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Eurodance reviews for 2017



As a proof that eurodance is still alive, many artists keep on releasing euro tracks nowadays. Here is the archive of the artists and groups who were promoted on our main page.

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- Story of my Life

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Known for his contributions to eurodance projects Boundless and Groove Empire, Nick Cold joins forces with legendary singer and songwriter Pit Bailay, who not only visited many prestigious recent dance releases but also stood behind great eurodance projects such as Future Beat, Megatronic and Riverside People, to name a few. Single includes 3 remixes and a bonus track entitled Marked by Life.
Story of my Life is a beautifully crafted song, a stomper that gets right to the point. With its hooky melody and its infectious chorus that sticks in your head, Story of my Life is sure to whip the laziest floors into a frenzy !

1. Story Of My Life (3H Dance Mix)  
2. Story Of My Life (Extended Mix)  
3. Story Of My Life (Radio Mix)  


- Take my Heart (Into the Sky)

German composer and producer MarcelDeVan returns with a new song, and for the second time he teams with Anna Jones to deliver Take my Heart (Into the Sky), a smooth and stellar song. Single includes a radio and an extended version for the clubs, as well as remixes by Jenkki and by Tom Payle (X-Tension, Pulse Of The Beat). It also features instrumental track Masterpiece (which was the intial version of Take my Heart) and Vocoder Dance, with its strong 80s flavor.
You'll enjoy this tasty package for sure. A hypnotic bassline flows throughout the track and carries the groove and energy. Anna Jones' vocals glide gracefully over the perfectly polished beat and get you into the groove. Be sure not to miss this high caliber production.


- D.I.S.C.O

GTS Project was created by Giuseppe Alicata, X-tension vocalist Sabina Schweizer and Tom Payle (G.T.S. was probably made from their first name's first letters). Maybe you already discovered this great hi-NRG song on Eurodance Club Volume 1 compilation (and yes this is an original track, not another Ottawan cover !). Now it comes as a - highly anticipated - full single release under 3H Records label.
Disco is a very compelling track, gloriously catchy and refreshing. There are versions for every taste : 2 Italo mixes which will bring you back to the 80s, a Funky 70s mix, and my favourite, the eurodance mix. This infectiously danceable track is shaped for the dancefloor and it is definitely worth a buy.


- Sunshine

After Work, his most recent collaboration with Shurakano, Lasgo producer Peter Luts now teams with German-born American singer and songwriter Duane Harden. Duane Harden is mostly know for being the velvet voice on 1999 house hits You Don't Know Me by Armand Van Helden and Powerhouse What U need. Sunshine is a hi-octane electro stomper with a little touch of trance, a sunny song released just in time for the summer. Once again, Peter Luts uses his trademark beats and brings the groove directly into your speakers. This dope track will surely rock the spot, draw plenty of industry acclaim and the inevitable 'thumbs up' from the music lovers. We hope you'll enjoy it.

1. Sunshine (Radio Edit)    LISTEN


- What would you do

Nick Cold aka Urs Stettler is known for his contribution to eurodance projects United Passion, Boundless and Groove Empire. For his third single What would you do, Nick hooks up with vocalist Mara Klang. Subtle and heartfelt with an incredible burning and persuasive energy, What would you do is a very nice release, nothing short of a smash, which is sure to capture the listener's attention. A mesmerising bassline flows throughout the track and carries the groove and energy, over which the duo's voice delightfully glide. A very melodic and uplifting release, truly worth a buy.


- Back Once Again

Ukrainian eurodance project Soundstream was founded almost 10 years ago, so they are no newcomers anymore... Anyway, this is their second officially released single only. And Back Once Again is a brand new massive eurodance ear-grabber ! Brilliant 90s eurodance just as we love, confirming their status of one of them most promising projects of nowadays' eurodance scene. It has all the qualities of a memorable song you will be singing for many moons to come.
Classic eurodance fans will definitely enjoy the 4 amazing Radio Mix, Classic Eurodance Mix, EuroDJ Remix and Rodri Euromaniako Remix. It is just impossible to pick a favourite ! Those who prefer handsup and electro house sounds will be delighted with the other mixes for sure.
This an outstanding release that every eurodance fan should have in his collection


- Canyon Of My Heart

Lyane Leigh is a legend to every eurodance addict. From her contributions to E-rotic and SEX Appeal to her guest appearances on Bad Boys Blue and Experience of Music songs, her name is associated to the most beautiful German eurodance songs. Her comeback with E-rotic project was a great news for all the fans.
Her new solo single Canyon Of My Heart is a quite intense and uplifting trancy song. A mesmerising bassline flows throughout the track to create a very atmospheric feel. It carries the groove and energy while Lyane delivers an angelic and heavenly vocal performance. A powerful combination that will have you dancing in no time.

