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E-Type   (Sweden)

EuroDance group
Added : 24/01/2000

Made In Sweden
The Explorer
Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing
Greatest Hits
Euro IV Ever
Loud Pipes Save Lives (Sport edition)
Loud Pipes Save Lives
Euro IV Ever in America
14 Hits
Numania 1
We Got The Atmosphere
I'm Falling
Set The World On Fire
So Dem A Com
This Is The Way
Do You Always
Russian Lullaby
Set The World On Fire '96
Free Like A Flying Demon
Calling Your Name
Back In The Loop
I Just Wanna Be With You
You Will Always Be A Part Of Me
Angels Crying
Here I Go Again
Princess Of Egypt
Hold Your Horses
Es Ist Nie Vorbei
Campione 2000
Banca Banca
The Predator / Far Up In The Air
True Believer
Line Of Fire
The Tide
Make us High
Ding Ding Song
Back 2 Life
Ride The Lightning
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Latest E-Type news

24/01/2023 : E-Type with his wife Melinda Jacobs are the parents of a baby girl that they called Izadora Elisabeth Esmeralda

09/07/2022 : E-Type was invited on "Sommar i P1" radio show on SR1. The transcription (in Swedish) is available here

04/09/2019 : After 8 years of silence, E-Type is back with a new song entitled Ride The Lightning. Music was used in a spot for company Blocket in which Martin appears.

03/07/2017 : E-Type supports dogs rescue association Hundar Utan Hem, which saves homeless dogs in Sweden and in Ireland.

17/03/2017 : Band The Strongest Man Who Ever Lived released a ballad covering E-Type's hit This Is The Way. It was used as a theme for Swedish train Company SJ TV ad.

22/12/2015 : DJ Crayfish published an exclusive 2015 E-Type Video Megamix gathering 23 of his songs.

10/03/2013 : E-Type stars in current TV ad for Max's Grand de Luxe Crunchy Nacho (thanks to Alex)

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E-Type albums

Made In Sweden Made In Sweden Nov 1994
The Explorer The Explorer 23rd Oct 1996
Last Man Standing Last Man Standing 27th Nov 1998
Last Man Standing Last Man Standing (Japanese version) 5th Jan 1999
Greatest Hits Greatest Hits 2 CDs 24th Nov 1999
Euro IV Ever Euro IV Ever 21st Nov 2001
Loud Pipes Save Lives (Sport edition) Loud Pipes Save Lives (Sport edition) 2004
Loud Pipes Save Lives Loud Pipes Save Lives 2004
Euro IV Ever in America Euro IV Ever in America 2006
14 Hits 14 Hits 1st Jan 2006
Eurotopia Eurotopia 31st Oct 2007
Eurotopia Eurotopia (Benelux version) 2008


E-Type singles

Numania 1 Numania 1 (with Stakka B) 1991  
We Got The Atmosphere We Got The Atmosphere (with Stakka B) 1992  
I'm Falling I'm Falling Sep 1993  
Set The World On Fire Set The World On Fire 18th Jul 1994  
So Dem A Com So Dem A Com (France only) 1995  
This Is The Way This Is The Way Mar 1995  
Do You Always Do You Always 21st Jul 1995  
Russian Lullaby Russian Lullaby 10th Nov 1995  
Set The World On Fire '96 Set The World On Fire '96 Jan 1996  
Megamix Megamix Apr 1996  
Free Like A Flying Demon Free Like A Flying Demon Sep 1996  
Calling Your Name Calling Your Name Feb 1997  
Back In The Loop Back In The Loop 4th Apr 1997  
I Just Wanna Be With You I Just Wanna Be With You 28th Jul 1997  
You Will Always Be A Part Of Me You Will Always Be A Part Of Me Dec 1997  
Angels Crying Angels Crying 28th Oct 1998  
Here I Go Again Here I Go Again 26th Nov 1998  
Princess Of Egypt Princess Of Egypt Aug 1999  
Hold Your Horses Hold Your Horses 11th Sep 1999  
Es Ist Nie Vorbei Es Ist Nie Vorbei (with Blümchen) 2000  
Campione 2000 Campione 2000 29th May 2000  
Life Life Oct 2001  
Africa Africa 17th Mar 2002  
Banca Banca Banca Banca 24th Jun 2002  
Paradise Paradise 15th Mar 2004  
Olympia Olympia (Sweden only) 14th Jun 2004  
Camilla Camilla (rest of Scandinavia) 14th Jun 2004  
The Predator / Far Up In The Air The Predator / Far Up In The Air 5th Jan 2005  
True Believer True Believer 15th May 2007  
Eurofighter Eurofighter Oct 2007  
Line Of Fire Line Of Fire (with The Poodles) 13th Feb 2008  
The Tide The Tide (Netherlands) Oct 2008  
Make us High Make us High (Digital release only) 2009  
Rain Rain (UK only) Mar 2009  
Ding Ding Song Ding Ding Song (Digital release only) Jul 2009  
Back 2 Life Back 2 Life 17th Jan 2011  
Ride The Lightning Ride The Lightning 2nd Sep 2019  


