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LED Records   (Italy)

EuroDance  label / records company
Added : 02/09/2002



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LED Records biography

Records company of Hyena, Emeralds, Love 4 Sale...

Luigi Stanga founded LED Records in 1989 with the aim to produce, market, publish and license every kind of dance songs : Pop Dance, Underground, Techno, Eurobeat and High Energy. Vibration (Eurobeat) and Looking Forward (House) are LED subsidiary labels.

From the very beginning, the LED label specialised in Pop Dance productions and Luigi Stanga was fully involved as producer and songwriter, jointly with partners such as DJ Joe who co-produced the Japanese smash hit Bach is Back by Hyena, Fabrizio Rizzolo who co-produced Change The Way by Maria Short, and Ivan Gechele. LED Records launched the Eurobeat label Vibration in 1995 which immediately became one of the most innovative and creative label in this sector for Japan and S.E. Asia.

Looking Forward was one of the first House-oriented labels in the whole of Europe and had the privilege of signing up some of the most reputed international producers such as Claudio Coccoluto (Alma Latina), E. Morillo (The Rhythmz), Marco Trani (B.O.P.), Paolo Martini (Alma Latina RMX), Cuttin' Cream (Rockin Feeling) and many others.

The LED Records catalogue includes more than 300 tracks (all dance-oriented) that have been successfully exploited in many countries all over the world under label deal or track by track licensing agreement. LED Records controls four professional recording studios and manages some of the most successful producers/remixers in Japan and S.E. Asia. LED Records is a repertoire source for companies such as Avex, Toshiba, JVC, Sony, Wea, Konami and Farm.

