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Alexia   (Italy)

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FanClub/The Party - The Megamixes
Fan Club
Remix Album
The Party
Uh La La La  - Japanese version
The Hits
Mad For Music
Il Cuore A Modo Mio
Gli Occhi Grandi Della Luna
Da Grande
Le Piu Belle di Alexia
Ale & C
Tu puoi se vuoi
Me And You
Summer Is Crazy
Looking For My Baby
Hold On
Number One
Virtual Reality
Uh La La La
Gimme Love
The Music I Like
Keep On Movin
Ti Amo Ti Amo
Non Ti Dimenticherò
Life With Me And You
Money Honey
Dimmi Come
Non Lasciarmi Mai
Don't You Know
Per Dire Di No
Come Tu Mi Vuoi
Une Donna Sola
Da Grande
Mai Dire Mai
Du Du Du
Guardarti Dentro
Grande Coraggio
Come Nessuno
E Non Sai
A volte si a volte no
Io No
Jenny Vola
Il mondo non accetta le parole
Prenditi la vita
It's All Right
Hold Me
I Need Your Love
Let The Night Take The Blame
Give You Love
Part-time Lover
Love Is Not The Same
Ice'n Green
Under The Same Sun
I Wanna Be With You
Music Is My Life
Don't Leave Me
Uh La La La
Gotta Be Mine
Let You Go
Take Care Of Your Life
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Latest Alexia news

13/07/2016 : After reworking Tony Di Bart's The Real Thing, Deejay Time remixed Alexia's classic Uh La La La.

10/10/2015 : Discover the videoclip for Alexia's new song Prenditi la vita. It was directed by Jacopo Pietrucci and produced by Graffiti It's Communication. Song is a power ballad.

22/07/2015 : Discover the videoclip for Alexia's new song Sento. It was directed by Jacopo Pietrucci.

13/06/2015 : Alexia's next single will be entitled Tu Puoi Se Vuoi and she is currently shooting the videoclip.

17/04/2015 : Discover the videoclip for Alexia's new ballad Il mondo non accetta le parole. Out today.

11/04/2015 : Alexia's long awaited new single will be entitled Il mondo non accetta le parole and it will be out on April 17th. New album Tu puoi se vuoi is produced by MaMa 2.0, distributed by Artist First and it is planned for May 5th. Official website was redesigned too.

29/03/2015 : Alexia is currently on European tour. And, according to a short teaser posted by singer Francesco Curci, she is also working on a new album.

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Alexia albums

FanClub/The Party - The Megamixes FanClub/The Party - The Megamixes
Fan Club Fan Club May 1997
Remix Album Remix Album 1998
The Party The Party 1st Jun 1998
Happy Happy Aug 1999
Uh La La La  - Japanese version Uh La La La - Japanese version 4th Aug 1999
The Hits The Hits 6th Jun 2000
Mad For Music Mad For Music 25th Sep 2001
Alexia Alexia 8th Mar 2002
Alexia Alexia (English version) 24th Aug 2002
Il Cuore A Modo Mio Il Cuore A Modo Mio 7th Mar 2003
Gli Occhi Grandi Della Luna Gli Occhi Grandi Della Luna 5th Jul 2004
Da Grande Da Grande 14th Mar 2005
Le Piu Belle di Alexia Le Piu Belle di Alexia 2007
Ale' Ale' 27th Jun 2008
Ale & C Ale & C 20th Feb 2009
Stars Stars 2010
iCanzonissime iCanzonissime 11th Jun 2013
Tu puoi se vuoi Tu puoi se vuoi 5th May 2015