1. Canyon Of My Heart (radio edit)    LISTEN
2. Canyon Of My Heart (SEX Appeal extended mix)  


- You Make Me Feel Good

For every eurodance fan, diva Linda Rocco really needs no introduction. She was the voice on Dance 2 Trance Power of American Natives and on Masterboy's album Colours, among other contributions to eurodance history. Now Linda is back with cutting edge electronic production, in collaboration with UK-based house producer Andy Stead.
Even if it's not pure classic eurodance, prepare to be smashed. You Make Me Feel Good is a clever alliance between modern electro sounds and 90s feeling. Linda delivers an amazing vocal performance, so catchy it’s bound to have crowds going crazy all across the globe. This track brings the groove directly into your speakers and we hope you'll enjoy it.

1. You Make Me Feel Good (Radio Mix)    LISTEN
2. You Make Me Feel Good (Dolls Mix)    LISTEN
3. You Make Me Feel Good (Acer Mix)    LISTEN
4. You Make Me Feel Good (Toxic Mix)    LISTEN


- Eurodance Club Volume 1

Who said that eurodance had faded away ? This compilation brillantly proves this is definitly not the case. Eurodance Club Volume 1 gathers the biggest names in 90s and nowadays eurodance : E-rotic frontlady Lyane Leigh, Magic Affair frontlady Franca Morgano, Pharao, Rozalla, Acting Lovers, Experience of Music, X-tension and many, many more.
17 tracks of pure happiness, almost only original ones, plus 3 exclusive bonus songs. Eurodance Club Volume 1 is a head-and-shoulders-above collection which will make you want to get up and move your feet and will set the dancefloor on fire. Cute attention : booklet included with the CD contains a short biography of every artist featured and infos about their songs.
So don't waste no time and grab your copy now !


- Work

Lasgo producer Peter Luts invited MC and vocalist Shurakano (rapper on Right On Time - Syndicate of Law and on Dimaro - Lift Ya Handz Up) to record an infectiously danceable track, shaped for the dancefloor. Enjoy a rolling groove fest with uplifting vocal and teasing synths. Once again, this is a quality production and a perfect floor filler. So follow Peter's advice : work that body... to this song !

1. Work (radio edit)    LISTEN
2. Work (extended Club mix)  


- Drunk Natashka

Drunk Natashka is the third single from Slovak producer Michal Karpac's new project, and once again it's a massive eurodance stomper ! You would swear it was composed in the mid-90s. It comes with not less than 7 top quality versions (don't miss the Eurofire and the Acting Lovers remixes !), among which it is pretty hard to chose a favourite. There is even a house version by Randy Norton, for those of you who enjoy a more up-to-date style.
Will it be the biggest euro-dancefloor explosion that the beginning of this new year will witness ? Anyway, if you love eurodance as much as I do, you should think about adding to your collection very soon...

1. Drunk Natashka (Radio Mix)    LISTEN
2. Drunk Natashka (Fanateek Remix)  
3. Drunk Natashka (Acting Lovers Remix)  
4. Drunk Natashka (S.g. Soun'diver Remix)  
5. Drunk Natashka (Eurofire Remix)  
6. Drunk Natashka (Randy Norton Remix)  
7. Drunk Natashka (Extended Dance Remix)  


- I Can Feel It

2 legends of eurodance, Lane McCray from La Bouche and B.G. The Prince of Rap, join forces on a new single. None of them need any introduction. Their new single, I Can Feel It, is a beautifully crafted house song. A mesmerising bassline flows throughout the track and carries the groove and energy while Lane's and Bernard's velvet voice sends chills up and down your spine with each verse. Don't miss it !

1. I Can Feel It (DJ Moriarti Radio Edit)    LISTEN
2. I Can Feel It (Bmonde NW House Edit)    LISTEN
3. I Can Feel It (Bmonde NW House Remix)    LISTEN
4. I Can Feel It (Randy Norton Deep Edit)    LISTEN
5. I Can Feel It (Randy Norton Deep Remix)    LISTEN






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