LED Records biography was last updated Sat, January 13th 2018

LED Records catalog

Artist Title Date Label
Acid Lover I Want Your Love 2008 LED 2083
Alessia Rim Go Paradise 2008 LED 2073
Alessia Rim Caramba 2008 LED 2068
Angela (2) Time 2008 LED 2116
Art Nouveau Video Killed The Radio Star 2008 LED 2056
Art Nouveau Video Killed The Radio Star LED 2008
Bee Buzz Gonna Be Mine 1994 LED 2026
Bee Buzz Baba Hmmm 1992 LED 2002
Bee Buzz La Musica Te Envuelve LED 2020
Bee Buzz Uhh Ahh La La - Rmx 1993 LED 2014
Bee Buzz Uhh Ahh La La 1993 LED 2011
Betty Blue Changes (Remixes) 2008 LED 2181
Billy Idiot In Your Eyes 2008 LED 2086
Billy Idiot Is Elvis Alive? 2008 LED 2124
Biomega Sha La La 2008 LED 2088B
Biomega Let Me Feel 2008 LED 2102
Biomega Sha La La 2008 LED 2088
Black Shadow Love Devotion 2008 LED 2114
Black Shadow I Need You 2008 LED 2112
Black Shadow Love Devotion (Remixes) 2008 LED 2165
Bossa Twins Girl From Ipanema 2008 LED 2191
Candice We Got It 2008 LED 2034
Cartoon Heroes Superman 2008 LED 2078
Celebrity Excessive Love 2008 LED 2075
Celebrity You 2008 LED 2119
Cyber Groove Rhythm Of Life 2008 LED 2184
Cyber Groove Fly Away 2008 LED 2085
Dominique It's Only Love 2008 LED 2062
Duetto Master Blaster 2008 LED 2156
Emeralds Come With Me LED 2030
Emeralds Do It For Love 1994 LED 2023
Eureka 99 The Rhythm Of Life 2008 LED 2110
Euro Groove Makers Classical Meedley 2008 LED 2163
Extra Terror Sound Chanson De L'adieu 2008 LED 2149
Extra Terror Sound Miami Vice 2008 LED 2132
Extra Terror Sound ET Main Theme 2008 LED 2115
Extra Terror Sound Seibu Keisatsu 2008 LED 2135
F Project Take Me For Ever 2008 LED 2176
F Projects Chemical Life 2008 LED 2079
Fabiola Hold On 2008 LED 2178
Falco, The What A Wonderful World 2008 LED 2136
Flipper Freedom Fire 2008 LED 2092
Flipper Wuthering Heights 2008 LED 2177
Flipper To The Beat 2008 LED 2081
Frog A Billy Power Of Love 2008 LED 2117
Frog A Billy The Heat Is On 2008 LED 2133
Funky Bros Good Time 2008 LED 2118
Groove Sister Umbreaking My Soul 2008 LED 2033
Groove Sister Ain't No Mountain 2008 LED 2051
Hardcore Synth Orchestra Jingle Bells 2008 LED 2125
Hardcore Synth Orchestra Gonna Fly Now 2008 LED 2103
Hardcore Synth Orchestra Hungarian Dance No.5 2008 LED 2091
Hardcore Synth Orchestra Theme From Gmen 2008 LED 2193
Hardcore Synth Orchestra The Stars & Stripes For Ever 2008 LED 2148
Hardcore Synth Orchestra Rock Shop 2008 LED 2130
Hardcore Synth Orchestra Ode To Joy 2008 LED 2095
Hardcore Synth Orchestra Dirty Harry 2008 LED 2134
Hardcore Synth Orchestra The Hustle 2008 LED 2145
Hot Cold Love Is Like A Game - Rmx 1993 1993 LED 2015
Hyena Bach Is Still Alive 2008 LED 2043
Hyena Bach Is Back 1992 LED 2001
Hyena Starlight 1993 LED 2017
Hyena feat Katherine Tell Me Why 2008 LED 2158
Hyena feat. Ricky Trauma I've Got To Dance 1992 LED 2007
Ice Group Russia Wonderland 2008 LED 2082
Italo Speed Don't Stop Me Now 2008 LED 2166
Jennifer Lucas I Can Feel It 2008 LED 2161
Jennifer Lukas Goin' On 1994 LED 2019
Jennifer Lukas No More Mind Games 1992 LED 2006
John Desire Endorphinemachine 2008 LED 2167
John Desire Saturday Night 2008 LED 2144
John Desire Silent Night 2008 LED 2126
John Desire We Are All Alone 2008 LED 2153
John Desire Let's Dance 2008 LED 2140
Judy Crystal You Can't Hurry Love 2008 LED 2143
Judy Crystal Jumping To Heaven 2008 LED 2090
Judy Crystal Magic Butterfly 2008 LED 2121
Judy Crystal Through The Fire 2008 LED 2152
Judy Crystal & Frog Up Where We Belong 2008 LED 2105
K. Lizard Light My Fire 1992 LED 2009
Karina (2) Believe In Miracles 2008 LED 2049