E-Type remixes

Set The World On Fire Set The World On Fire 1994  
This Is The Way This Is The Way 1995  
This Is The Way (UK Remixes) This Is The Way (UK Remixes) 1995  



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E-Type biography

Location : Bromma, Sweden
The BendOver Band : E-Type, Dilnarin "Dee" Demirbag (dancer), Andreas Hörnsten (bass), Markus Alderbäck (keyboard)
Guest vocals : Nana Hedin, Birgitta Edoff, Anna Nordell.

Bo Martin Erik 'E-Type' Eriksson was born in Uppsala, Sweden, in 1965 and spent his early years in Ekerö. His father is Bo 'Bosse'G. Eriksson, well known from the science TV program 'Vetenskapens Värld' (World of Science). His mother Elisabeth, a teacher, died of cancer in 1987. He has a sister called Erika. As he was 11 years-old he moved to Bromma, and lived hard times at the local school because he suffered from conjunctivitis and the other kids, some stinky little middle-class, would accuse him of being a drug-addict. With a friend, Andreas Hörnsten, he founded a band called Jara Sahara Band and together they did rehersals in Andreas' house basement. His mum encouraged him to keep on with his music passion. In the summer time, he spent his holidays in the family house in Luleå archipelago

Nowadays, he lives in the middle of Stockholm. His pseudonym comes from the model of Jaguar his father owned. According to other sources, somebody once referred to Martin as "den där e-typen" (that e-fellow). One rough translation later and an artist name was born...

His musical career started early. He was a drummer for many years for a hard-rock group called Hexen House, then played with speedmetalband called Manninya Blade till "they actually fired my ass when I humbley suggested that maybe not all songs had to be 12 minutes long and all about dark death and doom" E-type recalls. He met up with Stakka Bo in 1991, with three singles as a result (We Got The Atmosphere/The Dream in 1991 and Numania 1/Obey in 1992 ). This lead to a work as DJ at one of the most popular TV-station in Sweden, Z-TV. The summer of 1993, his first solo single, called I'm Falling, was released without reaching any great success.

The great breakthrough came in 1994 when the collaboration with the Cheiron producers Denniz PoP, Max Martin and Amadin was started. The work with E-Type's debut-album Made In Sweden begun. The first result of the hard work in the Cheiron studio came the same summer, when the single Set The World On Fire (with vocals by Nana Hedin) was released. It climbed the charts like a speeding bullet and sold gold in Sweden. It reached #1 on the Swedish Dance Chart, #2 on the Swedish sale-chart, #4 in Israel and #13 in France.

The follow-up, This Is The way, reached No. 1 on the sale-chart and was the most sold single in Sweden for several weeks. It was # 7 in Israel. Eventually four singles were released from the album : the ballad Do You Always (Have To Be Alone) and Russian Lullaby (co-written by Jonas Berggren from Ace Of Base). The album itself was released in November 1994 and made it up to #2 on the album-chart. All in all, over 100 000 copies were sold in Sweden and the album was listed for 26 weeks.

E-Type's tremendous success during 1994 was heavily rewarded at Swedish Dance Music Awards in March 1995. He won three of the most prestigious prizes: Best song, Best artist and Newcomer. At the same time Denniz PoP was chosen as the best producer for the second time.

