr 2018  


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Whigfield biography

Producers : Davide Riva, A. Pignagnoli

Sannie Charlotte Carlson (the project name is a tribute to Mrs. Whigfield, her British piano teacher) was born on 11th of April 1970 in an Danish express train which next stop was Skælskør (this became her official birth place), Her father Ole is an engineer. Her parents moved a lot : she lived in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Nigeria and made her studies in French schools. She also stayed from time to time at her grandma Ella's in Svebølle. Therefore she speaks danish, spanish, italian, english and french. Then her mum died as she was only 14 and she was sent to a boarding school in Seeland : this is where she met Mrs Whigfield. Apart from this, she did not really enjoy this time. Afterwards, she spent 6 months in a business school and realized that spending her days in an office was not really her thing. She changed for a fashion design school where she spent 3 years.

She began her musical career as a vocalist in the band where his brother was playing as guitarist. She also did some modelling. She likes swimming, dancing, music cinema, shopping, and italian cooking. She's been living in Bologne (Italy) for 3 years, after what she moved to Spain in order to follow her (now ex-) boyfriend, the rapper Paco Pil. She now lives 10 km in the North of Barcelona. She has 3 dogs named Beppe, Flipper and Horse.

Always with a different hair colour, Sannie has been appearing on charts and magazines since that Saturday Night became a hit all over Europe. After being welcomed very coldly by her future interpret, then by Italian dancefloors, Saturday Night became a hit in Spain in 1993, where it remained number one in the Charts for 3 months. This song owed her success to the DJs of Ibiza. Over 2 million copies of this song were sold. The producers team even got sued by a project which had released a similar record some years ago and asked for copyright. It was alleged that the track ripped off both Rub A Dub Dub by the Equals and Fog on the Tyne by Lindisfarne. Both claims were dismissed. Black Duck (another X-energy project) sampled Saturday Night in their single Whiggle In Line.

In her first live appearances, in order to expand her repertoire, Whigfield sung covers of Haddaway's What Is Love and Ace Of Base's All That She Wants. She became a very good friend of both ex-members of Cappella. As proof of her success in France, Whigfield's photo was featured on the cover of the very popular French compilation Dance Machine 5.

The follow-up singles Another Day and Think Of You (which is also her favourite song) entered both the top 10 in Germany, the Netherlands and in many other European countries (such as Sweden where it was released on the 8th of May 1995). Another Day drew accusations of plagiarism because the melody was very similar to the 1970 song In the Summertime by Mungo Jerry. This led to an out-of-court settlement being paid by the producers to Mungo Jerry, as they agreed that there was a similarity but maintained it was unintentional.

In April 1995, she planned to marry Paco Pil, but tabloid mention she split in July. Ballad Close To You was released in November. Videoclip was a tribute to Edward Hopper's paintings.

Then Whigfield's debut album, simply entitled Whigfield was released. During the summer of 1996, the song Sexy Eyes was released and entered the highest positions of the charts in Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and in South America. Sexy Eyes even hit the #1 in Australia.

The same year, Whigfield released an album called Mega Mixes which included many brilliant mixes of her biggest hits so far.

After lots of shows to promote her first album, 'Whiggy' came back with a new single called Gimme Gimme which announced the forthcoming new album. It sounded just like the others, the kind that makes you want to stand up and shake your body. And it becaume a hit in Australia, Europe and South Africa.

At this time it was almost sure that, at least on the very first releases, Whigfield's real voice was Annerley Gordon, a vocalist who also worked on many eurodance projects with Davide Riva (such as Ally & Jo) and Mauro Farina. Annerly had contributed to some of the songwriting work, too.

1999 : Whigfield appeared on the album of Portuguese dance music group SantaMaria : she took part to the song Happy Maravilha '99.

A new single was released in 2000 : Doo Whop, which was a huge hit in Spain. After almost three years since her last album was released the Danish diva came back with a brand new album, entitled III. It contained 11 tracks and a megamix. The first track on this album is a cover of Be My Baby originally by Sixties (it originally appeared on the soundtrack of Dirty Dancing movie). This track was released as a single the previous year and became quite a popular tune. This time Whigfield decided to make an album with many diversfied dance tracks. You will find some hi-NRG oriented tunes such as Much More (next single to be released, becoming a smash-hit in Canada and Mexico) or Unbelievable, with an updated  sound and some interesting synth works. Makin' My Day has a style that could remind the Vengaboys. One of the most dynamic and  energetic songs in this album is unquestionably Waitin' For Saturday, a powerful Eurodance track. The album was closed by the Whigfield Megamix (with her previous hits Think of  You, Another Day, Saturday Night or Sexy Eyes) .

2002 : a live gig was planned in Germany in March but was finally cancelled. She released a new single entitled Gotta Getcha, released in 2 versions (the first CD acontained the album version, the second CD included remixes and a new version of Saturday Night). In July she took part to the Europride 2002 In Cologne. The new album, Whigfield IV, will be released on 22nd July 2002...

The next Whigfield single was a double-a-side including Amazing & Beautiful and the ballad My My. It was released in Germany in September 2002. It included many different music styles : UK Garage, 2-Step, R&B, House, Dance-techno and, of course, some tracks in her typical style.

2003 : following the "2003 remixes" trend, Whigfield released Saturday Night 2003. The remixes were done by the German producer team "Villa Productions". It finally entered the official German-DJ-Playlist and ranked #87. It was pretty much succesful in Denmark where, in July, the single hit Top 20, and even more in Czech Republic, where it reached # 3 in the Official Czech Dance Charts.