Alexia singles

Me And You Me And You 29th Aug 1995  LISTEN
Summer Is Crazy Summer Is Crazy 6th May 1996  LISTEN
Looking For My Baby Looking For My Baby (Promo - Brazil only) 1997  LISTEN
Hold On Hold On 1997  LISTEN
Number One Number One 11th Mar 1997  LISTEN
Virtual Reality Virtual Reality 14th Apr 1997  LISTEN
Uh La La La Uh La La La 16th Jun 1997  LISTEN
Gimme Love Gimme Love 27th Mar 1998  LISTEN
The Music I Like The Music I Like 26th Jun 1998  LISTEN
Goodbye Goodbye 9th Jul 1999  LISTEN
Keep On Movin Keep On Movin 16th Nov 1999
Happy Happy 16th Nov 1999  LISTEN
Ti Amo Ti Amo Ti Amo Ti Amo 26th May 2000  LISTEN
Non Ti Dimenticherò Non Ti Dimenticherò 19th Oct 2000
Life With Me And You Life With Me And You (vs Alice Deejay (unofficial)) 2001
Money Honey Money Honey May 2001  LISTEN
Summerlovers Summerlovers 28th Oct 2001  LISTEN
Dimmi Come Dimmi Come 2002  LISTEN
Non Lasciarmi Mai Non Lasciarmi Mai 24th Jun 2002  LISTEN
Don't You Know Don't You Know Jul 2002  LISTEN
Per Dire Di No Per Dire Di No Mar 2003  LISTEN
Egoista Egoista 15th May 2003  LISTEN
Come Tu Mi Vuoi Come Tu Mi Vuoi 1st Jun 2004  LISTEN
Une Donna Sola Une Donna Sola Radio release 16th Jul 2004
Da Grande Da Grande 2005  LISTEN
Mai Dire Mai Mai Dire Mai Radio release 29th Apr 2005  LISTEN
Du Du Du Du Du Du Radio release 13th Jul 2007  LISTEN
Guardarti Dentro Guardarti Dentro 2008  LISTEN
Grande Coraggio Grande Coraggio 30th Mar 2008  LISTEN
Biancaneve Biancaneve (feat Mario Lavezzi) 18th Feb 2009  LISTEN
Come Nessuno Come Nessuno 19th May 2009
"WE" Is The Power (feat Bloom 06) 12th Jun 2009
E Non Sai E Non Sai (feat Madame Sisi) 18th Oct 2009  LISTEN
Star Star 4th Jun 2010  LISTEN
A volte si a volte no A volte si a volte no 11th Jul 2012  LISTEN
Io No Io No 12th Mar 2013  LISTEN
Jenny Vola Jenny Vola 15th Nov 2013  LISTEN
Il mondo non accetta le parole Il mondo non accetta le parole 17th Apr 2015  LISTEN
Sento Sento Video only 26th Jun 2015
Prenditi la vita Prenditi la vita Video only 8th Oct 2015  LISTEN


Alexia remixes

Me And You Me And You 1995  LISTEN
Summer Is Crazy Summer Is Crazy 1996  LISTEN
Number One Number One 1996  LISTEN
Number One (Happy Remix And Spanish Versions) Number One (Happy Remix And Spanish Versions) 1996
Uh La La La Uh La La La 1997  LISTEN
Uh La La La (Fathers Of Sound Remixes) Uh La La La (Fathers Of Sound Remixes) 1997
The Music I Like The Music I Like 1998  LISTEN
Goodbye Goodbye 1999  LISTEN
Dimmi Come Dimmi Come 2002  LISTEN


Featurings and collaborations

It's All Right Lita Beck - It's All Right 1989  
Hold Me Two For Love - Hold Me 1989  
People Ice MC - People 1991  LISTEN  
I Need Your Love Gray Neve - I Need Your Love 1993  LISTEN  
Let The Night Take The Blame Digilove - Let The Night Take The Blame 15th Feb 1993  LISTEN  
Give You Love Digilove - Give You Love 29th Oct 1993  LISTEN  
Part-time Lover Double You - Part-time Lover 30th Oct 1993  LISTEN  
Love Is Not The Same Due - Love Is Not The Same 1994  
Ice'n Green Ice MC - Ice'n Green (album) 1994  
Under The Same Sun Due - Under The Same Sun 25th Feb 1994  LISTEN  
I Wanna Be With You Cybernetica - I Wanna Be With You 5th Mar 1994  LISTEN  
Music Is My Life Galactica - Music Is My Life 15th Apr 1994  LISTEN  
Don't Leave Me Fourteen 14 - Don't Leave Me 27th Sep 1994  LISTEN  
Goodbye Fourteen 14 - Goodbye 19th Jun 1995  LISTEN  
Superboy Tuttifrutti - Superboy 8th Jun 1997  LISTEN  
Uh La La La Deejay Time - Uh La La La 15th Jul 2016  

Productions, co-production, executive production

Money Honey Alexia - Money Honey May 2001  LISTEN  
Summerlovers Alexia - Summerlovers 28th Oct 2001  LISTEN  