Now the whole world was screaming after E-Type. 1995 meant a lot of travelling around the globe for E-Type and his Bend over Band. End of 1995, E-Type toured in Asia where the hysteria was getting bigger every day. One single was released in France only, So Dem A Com. He also had success in the US and the UK : This Is The Way reached #15 on the Billboard Club Chart and #6 on the UK Club Chart. But surpisingly he never had success in Germany : he recently explained that it was because of a famous German producer who blocked all his attempts of success in this country.

During 1996 E-Type and the producer-team spent a lot of time in the studio working with the new album The Explorer, which was released in Sweden on the 23rd of October. The album was preceded with the single Free Like A Flying Demon that was released in September. It was #1 for several weeks in Sweden and sold more than 20 000 copies (gold), but was quite unnoticed abroad.

On The Explorer, E-Type kept on working with producers Denniz PoP, Max Martin and Kristian Lundin. But the music had changed. Even if it was still a dance album, you would find more guitars and less techno-sounds on this record than on the previous album. The sales in Sweden went well above 100 000 copies. E-type himself described the album as heavier and more brutal than Made In Sweden.

In the middle of November the second single Calling Your Name was released. As usual it entered the dance- and sale-chart at a high position in his home country. In a few weeks time it had advanced to #1 at the SDC. The remixes were made by Antiloop and Pierre Jerksten. Some more singles were released: Back In The Loop, a song about being on tour together with the Bend over band, the euroreggae song I Just Wanna Be With You and the fifth and last single You Will Always Be A Part Of Me, which also contained a megamix of the most popular E-type singles.

E-type's status as a national hero in Sweden had been very big for a long time, but when E-type went back to his eurodance roots, his popularity increased enormously in first of all the Nordic countries. In June, Angels Crying rapidly walked its way up the charts and set the standard for the album and the following single Here I Go Again, which both topped the dance and sales-chart in Sweden and Finland, and peaked #8 in Israel. Another wall in E-Type's house was covered with gold and platinum awards. The album everybody had been waiting for was released on November 27th, the third album on which he had worked together with the Cheiron-producers.

For the fourth time in five years E-type was the most successful male artist at the prestigious 'Tracks-listan' on the radio-channel P3. E-Type and the Bend Over Band hit the roads once again in all the Nordic countries. But in spite of all the success this year was the darkest for E-type and the Swedish music-business : in 1998 the famous producer and close friend to E-type, Denniz PoP died from cancer. He was only 35 years old. E-type dedicated to him a track on his album, the PoP Preludium.

But E-Type has also became a writer. A great Swedish publishing company has accepted his manuscript for a children's' book about the period of the Vikings. It was to the editor under a false name. He also wrote some songs for the Army Of Lovers and the group Maxi.

1999 : E-Type has been nominated for a Swedish Grammy in the category 'Modern dance', along with Dr. Bombay, Richi M and Black Moses. Among them, E-type has to be considered the favourite. All the Grammy nominations are official since January 14th, but some have been public since the end of last year. The Cheiron-producers Max Martin and Kristian Lundin have also been nominated, in the classes 'best producers' and 'best composers'. The winners were presented in February and the show was broadcasted on Swedish TV.

The release of the third single from Last Man Standing, called Princess of Egypt,  was originally set to January 22nd, but the single was delayed. The sound had an Egyptian theme with a R'n'B beat, just like to When Religion Comes To town. The single included an extended version, a remix made by Pinocchio and the video of Angels Crying in Mpeg-format. The single reached #9 in Sweden and #6 in Israel.

2000 : E-Type released Campione 2000, for the soccer championship Euro 2000. The single was very successful, reaching #3 in the Netherland, #9 in Norway and #4 in Israel. Nana Hedin was not with the band anymore. During the summer E-type made a song with German singer Blümchen, Es Ist Nie Vorbei. It was featured on E-Type's next album which was at first planned to be released in the spring 2001. Then his main dancer (and lipsyncer) Dee left the project too, to start a solo carreer.

2001 : E-Type released his new single Life in November 12th. The forthcoming album, entitled Euro IV Ever, was postponed to the end of 2001. It was at first entitled Eurofighter until the day of September 11th 2001, where the title was changed. It was finally released in November, and to the fans' greatest pleasure most of the tracks features the voice of NaNa Hedin. E-Type gave a release-party on the 25th of November.

