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Don't Be Silly

Def Dames Dope


8th Feb 1994 3 tracks Viewed 915 times

1 Don't Be Silly! (12' Club Rap)  
2 Don't Be Silly! (12' Extended Rap)  
3 Don't Be Silly! (7' Radio Edit)  


lead vocals, songwriting : Axana Ceulemans
lead vocals, songwriting : Larissa Ceulemans
songwriting : Peter Bauwens
songwriting : Phil Wilde

Versions & labels (5)

ZYX Music ZYX 7218-8 (CD, Maxi) Germany
ZYX Music ZYX 7218-12 (12") Germany
Game Records GAME 2100792 (7'') Belgium
Game Records GAME 2100793 (12'') Belgium
Game Records GAME 2100794 (CD, Maxi) Belgium

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