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Nance   (Netherlands)

EuroDance group
Added : 20/11/2001

Love Is...
Kiss It !
Big Brother Is Watching You
He's My Favourite DJ
Miss You
If You Wanna Dance
Are You Dreaming
Slave To The Music
Is It Love
Take Me Away
Leave Them Alone
Oh Baby !
Keep On Tryin'
De Laatste En De Eerste
Higher 2k16
Do You Want Me
Slave To The Music 2022
Show How Mad U Ar
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Latest Nance news

02/01/2022 : Nance took part to TV-show Secret Duets, singing a duet with Dave von Raven, a cover of Roller Coaster de Danny Vera

12/01/2021 : Nance comes back on Dutch television. She will co-host a show on SBS 6 called De Helden van Nu, every week at 16:30 (local time) from Sunday January 24th

21/09/2018 : Nance performed Slave To The Music with Gerard Ekdom on Radio 10 show Ekdom in de Morgen.

31/12/2017 : Nance is ambassadress for charity project Kinderfonds MAMAS

21/07/2016 : A 2k16 remixes packages for the Jockeyboys featuring Nance Higher will be out under Dmn Records on August 24th. (Thanks to Krasi)

28/01/2016 : Nance starts a second season of TV-show Staatsloterij: Puur Geluk on RTL4.

30/08/2013 : Soon, the JockeyBoys feat Nance will release a remixes package of their current single Higher under DMN records Among them, a remix by Australian DJ Bafana Mac (Thanks to Krasi)

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Nance singles

Love Is... Love Is... 6th Nov 1995  
Kiss It ! Kiss It ! 1996  
Big Brother Is Watching You Big Brother Is Watching You 10th Sep 1996  
He's My Favourite DJ He's My Favourite DJ 7th Nov 1997  
Miss You Miss You 21st Aug 1998  
If You Wanna Dance If You Wanna Dance 28th Feb 2003  


Featurings and collaborations

Are You Dreaming Twenty 4 Seven - Are You Dreaming 24th Nov 1990  
Slave To The Music Twenty 4 Seven - Slave To The Music 13th Aug 1993  
Is It Love Twenty 4 Seven - Is It Love 14th Nov 1993  
Take Me Away Twenty 4 Seven - Take Me Away 28th Feb 1994  
Leave Them Alone Twenty 4 Seven - Leave Them Alone 30th Jun 1994  
Oh Baby ! Twenty 4 Seven - Oh Baby ! 15th Oct 1994  
Keep On Tryin' Twenty 4 Seven - Keep On Tryin' 8th May 1995  
De Laatste En De Eerste Henk Westbroek - De Laatste En De Eerste 1999  
Higher JockeyBoys - Higher 27th Jun 2013  
Higher 2k16 Jockeyboys - Higher 2k16 24th Aug 2016  
Do You Want Me Twenty 4 Seven - Do You Want Me 18th Jan 2021  
Slave To The Music 2022 Twenty 4 Seven - Slave To The Music 2022 21st Oct 2022  
Show How Mad U Ar Maduar - Show How Mad U Ar 14th Jun 2023  


Kiss It ! Nance - Kiss It ! 1996  


Kiss It ! Nance - Kiss It ! 1996  


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Nance biography

Nancy Anna Francina Coolen was born 10th September 1973 in Asten. Almost from the minute she could walk, she has been busy with singing and dancing. Her older brother Marcellino was a DJ and made her discover a lot of music. And at the age of 4 Nance joined the local ballet, called the Dinky Dancers. The first two years she danced classic ballet but from the age of 6 she preformed pop-ballet, becoming the 'Miss Dinky Dancer 1984'. At the age of 14 she stroke her audience with a performance in a fashion show.

Only 15 years old, Nance was discovered in the disco Freebird, a local DJ introduced her to Ruud Van Rijen. She admits that she was a little young to hang out in discos, but Asten was like a village at that time and they would let her in. And before she knew she stood next to Captain Hollywood and became one of the members of Twenty 4 Seven. They, together with Hanks & Jacks, were one of the first Eurodance-acts. After Capt. Hollywood left the band, things became very quiet around Nance. After a job in a supermarket producer Ruud van Reijen asked Nance, if she still would be a part of Twenty 4 Seven, Nance agreed, teaming with the new rapper Stay C.

The first year remained quiet for the reformed Twenty 4 Seven, but in 1993, they suddenly became popular all over the world again. Nance just reached the age of 20 when Slave To The Music entered the charts worldwide. They could not go out without being surrounded by fans and toured worldwide. Nance almost did not have the time to see her dog, a collie called Manou.

During the first months in 1995 things went wrong around Twenty 4 Seven. During this months everyone denied the argues, but they decided to be quiet for a while. In this time Nance looked beyond Twenty 4 Seven, she presented a TV-program on RTL 5 (a Dutch TV-channel) In this show, called 'Liefde is…' (Love is …), a boy and girl were coupled by Love Is... strips. These boy & girl were chosen out of 200 Dutch youths, and Nance had to keep them under control. This program stopped after one season, even if the youths, the people this show was meant for, were positive about it…

During one of the many photo-sessions, Nance met pop-photographer William Rutten. And on the 4th of May Nance & William got married.