Karina (2) Midnight Man 2008 LED 2042
Kinzika Love Me Love Me 2008 LED 2076
Louise (6) The World 2008 LED 2046
Love 4 Sale Do You Feel So Right 1993 LED 2012
Love 4 Sale Do You Feel So Right (Remixes) 2008 LED 2108
Love 4 Sale Money (i Need Your Love) 1993 LED 2016
Love 4 Sale Do You Feel So Right - Rmx 1994 LED 2021
Love 4 Sale Midnight 1994 LED 2024
Love 4 Sale Make Me Cry 2 versions 2008 LED 2065
Love 4 Sale Mid-Nite Affair 2008 LED 2157
Love 4 Sale Gimme All Your Money 1992 LED 2003
Luana Smart The Name Of Love 2008 LED 2192
Maestro Caruso Nessun Dorma 2008 LED 2122
Manuel Unchained Melody 2008 LED 2107
Maria Short Change The Way 2008 LED 2080
Maria Short May It Be 2008 LED 2111
Maria Short Lost In The Night 2008 LED 2084
Maria Valentino Show The Love 2008 LED 2054
Melody Can't You See 2 versions 2008 LED 2101
Melody Americana 2008 LED 2061
Mister Mix Got To Give You My Life 2008 LED 2063
Mister Mix Don't Belong To U 2 versions 2008 LED 2064
Nellow Devotion 1995 LED 2031
Nicole Summer Dream About U 2008 LED 2050B
Nicole Summer Dream About U 2008 LED 2050
Nicole Summer Feel Like Heaven 2008 LED 2072
Nimbus Quartet 2003 Harry Potter 2008 LED 2113
Ny Insomnia An African In Da Hause 2008 LED 2183
Ny Insomnia Bong 2008 LED 2185
Pam Group Wings Of The Night 2008 LED 2187
Pamela Tell Me What You Try 2008 LED 2186
Pamela In My Heart 2008 LED 2162
Phantomas Ciao Ciao 2008 LED 2100
Phantomas I Believe 2008 LED 2059
Priscilla & Judy I Love You Babe 2008 LED 2096
Priscilla (2) Lollipop 2008 LED 2089
Priscilla (2) Tarzan Boy 2008 LED 2077
Rose Shine 2008 LED 2169
Rose I've Never Been To Me 2008 LED 2141
Rose Hey Beethoven 2008 LED 2170
Rose Speed Over Beethoven 2008 LED 2087
Rose Can't You Feel My Love 2008 LED 2172
Rose The Tide Is High 2008 LED 2137
Rose Mozart Is Back 2008 LED 2171
Rose Last Christmas 2008 LED 2120
Rose & John Upside Down 2008 LED 2123
Rose & John Let It Snow 2008 LED 2128
Selen Babe We Can Do It 2008 LED 2055
Sexy Lips Taken By Surprise 2008 LED 2060
Short Maria Change My Way 1993 LED 2010
Short Maria My Secrets 1994 LED 2029
Short Maria Had Enough 1994 LED 2025
Short Maria Baby Baby Baby 2008 LED 2098
Speed All Stars Patetique In C. Minor 2008 LED 2146
Speed All Stars Deck The Halls 2008 LED 2127
Speed All Stars Amazing Grace 2008 LED 2139
Speed All Stars Spring 2008 LED 2150
Speedy Lady Baby Don't Cry 2008 LED 2041
Spry Girl Stay 2008 LED 2052
Susy Cremona I'm Ready 2008 LED 2070
The Falco Hello Dolly 2008 LED 2142
Toledo Sombrero El Sonido Del Diablo 2008 LED 2168
Toni H Enough Of Your Love 1994 LED 2027
True Copy Wonderwall 2008 LED 2040
True Copy Last Christmas 2008 LED 2057
Tycoon Aeterna 1994 LED 2022
Violent String Ensamble Eine Kleine Nacht Music 2008 LED 2147
Violent String Ensamble Joy To He World 2008 LED 2129
Violent String Ensamble Gymnopedie N°1 2008 LED 2151
Violent String Ensamble Carmen's Prelude 2008 LED 2093
Violent String Ensamble Centerfold 2008 LED 2138
Violent String Ensamble 9 To 5 Morning Train 2008 LED 2154
Violent String Ensamble Rush Hours 2008 LED 2131
Violent String Ensamble A Man & A Woman 2008 LED 2109
Wild Bender Eyebeam 1992 LED 2004
Willy The Sax Willy The Sax 1993 LED 2018
X-sample You Got Love 1992 LED 2005
X-sample Living Together 1993 LED 2013
X-sample Don't You Keep Me Waiting 1994 LED 2028
X-Sample Dreamin' In Buristead Road 2008 LED 2074
X-Sample Sun Goes Down 2008 LED 2058B
X-Sample Takin' Me Higher 2008 LED 2160
X-Sample Big Bang 2008 LED 2159
X-Sample Sun Goes Down 2008 LED 2058
Zowie Rain 2008 LED 2180




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