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Gunther And The Sunshine Girls

Gunther And The Sunshine Girls   (Sweden)

Bubble Gum group
Added : 06/01/2004

Ding Dong Song
Teeny Weeny String Bikini
Touch Me
Tutti Frutti Summerlove
Christmas Song (Ding Dong)
Like Fire Tonight
I'm Not Justin Bieber Bitch
No Pantalones
Love Yourself
Sex Myself
Coupe de Main
Real Sassy
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Latest Gunther And The Sunshine Girls news

17/11/2023 : Günther posted the snippet of a new song planned for November 24th

02/04/2023 : Günther's new single is (oddly) entitled Coupe de Main (meaning "cut of hand" in French)

09/01/2022 : Günther is back with a new single entitled Sex Myself, planned for January 28th

16/04/2017 : Discover the videoclip for Günther's new single Dynamite.

13/04/2017 : Günther just released his new single Dynamite featuring Blizz Bugaddi. Video will be published on April 14th.

09/04/2017 : Günther And The Sunshine Girls's next single will be entitled Dynamite and it will feature Blizz Bugaddi. Release was postponed to next week in respect to victims of Stockholm's truck attack.

12/01/2017 : Günther And The Sunshine Girls teamed with singer D'Sanz to release a new single entitled Love Yourself to represent Finland for Eurovosion Song Contest 2017. Song will compete on January 28th at Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2017, the Finnish preselections.

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Gunther And The Sunshine Girls albums

Pleasureman Pleasureman 2nd Jun 2004
Pleasureman Pleasureman (International version) 2007


Gunther And The Sunshine Girls singles

Ding Dong Song Ding Dong Song 21st Jan 2004  
Teeny Weeny String Bikini Teeny Weeny String Bikini 5th May 2004  
Touch Me Touch Me (feat. Samantha Fox) Dec 2004  
Tutti Frutti Summerlove Tutti Frutti Summerlove 2005  
Christmas Song (Ding Dong) Christmas Song (Ding Dong) Dec 2005  
Like Fire Tonight Like Fire Tonight Mar 2006  
Suntrip Suntrip Jun 2007  
Pussycat Pussycat Video only 2011  


Aliases - Records released under other names

Famous Günther - Famous 10th Nov 2010  
I'm Not Justin Bieber Bitch Gunther - I'm Not Justin Bieber Bitch 27th Nov 2013  
No Pantalones Günther - No Pantalones 10th Jun 2016  
Love Yourself Gunther & D'sanz - Love Yourself 23rd Dec 2016  
Dynamite Günther - Dynamite 7th Apr 2017  
Sex Myself Günther - Sex Myself 28th Jan 2022  
Coupe de Main Günther - Coupe de Main 31st Mar 2023  
Real Sassy Günther - Real Sassy 24th Nov 2023  


Gunther And The Sunshine Girls biography

Behind the name "Günther" stands Mats Söderlund. Günther is a parody of the 80's style and especially the German 80's. Günther sings in English with a German accent. He wears a moustache, hair style of the 80's and nasty sunglasses. In the video to Ding Dong Song he's tempting after the choir girls (The Sunshine Girls, a duet of sexy singers, among them Johanna Elkesdotter aka Johanna Stedt) and is singing with an excessively dark and erotical voice things like "Oh, you touch my Tralala". Produced by Anderz Wrethov, Ding Dong Song was an unbacked big hit and took the first place on Swedish singles chart. It also had some success abroad, reached #12 in Ireland and #7 in Norway.

In the begining of May 2004 the next song was released Teeny Weeny String Bikini, which already went #7.

According to Mats Söderlund, Günther is 29 years old and a bachelor. Mats himself is seven years older, married and has two children. Born in Malmö (Sweden), Söderlund is known as a well known club owner and party fixer in Malmö and has worked internationally as a photographer's model. He also worked part-time in a clothing store. Günther and the Sunshine Girls were managed by former Warner Music A&R agent Henrik Uhlman, and were represented in the United States by prominent entertainment agent Mayar Zokaei.

For his third single, Günther released his version Touch me!, featuring original singer, famous Samantha Fox. He turned right in to #19 on the first week of the hit list "Tracks" in Swedish channel SR P3 in December. In French engineers schools parties, he had a lot of success.

2005 : Günther's new single was entitled Tutti Frutti Summerlove. It entered the Finnish charts directly at #12. At the end of the year, their new single Christmas Song was released. Video was censored by the Swedish television.

2006 : Günther & The Sunshine Girls competed in March to be selected to represent Sweden at the Eurovision contest. Unfortunately they did not make it to the final.

At the end of the year, Gunther entered the studios to work on a new album. 2 brand new tracks can already be discovered : Obsession and My Boudoir. One of them is maybe the forthcoming single.

2007 : a track called Ding Dong Song Philosophy vs Tom Snare was released. The new single Suntrip did quite well in the Swedish charts. It was produced as usual by Anderz Wrethov. For once, vocalists Jenny Olsson, Johanna Stedt and Sara Svensson were credited

2008 : The teaser of a new Gunther and the Sunshine Girls song called Pussycat, a very nice dance song, could be heard on his official website and Günther announced he was working on a new album with the working title Dirty Man Swedish Sex Beast, but finally, apart a videoclip for Pussycat, nothing was released.

2010 : Günther was back with a new single entitled Famous.

2012 : Sushine Girl Johanna Elkesdotter released a solo single entitled You Make Me Feel.

2013 : Günther's new single was called I'm Not Justin Bieber, Bitch. It was her first single to be released without the Sunshine Girls

2016 : Günther's new summer single was entitled No Pantalones.

2017 : Günther and singer D'Sanz recorded song Love Yourself to represent Finland for Eurovosion Song Contest 2017, but they ended #5 and were not selected. Next single was a collaboration with Blizz Bugaddi entitled Dynamite.

Thanks to Mikoo, Tavi Meran, Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine, Anders Bøgh, reBeL and to EuroSwede

Gunther And The Sunshine Girls biography was last updated Sun, April 16th 2017

Charts (singles)

Belgium Denmark Finland Germany Ireland Norway Sweden Switzerland UK
Ding Dong Song #31 #16 #93 #12 #7 #1 #95 #14
Teeny Weeny String Bikini #7 #1
Touch Me #12 #3 #7 #1
Christmas Song (Ding Dong) #27
Like Fire Tonight #35
Suntrip #32



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