Arrangement, recording

Summerlovers Alexia - Summerlovers 28th Oct 2001  LISTEN  


For Your Love KU - For Your Love 1993  LISTEN  
Give You Love Digilove - Give You Love 29th Oct 1993  LISTEN  
Music Is My Life Galactica - Music Is My Life 15th Apr 1994  LISTEN  
Me And You Alexia - Me And You 29th Aug 1995  LISTEN  
Number One Alexia - Number One 11th Mar 1997  LISTEN  
Summerlovers Alexia - Summerlovers 28th Oct 2001  LISTEN  
Da Grande Alexia - Da Grande 2005  LISTEN  

Aliases - Records released under other names

Boy Alexia Cooper - Boy 1989  LISTEN  
Gotta Be Mine Alexia Cooper - Gotta Be Mine 1991  LISTEN  
Let You Go Alexia Cooper - Let You Go 1991  LISTEN  
Take Care Of Your Life Alexia Haslip - Take Care Of Your Life 1992  


Alexia biography

(Alessia Aquilani) See also her interview by ZeljkoVujkovic. Alexia was born on the 19th of May 1967 in La Spezia. Since she was a child she had an irresistible attraction to music. When she was 7 years old she began studying piano and voice at school. Her family, noticing at such an early age her singing and performing talents, decided to point her in the direction of a musical career. It was during this time she won more than 50 song-contests achieving the title of 'Little wonder'. When Alexia was twelve she studied dance. In the meantime Alexia kept on doing shows in clubs, becoming familiar with the stage and live crowds.

When she was a teen she joined a very famous pop group in La Spezia, called 'I Ragazzi Migliarina'. After finishing school she started working as a full-time singer, doing many shows during the summer. During one of these shows she was contacted by a manager of a group, working in disco's, and he asked Alexia to be their lead singer. This was the start of her professional career in the clubs, without giving up her studies of opera and classical music. Alexia also founded her own group called 'Brother Machine'.

This was the time when Alexia first met Robert Zanetti (her producer, better known as Robyx). Roberto's sister Viviana had told him about Alexia as she heard her singing in a club with withher band. He came to listen for himself and approched her, asking if she would like to go to the studio for an audition. So in 1989-1990 Alexia entered the DWA team, at first as a studio vocalist. She did vocals on Lita Beck - It's Alright and on Two For Love Hold Me. She co-wrote lyrics of Wilson Ferguson - Sometimes with Robyx.

In 1991 Roberto asked Alexia to take part in the Ice MC project. She did all the vocals on his album Ice'n Green. In 1992, she released as single under the name Alexia Haslip entitled Take Care Of Your Life, composed by Giuseppe Cominotti, released under the label Future Rhythm.

In 1993/1994, the great success came and Alexia and Ice MC did shows all around the world. Meanwhile, she gave her voice to many other DWA products : Alexia Cooper, Digilove, Fourteen14, Galactica, Gray Neve, KU, Due... She also sang the background vocals of DoubleYou's hit Please Don't Go, and two songs on his Blue Album.

In 1995 Alexia released her first solo-single (also featuring Double You), called Me And You. This single was released in August and just a few days from its release, it made waves everywhere reaching the top spot in Italy and in Spain. 1995 was also a very tragic year for Alexia, since she lost her dad Agostino.

After that great eurotracks followed, like Summer Is Crazy (released in May 1996, with a remixes CD released in August, #31 in France, #36 in Austria, and #25 in Switzerland) and Number One (#36 in France).

In 1997 her album Fan Club was released, one of the best Eurodance albums of the year. The album also was released in America, with a different title: Fun Club. With the euro reggae track Uh La La La Alexia had her biggest hit all over Europe, although it took almost a year of airplay. In several countries this track was released two times. First in 1997, and later in 1998 again. It ranked #10 in the UK, #13 in France, #16 in Switzerland, #15 in the Netherlands, #6 in Austria, #5 in Sweden and #7 in Israel. With this track it seemed that Alexia had said goodbye to eurodance, because the follow-up Gimme Love (# 16 in Israel, #36 in Sweden and # 17 in the UK) almost was a copy of Uh La La La.

The second album was also a disappointment for Euro fans since it was filled with ballads and euro reggae. Only The Music I Like was a good old eurodance song. It song was released as the follow-up to Gimme Love with some terrible remixes (it appeared on the soundtrack of the popular TV-serie 'Baywatch'). It reached #22 in Israel and #34 in UK. In 1997 a single entitled Hold On was released, but only in Brazil. It's a very hard-to-find item...

Alexia's first single of her third album was called Goodbye. It was released on the 8th of July in Italy. Goodbye was made in the 'Alexia-style', but is more pop than dance with less electronic instruments and some guitars on it. The sound has a '70/80's feel to it with a catchy chorus and an intense melody. The Italian musician Marco Canepa was involved in this project by Robyx for the musical arrangements. The single was # 3 in Israel.

