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Infernal   (Denmark)

EuroTrance group
Added : 05/07/2005
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Infernal Affairs
Remixed Affairs
Waiting for Daylight
From Paris to Berlin
From Paris to Berlin
From Paris To Berlin
Electric Cabaret
Fall From Grace
Disc Jockey Polka
Sorti de L'enfer
Highland Fling
Voodoo Cowboy
Your Crown
You Receive Me
Let Me Hear You Say Yeah!
Banjo Thing! (Yeepeekayeah Muthafuckas)
The Cult of Noise
From Paris to Berlin
Cheap Trick Kinda' Girl
Keen on Disco
A To The B
Ten Miles
Self Control
I Won't Be Crying
Downtown Boys
Whenever You Need Me
Electric Light
Love is All
Alone, Together
Speakers On
Love is All
Can't Go Back
Put Your F**king Hands Up
Holding On
Not Alone (Alo Elo Ele)
Stolt Af Mig Selv?
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Latest Infernal news

16/12/2017 : Infernal's new single will be entitled Not Alone and it is planned for December 22nd.

16/07/2017 : Infernal released a remix package for their single Holding On

14/04/2017 : Infernal's next single is entitled Weightless .

26/11/2016 : After 3 years of silence, Infernal are back with a new single entitled Hurricane, to be released on December 2nd.

23/10/2016 : Infernal member Paw Lagermann composed and produced Specktors' single Fuck Mig.

06/05/2015 : Infernal allow you to download the Summer 2015 edition of their single Love Is All for free.

11/10/2014 : Infernal members Paw and Lina released a new Danish single from their EP Her Er Paw&Lina : JKGLDOM (an acronym which stands for Jeg Kan Godt Li Dig Og Mig), an homage to 90s house music.

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Infernal albums

Infernal Affairs Infernal Affairs 1998
Remixed Affairs Remixed Affairs 1999
Waiting for Daylight Waiting for Daylight 2001
Muzaik Muzaik 2001
From Paris to Berlin From Paris to Berlin 2004
From Paris to Berlin From Paris to Berlin (international version) 28th Nov 2005
From Paris To Berlin From Paris To Berlin (Japanese version) 2006
Electric Cabaret Electric Cabaret 11th Aug 2008
Fall From Grace Fall From Grace 27th Sep 2010


Infernal singles

Disc Jockey Polka Disc Jockey Polka Promo only  
Sorti de L'enfer Sorti de L'enfer 1997  
Highland Fling Highland Fling 1998  
Kalinka Kalinka 1998  
Voodoo Cowboy Voodoo Cowboy 1999  
Your Crown Your Crown (feat. Xenia) 1999  
Serengeti Serengeti 2000  
Sunrise Sunrise 2000  
Muzaik Muzaik 2001  
You Receive Me You Receive Me 2001  
Let Me Hear You Say Yeah! Let Me Hear You Say Yeah! 2001  
Banjo Thing! (Yeepeekayeah Muthafuckas) Banjo Thing! (Yeepeekayeah Muthafuckas) (feat. Red$tar) 2003  
The Cult of Noise The Cult of Noise (vs Snap) 2003  
From Paris to Berlin From Paris to Berlin 2004  
Cheap Trick Kinda' Girl Cheap Trick Kinda' Girl Promo only 2004  
Keen on Disco Keen on Disco 2005  
A To The B A To The B Nov 2005  
Ten Miles Ten Miles Apr 2006  
Self Control Self Control 10th Oct 2006  
I Won't Be Crying I Won't Be Crying Feb 2007  
Downtown Boys Downtown Boys 14th May 2008  
Whenever You Need Me Whenever You Need Me Aug 2008  
Electric Light Electric Light Dec 2008  
Redefinition Redefinition 2009  
Love is All Love is All 10th May 2010  
Alone, Together Alone, Together 13th Sep 2010  
Speakers On Speakers On 18th Mar 2011  
Love is All Love is All (international version) 27th Apr 2012  
Can't Go Back Can't Go Back 5th Nov 2012  
Put Your F**king Hands Up Put Your F**king Hands Up 9th Sep 2013  
Hurricane Hurricane 2nd Dec 2016  
Weightless Weightless 14th Apr 2017  
Holding On Holding On 5th May 2017  
Not Alone (Alo Elo Ele) Not Alone (Alo Elo Ele) 22nd Dec 2017  