Because Nance had a contract with Twenty 4 Seven till July 1996, things became very quiet around her : no new single, no new program, just silence. But many gossip magazins in Holland suddenly wrote about them. Between August 1995 and July 1996 no new material has been released, in many interviews she there would be some, but that didn't happen. The contract with Twenty 4 Seven didn't allow neither Stay-C nor Nance to release new singles.

But Nance didn't lay down. She started a solo carrer, beginning with Love Is in 1995, released under CNR-Music then ZYX the same year. It contained remixes by Martin Boer (from 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor, aka Dancability) and 2 bonus tracks : Shot Of Love and Beats Of Love. It was followed by the very energetic Big Brother Is Watching You and by Kiss It in 1996 (which contained 2 additional versions of Big Brother). An album was even released but it is very hard to find, one could even doubt it really existed (the reference is CD/MC 533 899-2/4).

Live Nance brought stunning shows, also under difficult circumstances. She did festivals together with All Saints, Five and the Backstreet Boys. Although the audience mainly exists of little girls Nance knew how to play them and becomes an absolute favorite. After that she did stadiums for a live audience of more the 60 000 people before the soccer match Chelsea - Feyenoord and performed on festivals like the well-known and extremely popular Beach Pop Festival.

Then came the single He's My Favourite DJ, produced by Cooly D (from Flip Da Scrip). She wrote the script of the video : the heroin of the clip falls in love with the DJ, sees that he is involved with other women and shoots him, ending herself in a mental hospital... Not politically correct enough for the TV channel TMF which censored the video.

Meanwhile, together with Twenty 4 Seven featuring Stella and Stay-C, they performed very much. Moreover on stage solo, she co-hosted some TV-shows.

One of the remixes of her last single Miss You was made by Sash! who also produced the record. Once again the video clip was remarkable. The censored version, the original being too explicit, went on high rotation on every major network and included besides Nance another well known actor, Ferry Somogyi.

Herman Brood, a Dutch singer, performed a song together with Nance and Des'ray from the 2 Brothers on the 4th floor. The three did Here There And Everywhere from the Beatles. This song could be seen on Dutch television at the end of November on La La La Live!

In the following period Nance decided to make a career move towards TV host. She hosted a popular show called Rappatongo some 200 times and became a regular face on prime time National TV. In the meantime Nance was involved in many One Of shows and major TV events and hosted a new game show called Lingo for National TV that was broadcasted on a daily prime time network. She also appeared Vet Heftig, and played the role of Linda in the episode #2.6 of Pittige tijden in 1997.

1999 : Nance released a single in Dutch with the singer Henk Westbroek on the 4th of January.

2000 : Nance divorced from William Rutten.

2003 : Nance released a new solo single, in RnB style unfortunately for eurodance fans, called If You Wanna Dance.

2005 : she was Dutch vote presenter at the Eurovision Song Contest. In September she presented the shows Shownieuws and Domino Day.

2006 : in August, together with Gerard Joling, she presented the show "Sterren Dansen Op Het IJs".

2007 : Nance is taking part to a campaign to raise founds for children suffering from chronic digestive disease. She herself suffers from Crohne disease.

Since March, she is one of the hosts of the new real-TV show So You Wanna Be A Popstar jury, with Gerard Joling.

2008 : with Gerard Joling, Nance hosted Dutch version of real-TV show "Popstars"

2009 : in January, she gave birth to her first baby, Robin. Father is baron Pico van Sytzama. Still with Gerard Joling, she presented the second season of real-TV show "Popstars" on channel SBS6.

2010 : she presented the 3rd season of real-TV show "Popstars" as well as the TV game "Het Mooiste Pand van Nederland" on channel SBS6.

2011 : in October, Nance hosted the dogs show "Een Huis Vol Honden". She helped families to chose the perfect dog. She herself owns a chihuahua.

2012 : she left channel SBS6. In July, took part to real-TV show Ranking the Stars on BNN.

2013 : Nance underwent a surgery for a thoracic spinal disc herniation. In June, she was featured on the JockeyBoys' new single Higher

2014 : she joined TV channel RTL4 and hosted show Familie Gezocht.

2015 : she presented lottery program Puur Geluk. During Summer she presented a daily show entitled Wie Doet De Afwas? She also hosts RTL Woonmagazine.

2016 : Nance still presents RTL Woonmagazine on RTL4. She performs from time to time with the Diva's of Dance (currently Des'ray and Ingrid Simons). In May, she took part to the charity collect "Lock me up - Free a girl" to help free girls forced into prostitution in India. In August, a 2k16 remixes packages for the Jockeyboys featuring Nance Higher was released.

2017 : she started presenting TV show Privé VNDG on TV channel Telegraaf VNDG (VNDG means vandaag "today" in Dutch).

2018 : after many years of common life, Nance married Pico van Sytzama.
Thanks to Fred Oudoul for additionnal informations
Thanks to Ruud van Rijen himself

Nance biography was last updated Mon, May 24th 2021




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