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It's A Girl

Def Dames Dope


4th Nov 1993 12 tracks Viewed 997 times

1 Havin' a Good Time (Rap Version)  
2 That's Not Enough (Rap Version)  
3 Ain't Nothin' To It (Rap Version)  
4 You've Got It Wrong  
5 Don't Be Silly (Rap Version)  
6 Full Time Lover (Rap Version)  
7 It's OK, All Right (Rap Version)  
8 I'm Gonna Show You (Rap Version)  
9 More! More! (Rap Version)  
10 Hungry For My Lovin' (Rap Version)  
11 It's OK, It's All Right (Remix Version)  
12 Havin' A Good Time (Remix Version)  

Versions & labels (3)

Snake's Music SM 0049 CD (CD) Poland
Snake's Music SM 0049 MC (Cass, Album) Poland
Game Records GAME 2100484 (CD, Album) Belgium

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