2002 : the next single to be released was the eurodance track Africa, in March . It peaked to position #5 in Sweden. On the 27th of April, E-type appeared on the broadcast "Who Wants To Be A Millionnnaire" on Swedish TV 4. The follow-up single was Banca Banca, a latino track, on June 24th.

2003 : E-type did a series of concerts at the beginning of the year, called the "Eurometal tour". With him, a team including a few new faces : Johan Dereborn (bass), Mikkey Dee (drummer for Motörhead for many many years, and a good friend to E-type and Johan), Roger Gustafsson (guitarist, who was already a part of the previous tour), Pontus Norgren (heavy rockin' guitarist and a skilled sound engineer), Therese Löf and Linda Andersson (vocalists).

A new album was being prepared, but it would not be finished before February of the next year. The production of the album took a bit longer than expected and Martin had so far written about 10 songs for the album. At this time the album's name had not even been decided yet... but it should be a traditional E-type album, without any boring country of metal tracks.

2004 : Max Martin, Rami and E-type started producing the new single on January 1st. Called Paradise, it was out on the 28th of February. The new album, finally entitled Loud Pipes Save Lives, will be released on the 24th of March.

On the release day of his new single, E-type competed, among several Swedish artists, to be chosen as the artist who will represent Sweden for the Eurovision contest. One could see that Nana Hedin was back for good in the group. The drummer was still wearing a Motörhead T-shirt (E-Type wore a MSG-tshirt) ! During his performance, the audience did not stop clapping their hands. "I admit that my participation in this contest is mainly for promoting my forthcoming album. I'd never reject an opportunity to prove my skills in front of 3 million people. I apologize to all my eurodance-fans, but I must spread my wings and do crazy things sometimes". E-Type was selected for the big final in Stockholm .

After all these years, E-type really became a name in his homeland. The King of Sweden himself loves his music. He was even invited to the Emirate of Bahrain, because the Emir also was one of his fans. E-Type received from him a white stallion as a gift but... the horse had to wait for the end of his quarantine period at the Swedish border !

At the beginning of April, Paradise reached #11 in Finland and entered the Finnish Dance chart at position #28.

E-type's next single was released on hte 14th of June. Outside Sweden, it was Camilla, second track to be taken from the brand new album. In Sweden, the lyrics were changed, and the single was called Olympia. It will be hymn of Swedish olympic team.

2005 : E-type's new single was actually a double one. It contained The Predator and Far Up In The Air.

In July, E-type took part to a new Swedish TV-series about redesigning old Swedish cottages (torp). Among other things he made a loo in the form of an ancient viking-style church made of wood.

2006 : E-type was ready to conquer the American market with the help of Airus Entertainment (lead by Henri Bonan, the one behind releasing Da Buzz in the US). The album that has been officially released in the United States was a mixture of Euro IV Ever and Loud Pipes Save Live, is entitled Euro IV Ever in America. He performed in Stockholm on a big soccer afterparty on June 10th and June 20th. Then he started writing new songs this Fall/Winter. He started a record company called Lulubelle records. Dee did her comeback on stage with E-Type in December for a concert in Russia. She toured occasionally with the band.

2007 : in May, E-type finished recording his new single True Believer in studio with Max Martin and John Amatiello producing. The new single, written by E-type and Savan Kotecha, featured vocals by Sanne Karlsson (no relationship with Whigfield). The future new album will be entitled Eurotopia. In July the video for his new single True Believer was shot. The video was inspired from horror movies such as Evil Dead. 4 young people went out to a cottage in the forest and party. A curse was set when they start playing music on a tape recorder. Two off the young people were changed to demons. In one scene of the clip, E-type even lost his head...

In August the title of one of E-type's future single leaked : To The Lions. The official video for True Believer was released : it was finally not the gore movie that E-type promised a few weeks ago, but a live video shot during Skellefteå 2007. True Believer reached gold in Sweden.

E-type's new single was finally not entitled To The Lions but Eurofighter. The radio release was initially set for September 17th but was finally postponed. So was the album... Eurotopia was finally out on October 31st. It contained only 9 tracks, since E-type could not write an intro for it (he still could not play the piano because of his broken hand), but all of them were excellent dance tracks. For once, some of the tracks did not feature E-type's voice at all. During the winter months, E-type toured across Sweden with Julgalan, a Christmas festival gathering several national artists.