Infernal remixes

Holding On Holding On 14th Jul 2017  


Aliases - Records released under other names

Stolt Af Mig Selv? Paw and Lina - Stolt Af Mig Selv? 28th Jan 2013  
Forfra Paw and Lina - Forfra 2nd Jun 2014  
JKGLDOM Paw and Lina - JKGLDOM 29th Sep 2014  


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Infernal biography

The band Infernal started up consisting of the members Søren Haahr, Paw Lagermann & Lina Rafn. They did the first single Sorti De L'enfer without any real plans of doing more. The song went on to become a hit in the danish clubbing scene, and the members had a great time working together. So they decided to do more songs and eventually an album.

The album Infernal Affairs as well as the singles Highland Fling, Kalinka, Voodoo Cowboy and Your Crown all enjoyed big succes in Denmark, and Infernal almost instantly became one of the biggest names on the danish dance-scene.

When starteing the preparation for their second album, Søren Haahr decided to leave Infernal and pursue the career as DJ he already had before starting Infernal. Later he also started doing solo things as Red$tar.

Lina and Paw continued as Infernal and soon got yet another big hit in Denmark with the single Sunrise, followed by Muzaik and the album Waiting For Daylight.

The Danish version of the TV-show Big Brother had the year before gotten big succes letting DJ Encore do the themesong of the show, and they now turned to Infernal for the same. They did You Recieve Me which went on to become a big radio- and clubhit. At the same time Muzaik had become a hit in the clubs, and Infernal decided to rerelease the album Waiting For Daylight with a new name Muzaik and now including You Recieve Me and the next single Let Me Hear You Say Yeah! which became yeat another hit in the dancecharts.

The next album had a long way comming. Infernal had started doing a lot of writing and producing for other artists, and at the same time their chill-out tracks from earlier albums was starting to get succes on chill-out compilations round the world. Also feeling like doing something new, they did a lot of experimenting in the studio, they did a lot of tracks but couldn't seem to fit them together as an album.

A year or two passed and former band-member Red$tar now contacted Lina and Paw wanting help with a idea for a new single he wanted to do. Sampling from the old The Grid hit Swamp Thing they did Banjo Thing, and when it was ready for release it was decided to be released as an Infernal feat. Red$tar single and not a Red$tar single. Banjo Thing became a massive hit on the danish dancechart.

Working on with tracks for the new album, Infernal had some controversies with their management and record label. The album was delayed as the band had to find new management and record company. But it was worth the wait for both Infernal and the fans.

The single From Paris To Berlin became Infernal's biggest hit so far, recieving massive airplay on radios and going #1 on the dancechart in Italy, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Norway and Finland and #2 on the Swedish dancechart and the Scandinavian dance chart. It also went top 10 in France's sales charts and was the 3rd most sold in the UK in 2006. Videoclip was inspired from sci-fi movie Tron.

So far the new album From Paris To Berlin has only been released in Denmark going top 20, and in Finland going top 50. And the new single Keen On Disco went #2 on the danish dancechart, #6 on the Norwegian dance chart and #15 on the Finnish and #6 on the Scandinavian.

The single Cheap Trick Kinda' Girl was #5 on the Norwegian dance chart, #19 on the Swedish and went #10 on the Scandinavian.

September : Infernal was nominated at the Nordic Musik Awards with From Paris to Berlin

November : Infernal released their new single A To The B. It entered the danish dancechart as #22. They released an international version of their album From Paris To Berlin on 28th November, with 4 new tracks on. They performed live at Club Aquarius, Pont du Château, France on 10th December. They have been nominated for danish television TV2-Zulu's Zulu-award for best danish hit (From Paris To Berlin) and best danish female singer (Lina Rafn).

2006 : Ten Miles was released in April. From Paris To Berlin continued its succesful career in the UK and Ireland when it reached the highest charts positions.

Infernal's new single Self-control, released in October, is a cover of Laura Branigan's hit.

In November they released their album From Paris To Berlin in Japan. A completely new tracklisting, coming with a DVD containing the video clips of From Paris To Berlin, Self Control, and A To The B.