Alexia's third album Happy was released at the end of August. It contained 12 songs that have a pinch of each style of music, from dance to R&B, from pop to sweet ballads. According to DWA, each track on the album was so good, that each one was a possible single. Among the tracks were Goodbye, Happy, Change Your Life, Baby Baby Baby, Let The Music Play and Te Amo.

Alexia will present the new live show which consist in herself performing live + his guitarist Paolo Mirabelli + 1 DJ doing tricks with his Technics turntable (his name is Theo) while Alexia sings accappella... Alexia sings everything on any music played by DJ Teo.

The latest single released by Alexia with Robyx entitled Ti Amo Ti Amo, and it peaked #12 in the Italian charts. After the release of her album The Hits in June 2000, Alexia left her producer Robyx to sign under Sony. She said that she came to the moment where she wanted to show her complete talent. On October 19th, 2000 the new single Non Ti Dimenticherò featuring Gianni Morandi was released in Italy only. The next single to be released was planned to be Baby Baby Baby from the latest album The Hits, with no precise date.

2001 : Alexia released her new single Money Honey which was followed by a new album entitled Mad For Music already out in Italy. She started a live tour in Italy (first appearance in Rome on the 15th of July) and appeared at Festivalbar on the 3rd and the 10th of July. Money Honey peaked # 4 in Israel's Dance Chart.

The following single was Summerlovers, which was written by Alexia and M. Marcolini, remixed by Vanni J.

2002 : Alexia's brand new single is Dimme Como (Don't You Know), a track totally sung in Italian. It was released on the 6th of March, from the forthcoming album simply entitled Alexia. It was quite succesful in Italy, reaching #4 in the charts. This album was planned for the 8th of March, it contained 9 Italian songs and only one it English. Sad news for all eurodance lovers : her style will now be soul-related.

On the 5th of March, Alexia took part to the San Remo festival (broadcasted on Rai Uno), the biggest national Italian song contest. Her song reached #2...

Alexia's next single was Non Lasciarmi Mai, and it was played a lot on the Italian radio stations. The next one was be entitled Don't You Know (the English version of Dimmi Come) and it was released in the 25th of June... in France included (where it was not very succesful, though appearing in the local charts at #70). Afterwards Alexia is released the English version of her album Alexia... Her tour started in Iatly on the 10th of July.

Alexia was nominated to the "Italian Music Awards" (broadcasted on the Rai 2 on the 2nd December). Her next single to be released in Italy was entitled Hasta La Vista.

2003 : Alexia released a brand new album called Il Cuore A Modo Mio. In March she won the Champion award at 2003 San Remo festival. Her single Per Dire Di No peaked #11 in the Italian charts.

In May she released her new single, Egoista. She also did a tour in Italy. In September she sung a duo entitled Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu, with opera singer Andrea Bocelli at the Auditorium of Roma.

2004 : after taking a little break to rest from the year 2003 which was very intense to her, Alexia came back in studio to record a new album. She collaborated with the producers Louis Biancaniello and Sam Watters (known for producing hits for pop stars such as Anastacia) for the song Come Tu Mi Vuoi (You Need Love), and with Diane Warren (who worked with big names like Celine Dion and Aretha Franklin) on the song Se Te Ne Vai Cosi (I Want It To Be Me). Come Tu Mi Vuoi was the first single to be taken from the new album Gli Occhi Grandi Della Luna. The song Una Donna Sola was not released as single, but it was played a lot on Italian radios.

2005: Alexia took part to Sanremo Festival and was second in the women category with the song Da Grande, which was afterwards released as single (scoring #18 in the Italian charts), followed by a new album of the same name. This album featured Alexia's biggest Italian hits, along with three English bonus songs, as well as the previously unreleased song Mai Dire Mai.

Mai Dire Mai was released for the radioplay on 29th April. It is not sure wether this song was later released as single or not. Alexia did a tour in Canada in May and June. In June, Alexia was chosen as godmother for the third edition of Renault Italy Safe N'Sound campaign for the road safety. She will sing a totally new song on the album which will be realeased with Renault

Then she started her summer tour in Italy in July. The new single Une Donna Sola was planned for radio release the same month.

Alexia wrote and performed a song entitled Vola Via for the Italian version of the new Barbie 3D movie "Barbie And The Magic Of The Pegasus".