2004 : Whigfield's new single was released in April. It is said to be a great tune. It's on heavy rotation all around the world, let's hop it bring her back into the charts! A best of album entitled Waiting for Saturday - Her Greatest Hits will be released in Germany on the 26th of April. A compilation was released under ZYX music, including some of her greatest hits, especially recorded for fitness workout

2005 : Sannie Charlotte Carlson used the name "Naan" when writing the lyrics for two songs with the Benassi Bros. on their album ...Phobia (one of them was Rocket In The Sky, which was released as single). She also contributed to the songwriting on In-Grid's single Mama Mia, to Malomodo's song Come A Little Closer (songwriting and vocals), and to Favretto's song Yes U R.

2006 : The next Whigfield album will be a collection of remixed versions of her hits, chosen after a vote of her fans. In July, her hit single Saturday Night was re-released in Spain, featuring King Africa. It was included in the compilation Caribe 2006 mixing reggaeton and latin sound..

2007 : Sannie Carlson was quite busy with her songwriter carreer. She wrote a song called Porque, included on Pochill's album Nothing But The Hill, among other songs co-written by Sannie.

In October, Whigfield's new album All In One was released. In December, the first single from the new album was out : it was a new version of Think Of You, including remixes by SunLoverz, Gabry Ponte, F&A Factor, Mathieu Bouthier & Muttonheads and Favretto & Yanz.

2008 : in March, Whigfield was working on a new video, coming out in May. The title was kept secret. It could be a video for Think Of You 2007... or a brand new song. In May, the title was revealed, it was actually a cover of Jam & Spoon's Right In The Night. As she was staying in Ghana at her father's, she gave birth prematurely to her baby, who unfortunately did not survive.

2010 : Whigfield is back with a brand new single entitled No Doubt, a slow song for Christmas. She was working on her new album. She was featured on Pochill's songs By And By and Discipline on same-titled album.

2011 : Whigfield starred in Oral Tunerz' next single To Feel Alive. Her next single C'est Cool was released in June.

2012 : in March, Whigfield's next single was announced to be entitled Devil Called Love. Then in September, it was renamed to Love 4ever. Final title was 4ever. It was followed by a new album called W. In November, she released next single Jeg Kommer Hjem (I'm coming home). In december, W was released as physical CD, and an Extra Edition (with versions by the original arrangers for each song) followed. This year, she got married with her producer Larry Pignagnoli.

2013 : Whigfield released a new version of her hit Saturday Night, featuring German rapper Carlprit

Songs written by Sannie Carlson :

Auxman - Go!, Dancing With Myself, Can't Touch
Adam K feat. Naan - Wake Up
Ann Lee - Hold My Hand Tonight, So Alive, Stop-Go, 2 people
Benny Benassi - Who's Your Daddy?
Benassi Bros - Feel Alive, Rocket In The Sky
Channing - Heart
D-bag feat. Naan - Up To The Boy, Milk
Dhany - Miles Of Love, Live Today
Edun - Put Them Up
Favretto - Keep on walking, Never Enough, Hello, Heaven is here, Follow your heart, Get down, First Floor, To the beat, The face, Beautiful you are, People Of The Night, Summernights, Yes U R, What's Your Name?, I Get The Feeling
Haiducii - Boom Boom
In-Grid - Mama Mia, Encore Une Fois, Jamais Eu, Dans Tes Yeux, Ou Est Ma Vie, One More Time, I Was Happy, Say You're Mine, Raining In Your Heart, Really Really Wanna
Katla - It's Summertime
Malomodo ft Naan - Come A Little Closer
Oral Tunerz - Till You Drop, To Feel Alive
Nicola mei - Milano Marittima
Monofono - U Wanna Have It
La Maison Derriere feat Sandy Chambers - Born To Be Free
Pochill - Tu Es La?, Porqué, Nel Blu, Innocence Is Lost, Stay, On My Mind (Baby Come), Lullaby, Discipline (album)
Sandy Chambers - Give It Time, Play My Music, Cloud n° 9, This Is Me
Spagna - Voglio Sdraiarmi Al Sole
The Biz - Stop-Go
Travel Agency ft Sheu - Panama
Whigfield - C'est Cool

Whigfield Online - Whigfield German unofficial site -
Thanks to Ivan, Hughes, Klems, queequeg, Ricar, Anders Bøgh, Anton "MC Kasper" Skaletsky

Whigfield biography was last updated Thu, May 27th 2021

Charts (singles)

Australia Austria Belgium Canada Denmark Finland France Germany Ireland Italy Netherlands Norway Spain Sweden Switzerland UK
Saturday Night #4 #31 #2 #2 #1 #1 #1 #17 #2 #1 #9 #1 #1
Another Day #27 #3 #24 #12 #5 #3 #41 #9 #6 #39 #9 #7
Think Of You #66 #4 #25 #25 #4 #4 #17 #4
Big Time #29 #12 #50 #24 #13 #20 #21
Close To You #18 #90 #18 #13
Last Christmas #38 #12 #34 #53
Sexy Eyes vol 1 #6 #7 #16 #14 #12 #68
Gimme Gimme #12
No Tears To Cry #60
Saturday Night 2003 #19
Was A Time #74
C'est Cool #9 #8




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