2007 : Infernal released a new single I Won´t Be Crying to the radios. It will be out in January and it contains a sample of a Depeche Mode-track. The video was shot in Paris.

Self Control enjoyed 5 weeks as #1 on the danish download chart. They was also the only act to have 2 of the top 15 most downloaded tracks in Denmark in 2006. They were nominated twice at the NRJ Awards which took place in Helsinki, Finland, on the 19th January, but they did not win.

In May they finished their new video for their song Ten Miles.

After a re-release of Infernals album From Paris To Berlin in Denmark (a new version, including I Won't Be Crying and Self Control) the album this week is at #3 on the official danish album chart. It's highest position ever, and counting all three versions of the album released in Denmark it has been a Top 100 album on the chart more than 100 weeks in a row!

2008 : in February, the group announced they were approximately half way into the making of their next album. In May, in was completed. They are aiming for a release late 2008. The new single Downtown Boys was out in May. It reached the Top 5 single chart in Denmark the day of its release The video was directed by the Belgian Loic Maes, who had already direct the clips of Ten Miles and I Won't Be Crying.

So far, the album From Paris To Berlin has sold double platinum in Denmark with a #1 as highest position on the saleschart. The singles From Paris To Berlin, Ten Miles, Self Control and I Won't Be Crying all sold platinum in Denmark. Worldwide Infernal has sold more than 1,4 million singles and more than 300.000 albums.

Infernal's next single was entitled Whenever You Need Me. The music video was shot in New York in June, directed as usual by Loïc Maes. It was released on August 4 to exclusive members of their official website. An international release is planned.

The next single is entitled Electric Light. The videoclip was shot in Brooklyn, NY.

2009 : Downtown boys was nominated at DDJA 2009 awards. They did a big concert in May 6th, the show will be recorded and released on a forthcoming DVD named after the show : Live DVD Electric Deluxe Edition. The DVD will be released at the end of 2009, the concert will include a little acoustic part at the begining of the show

The video for the follow-up single Redefinition was released, as usual directed by Loic Maes. In June, they started their summer tour, 30 dates through Denmark.

Their album Electric Cabaret reached Platinum status in July. They went back to studio to start working on the following album. Concerning the style of the future album, all they know is that "we want it to be a little less feathers & sequins and a bit more jeans & T-shirt’ish", as they announced on their official website.

2010 : In March, Lina Rafn gave birth to a baby girl called Karmen. Infernal's new single was entitled Love is All. The video clip directed by Jakob Øllgaard was be the first part of a trilogy. They expected it would be censured by musical channels because of a few erotic scenes. The new album Fall From Grace, was released on September 27th. In November they released their new single Alone Together.

2011 : in March, Infernal released a new single entitled Speakers On, a collaboration with Kato. In September Lina took part to the Danish version of real-TV show Sa mycket battre.

2012 : In April they released the videoclip for their remixed, international version of Love Is All, including a few scenes from the original version's videoclip. In June, they premiered the video of a single entitled Stolt af mig selv? (Proud of myself in Danish) under name Paw & Lina, a sideproject of Infernal. Infernal's new single came a few months later and was entitled Can't Go Back. They shot the videoclip in New York City in October, and it was directed by Loïc Maes.

2013 : in September, they released a live EP entitled Put Your F**king Hands Up.

Thanks to Mikoo, Tavi Meran and Anders Bøgh
Infernal Official Website

Infernal biography was last updated Sat, January 13th 2018

Charts (singles)

Australia Austria Belgium Denmark Finland France Netherlands Norway Spain Sweden Switzerland
Sorti de L'enfer #20
Highland Fling #11
Kalinka #19
Voodoo Cowboy #12
Sunrise #6
Let Me Hear You Say Yeah! #11
Muzaik #5
You Receive Me #12
Banjo Thing! (Yeepeekayeah Muthafuckas) #3
From Paris to Berlin #20 #49 #10 #1 #2 #14 #12 #6 #20 #57 #61
Keen on Disco #12 #13
A To The B #49
Self Control #3 #6
Downtown Boys #2
Whenever You Need Me #8
Electric Light #5
Love is All #6




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