In October 2005, Alexia married Andrea Camerana, Giorgio Armani's nephew.

2006 : Alexia's single Uh La La La was covered by the Polish project Blog 27. In November, she announced that she would soon become a mother.

2007 : during the first 6 months Alexia was busy caring about her baby daughter Maria Vittoria, born on Valentine Day. Her new single Du Du Du was released for radio play on 13th July. The song was written by Alexia and Carlo Gargioni and was available for Italians only.

2008 : Alexia's new album should be released in April, according to what she declared during a show on Rai Uno in January. After Blog27, Crapman made a hands-up cover of Alexia's hit Uh La La La.

Her new single Grande coraggio (meaningin "Great Courage"), a rock song, was presented on the radio on May 30th. In August, Alexia did a special live concert in Pekin, for the Olympic games. Two videos were filmed for the release. It was the first video clips Alexia had filmed since Da Grande.

Her next single was Guardarti Dentro (meaning "To Look At You Inside"). The video featured Italian actors Roberto Farnesi, Kledi Kadiu, Primo Reggiani, Rossella Brescia, Giorgia Surina and Roberta Scardola and premiered at the Roma Videoclip Festival. The single reached number thirty five on the Italian itunes chart[6]. As the single was a one track release from an album that was already out (and did not differ to the album version), no separate download or artwork was issued

In October, Alexia was selected to represent Italy at Globalone Music, worldwide music project uniting the talents of platinum selling artists covering 20 countries over 5 continents. She will record a song specially written for the event, and contribute to a collective song entitled Lately. Both will be included on a double CD compilation to be released in March 2009.

2009 : Alexia took part to San Remo festival in February with Mario Lavezzi, but did not win. The title of the song was Biancaneve. Summer is crazy was covered by Finnish artist Virpi Rakkaus - Hulluu.

She re-recorded her last album with other Italian artists, such as Madame Sisi and Jeffrey from Bloom 06 (former Eiffel 65, with an English electro-pop remake of Il Branco entitled "We" is the power). The new album was entitled Ale & C.

Alexia's new single was the one she recorded for Globalone Music project. Called Come Nessuno, it featured the rising star Andrea Dianetti. The song was released as a digital download on May 19th, 2009. A video was filmed for the song with each language version dubbed over it. No artist involved appeared in the video...

Then, "We" Is The Power was released on 12 June. It was the first Alexia release in English since You Need Love.

E Non Sai (meaning "And You Do Not Know") was the third single from Ale & C, and was released on 9th October, with the video following on October 18th. Once again, no separate download or artwork was issued since this duet with Madame Sisi did not differ from the album version.

2010 : Alexia's new album Stars was at first planned to be released in 2010. It was then postponed, and in May a short preview was published for the fans... In June, the new single Stars was released, along with a studio videoclip. In September, the title of her new single was revealed : I dreamed a dream. In November, Alexia's single Grande Coraggio was included on Christmas compilation Caro Papà Natale.

2011 : in July, Alexia gave birth to her second daughter Margherita

2012 : more than 15 years after, there were rumors about Alexia recording a new single with Ice MC, but nothing came out. Her new single was entitled A volte sì a volte no. Videoclip was directed by Stefano Bertelli and produced by Seenfilm

2013 : Alexia's new single Io no premiered in March during an episode of I Migliori Anni shows to which she took part. It was followed by a new album iCanzonissime in June. In November, she released her next single entitled Jenny Vola. It was composed, written and produced by Maurizio Lobina (Eiffel 65).

Other projects to which Alexia took part

BabyRoots - No Woman No Cry (1990)
Due - Under The Same Sun (1994)
Digilove - Fashion (1993) (Vocals)
X-Calibur - Someday (1993) (Chorist)

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Charts (singles)

Australia Austria Finland France Israel Italy Netherlands Poland Spain Sweden Switzerland UK
Me And You #10 #30 #1 #1 #1 #30
Summer Is Crazy #36 #1 #31 #1 #1 #1 #25
Number One #1 #36 #4 #10 #10
Uh La La La #6 #1 #13 #7 #5 #15 #1 #5 #5 #16 #10
Gimme Love #4 #16 #1 #15 #5 #36 #20 #17
The Music I Like #15 #22 #2 #16 #34
Goodbye #2 #3 #7 #30
Happy #11
Ti Amo Ti Amo #12
Money Honey #4 #32 #85
Dimmi Come #4
Don't You Know #100 #70
Per Dire Di No #11 #83
Da Grande #18
Biancaneve #6

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