2008 : E-Type and Jakob Samuelsson, from the band The Poodles, wrote a song entitled Line Of Fire that competed in Melodifestivalen 2008, the Swedish Grand Prix. "That's gonna be fun and only fun, we will not win there for sure, but we will have fun, the kinda fun you can only have in a band" E-type explained. They did not make it to the final, but they performed thir song again at the second-chance contest in March. In October, The Tide was released for the Dutch market, along with True Believer as B-side.

2009 : after, Make us High, Ding Ding Song was digitally released in the Netherlands. As for Rain, it was released in the UK only. his former vocalist NaNa Hedin was diagnosed with tongue cancer.

2010 : E-Type announced that he was back in studio again. But this time he would opt for a more modern sound... His songs were massively used in Les Mills International's group fitness BodyPump classes.

2011 : E-Type's new single was entitled Back 2 Life. It was more electro/house than eurodance. In November, he took part to second season of real-TV show "Så mycket bättre". The same year, he opened the restaurant Aifur located Västerlånggatan 68, in the center of Stockholm. The place was named after a boat built in Sweden in 1992 in the viking style. The restaurant was very successful.

2012 : E-Type told that he planned a new best of album.

2013 : her appeared in a TV ad for Max's Grand de Luxe Crunchy Nacho.

2016 : in May he opened a second restaurant, called Gustavia (from an old Swedish colony in Saint-Barthelemy), on Fjäderholmarna island. He also launched a submarine restaurant in Dalarö. But none of them was very successful and were sold after 2 years only and losing a lot of money...

2017 : a band called The Strongest Man Who Ever Lived released a ballad covering E-Type's hit This Is The Way. The song was used as a theme for Swedish train Company SJ TV ad

2018 : after selling his 2 restaurants in the archipel, he opened a new one on Birka, near Mälaren lake. It is based on the viking theme, just like the Aifur.

2019 : after 8 years of silence, E-Type recorded a new song entitled Ride The Lightning. It was used in a spot for company Blocket, in which Martin appeared. He opened a new restaurant called Lasse i Gatan, named after the pirate Lars Gathenhielm. The process was quite difficult since the former cafe he thought he had bought was actually registered as a reunion center, and he had to face a lot of administrative troubles... He also sold his farm in Adelsö and moved back in the city.

2020 : this workaholic hardly recovered from a burn-out when, because of covid crisis, he had to cancel his 25-dates tour and fire 20 employees of his restaurants.

2022 : he founded a rock band called Dampf and his member name is A-tron. They released a single entitled The Other Side. He revealed he was recently diagnosed with tinnitus.

2023 : in January, he became the father of a baby girl called Izadora Elisabeth Esmeralda.

E-Type Homepage
E-Type's Unofficial Danish Site
Thanks to Shimon O'Hana for the charts positions
Thanks to AquaStealth, DJ Baboon, Anton “MC Ka$per” Skaletsky, Apho, Tavi Meran, Klems, reBeL, Mikoo, Ivo Ivanov, Martin & Necro and Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin for the latest informations

E-Type biography was last updated Sun, January 22nd 2023

Charts (singles)

Belgium Finland France Netherlands Norway Sweden Switzerland
Set The World On Fire #13 #48 #2
This Is The Way #14 #26 #1
Do You Always #13
Russian Lullaby #35 #45
Free Like A Flying Demon #1
Calling Your Name #4
Back In The Loop #20 #10
I Just Wanna Be With You #15 #10
You Will Always Be A Part Of Me #30
Angels Crying #2 #45 #2 #2
Here I Go Again #1 #25 #72 #3 #1
Princess Of Egypt #9
Hold Your Horses #26
Es Ist Nie Vorbei #28
Campione 2000 #40 #66 #3 #9 #14 #61
Life #16 #3 #1
Africa #13 #5
Banca Banca #32
Paradise #11 #11 #2
Olympia #4
The Predator / Far Up In The Air #43
True Believer #3 #1
Eurofighter #17
Line Of Fire #3




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