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EuroEnergy Group Italy

Both singles were arranged by Armando Maggiorana and C. Italiano. Label : CUT Records.
Known for : Sexy Feeling, Solution...
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Ian Lex
EuroEnergy Group Italy

Ian Lex (Ryn O'Facchinetti) has been singing Italo dance for more than 10 years. He released many hits such as Blue Eyes (under High Energy label).
Known for : Diana, Blue Eyes, No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (with Lisa)...
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Ernest Kohl
EuroEnergy Group USA

Ernest Kohl, recording artist and multi-talented performer, has become a celebrated force within the music industry with an impressive body of international hits. With 17 consecutive "Top Ten" smash singles, six of which soared to the Number One position in Dance Music Authority (DMA), Billboard, Street Sound and Dance Music Report's (DMR) Top Fifty charts, and Dance Radio charts, it's no wonder Kohl received DMA's "Best Male Vocalist" Award in 1990. In 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996 he received nominations for "Song of The Year," "Best Producer/Arranger" and "Best Live Performer" as well as "Best Male Vocalist." In just a few short years, Ernest has also established himself as an accomplished producer, musical arranger, writer, choreographer and chairman of his own independent production company.
Known for : Come Alive At Night, Cut The Game, I Think I Love You...
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Latino Party
EuroEnergy Group Germany

Latino Party was founded in 1989 by German producer David Fairstein (aka Fabrice Cuitad, known among others for his contribution to Enigma's first album) and Phil Simpson (Jean-François Boutillier). Perfomers were 2 ladies : Manuella et Angelica (who are said to be the daughters of actor Henry Calvin, known for his role in Disney's series Zorro) and 2 male dancers : Moossa and choreographer Emy. They were spotted in a disco in Ibiza.
Known for : Esta Loca!, Quisiera Tequila, Tequila...
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EuroEnergy Group France

Music In My Mind featured vocals by Chris Meyer (aka Christiane Mayard). It was written by B. Paul, F. Fischer, Chris Meyer, Shaman (Farid Celin Lehchilli) and Shanon (Nicolas Leclerc). It was recorded and mixed at Room Service in Paris, produced by Shaman Productions.
Known for : Music In My Mind
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EuroEnergy Group Italy

Records company : SAIFAM Publishing Group. Radiorama's first release, Chance To Desire is dated 1984 and was result of co-operation with Martinelli. This track had an incredible success in the clubs in Germany and Switzerland (where it peaked up up to #18). It featured Simona Zanini (who had also cowritten the single) along with Hank Schostak (who also appeared on the first album track Watcha Gonna Do).
Known for : Chance To Desire, Desire, Aliens...
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EuroEnergy Company/label Italy

Production company specialized in small, anonymous but talentful danceprojects. They are one of the most creative production team in yesterdayand today's Italian Eurodance.
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Tracey Saunders
EuroEnergy Member Italy

Tracey Saunders was the name given, according to many rumors, to the female vocalist whose voice was used in many SAIFAM eurodance projects : DJ Miko, Radiorama, Libra, Wienna, TH Express (the whole album excepted I'm On Your Side) and many other SAIFAM productions. It was later rumored that she was actually Antonella Ferri, Radiorama's frontlady. Actually, voice could belong to rock singer Jackie Bodimead.
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SweMix Records
EuroEnergy Company/label Sweden

In 1986 a group of 10 of Sweden's most talentful DJs (including Dag Volle aka Denniz PoP, René Hedemyr aka JackMaster Fax, Sten Hallström aka StoneBridge, Emil Hellman aka SoundFactory and Johan Järpsten akaJJ) founded "SweMix", a remix-service. At the beginning they produced and distributed bootlegs (remixes of tracks without permission), for the limited underground or only for DJs market on Remixed Records. They got noticed by, not only Scandinavia, but also Germany, Italy and The Netherlands. Tom Talomaa, a nightclub owner, got involved and supported the studio with more sophisticated equipments. Artists were dropping by SweMix to get a deal or a production. As a result of the requests, two labels were started; Basement Division for the underground and SweMix Records via Swedish Sonet for "commercial" records. SweMix Records signed Swedish dance-acts like Dr Alban, Kayo, Dayeene, Leila K and had their first biggest hit with Dr. Alban's Hello Afrika (produced by Denniz PoP). In 1991 the company was divided and sold their Remixed Records remix-service. They also collaborated with Btech. After they were sold to BMG in 1993, they were renamed Cheiron.
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EuroEnergy Group

Like The World featured vocals by Gionne. It appeared on Polish compilation Just Dance
Known for : Like The World
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